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K.Yogendra Kumar Email Id: emailtoyogendra@gmail.

Cell: +91-8123030189

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging environment that encourages continuous learning and creativit that !rovides
e"!osure to ne# ideas $ stimulates m !ersonal and !ro%essional gro#th&
% .& year' o( e)*erience a' !o(t+are Te't Engineer.
'er good e"!erience o% #riting (i)rar %unctions in *+,&
-aintaining Shared .)/ect 0e!ositor in *+,&
E"!osure to ,e'cri*ti-e *rogramming and regular e)*re''ion' in *+,&
Identi%ing test scenarios )ased on re1uirements&
E"!erience in +riting and re-ie+ing test cases&
2aving ver good e"!osure o% $.I/E #et0odology&
E"!erience o% e"ecuting test cases and anal3ing results&
E"tensive #ork e"!erience in de%ect tracking and generating de%ect re!ort&
E"!osure and good kno#ledge on Te't Plan&
E"tensive #ork e"!erience in 1uality Center 21C3.
E"cellent Communication skills4 +eam ,laer4 *uick (earner4 .rgani3ed4 Sel%-motivated #ith great 5ecision
making skills&
E"!erience in !re!aration o% +est Scri!ts 6-anual74 8ser Inter%ace testing #ith e)*erience in !mo4e
Te'ting5 6unctional te'ting5 integration Te'ting5 !y'tem Te'ting5 Regre''ion Te'ting and $d0oc
Te'ting #hile e"ecuting e"cellence in anal3ing test data and !re!aring so%t#are test cases&

9orking #ith OVERT$KE !O6T7$RE PVT /T,4 :angalore %rom Se!tem)er 2010 to till date as So%t#are
+est Engineer&
Bac0elor o( Com*uter $**lication' %rom Saadri Science College4Shivamogga #ith ;3<
CO#P"TER !KI//!:
,rogramming (anguages : S*(4 /ava4
.!erating Sstem : 9indo#s 98=2000=>,=vista=?
+ools : *+,-104 *C-9&0
Pro8ect 9:
Tool' "'ed: 1uality Center :.;.
/anguage: J%EE5 !er-let'5 J!P5 <T#/5 '*ring.
5escri!tion: T0e t0ird generation4 =.4 is e"!ected to com!lete the glo)ali3ation !rocess o% the mo)ile
communication& @gain there are national interests involved& @lso some di%%iculties can )e %oreseen&
Several 3A solutions #ere standardi3ed4 such as 8-+S 68niversal -o)ile +elecommunications Sstem74
cdma%;;;4 and 89C-13; 68niversal 9ireless Communication4 +he radio access o% the 3A must )e generic&
-ultimedia and all o% its com!onents must )e su!!orted throughout the sstem&
#a8or 6unctionalitie':
E%%icient use o% the radio %re1uenc s!ectrum (imited %re1uenc management (o# mo)ile station transmit
8!link and do#nlink resource utili3ation inde!endent
9ide variet o% data rates
Serving A,0S Su!!ort Bodes are Bet#ork @ccess Control
-o)ilit -anagement
,acket 0outing and +rans%er
Role and Re'*on'i>ilitie':
8nderstand re1uirements4 %lo# and %unctionalit o% the a!!lication&
@nal3ed re1uirement documents and identi%ied )usiness scenarios&
Converted identi%ied Scenarios into test cases&
Involved in revie#ing test cases and test Scenarios&
,er%ormed Smoke +esting&
,er%ormed Cunctional4 Integration4 Sstem +esting and @dhoc +esting&
0e!ort the de%ects in +est -anagement +ool6*C7&
Interacted #ith develo!ers to re!ort and track %or detects&
,re!ared test e"ecution re!ort&
,re!ared +racea)ilit -atri"&
Pro8ect %:
Proce'' Talent'
Pro8ect Team !i?e: @
En-ironment: ,2,4 -s1l4 9e) +esting
Te'ting tool': -anual +esting4 IE-;4 ?4 84 o!era4 sa%ari4 9in >,4 ?4*c
5escri!tion: ,rocess +alents is the kind o% the !ro/ect that makes :uers $ Sellers to #ork online ) dis!laing
their !roducts descri!tions& It makes the !rocess ver sim!le ) dis!laing their @dvertisements also& +he !ament
is made through the gate#a and the @dministrator coordinates on the accessi)ilit rights& 9e) D
Role A Re'*on'i>ility:
8nderstanding 8ser 0e1uirement s!eci%ications&
,er%ormed testing on all the stages o% the a!!lication&
Content testing4 Cunctional testing4 :ug tracking4 0e!orting4 0egression testing&
Interacted #ith develo!ers on various issues on relating to so%t#are de%ects&
Pro8ect =:
!ode)o IT !er-ice' ,ate: Crom Se!t 1E
2012 to +ill date
Client: Sode"o
En-ironment: &Bet4 -FS*(
Te'ting tool': -anual +esting4 IE-;4 ?4 84 o!era4 sa%ari4 9in >,4 ?

,e'cri*tion: Sode"o I+ services is the service )ased !ro/ect o% maintain the user transactions o% data
su)mission in di%%erent categories EgG- Hno#ledge )ase4 Hno#ledge )ase I+ services4 Catalogue etcI&&2ere the
Aeneral user is used to see the di%%erent categories onl $ giving 0ating to it& @s such much o% develo!ment are
going on the ne# re1uirements are e"!ected&
Role A Re'*on'i>ility:
"nder'tanding "'er ReBuirement '*eci(ication and document'
6unctional te'ting5 :ug tracking4 0e!orting4 0egression testing&
+ask re!ort4 schedule re!orts are generated %or the !ro/ect&
Per'onal Pro(ile
Bame : FogendraHumar&H
,resent @ddress : :engaluru
-arital Status : Single
(anguages kno#n : English4 2indi4 Hannada4 +elugu