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Presidential Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Search the different web sites to find information about the
Presidents (George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) and then type the
information on this sheet. Then, complete the writing prompt at the bottom of
this sheet. This is for a TEST GRADE.
President #1
President's Full Name-George Washington
President's Nickname-Father of our country
Date of Birth- February 22, 1732
Date of Death-December 14,1799-age 67
Birthplace-Westmorland, Virginia
Parents' Names- Augustine Washington and Mary Bell Washington
Wife's Name-Martha Dandridge Cutis Washington
Children's Names 6 step children (none were his own)
Profession-politician, military officer, Farmer, soldier, engineer, surveyor
Name of Home- Mount Vernon
Location of Home-Virginia
Years of Presidency-8
Political Party-Federalist
He was the _____ President-1

The war that is associated with this president-American Revolutionary War
Monuments that were built to honor this president- The Washington Monument,
Mount Rushmore, US currrency

President #2
President's Full Name Abraham Lincoln
President's Nickname-Honest Abe
Date of Birth-February 12,1808
Date of Death-April 15,1865, age 56
Birthplace-Hodgenville, Kentucky
Parents' Names-Thomas and Nancy Lincoln
Wife's Name-Mary Todd
Children's Names- Robert, Eddie, Willie, Tad
Profession- Lawyer. Politician
Name of Home-Lincolns Home
Location of Home-Springfield, IL.
Years of Presidency 3 months
Political Party Whig(1834-1854) Republican (1854-1865) National Union (1864-
He was the _____ President-16th
The war that is associated with this president-Civil War
Monuments that were built to honor this president-statue of himself, Lincoln
Memorial, Mount Rushmore, US currency

Writing Prompt
Construct a well-written paragraph explaining some of the similarities and differences
between George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had a couple similarities. These
include both had children who died at early ages, both were politicians, also both are 2
of the most known presidents. They also were both elected for more than one term.
Some differences are Abraham grew up unwealthy and George grew up very wealthy.
Abraham believed in partnership, George did not. Abraham had his own children,
George did not. Abraham was in the Republican party and George was not a member
of any political party.