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Upper Intermediate Mid-course Test A

1 Track 11 Listen to six speakers. Are the
statements true (T) or false (F)?
1 The woman has always enjoyed dancing. F
2 The man gets on well with his flatmate.
3 The woman wishes she hadnt turned down a good
job overseas.
4 The woman enjoys contemporary novels.
5 The man prefers independent travel.
The woman now uses her mobile phone regularly.

2 Track 12 What are they talking about? Listen
an ti!k the !orre!t ans"er# a)$ b) or !).
1 a! website forum
b! manga
c! e"boo#
2 a! pollution
b! drought
c! famine
3 a! speed cameras
b! phone cameras
c! $$T% cameras
4 a! a gee#
b! a people person
c! a good laugh
5 a! an advertising slogan
b! an advertising jingle
c! an advertising campaign
a! being frustrated
b! being adventurous
c! being an&ious
& Track 13 Listen an unerline the stresse
syllables in senten!es 1'(.
1 'ow long have you been wor #ing here (
2 )hatve you been doing( *ou loo# e&hausted+
3 Their photos might be sent to the newspapers.
4 ,an was feeling sad because his holiday was
coming to an end.
5 -f only - hadnt refused to help.
-m not a big fan of autobiographies.
)rammar an *o!abulary
+ ,nerline the !orre!t alternati-e.
1 -m very particular about / for hygiene.
2 -ve really got over / into salsa dancing.
3 )e were brought on / up in a village.
4 - have finished my report. .ow - can hand over /
up the project to my colleague.
5 - ta#e care for / of her when shes ill.
The 0rants turned up / in late as usual so they
missed the meal.
1 - always put off / on filling in my ta& return until
the very last minute.
2 )ell have to ta#e over / on more staff if we want
to e&pand.
3 ,an lives on / in the edge of a forest.
14 At / With hindsight -d have done a lot of things
very differently.
11 5ets cross that bridge when we come to / over it.
. /omplete the senten!es. ,se the !orre!t form of
the "or in !apitals.
1 6tephens generosity is almost too much
sometimes. 07.789:6
2 'is behaviour at the party was totally
. 9:T8;07
3 8ising unemployment can result in more problems
with . '9<7
4 - could see =ohns as he heard that
hed come second. ,-6;>>9-.T
5 The internet has the way we
communicate. 87%95:T-9.
? guaranteed@ thats what it says on
the pac#et+ 6;T-6A*
( /omplete the text "ith one "or in ea!h gap.
-ve never been interested
in having the latest
gadgets@ but <ar# is just
opposite. 'es a
of a gee# and has recently
playing the Warcraft game with all his online
friends. 'e doesnt ta#e
notice of me. 'e
disappears for

on end and only comes

downstairs to eat+ -ll have to get used to

more time on my own@ but - could #ic#

for having bought him
new laptop for his
birthday. <ind you@ -ve ta#en
dancing and have met lots of ?real people so -
you could say that every cloud has a
silver lining.
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Upper Intermediate Mid-course Test A
0 /orre!t t"o mistakes in ea!h senten!e.
1 -m very e&hausted after all an e&citement of
absolutely the
2 The news last night were e&tremely disturbed.

3 >aul was never pulled his heaviness around the

4 5ets build that bridge when we get to it.

5 - would pay for the meal as often as you ma#e the

Tony Blair had written about his time as >rime
<inister in his biography.

1 /hoose the !orre!t ans"ers# a)$ b) or !).
1 >ay attention c this announcement.
a! on b! for c! to d! at
2 The concert was called off because too few tic#ets
sold beforehand.
a! had been b! have been c! were being d! are
3 goes around comes around.
a! )ith b! )hy c! )hich d! )hat
4 $hris and Cen have recently up a web
design company.
a! got b! put c! set d! turned
5 calling is an invasion of privacy in my
a! $ool b! $old c! )arm d! 'ot
6imon is really "fisted and never pays for
anything when we go out.
a! tight b! hard c! light d! tough
1 <ar# always gets to wor# late he leaves
before the rush hour begins.
a! as long as b! providing c!if d! unless
2 The train is my favourite of transport.
a! mean b! modes c! means d! way
3 ;fter graduating =o went to do an <;.
a! up b! on c! over d! in
14 - really dont thin# <aria go travelling
ne&t year.
a! will b! might c! is going d! is li#ely
11 )e live in a small cottage by the sea
before we moved to the city.
a! would b! were used to
c! got used to d! used to
2 /omplete the se!on senten!e so that it means
the same as the first. ,se the "or in !apitals.
1 >eter ignored the crowds of reporters outside his
house. T99C
Peter took no notice of the crowds of reporters
outside his house .
2 -ve been wor#ing for five years. ;09
- .
3 )hen will the current director resign( 6T7>
)hen (
4 =udy doesnt mi& much with others. '78675A
=udy .
5 There isnt any more mil#. 8:.
)eve .
-ll never recover from the death of my dog.
-ll never .
13 /omplete the "ors.
1 -f on l y - hadnt said anything+
2 -ts ten #ilometres to town as the ! flies.
3 - really enjoy reading b of the
old 'ollywood stars.
4 Bens having s thoughts about applying
for promotion as hes not sure about his new boss.
5 )here theres life@ theres h .
-ve never been able to ma#e out the l of
most heavy metal songs.
1 To#yo is an incredibly populated
2 Before you start messing around with your new
#eyboard@ - thin# you should read the m .
3 The main to wor#ing from home is
the sense of isolation which can be Duite depressing.
14 -ts a p you cant ma#e it this evening@ but
hopefully well get together soon.
11 7veryone is praying for rain after the longest
in living memory.
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Upper Intermediate Mid-course Test A
11 5at!h gaps 1'( in the text "ith a)'g).
There is one extra senten!e you o not nee.
'i ;nnie
Than#s so much for your newsy email E -m glad
youre enjoying your new job. - #now how you were
rather dreading it but - thin# its always hard to start
again especially when you have to move as well.
;nd what about accommodation E did you decide to
find something on your own or are you sharing(
Fuite a lots happened here as well since - last wrote
to you. - finally moved last month. *ou #now -d
been loo#ing to move out of the city centre@ well@ -
found a lovely little house half way between where -
had been living and the coast.
;nd dar# too
as there are no street lights E so you can see the
stars. - havent Duite got used to it yet@ having
always been a city girl+
7veryone has been very friendly though. *ou #now@
before - moved everyone was saying that - was
craGy because villagers tend to #eep themselves to
themselves and dont welcome outsiders@ but - cant
tell you how #ind everyone has been.
living in a terraced house so have neighbours on
either side. Both sets are friendly@ but not too
friendly@ if you #now what - mean. -n any case@ its
certainly good to #now that there are people there if
- need help.
*ou #now what its li#e in the city E
everyones in a rush all the time and its hard not to
join in somehow. 'ere@ however@ everything is
much slower. - really li#e it. -t usually ta#es me an
hour or so to go to the post office by the time -ve
stopped a few times to chat to people+
Things are going well on the wor# front as well. -
wasnt sure how this would wor# out at first. <y
boss was happy to let me wor# from home so thats
what -m doing at the moment.
- bet some of
my colleagues thin# -m not really doing anything
down here but in fact@ - thin# - get far more done at
home as -m not constantly being disturbed by
colleagues. -ts amaGing how much you can get
through in an hour when theres no one else there.
-ts early days yet - #now@ but - really do feel very
happy and settled here. 5ong may it last+

*ou can give me some tips on the garden. -ts not
very big but theres enough room for a small
vegetable patch.
5et me #now how youre getting on. ;nd send me
some photos if you get the chance. - want to see
what your new haircut loo#s li#e+
'annah &
a! - still have to go into the office once a wee# for
meetings but its a good balance Hand a chance to
catch up on office gossip+!.
b! -ts been a very stressful time for me recently
with all the problems at wor# and problems with my
c! - guess it must be Duite e&pensive if you want to
be in town so you might not have much choice.
d! 9f course - was the hot topic of conversation for
the first wee# or so but - guess thats to be e&pected
in a small community@ so - didnt feel bad about it.
e! - hope you can get some time off soon to come
and visit as - #now youll love it too@ and it will do
you good.
f! The hardest thing for me to adjust to has been the
change of pace in life here E -ve found it difficult to
slow down.
g! -ts on the edge of the village so its really
peaceful and very Duiet@ especially at night.
12 4e"rite the senten!es using the prompts in
1 )heres the nearest ban#(
H$ould / tell!
Could you tell me where the nearest bank is (
2 'elp me with my luggage.
H)ould / mind!
3 6end me another copy of the latest contract.
H- / grateful!
4 Tell me about the councils plans for the city
Hli#e / enDuire!
5 )hen did the language courses for foreign
students start(
H$an / tell!
$an - ma#e a reservation for this evening(
Hwondering / possible!
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Upper Intermediate Mid-course Test A
1& /omplete the !on-ersation "ith the "ors in
the box.
convinced point favour suppose sure
A# -m all in
favour of lowering the voting age.
7# 'mm@ -m not so
. ;fter all@ a lot of
teenagers are Duite immature@ arent they(
A# *ouve got a
there@ but only those
who are really interested would bother to vote.
7# -
so@ but how would you encourage
A# )ell@ the
- see it@ #ids need to learn
about politics and current affairs at school.
7# -m still not

@ but why dont we see

what =an thin#s(
1+ %ut the "ors into the !orre!t orer to make
1 into / science / =ohn / really / fiction / isnt
John really isnt into science fiction
2 -m / short / of / big / a / stories / fan

3 stand / - / punctuation / of / couldnt / lac# / the

4 thing / the / writing / The / love / his / - / about /
is / humour

5 - / )hat / their / main / was / characters / li#ed /
the / about / relationship

couldnt / - / into / mood / get / the / just / right

1. ,nerline the mistakes using the !orre!tion
!oe. Then "rite the !orre!tions.
1 (sp) ,ad is such an embarrasment on the dance
2 (p) -f you #new you were going to be late why
didnt you call(

3 ("o) - feel as though -ll never get this cold over.

4 ("") - thought the documentary was really

5 (-) )e lived in the same house since 2445.

(gr) -ll never get used to drive on the left.

1( 8ou ha-e 9ust starte a ne" 9ob in a ne"
to"n. Write an informal email to tell your
friens ho" e-erything is going. Write 1+3'113

Tota"# 100
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