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Grade Boys Basketball Parent Meeting
1. Introductions
2. Thank you.
3. Parents helping
a. On time to practice
b. On time to pickup
c. Responsible for keeping the book on away games/maybe home as well.
1. Any volunteers? indicate on the sign-in sheet
4. Expectations of Parents
a. Support the team in public and private
b. Please, act like adults in the stands (home and away)
c. Read The Parent Information Page
d. If you would like to talk to me, please do so at an appropriate time.
5. Expectations of Players
a. The Four Cs Our Standards as a Program
b. Program Philosophy
6. Expectations of Coaches
a. The Four Cs Our Standards as a Program
b. Program Philosophy
7. Practices
a. Players are expected to be at practice every day. If you are not going to be at
practice, the coaches need a reason why. Not an excuse, a reason. Try to
schedule doctor/dentist appointments around practices as often as possible.
b. If you leave school early and wont be back for practice, you need to let a
coach know.
c. Until 5:30 on weekdays. Some Saturdays. Probably over breaks.
d. We will also practice at South Elementary occasionally because of girls
games or other activities.
e. Each player will receive a practice jersey. Players are responsible washing
them regularly and turning it in at the end of the season.
f. You will not agree with the coaching staff on everything.
g. Practices are closed
8. Games
a. Teams are never set in stone and can shift based on basketball ability,
character, and classroom performance. Be ready when an opportunity
arises, because it might not come again.
b. B Team games A lot of the other schools have dropped their B teams.
We are scheduled to play 8 B games. On the nights we dont have B
games, the 7
grade A team will play first.
c. Tournaments We play in the Sagamore Conference Tournament at North
Montgomery. I will probably only dress players that have a chance to get in
the games. Its a long drive for parents to go if their son wont be playing.
Those that dont dress are welcome to still ride the bus and get in free.
d. Game Days
1. Players stay after school
2. Can bring food with them or it can be dropped off
3. Well either be in the cafeteria or a classroom until we leave. Its a
perfect time to work on class work!
4. AWAY GAMES - Bus sign-out sheet. Must be signed by a parent or a
note from your parent.
e. Game Jerseys
1. Game jerseys will always be kept here. They will be washed here.
Ms. Hopkins our Athletic Director does a fantastic job keeping the
athletic department running smoothly. Thank her every time you
see her.
f. Game Days at School
1. Must dress up. A dress shirt of some kind (polo/buttoned) and
khakis. Shirt must be tucked in and you need a belt. Dress shoes. No
tennis shoes. If this is an issue for you, please contact Ms. Hopkins
and she can work something out with you.
9. Gear
a. Shoes whatever you like, but keep to the school colors of red, black, white,
or gray
b. Socks whatever you like, but keep to black or white and the whole team
must do the same thing.
c. Hair must be out of the eyes and ears, and preferably combed.
d. Accessories sweatbands are ok. Dont go crazy.
1. Rubber bands are not allowed IHSAA rules.
e. Ear Piercings cant wear during practice/games
10. T-shirts
a. Well be getting t-shirts this year. I do ask that every player purchase a shirt.
We will use them as warm-ups before games.
11. Questions/Comments?

Contact Info
Coach Miller
School Phone 317-745-5491 x3611
Cell Phone 317-753-7104

Coach Hall

We Acknowledge and Understand that
1. You love your son and want the absolute best for him.
2. Your son is an important person in your life.
3. You would like to see your son play as much as possible.
4. You will not always agree with every decision that we as a coaching staff will make.
We Respectfully Ask that
1. You support your son as well as his teammates.
2. You support our coaching staff, and know that we are doing everything we can to help your
son be successful both on and off the court.
3. You communicate positively to your son in regards to his teammates and coaches.
4. You and your son become a part of our basketball family.
5. You work with us to ensure the integrity of our basketball program.
6. You respect our closed practice policy.
7. You not come to us with concerns immediately before or after a game or practice, but rather
call or email to schedule an appointment.
We as a Coaching Staff, Will
1. Treat your son with respect and dignity.
2. Genuinely care about and for your son through good or bad.
3. Push your son to be the best player and person he can be.
4. Do everything in our power to help your son during and after basketball.
5. Focus on the process and let the product take care of itself.
Things We Will Discuss with You, as a Parent
1. Our team guidelines, Policies, and Expectations
2. Our practice and game schedules
3. Your sons attitude and effort in practice and games
4. How your son can improve as a player
5. Problems your son may be having in the classroom and how we may be of assistance
Things We Will not Discuss with you, as a Parent
1. Playing time playing time is solely based on performance and attitude on and off the court.
2. Game Strategy or Decisions
3. Other players
We want your son to be successful both on and off the floor, and will always care for your most
precious possession. However, we as a coaching staff will always put the integrity and well-
being of our program first.

The Four Cs Our Standards
The Four Cs is the overarching standards for the program. These standards
are what we will adhere to daily. In this program, we know that the
likelihood that a player will someday make a living on just playing the
game of basketball is not very likely. Our standards reflect this and aim for
establishing a lifelong appreciation of the sport, and to aspire our players to
be a part of something bigger than themselves individually. In essence,
this program will prepare them to be successful in the game of life. One
day, basketball will come to pass for everyone and we must be prepared to
take on lifes responsibilities. The Four Cs will accomplish that.
CLASSROOM If you cant pass, you cant play. Period. We know that the
education we receive will far outweigh our time on the basketball court and
we must attack the classroom the same way we would a practice or game
because our adult lives depend on it. Sliding by is not good enough. We want
to have as many players on the honor roll as possible.
COMMUNITY There is a role that you must fill in the community. The best
thing you can do for yourself is to help someone else. We must be the change
we want to see in the world. If there is a need we must fill it. This is as simple
as saying Hi to someone, or as in-depth as building a house.
CHARACTER We dont have time for people with bad character. They
bring everyone else down. In every interaction between people, there is
always something left behind. What are you leaving behind? Who are you
when no one is looking? Would you want your children doing what youre
doing? "The player is expected to conduct himself at all times, both on and off
the court, as a gentleman and a responsible citizen."
COMPETITION We must strive for the thrill of competition. There is no
excuse to not be ready. We stress playing to our potential by being fully
confident in our abilities to do our jobs as a team and always do our best
regardless of the situations. We focus on the process, not the product.
Winning will take care of itself.

Warrior Basketball Program Philosophy
1. Expectations: We expect leadership from our players. All players
should take pride in their leadership. Be success oriented, believe in
yourself and your teammates, know and believe in the system, and be
all you can be as an athlete, student, and person.
2. Discipline: Demand it at all times. Coachability is a must. Those unable
to conform to our philosophy have no place in the program.
3. Motivation: Challenge every player. Provide a competitive
atmosphere. Stay focused on the goals we have set. When times get
tough, remember where you have been, the point you have to come to,
and where you want to go. Always motivate each other in times of need.
4. Organization: We will be highly organized and as the season
progresses, be prepared for every possible situation. Organization is
the result of intense preparation which in turn leads to increased
opportunities for success.
5. Dedication: When you are on the court, we ask that you are dedicated to
the practice. When you are off the court, we ask that you are dedicated
to the program.
6. Attendance: If you cannot practice, you cannot play. Unexcused
absences will not be tolerated.
7. Practice time: 1.5 to 2 hours as needed. Saturdays and vacation days as
needed. Practice schedules should be provided but sometimes may be
subject to change due to circumstances such as tournaments.
8. Playing Time: Will be based on ability, attitude, and dependability. If a
player has earned the opportunity to prove himself he will get that
chance. No team is ever set in stone.
9. Winning: We will not put an emphasis on winning. We will however talk
about doing the things necessary to put the team in a position to win.
10. Work hard. Improve daily. We.


Daily Goals

Work Hard.
Improve Daily.