FULL DISCLOSURE NETWORK® “Judicial Benefits and Court Corruption”

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The Emmy Award Winning

Full half-hour programs: Episodes 538-539 Judicial Benefits and Court Corruption Part 1 & 2
Exclusive interview with prominent Anti-Trust Attorney and court critic Richard I Fine just one day before he was sentenced indefinitely to jail on March 4, 2009 for civil contempt of court after he attempted to disqualify the Judge for accepting illegal payments from a party to the case. Fine was jailed with no bail, no hearing date scheduled and no release date set. In this hour-long interview Fine describes his ten year battle with Judicial corruption in California starting in the 1990’s after he learned the County of L.A., a major litigant in Court, was making illegal payments to 700 Judges who never disclosed the payments either to the litigants or on the Economic Disclosure form 700.View Part 1 here (28:30 min) Part 2 here (10 min preview)

Episodes 540-541 Judicial Benefits and Court Corruption Part 3 &4
Judicial Watch Attorney Sterling Norris describes the landmark case Sturgeon vs County of L.A. that held the County payments to Judges was illegal. He tells of the behind the scenes maneuvers in the California Judiciary’s fight to keep illegal payments for which the Legislature passed a bill in February 2009 granting criminal immunity to Judges and government officials involved in the illegal scheme. Watch preview here (7:20 min)

Episode 542 U S Supreme Court on Recusals & Bias, LA Times Coverage
Appellate Attorney Robert S. Gerstein, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UCLA provides his perspective on 2009 U. S. Supreme Court decision on Judicial bias Caperton vs Massey Oil Corporation. Concerned citizens criticize superficial media coverage of the Richard Fine case where Recusal is an issue in the civil contempt of court case. View here (28:30 min)

Episodes 549-550 Disbarment Hearings Raise County Corruption Concerns
When Richard Fine was disbarred by the State Bar two weeks after being hired by the Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association to fight the County of Los Angeles over a near by development, disgruntled homeowner and retired Professor of Mathematics at Purdue University for 40 years, set out to investigate what happened to take their lawyers out the of the case. Professor Gottlieb describes some astounding connections between the State Bar President and the developers on the county property and the Superior Court. Watch 9 minute preview here Links To Video News Blogs: “Fight For Freedom & Judicial Benefits” Combined into three half-half hour shows. Watch from links below: VB68 “9-1-1 Call From Jailed Attorney” (RT 8:40) VB71 “He’s Still in Jail” (RT 13:00) VB73 “Judges Fight to Keep Illegal Benefits” (RT 11:11) VB76 “Volunteers Race to Free Richard Fine” (RT 16:04) VB77 “Missing Documents & Federal Court Rules” (RT 14:05) VB78 “Sheriff Denies Access to Full Disclosure” (RT 4:39) VB81 “U.S. Judges Refused to Recuse as Defendants” (RT 9:30) VB82 “Irate Citizens Hi-Jack Legislative Hearing” (RT 8:51) VB83 “Corruption Cancer Spreads To Ninth Circuit (RT 5:43)