Politics 1B Comparative Politics

Tutorial Reading Guide
There are eight tutorials, and you are required to attend these. They meet on Mondays,
beginning 27th January, and continue weekly (apart from the week your essay is due). ou
are re!uired to complete the following reading in ad"ance of the tutorial.
#lease note for access to $ournals off campus you need your %&'(. To access digiti)ed
book chapters you need the course code* politics+,,
TUTORIAL 1 - Wat is Comparative Politics!
Required Reading"
#. .all and /. Taylor. 0112. #olitical 3cience and the Three 4ew 'nstitutionalisms, Political
Studies ++(5), 1627157
TUTORIAL # - $e%initions and measures in comparative politics
Required Reading"
8ollier, (. (0116) 9The 8omparati"e Method: in ;inifter, ed. The State of the Discipline,
#owell, (alton ? 3trom (eds.) (2,02) 8hapter 2* 8omparing political systems, in
Comparative Politics Today: A Theoretical Framework, #earson.
TUTORIAL & - $e%ining $emocrac' and Autoritarianism
Required Reading"
(. 8ollier and 3. @e"itsky, 9(emocracy with <d$ecti"es* 8onceptual 'nno"ation in
8omparati"e /esearch:, World Politics +1.6 (0117)
Arooker, #aul. 9<uthoritarian /egimes: in (. 8aramani (ed.) 8omparati"e #olitics 8hapter 2
TUTORIAL ( 7 $emocratic )ailure and Consolidation in German'
Required Reading"
/eading* (ishin, (ishin and .a)an BChy (emocracies 8ollapse* The /easons for
(emocratic ;ailure and 3uccessD nternational Political Science !eview (2,,5) 22*6, pp.
TUTORIAL * + Wat t'pe o% political s'stem do ,e see in Cina!
Required Reading"
8hina Media #ro$ect (2,00) 9Ehang "s. ang on the 8hina Model:, 21 March, <"ailable at*
8allahan, Cilliam < (2,06) China Dreams: "# $isions of the Future. FGford* FGford
&ni"ersity #ress, 8hapter 6* The 8hina Model and the 3earch for Cealth and #ower, 2+
TUTORIAL 3 + Wat regime t'pe is Russia!
Required Reading"
/osefielde, 3. ? .lousko"a, /. (2,,7) 9Chy /ussia is not a (emocracy:, 8omparati"e
3trategy, 22 (6)* 2057221
Chite, 3. (2,00) &nderstanding /ussian #olitics chapter > Chat kind of systemH
TUTORIAL 4 + 25plaining $emocratic Transitions and Consolidation
Required Reading"
8arothers, Thomas, 9The Ind of the Transition #aradigm:, %ournal of Democracy 06.0
(2,,2), pp. 5720
F:(onnell, %uillermo, 9'llusions about 8onsolidation:, in @. (iamond et al (eds.),
8onsolidating the Third Ca"e (emocracies* Themes and #erspecti"es, Aaltimore and
@ondon* Johns .opkins &ni"ersity #ress, 0117.
TUTORIAL 6 7 Te Relationsip Bet,een 8ar/et 2conomies and $emocrac'
Required Reading"
8arothers, T. (2,,7) JThe Jse!uencingJ fallacy J Journal of (emocracy 0>(0)* 02727