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Writings & Productions/ May 2014 !

A r i e l d o u g h e r t Y
@ the intersections of media, women’s rights, funding & policy
& P R O D U C T I O N S

2014 Co-Programmer and Writer, Program Notes, “Making Movement through Motion Pictures”, A
Revolutionary Moment, Boston University, March 29
2014 “A Film Showing Ignites a Conference”, Part 1 & 2, MediaEquityblog, Tumblr May 9 & 11,
2014 “Clarity: The War on Women is a Term….”, MediaEquityblog, Tumblr, Feb 3
2014 “Challenge for Sundance: Intention Necessary for Diversity”, MediaEquityblog, Tumblr, Jan c.17
2014 “It’s Time for a Massive GIRLCOTT Against the Sexism of Corporate Media”, January 4,
2013 “A Learning Curve: From Human Rights to Reproductive Justice, And a Glimmer of Universal
Justice”, May 17, Fem2pt0
2013 “Media, Movement and Money: Evolving #femfuture @MediaEquity Creates #10Gazelle”,
response to #femfuture: Online Revolution report, April 23,, also @ Fem2.0
2013 Created & Led session, “More Than A Voice: Media-Making Is Movement Building”, Women’s Funding
Network, with Jenny Lee, Allied Media & Katrin Wilde, Channel Fdn, Apr 11, Detroit, MI
2013 “To Make Media Change, Be Audacious, Be Bold”, opinion, Al Jezeera, March 28,
2013 Presenter: “Media Justice + Reproductive Justice”, at Take Root, a conference bringing Red State
Perspectives to Reproductive Justice, Feb 16, Norman, OK
2012 “Women's Media Gained Huge Momentum in 2012”, Womens eNews, December 31, 2012
2012 “A Crowdfunding Primer: Feminist Media Producers Engage A Community of Backers” by
Ariel Dougherty November 8,
2009-12 Mentor, Jennifer Lee, FEMINIST: STORIES OF WOMEN’S LIBERATION (60m, DVD)
2012 “Beware the Cannes Festival-Gates Foundation Connection”, Women’s Media Center, May 21,
foundation-connection or
2012 “Films Lag in Sharing Women’s Athletic Dreams”, On The Issues magazine, April 2012,
2012 Lecture: Feminist Media A Part of Life: The Next Forty Years, Mar 5, The New School, NY, NY
2012 “Electoral Advertising is a Women’s Media Policy Nightmare”, Women’s Media Center, March 1,
womens-media-policy-nightmare1 or
2011 “Exclusive: Changing the Landscape With Women’s Media”, Women’s Media Center, Oct 26,
womens-media/ or
2011 “The Cost of a Non-Diverse Media”, Ms Blog, Sep 27,
2011 “TV Documentary Series Elevates Women’s Work to Stop Warring”, On the Issues magazine,
Café, Sep 22 or
2007-11 Producer, WOMEN ART REVOLUTION, Lynn Hershman (83m, DVD) Raised a single $100K
2011 “Three Feminist Media Principles: Envisioning a Path to a Less Violent, More Truthful Media”, Feb
2011 “Women Must Sustain Our Own Core Media”, commentary, Women’s eNews, Jan 16
2010 “Misogyny Makes Money: Review of The Social Network”, On the Issues magazine, Café, Nov 22,

Ariel Dougherty directing a scene from SWEET BANANAS, 1971.
Photo by Gwendolyn Thomas
Writings & Productions/ May 2014 #
2010 “Girls Kick: Moving the Media's World Cup Goal Posts”, On the Issues, Summer issue short link:
2010 “Snapshot of Foundation Support for Feminist Gender Justice Media”, a report by Ariel
Dougherty on Media Equity Collaborative, Social Science Research Council, June, 2010
2010 “Stand on My Shoulders”, video commentary on GRITtv, April 9,
2009 Writer, position paper, “Section J, a Global Strategy Toward
Inclusion of Women’s Stories in the News”, for meeting to review
Beijing+15, in Exeter, New Hampshire.
2009 Writer, “The Heretics”: Film Invigorates Feminism, Art, Politics, On the
Issues magazine, Café, Oct 22,
2009 Writer, Women's Media: It's Time to Focus on Funding, March 27,
Women’s eNews,
2008 Writer, Media Tools Counter War Violence Against Women, On the
Issues magazine, Fall issue,
2008 Writer, The Intersections of Women Centered Media, Its Funding, and The Struggle for Our Human
Rights, Global Media Journal, Fall 2008 Issue,
2008 Writer, “Does Working Girls Still Work?”, On the Issues magazine, Summer issue,
2007 Writer, “Look, See, Learning From Films”, guest blog on Words of Choice blogspot, Dec 2007,
2007 Writer, “No Media, No Progress”, book review of Women & Media: A Critical Introduction by
Carolyn Byerly & Karen Ross (2006) in Women’s Review of Books, Vol 24, Issue 6, Nov-Dec
2007 Writer, “Joining Audience to Filmmaker”, Women’s Media Center, June 28, 2007,
1999 Paper & Slide Presentation, OLIVE CHERITREE - Lost American Painter, Women's Caucus
for Art, Igniting the Edge, Los Angeles, CA
1995-96 Researcher, AMETHYST REMEMBRANCE, novel of 1890-1920, by Mary Wood, Centreville, MD
1995 Editor, THE SENIORS (43m, color, Hi8), 1994 "frisbe" championships, Black Range Productions,
Kingston, NM
1993 Writer, THE EARTH TIMES, articles on cultural ecology & sustainability, New York, NY
1991-93 Co-Producer and Camera, THE RECYCLING SHOW, live biweekly TV show, with field inserts,
reaching 100,000 households on Eastern Long Island, East Hampton, NY
MENT & ENVIRONMENT (14 mins, color, 3/4"), prepared for Earth Summit & senior government
officials by World Population Society and The Futures Group, Washington, DC
1992 Director & Editor, FROM THE INTERIOR, COLONIZED (26 mins, color, VHS), global women's
position on biodiversity and biotechnology for the Earth Summit. With Vandana Shiva !
1991-92 Writer, SAFE PLANET: A GUIDE ON ENVIRONMENTAL FILM & VIDEO, 40 page pamphlet,
how to use the best eco-media in community settings, Media Network, New York, NY

One of numerous images used in The Intersections of Women Centered Media,
Its Funding, and The Struggle for Human Rights

Ariel’s commentary on Laura Flander’s encourages knowing history:
April 9, 2010

Writings & Productions/ May 2014 $

1989 Director, Editor, Camera, DEAR SARAH...TWENTY YEARS LATER (26 mins, color, VHS),
examines 1969 Sarah Lawrence College sit-ins, original Super-8 footage, documents from the
period. Ignited a 1989 sit-in!
1988-93 Anchor, CULTURAL ECOLOGY/DEMOCRACY, live, video-jockey & interview
program, twice monthly on public access television, East Hampton, NY
1982-86 Collaborator on numerous multi-media installations: FACELIFT; THE PROPOSAL; BIG
BOOK; SNAKE; & FLASHLIGHTS in Woodstock, Poughkeepsie, Rosendale, NY etc.
1981 Co-Director, Camera & Editor, SURVIVA (32 mins, color, 16mm) with Carol Clement
*Merit Award, 1981 Int'l Athens Film Festival * NYS Governor's Conference on Rural Women 1981
1978-80 Editor, Writer & Layout, THE ARTS SEASON, bi-monthly newspaper of the Greene
County Council on the Arts, Catskill, NY
1976-77 Camera, editor, producer, MUSEREEL: TAPESTRY OF WOMAN SPIRIT, live footage, photos
and animation reporting on the 1976 Boston Women’s Spirituality Conference. With Carol
Clement, Nancy Peck, Denise Bostrom and Marilyn Reis.
1976 Producer, HEALTHCARING FROM OUR END OF THE SPECULUM (32 mins, color, 16mm)
by Denise Bostrom & Jane Warrenbrand, heralded as a "classic" Still in active distribution
* Special Judges' Award, Sinking Creek,1976 * 2nd Prize, Nyon Documentary Film Fest'l, 1977
1975-77 Interchanging roles, INTERNATIONAL VIDEOLETTERS, a bi-monthly exchange among
women's groups in 14 communities in the US and internationally, New York, NY
1974 Teacher & Editor, SONGS, SKITS, POETRY & PRISON LIFE (26 mins, B&W, EIAJ), segments by
women at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (New York) * 1975 Women's Video Festival
1972 Director, Camera, Editor, SWEET BANANAS (30 mins, color, 16mm)
* 1974 Musedora Festival, Paris * Int'l Women's Film Festival, Washington, DC 1975
1972 Producer & Camera, WOMEN'S HAPPY TIME COMMUNE (50 mins, color, 16mm) by Sheila Paige
* 1973 Int'l Women's Film Fest'l, Toronto * Ann Arbor Film Festival 1973

Opening image “Media, Movement and
Money: Evolving #femfuture” to represent
community media, missing in Martin &
Valenti report.

One of several images used to illustrate women’s crowd-
funding efforts in A Crowdfunding Primer: Feminist Media
Producers Engage A Community of Backers