Rank Company Name NYS Employment

1 North Shore-LIJ Health System 40,000
2 Mount Sinai Health System 31,000
3 Walmart* 28,000
4 Verizon NY inc. 27,000
5 JP Morgan Chase 25,000
6 Citigroup inc. 25,000
7 Macy's Inc. 25,000
8 University of Rochester 22,000
9 New York Presbyterian Hospital 20,000
10 Montefiore Health System 18,000
11 NYU/Medical Center 18,000
12 Wegmans Food Markets 17,000
13 Columbia University 16,000
14 Cornell University/Weill Medical College 15,000
15 Consolidated Edison 15,000
16 Bank of America 14,000
17 IBM corp. 14,000
18 Morgan Stanley 13,000
19 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 12,000
20 Kaleida Health 10,000
*75% of total reported by Walmart to adjust for likely part-time workers.
Top 20 Private Employers in NYS 2013
Full-time equivalent employees located in the state

Rachel Rhodes (585) 327-7057; rrhodes@cgr.org

CGR Releases List of Top 20 Private Employers in NYS in 2013
Employers in Health Care Field Dominate
Rochester, N.Y., May 15, 2014 –CGR (Center for Governmental Research, Inc.) has released a
list of the top private employers in New York State in 2013. Topping the list again is the North
Shore – LIJ Health System, with 40,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. Rounding out the
top five are Mount Sinai Health System, Walmart, Verizon, and JP Morgan Chase. CGR
developed the list as part of an analysis of the economic impact of the University of Rochester
(UR) (#8 on the list). The full UR report is available at www.cgr.org.

Though there are
representing numerous
sectors, the top two
employers in the state
and about half of the
employers on the list
are in the health care
field or are
universities that have
major health facilities.
The financial services
sector has the next
largest number of top
employers, accounting
for one-quarter of the
overall list. The
majority of the largest
firms are
downstate in New
York City and on
Long Island; though a
few (including UR,
Wegmans, and
Kaleida Health) are
located Upstate.

The list attempts to estimate full-time equivalent employment based on the best information
available, isolating jobs in NY for companies with national and/or international branches. Since

employee counts are not public information, CGR relied on direct information from employers,
lists compiled by local business journals, and published data from market research firms to
compile the rankings.


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