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The Life of

William Shakespeare was baptized in
1564 in Stratford, England

His father was John Shakespeare

He was a wealthy merchant who sold
wool, leather, and grain

His mother was Mary Shakespeare

She worked on a farm when William was
a child

Shakespeare began his education at the
age of 7 at the Stratford grammar school

At the Stratford grammar school he
studied Latin and literature

Shakespeare learned his basic reading
and writing from various books

Adult Life
William Shakespeare married Anne
Hathaway in 1582

Anne was 8 years older than him

Together they had three children,
Hamlet, Susana, and Judith

Hamnet and Judith were both twins

Hamnet died at age 11

He later moved to London to start his
career in acting and playwright

Moved to London in 1586

Was one of the partners of the Lord Chamberlains Company

Richard Burbage and William Kept were both his business partners

In 1599 he and his partners built the Globe Theater

In 1608 he and his partners purchased the Blackfriars Theater

Shakespeare began his playwright when he wrote his first play, Henry VI

most of his plays were histories and comedies

some include: Henry VI, Titus Adronicus, A Midsummer Nights Dream,
The Merchant Of Venice, and Richard I

Queen Elizabeth I wanted Shakespeare to perform at the Queens Court

In 1598, author Fracis Meres described Skaespeare as Englands
greatest writer in comedy and tragedy

Some of his tragedies include: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, King
Lear, and Macbeth

Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 in Stratford, England at the age of

Shakespeares most famous
Romeo and Juliet Hamlet
Set in Verona, Italy
written inLondon in the mid-1590s
Was first published in 1597 by Thomas Creede
It is about two families from Verona who had a
violent relationship with each other. Romeo and
Juliet loved each other but were forbidden from
seeing each other because of the two families.
Eventually the commited suicide because of the
fued between the two families. After the deaths of
Romeo and Juliet, the Montagues and the
Capulets agree to quit fighting and to get along
set in Denmark
Written in early 1600 in London, England
Was published in 1603
Hamlet is tragic play about revenge. Hamlet is a
young prince in Den,ark seeking to avenge his
fathers death. Prince Hamlets uncle, Claudius,
murdered his brother and Prince Hamlets father,
King Hamlet . Claudius then takes King Hamlets
wife, Gertrude. This play explores themes of
treachery, revenge, and corruption
Was built with the same wood from the previous Theater
that was evacuated because Giles Allen refused to pay a new
it only took six months to build
Was used also as a gambling spot and as a brothel
Was forced to close in 1593, 1603, and 1508 because of the
Bubonic Plague
William Shakespeare built two Globe Theaters
One of them burned down on June 29, 1613 but was quickly
re-built in 1614