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Federal Electipn Commission, .Washington, D.C. 2Q463.
^i ^l ement ary^f Or
Jnformatipri fogiidjpn <r
Page of Schedule C
Transaction I D: SC/10.4227.SC1
Mjss|;ssippi Conservatiyes
Full Name
Trustmark Bank
Amount of Loan
Interest Rate (APR)
Mailing Address
. 190 E Capitol St.
State Zip Code
MS 39201
Date Incurred or Established
Date Due
Back Ref SC/10.4227
|"M~>rTir I /
A. Has loan been restructured? ^ No Q Yes If yes, date originally incurred
B. If line of credit,
Amount of this Draw:
C. Are other parties siecondarily liable for the debt incurred?
1^ No . .. [TT] Yes . . .. (Endorsers and, guarantors, reported on Schedule C.)
D. Are any of the following pledged .as collateral for the loan: real estate, pierspnal
property,, goodsr-negotiable instruments, oertifica^tes.of deposit, c^^
stocks, ^accounts receivable, cash on deposit, or other simiiaf .traditional. bpllater'a|?^
^ No f~| Yes If yes, .specify;
What is the value of this collateral?
Does the lender hav/e a perfected security
interest i njt? [ ^ , . N Q. . Yes
E.. Are any.future, contributions ..or. future, receipts ofjnterest incomjpi,. pledged, as
collateral for the loan? ^ No [ j ^ Yes If yes, specify:
What is the. estimated .value?.
A depository account rnust be established pursuant
to 11 C FR 100.82(e)(2) and 100.142(e)(2).
Date account established:
Tw^Fm I
Location .of account:
City, State, Zip:
F. If neither of the types of collateral described above was pledged for this loan, or if the amount pledged does not equal or exceed
the loan amount, state the basis upon which this loan was made and the basis on which it assures repayment.
Typed Name Mr^ Rriaj}-Peny^
Signature Jt : r : ^^^ - .
H. Attach a sighed copy-of ^he loan -agree'merit;
\., To the best of this institution's .knowledge, the terms of the loan and other infonnation regardirig the extehsion of the loan -
'. are accurate as stated above.
11. : The loan was.made on .terms, and conditions (Including interest rate).,no.more favorable at the time than'thbise imposed for
.. ..' .similar.:extensions of credit to other borrowers of cpm^^ . ^
,111. :. ThiS! institution is., aware of the requirement that .a j oan 'must be made on a basis which assures repayjrient, and has
complied-with the requirements set forth.'.at l i CFR 100.82 and 100.142 in..making this loan, .' .. /
Typed Name Mr. Harn^ \4/alker
Signature fAr.,
xr u- D -
29 2014
FEC Scheidijle C-T (Form 3X) Rev. 02'2003
Use separate schedule(s)
for each category of the
Detailed Summary Page
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Mississippi Conservatives
Transaction ID : S C ^ 0.4227
L OAN S OU RC E Full Name (Last, First. Middle Initial)
Trustmark Bank
Mailing Address ^QQ E Capitol St.
City Jackson State MS ZIP Code 39201
Other (specify) y
Original Amount of Loan Cumulative Payment To Date Balance Outstanding at Close of This Period
Date Incurred Date Due Interest Rate
r M- u- M- i D-nrb-i
1 oV
29 2014 06/03/14
% (apr)
List All Endorsers or Guarantors (if any) to Loan Source
1. Full Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) Name of Employer
Mailing Address
2. Full Name (Last, First, Middle initial)
Mailing Address
2. \P> Code
Name of Employer
City Stiite'
3. Pull Name (Last, First, Middle initial)
ZIP Code
Name of Employer
Mailing Address Occupation
City State ZIP Code
4. Pull Name (Last, First, Middle initial)
Name of Employer
Mailing Address
State ZIP Code
SUBTOTAL S This Period This Page (optional) '.
TOTAL S This Period (last page in this line only) ^
Carry outstanding balance only to LINE 3, Schedule D, for this line. If no Schedule D, carry forward to appropriate line of Summary.
FE6AN026 FEC Schedule C (Form 3X) Rev. 02/2003
90 10
Principal 1 Loan Date
$250, 150. 00 101-29-2014
Loan No
Cal! Cdi Account Officer
References in the boxes above are for Lender's use only and do not limit the applicability of this document to any particular loan or item.
Any item above containing .***:*" has been omitted due to text length limitations; '
Bor r ower : Mississippi Conservatives
P.O. Box 2096
Jackson, IMS 39225 .
L ender: Trustmark National Bank
Jackson Main Office
. 248 E. Capitol Street.'P 0 Box 291
Jacksoii, MS 39205'
Principal Amount: $250, 150. 00 Date of Note: Jaiiiuary 29. 2014;
PROMI SE TO P A Y. Mi ssi ssi ppi Conservati ves ("Borrower") promises tb pay tb truistniark National Bank C L endbr ' ) . or order. In l awful money of
the Uni ted States of Amer i ca, the principal ampunt of TWb .Hiiridred. Fifty , t housand One .Hundred Rf t y & 00/ 100 Dollars ( $250, 150. 00) .
together wi t h interest on the unpaid pirinclpal. balance .f^om . January. 29. 2014. calculated as descri bed in the ' I NTEREST C A L C U L A TI ON
M E T H OD ' paragraph usi ng an interest rate of 2. 650 % per annum based oi i a year of 360 days, until paid in ful l . The imereist rate may change
under the ternis and conditions of t he' I NTE RE S T AFTER D E FAU L T' , secti on. ; ..
PA YM E N T . Borrower wi l l pay this l oan in bne principal 'payment of $250, 150. 00 plus interest on June 3. 20 14. Thi s payment due on June 3.
20 14, wi l l be fbr all principal and all accrued interest not yet. pai d. Unless otherwise agreed br required by applicable l aw. payments wi l l be
applied first t o any accrued unpaid interest; then tib principal: and then to any late charges. Borrower wi l l pay Lender at Lender' s address shown
above or at such other pl ace as Lender may designate in wri ti ng.
INTEREST C A L C U L A TI ON ME TH OD , interest on this Note is coi i i puted oh a 365/ 360 basi s; that i s. by applying the ratio of the .interest rate
over a year of 360 days, multiplied by the outstanding priricipal balance, multiplied by the actual number of deys tl i e prihiisl^ai balance Is
outstandi ng. Al l interest payable under this Note is computed i i si i i g this rhethod. Thi s calcuibtion method results in a higher effecti ve interest
rate than the numeric interest rate stated In this Note.
PRE PA YME N T . Borrower agrees that all loan fees and other prepaid finance charges are earned fully as of the date of the loan and wi l l not be
subject to refund upon early payment (whether voluntary or. as a; result of default), except as othervyise required by l aw. Except for the
foregoing, Borrower may pay wi thout penalty all or a portion of the amount owed earlier than It is due. Early payments wi l l not, unless agreed
to by Lender in wri ti ng, relieve Borrower of Borrower' s obligation to continue to make payments under the payment schedul e. Rather, early
payments will reduce the principal balance due. Borrower agrees riot to send Lender payrhents marked ' pai d in f ul l ' , ' wi t hout r ecour se' , br
similar language. If Borrower sends such a payment, Lender may accept it without losing any of Lender' s rights under this Note, arid Borrower
wi l l remain obligated to pay any further arnount owed to Lender. A l l written communications concerning disputed amounts, including ariy check
or other paymem i nstrumem that indicates that the payment constitutes ' paymem in f ul l ' of the amount owed or that is tendered wi t h other
conditions or limitations or as full sati sfacti on of. a disputed amount niust be mailed or delivered t o: Trustmark Natioiuil Bank. At t i i : Loan
Operati ons. P. O. Box 1182 Jackson. M S 3920 5.
L A J B C H A RGE . If a payment Is 16 days or more late, Borrower wi l l be charged 4. 0 0 0 % of the unpaid portton of the regularly schedul ed
paymem or $5. 00. whi chever is greater.
INTERESiT AFTER D E FAU L T. Upon default, including failure to pay upon final maturity, the total sum due under this Note wi l l continue to accrue .
interest at the interest rate under this Note.
D E FAU L T. Each of the fol l owi ng shall constitute an event of deilault (' Event of Default' ) under this Note:
Payment Default. Borrower fails to make any payment when due under this Note.
Other Defaul ts. Borrower fails to compl y wi th or tb perform any other term, obligation, covenant or condition contained in this Note or in
any of the related documents or to comply wi th or tb perform any term, obligation, covenant or condition contained in any other agreement
between Lender and Borrower.
Default in Favor of Third Parti es. Borrower or any Grantor defaults under any loan, extension of credit, security egreement, purchase or
sales agreement, or any other agreement, in favor of any othercredi tor or person that may materially affect any of Borrower' s property or
Borrower' s ability to repay this Note or perform Borrbwer' s bbligations under this Note or any of the related documents. .
False Statements. A ny warranty, representation br statement made.or furnished to Lender by Borrower or on Borrower' s behalf under this
Note or the related documents is false or misleading in any material respect, either now or at the time made or furnished or becomes false
or misleading at any time thereafter.
Insolvency. The dissolution or termination of Borrower' s existence as' a going busi ness, the insolvency of Borrower, the appointment of a
receiver for any part of Borrower' s property,. any assignment for the. benefit of creditors, any type of creditor workout, or the
commencement of eny proceeding under any.bankruptcy or .insolvency.'laws by or against Borrower.
Creditor or Forfeiture Proceedi ngs. . Co'mmencenfient of foreclosure or forfeiture proceedings, whether by judicial proceedi ng, self-help,
repossessi on or any other method, by eny creditor 'of Borrower or by any governmental agency against any collateral securi ng the loan.'
Tl i i s includes a garnishment of eny of Borrower' s accounts; including deposit accounts, wi th Lender. However, this Event of Default shal l .
not apply if there is a good faith dispute by Borrowei* as tb' the vialidlty .br reasonableriess of the cl ai m whi ch is the basis of the creditor or
forfeiture proceeding and if Borrower gives Lender written notice of the creditor or forfeiture proceeding and deposits wi t h Lender monies or
a surety bond for the creditor or forfeiture proceedinig, in an amount determined by Lender, in its sole di screti on, as being an adequate
reserve or bond for the di spute.
Events Af f ect i ng Guarantor. Any of the preceding events occurs wi th respect to any guarantor, endorser, surety, or accommodati on pai ty
of any of the indebtedness or any guarantor, endorser, surety,; or accbinmodation party dies or becornes incompetent, or. revokes br.
di sputes the validity of, or liability under, any guaranty of the indebtedness evidenced by this Note.
Change In Ownershi p. Any change in ownershi p of twenty-five, percent (25%) or iriore of the common stock of Borrower. .
Adverse Change. A material adverse change occi i rs in Borrower' s firiiancial condition, or Lender believes the prospect of payment or
performance of this Note is impaired.
Insecurity. Lender in good faith believes Itself Insecure. :.. .
L E NDE R' S RI GHTS. Upon default. Lender may declare the entire unpaid piincipal balance under this Note and all accrued unpaid interest
Immediately due, end then Borrower wi l l pay that amount.
A T T ORN E YS ' FE E S : E XPE N S E S . Lender may hire or pay sbmeone else to^ help collect tliis Notis if Borrower does not pay. . Borrower wijl pay.
Lender that amount. Thi s i ncl udes; subject to any limits under appl.iceble:(aw. Lender' s attorneys' fees ahd Lender' s legal expenses, whether or
not there is a l awsui t, including attorneys' fees, expenses fbr; bankruptcy proceisdings (including efforts to modify or vacate any automatic stay,
or injunction), and appeal s. If not prohibited by applicable l aw. Borrower also ./will pay any court cost s, in addition to all otiier sums provided by
JURY WAIVER. lariim md Bm hereby.waive the^giit to.-ahV iuW.'^^t^ aiiy aetion; prpbebdihg, br cbuhterclaiiiri brought by either.Lender
or Borrbvver agmifuit the .other: '-AA'^'.t^'^lVA^^^A9iA^A ' ' A.-^--:.: ''.-
GOVERNI NG L A W. Thi s Note wi l l be governed by federbl l aw applicable tb .Lender and; to the extent not preenipted by federal l aw. the lavws bf '
the State of Mi ssi ssi ppi wi thout regard t o Its coriflicts of l aw prbirisibne;; Thi s Note .has been accepted by Lender inithe Staite of Mt esi ssi ppi : : ..' r
RIGHT OF SETOFF, t o the eMeri tRermi tted. by. a of setoff in all Borrbwer' s accognts wi t h Lender (whether;
checki ng, ' savi ngs, or some other eccount). T ^ s includes .all accognts Borrower holdis jointly wi th/ someone else and :all accounts Borijowfer may
' open in the future. However, this does not include anyMRA br'.ICebgh accounts, or any trust accounts for whi ch set of f . would, be^ prohibited b
l aw. Borrower authorizes Lender, to the extertt permitted by applicableiiaw, to cliarge br setoff all sums owi ng on the indebtedhess against any
and all such accounts, and, at Lender' s opti on, to administratively freeze all such accounts tb allow Lender to protect Lerider' s chqrge and .setoff,
rights provide.d i n thi s paragraph. . . . ' '
C OL L A t E R A L . Borrower acknowl edges this Note is secured by the'.following collateral described In the security Instruriient listed herei n:
certificates of deposit descri bed in an Assi gnment of Depbsit Account dated January 29, 2014.
Loan No: 28743474-69647
Page 2
'ipifilANduvl. STATEMENTS. Tlie Borrower and/or Grantor egree'to' pro'yiSctrfiiianijial as lendiar may require from time to time.
^'s^j^CESsbi^^lNtra The terms 6f this Note sh^l^^^^^^^ upori Borrower's heirs, personal representatives,
i i i oTi ni ' U^ i i p ISiACCURATE li^FOli WE ' R E P OR T t of cdNSUMER^m A G E N C I E S . Borrower may notify Lender ^if Lender
reports enV iWaccUrate (nforrnatiph a^^^^^ accbunt(sjVtp a'sC^ agency. Borrower's written notice describing the
^ specific inaccur'a^^ should be sent to Lender at the. following ^SddreMi ^^^^^^^ Bank Ann: Credit Operations. P. O. Box 231
Jecfes'ori,':MS;392^^ ' -=.:-'.; ' ' ' ' i ; - ' . '^.l V/^,;^^^
GENERAt PRbS^iSiOliS; If W part bf this Notb carinot be' erifbrcWnhisy^act w^^ riot affect.the rest of the Note. Lender may delay or forgo
enforcing any of litsrrights or remedies under this Note without losing theiti; Borrower and.ahy other person .vyho signs, guarantees or endorses
this Note to the exterit allowed by law, waive presentment, demand for payment, and notice of dishonor. Upon any change in the terms of this
. Nbte; and unless otherwise expressly stited In writing,'no party who signs this Note, whether as rnaker, guarantor accommodation maker or
endorser, shall be reieased from llabllitV. All such parties agree ;that .Lender, may renew or extend (repeatedly and for any length of time) this
: Ibaci or release any party or guareritpror collateral;.or impair, fail to realize:.upbn or perfect Lender's security interest in the ""at ef a^ and take
: ahy other abtlon deemed necessary by Lender without the consent of br.nbtice to enybne. All suet) psrties^also agree that lender may modify
this Iban V/ithout the consent of or notice tb anyone other thaii the party with whom the modification is made. The obligations under this Note
. are:jolfit and several,:
o-'-ZZ''.' AA'\^.-y..-.'A\ ]
f M ' BrijahT^^riT^errir.' E ^ ^ .of Mississippi
'jl^; 'Cbrisen/atives'.''''' ' ' ' / ' ' ' A
1^ .. - : Secretary .or Assistant Secretary
'' ':' -A 'A.^.- - ' ':'"'' '' ' :
(Corporate Seal )
lASen n o UndJng. V
. l3.4.aOM Cap, . HMn! ai cWSoMtai , IM. ' . l 997, 2014. M H g h nM M nA . -MS tAHn\ CfniJU02a: TB.33978 fn.34
*';'' V -1.
' 9250
Loan Oate i
01-29-2014 00-032014
Loan No
p Qexitom Account Officer
References in the boxes above are for Lender's use only iand do not limit the applicability of this document to any particular loan or item.
Any item above containing " * * * " has been omitted due to text length limitations.
C o r p o r a t i o n : Mississippi Conservatives
P. O. Box 2096
Jackson. MS 39225
L e nd e r : Trustmark National Bank
Jackson Main Office
248 E. Capitol Street. P 0 Box 291
Jackson, MS 39205
THE CORPORATION' S EXISTENCE. The complete and correct name of the Corporation is Mississippi Conservatives ("Corporation"). The
Corporation is a non-profit corporation which is, and at all times shall be, duly organized, validly existing, and in good standing under and by
virtue of the laws of the State of Mississippi. The Corporation is duly authorized to transact business in all other states in whi ch the Corporation
is doing business, having obtained all necessary filings, governmental licenses and approvals for each state in which the Corporation is doing
business. Specifically, the Corporation is, and at all times shall be, duly qualified as a foreign corporation in all states in which the failure to so
qualify would have a material adverse effect on its business or financial condition. The Corporation has the full power and authority to own its
properties and to transact the business in which it is presently engaged or presently proposes to engage. The Corporation maintains an office at
1125 Poplar Blvd, Jackson, MS 39202. Unless the Corporation has designated otherwise in writing, the principal office is the office at which
the Corporation keeps its books and records. The Corporation will notify Lender prior to any change in the location of the Corporation's state of
organization or any change in the Corporation's name. The Corporation shall do all things, necessary to preserve and to keep-ih fuirfdrce and
effect its existence, rights and privileges, and shall comply with all regulations, rules, ordinances, statutes, orders and decrees .,of.^ any
governmental or quasi-governmental authority or court applicable to the Corporation and the Corporation's business activities.
RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED. At a meeting of the Directors of the Corporation, or if the Corporation is a close corporation having no Board of
Directors then at a meeting of the Corporjation's shareholders, duly called and held on . , at which a quorum was
present and voting, or by other duly authorized action in lieu of a meeting, the resolutions set forth in this Resolution were adopted.
OFFICER. The following named person is an officer of Mississippi Conservatives:
Briari N. Peffy' Executive Director
ACTIONS AUTHORIZED. The authorized person listed above may enter into any agreements of any nature with Lender, and those agreements
will bind the Corporation. Specifically, but without limitation, the authorized person is authorized, empowered, and directed to do the following
for and on behalf of the Corporation:
Borrow Money. To borrow, as a cosigner or otherwise, from time to time from Lender, on such terms as may be agreed upon between the
Corporation and Lender, such sum or sums of money as in his or her judgment should be borrowed, without limitation.
Execute Notes. To execute and deliver to Lender the promissory note or notes, or other evidence of the Corporation's credit
accommodations, on Lender's forms, at such rates of interest and on such terms as may be agreed upon, evidencing the sums of money so
borrowed or any of the Corporation's indebtedness to Lender, and also to execute and deliver to Lender one or more renewals, extensions,
modifications, refinancings, consolidations, or substitutions for one or more of the notes, any portion of the notes, or any other evidence of
credit accommodations.
Grant Security. To mortgage, pledge, transfer, endorse, hypothecate, or otherwise encumber and deliver to Lender any property now or
hereafter belonging to the Corporation or in which the Corporation now or hereafter may have an interest, including without limitation all of
the Corporation's real property and all of the Corporation's personal property (tangible or intangible), as security for the payment of any
loans or credit accommodations so obtained, any promissory notes so executed (including any amendments to or modifications, renewals,
and extensions of such promissory notes), or any other or further indebtedness of the Corporation to Lender at any time owi ng, however
the same may be evidenced. Such property may be mortgaged, pledged, transferred, endorsed, hypothecated or encumbered at the time
such loans are obtained or such indebtedness is incurred, or at any other time or times, and may be either in addition to or in lieu of any
property theretofore mortgaged, pledged, transferred, endorsed, hypothecated or encumbered.
Execute Security Documents. To execute and deliver tp Lender the forms of mortgage, deed of trust, pledge agreement, hypothecation
agreement, and other security agreements and financing statements which Lender may require and whi ch shall evidence the terms and
conditions under and pursuant to which such liens and encumbrances, or any of them, are given; and also to execute and deliver to Lender
any other written instruments, any chattel paper, or any other collateral, of any kind or nature, which Lender may deem necessary or proper
in connection with or pertaining to the giving of the liens and encumbrances.
Negotiate Items. To draw, endorse, and discount with Lender all drafts, trade acceptances, promissory notes, or other evidences of
indebtedness payable to or belonging to the Corporation or in which the Corporation may have an interest, and either to receive cash for the
same or to cause such proceeds to be credited to the Corporation's account with Lender, or to cause such other disposition of the
proceeds derived therefrom as he or she may deem advisable.
Further Act s. In the case of lines of credit, to designate additional or alternate individuals as being authorized to request advances under
such lines, and in all cases, to do and perform such other acts and things, to pay any and all fees and costs, and to execute and deliver
such other documents and agreements, including agreements waiving the right to a trial by jury, as the officer may in his or her discretion
deem reasonably necessary or proper in order to carry into effect the provisions of this Resolution.
A S S U ME D BUSINESS NAME S . The Corporation has filed or recorded all documents or filings required by law relating to all assumed business
names used by the Corporation. Excluding the name of the Corporation, the following is a complete list of all assumed business names under
which the Corporation does business: None.
NOTICES TO LENDER. The Corporation will promptly notify Lender in writing at Lender's address shown above (or such other addresses as
'' }!*<!i'^
Loan No: 28743474-69647 (Contiliued) Page 2
Lender may designate from time to time) prior to any (A) change in the Corporation's name; (B) change in the Corporation's assumed
business name(s); (C) change in the management of the Corporation; (D) change in the authorized signer(s); (E) change in the Corporation's
principal office address; (F) change in the Corporation's state of organization; (G) conversion of the Corporation to a new or different type of
business entity; or (H) change in any other aspect of the Corporation that directly or indirectly relates to any agreements bietween the
Corporation and Lender. No change in the Corporation's name or state of organization will take effect until after Lender has received notice.
CERTIFICATION CONCERNING OFFICERS AND RESOLUTIONS. The officer named above is duly elected, appointed, or employed by or for the
Corporation, as the case may be, and occupies the position set opposite his or her respective hame. This Resolution now stands of record on
the books of the Corporation, is in full force and effect, and has not been modified or revoked in any mjanner whatsoever.
NO CORPORATE S E AL . The Corporation has no corporate seal, and therefore, nb seal is affixed to this Resolution.
CONTINUING VALIDITY. Any and all acts authorized pursuant to this Resolution and performed prior to the passage of this Resolution are
hereby ratified and approved. This Resolution shall be. continuing, shall remain in full force and effect and Lender may rely on it until written
notice of its revocation shall have been delivered tp and received by .Lender at Lender's address shown above (or such addresses as Lender may.
designate from time to time). Any such notice shall not affect any of the Corporation's agreements or commitments in effect at the time riotice
is given.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and attest that the signature set opposite the name listed above Is his or her genuine
I have read all the provisions of this Resolution, and I personally and on behalf of the Corporation certify that all statements and representations
made in this Resolution aire true and correct. This Corporate Resolution to Borlrow / Grant Collateral is dated January 29. 2014.
NOTE: If the officer signing this Resolution Is designated by the foregoing document as one of the officers authorized to act on the Corporation's behalf, it is advisable tp have this Resolution
signed by at least one non-authorized officer of the Corporation.
; ; ' I ! .
LASER PRO Lending, V n . 13. 4. 0. 034 Copr. Harland Ftaanoial Sot l t i ont . 1997, .2014. - AD Rights Rmennd. - MS E:\ HFS\ CFI\ LPL\ CIO. FC TB-133978 PR-34
Loan Oate
Loan No
Account Officer
References in the boxes above are for Lender's use only and do not limit the applicability of this document to any particular loan or item.
Any item above containing " * * * " has been omitted due to text length limitations.
Borrower: Mississippi Conservatives
P. O. Box 2096
Jackson. MS 39225
L e nd e r : Trustmark National Bank
, , Jackson Main Office
248 E. Capitor Street. P O Box 291
Jackson, MS 39205
L OAN NO. : 28743474-69647
The undersigned Borrower for and in consideration of the above-referenced Lender funding the closing of this loan agrees, if requested by Lender
or Closing Agent for Lender, to fully cooperate and adjust for clerical errors, any or all loan closing documentation if deemed necessary or
desirable in the reasonable discretion of Lender to enable Lender to sell, convey, seek guaranty or market said loan to any entity, including but
not limited to an investor. Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Government National Mortgage.
' Association, Federal Housing Authority or the Department of Veterans Affairs. .
: The undersigned Borrower does hereby so agree and covenant in order to assure that this loan documentation executed this date will conform
' and be acceptable in the marketplace in the instance of transfer, sale or conveyance by Lender of its interest in and to said loan documentation.
DATED effective this January 29. 2014
Briaiji N. Perr^, Executive Director of Mississippi
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of 20
(Notary Public)
My Commission Expires:
LASER PRO Landing, Var. 13. 4. 0. 034 Copr. Haiiand Fi nncl al Sol ul i ont, Ine. 1997, 2014. Al i RIghU Raaarvad. - M S E:VHFS\CFI\LPLU26.FC TR-133978 PR-34
201UPR3O 1\H S^e
-7 O
' 7 Hi
Federal Election Commission
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