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(213) 880-9!2
Im a comedy writer and performer. I also have a successful background in
music (rock, pop and rap) as a composer and performer, which I regularly
incorporate into my current comedy work.
Im looking for employment as a comedy writer (TV or otherwise), as well as
developing an original comedy series called T!" #angsta$. Im represented by
The #ersh "gency in %everly &ills' for more information please contact (ike
Tamburrino at ()*+) ,-./00**.
2010-"re#en$ - %&'e (o)ard *$ern *'o)+ (*iri,#-.)
1omposer2performer of more than )++ parody songs used on the long/running
radio show, contributing writer of monologue/style 3okes and audio
sketches2bits, in/studio guest2performer on 04 occasions.
2010-"re#en$ - %&'e *o,"+ (E/)
1ontributing composer2performer of several original comedy songs, on a
freelance basis.
2012-"re#en$ - %Red E0e+ (12- Ne)#)
5egular guest comedian panelist on this late night talk show cult favorite.
2013-"re#en$ - 3ario,# "rogram# (1ilm2n.$4)
1ontributing writer2producer for several programs on this internet network (also
broadcast on !kyTV cable in the 67), on a freelance basis. 8uties include
writing e9tensive copy for shows hosts.
2013-"re#en$ - %5o, .a0 Al#o Li6e+ (E/)
1omposer2performer of main theme music as well as multiple comedy songs for
this new program from the producers of The !oup, scheduled to premiere in
2017 - %Li"# and A##'ole#+ (.ac'inima)
&ead writer for season one of this soon/to/be/released comedy web series from
online network (achinima.
2012-13 - %8"load )i$' *'a9,ille 2+Neal+ ($r,&3)
:riter2producer2actor, , seasons.
2013 - %:'i$e ;eo"le <an+$ Dance+ (E/)
:riter for pilot episode of this comedy program currently in development from
producer ;ack <sbourne.
2013 - %Ridic,lo,#ne##+ (.&3)
"ssociate producer and researcher.
2013 - %A)e#omene##&3+ (Nic6elodeon)
1ontributing writer of ideas for new segments, programs, and web series.
2013 - %&'e <an+ (comed0 )e= #erie# "rod,ced =0 <'ri# .oore and Bo=
Ro=ac6> c,rren$l0 in "rod,c$ion)
:riter of several short/form episodes.
2012-13 - %1a#'ion ;olice+ (E/)
;oke writer for ;oan 5ivers.
2012 - %?imm0 @immel Li4e+ (AB<)
:riter of comedic product/integration sketches, including several that featured
original comedy songs.
2012 - %*$re$c'ed+ (,naired "ilo$ Aor <omed0 <en$ral)
2010-11 - %:e= *o,"+ (B7)
1ontributing writer2performer, various segments, on a freelance basis. "lso
warm/up comedian for live tapings.
2008-10 - %A$om &3+ (<omed0 <en$ral)
:riter2performer, various segments.
200!-08 - %A$$ac6 oA $'e *'o)+ (B7)
:riter2performer, various segments, on a freelance basis.