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This article was written to help young single youths and mostly ladies to
help them build their future.
1. You can tell what direction a person is going by the type of friends they keep. They
will be just like their friends.
2. Never go out with a guy who does not want to come to your house.
3. The way you dress determines your value. Dress like a ho and you will be treated
like a ho. Men are stimulated by sight.
4. God never deals with your body. He tells you to control your own desires.
5. God will never zip up your pants or put on your clothes back on for you.
6. Never enter a relationship to change somebody. The worst place to change
someone is in the context of a relationship
7. Do not advertise what is not for sale. Keep hidden secret and every part of your
body that are designed to be private.
8. Guys take affection more than the ladies. An innocent gesture by a female may
be taken as sexual interest.
9. Never go out with a guy who will not go to church with you, If he loves you he
would go to church with you and do everything that is important.
10. Be careful of a guy who would come to your house and meet your parents and
act the part of a good boy only to take advantage of you later.
11. If he or she says if you love me you will do it this is a clear sign that they dont
love you. People who love you dont pressurize you into doing something you did not
plan on doing.
12. Never get into a relationship with a person ho has no clear plan for the future.
You can drift by yourself.
13. If a guy begs you and coerces you for sex, Chances are there that he has done it to
many other girls.
14. Sex is not a treasured experience for most males. Males value sex much less than
females do.
15. Avoid putting yourself in a position to be a victim of date rape. Keep yourself
from private situations especially private bedroom situations.
16. Alcohol and drugs are a prescription for sexual compromise virgins should stay
away from alcohol.
17. Aids can spread by kissing although it may not be a typical occurrence.
18. There is no such thing as a Christian hormone. All humans have the same
19. Choose to go out only with persons you believe you can live with in a marriage.
20. Look for qualities in others that you like others to see in you.
21. Never try to buy someones affection. The more you spend the more you will
actually loose.
22. Good looks are important but good character is more important.
23. There is nothing wrong with making yourself physically attractive as long as it
does not become an obsession.
24. Develop the eating habits now that will cause you to remain physically
attractive for a long time.
25. Be patient with yourself and others. Being young means having the opportunity
to change and grow.
26. Love takes time to be understood and developed. Never rush love.
27. The bible is still the best source of information when it comes to sex and
relationships. After all, it came from the manufacturer.
28. Never get married just because you have problems with sexual control. Get
married if you are having problems with sexual control with the person you plan to
marry anyhow.
29. Before you buy a new car, Purchase real estate. This will be a valuable asset
whenever you get married.
30. Count the cost before you take your clothes off. Are you willing to pay the price?
31. Infatuation is often disguised as love but is disappointedly not the same.
32. Sex is never without consequence. Sex is always tied to some other responsibilities.
33. Premarital sex is never free. Someone always pays in one way or another.
34. Dont let others buy you expensive gifts. They will always want something for
their money.
35. Be careful of guys who make big promises. In most cases they cannot and will
never deliver.
36. The younger you are the further you should stay away from relationship
37. You only have one body. If you damage it there is no replacement
38. The aids virus many times smaller than sperm. You can get aids as much more
quickly than you can get pregnant.
39. Sexually transmitted diseases have no socioeconomic or class preference. They
affect everyone at the same time.
40. Pregnancy can occur from your very first sexual experience.
41. Penetration is not necessary for pregnancy. Sexual fluids can enter the vagina
without actual penetration.
42., Those who give into sexual pressure now lose out later in life. Those who hold out
now win when it counts most.
43. The most valuable commodity is one that is unused. The same applies to your
44. Most men who are sexually active still prefer a virgin when they want to get
45. A good education will take a young person more further and result in better
relationships than premature sex.
46. Animals have sex by instinct. Humans are supposed to have sex by choice.
47. Sexual intercourse is not unique. Anyone can have sex but not everyone can
experience right sex
48. Sex and love are very different. Sex is a desire (appetite). Love is a decision (and
49. Sex never causes people to love each other. If sex caused love the world would be
a very lovely place.
50. Love can be expressed sexually in the right time and place (marriage)
51. Love creates feelings, but love is not a feeling. Dont let the feelings lead you into
believing it is love.
52. True love comes from the author of love. All other brands of love are all
53. Experience is not the best teacher when it comes to sex. Truth is the best teacher
54. The fastest ticket to misery is to be in a hurry for love. Many young people have
been hurt by being in a hurry.
55. Looking at a persons parents gives you the good indication of what type of
person he or she will become.
56. Sexual stimulation only creates appetite for more sexual stimulations.
57. True friends are two people who respect conviction.
58. Always let the opposite sex know what your convictions are regarding sex and
59. Listening to love songs create desire for love. Be careful what you feed your
mind. whatever you take in will always show up.
60. Most of the messages in media today about love are in fact messages abut lust.
61. Learn to make friends and not lovers, Friend can become great lovers in time.
62. Love is patient and kind , not selfish. Be careful of impatient love.
63. Love seeks the best in others. Can you say that about the person who is
interested in you?
64. There is no school for love and relationships. You have to train yourself before
you enter.
65. If you have failed sexually that does not make a failure. Get up and move on
66. Men do not prefer women who have had babies for other men.
67. Soap operas are one of the worst sources of information on relationships.
68. Styles and fashions change but standards remain the same. There is nothing
wrong with fashion wrong with fashion as long as it does not compromise your
69. It is much easier to get to know the real person as friend than as a lover.
70. Time is one of your greatest assets and greatest liabilities. Use time as assets by
not rushing into commitments.
71. The more you know about the purpose of sex the less likely you are to abuse it.
72. Always look at the private life of ad-visors. If they are advising your
relationships and theirs are not working, You need new ad-visors.
73. You can tell the role of a thing by its design. Men are designed as givers and
women receivers.
74. If you are a female learn to be feminine. If you are male, Learn to be masculine.
Most males want a masculine female and most female want feminine male.
75. Learning manners and how to treat the opposite sex is good while you are young.
This can cause great benefit to your relationships for years to come.
76. Never confuse having a good time with being in Love. A good time is just that a
good period of time.
77. The male ego craves praise and positive strokes. Give with caution
78. Women will always be more delicate than males. Give them adequate attention.
79. A woman is naturally more emotional. Dont be confused by her emotional
80. Infatuation is when you are madly in love by yourself and only you know it.
81. Choose to be interested in someone of the same similar background with similar
goals in life.
82. Entertainers make extremely poor role models. There is not a more confused
group on earth like celebrities
83. A condom can be characterized as a con job into being dumb, If used as a cure
for all sexual protection.
84. There is no such thing as a safe sex. Sex can never be safer with certain
precautions but sex is never safe. There are always risks involved.
85. It is better to wait to have sex than to have to go through constant feeling of
guilt after the act.
86. Trust is most important in relationship. If you cant trust someone then you have
no relationship.
87. If you fall in love you can just as quickly fall out of love.
88. When you arte young it is more important to get an education and develop
yourself as an individual than it is to win the approval of others.
89. The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Whatever is
on the inside of a person will eventually come out of his or her mouth.
90. Only God know and can really help us to become the best. We need to put our
faith in God to help us deal with the opposite sex.
91. Never play around relationships by leading the opposite sex on. The end result
could be problems for you and the other person.
92. The best things in life are often the most simple. A kind word and consideration
can work wonders.
93. The best thing to do in a difficult sexual situation is to RUN like Joseph in the
bible. In fact, The bible says RUN away from lusts.
94. The most difficult relationship is a long distance relationship (where persons are
far away in different locations)
95. Do not enter a relationship with someone who has a completely different
ideology. The bible states How can two persons walk together if they dont agree?
96. Self control means you have control of yourself. You cannot ask anyone else to
help you control yourself.
97. Always talk to someone older than yourself who you can trust. They have been
there before even if not the exact circumstances.
98. Your peers are often the worst counselors. This is often like the blind leading the
99. The only thing wrong with being a virgin is there are not enough people who are
smart enough to make choice.
100. Do not judge the opposite sex by physical appearance. The cutest or most
handsome is not always the best.
101. Flirting is an invitation for trouble. Say what you mean and mean what you say.