A checking your understanding

Chapter 1 find answere to these questions in the text.
1. Where did Doctor Treves work? He works as a doctor in London hospital.
2. What did he see in the window of a shop near the hospital? He saw an picture of a elephant-man.
3. What was the creature`s name? The creatures name was Joseph Merrick.
4. Why did the Elephant Man have a stick? He couldn’t move without, because he has big legs and
Chapter 2 write answere to these questions.
1. Why were there not many people in the road? It was early in the morning so there was not many
people on the road.
2. Why could Dr Treves not see Merrick`s face and body? The doctor coulnd't see Merrick's face and
body because he had gray cloth on his face and an black long coat which covered him from his neck
to the foot.
3. How did they get to the hospital? The get to the hospital with a cab.
4. what did Dr Treves do to Merrick at the hospital? The doctor has carefully checked his head, arms,
legs and body.
Chapter 3 and 4 find answere to these questions in the text.
1. Why did the police bring Merrick to the hospital? The police brought Merrick back to the hospital
because he was left allone by Silcock, the shop keeper.
2. Why did Merrick have no money? Merrick has no money because Silcock took all the money he
earned thanks to him for himself.
3. why did merrick have a picture of? Merrick has a picture of his mother.
4. what did the nurse do when she saw Merrick? The new nurse wanted to bring food to Merrick, but
when she saw him everything felt down from her hands.
5. why did Merrick want to live in a light house? He want to live in a light house because there isn't
much people and nobody can see him.
Chapter 5 and 6. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1. Dr Traves did not want Merrick to talk to women. F (doktor mu je doveo prijateljicu da razogovara
sa njim)
2. Merrick cried because he was unhappy. F (nije plakao zato jer je nesretan vec zato sto ga je
doktorova pjateljica podsjetila na majku)
3. Queen Alexandra sent Merrick a Christmas card. T
4. Merric often went outside te hospital by himself. F ( nije mogao samo izaci iz bonice jer se tesko
5. One id Merrick`s friends had a small house in the contry. F (nije nejgov pijatelj vec doktorova
prijateljica je imala kucu u prirpodi)
Chapter 7. how much can you remember?
1. were did Merrick die? Merrick died in April 1890. in his beed.
2. did he usually sleep on his back? He never sleept on his back because his head was heavy. He
putted alwasy his hands under th e legs and the head on his knees.
3. did he die quickly? He died quitely while his head was falling down.
4. what did Mr Carr Gomm do with Merrick`s money? (mr carr gomm je upravitelj bolnice) He gave
the money to the hospital.
B working with language
1 Complete these senences with information from the story.
1. the police brought Merrick to the hospital because he was left all allone in Belgium
2. merrick did not have money because Silcock took all the money he earned thanks to him for
3. merrick is face and body were very ugly so he was called elephant-man, a creature
4. we can give Merrick a room at the hospital but some time he spent in nature
5. Merrick loved to speak with others, to write letters and to read books
2 Put something from A together with something from B to make six true sentences. Check
your sentences in chapter 2.
1. there were not many people on the road (11)
2. treves could not see Merrick`s face (9)
3. merrick had a strick (7)
4. the postman and Treves (postman je pomogao dr da uvede josepha u taxi)(12)
5. Treves wrote about Merrick (10)
6. the nurse did not talk to Merrick (8)
7. in his left hand
8. bcause she was afraid of him.
9. because he had a cloth in front of his face.
10. in a little book.
11. because it was early morning.
12 helped Merrick into the cab.

C Activities
1. Make a list of things your can find in a hospital. Rooms, bed, chair, table, door, pictures, medicines,
2. You are a nurse in the hospital. Write a letter to a friend and tell him/her about Joseph Merrick.
Dear John,
I'm going to write your about our new patient. In fact he is not ill, he isn't kind of usual patient. He is
our guest because he is living in two rooms in our hospital because he is very strange, so strange that
he is called a 'creature', he doesn't look like a person. He is called elephant man, because he has very
dirty face, big legs and foot. He smells horible and his clothes is covering his whole face and body. In
the beginning everybody was scared of him, but now after a while we know that he is not an
elephant man, he is Joseph Merrick. We love him and we are trying to help him and to make his life
more pleasurable.
And imagine what?
Now his face looks much better, he smells normal and the most important thing, he is happy. He
recieves visits from a lot of famouse people and beautiful women. He knows that he is not allone and
that there exist people who are not afraid of him. He is like a child. He read about things, talks with
people but he still can't move on his own. A lot of people are helping him. So, he lived several weeks
in nature and there he was more happy than ever before, he often wrote letters to the doctor. At the
end fo the summer he came back to London.
And now, I have to tell you something very sad. Six months later doctor find him dead in his bed.
So, my friend, this is the short story about our strange but kind patient.
Best regards

3. because Merrick dies suddenly, the police come to the hospital to see Dr Treves. What questions
they aks Dr Treves about Mettick? What dose Dr Treves answer?

The Police: When he died?
Dr.Treves: In April 1890.
The Police: Who saw him last?
Dr.Treves: Me and the nurse.
The Police: Did he felt bad or was he ill?
Dr.Treves: No, he was happy because he was few months in nature.
The Police: With whom he was?
Dr.Treves: Allone.
The Police: Did he had enemys because of his strange life and personality?
Dr.Treves: I think no, because in the last months of his life he was surrounded with people who loved
him and ho helped him to feel better and accepted.

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