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The Fantasy of Feminist History

J oan Wall ach Scot t

Next Wave Provocations
A John Hope Franklin Center Book
200 pages, paper, $22.95
Object Lessons
Robyn Wi egman
Next Wave: New Directions in Womens Studies
416 pages, paper, $26.95
Bill and Hillary
the Politics of the Personal
Wi lli am h. chafe
400 pages, paper, $19.95
In Search of First Contact
the Vikings of Vinland, the Peoples of the Dawnland,
and the anglo-american anxiety of Discovery
annet te KoloDny
448 pages, 10 illustrations, paper, $27.95
Somebodys Children
the Politics of transracial and transnational adoption
l auR a bRi ggS
376 pages, 7 black and white photographs, paper, $25.95
A Primer for Teaching World History
ten Design Principles
antoi net te buRton
176 pages, paper, $21.95
Professing Selves
transsexuality and Same-Sex Desire in contemporary iran
afSaneh naJ mabaDi
Experimental Futures: Technological Lives, Scientifc Arts, Anthropological Values
450 pages, 22 illustrations (incl. 2 in color), paper, $27.95
Credit, Fashion, Sex
economies of Regard in old Regime france
cl aRe haRu cRoWSton
464 pages, 23 illustrations, paper, $27.95
South Asian Feminisms
ani a loomba & Ri t t y a. luKoSe, eDi toRS
432 pages, 1 illustration, paper, $27.95
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Che on My Mind
maRgaRet R anDall
160 pages, 16 photographs, paper, $19.95
Buying into the Regime
grapes and consumption in cold War chile
and the united States
hei Di ti nSman
American Encounters/Global Interactions
376 pages, 26 illustrations, paper, $26.95
feminist Politics of translation in the latin/a amricas
Soni a e. alVaRez, cl auDi a De li ma coSta, VeRni ca feli u,
Rebecca J . heSteR, noRma Kl ahn, & mi lli e thayeR, eDi toRS
512 pages, paper, $29.95
Sustaining Activism
a brazilian Womens movement
and a father-Daughter collaboration
J effRey W. Rubi n & emma SoKoloff-Rubi n
200 pages, 27 illustrations, paper, $22.95
Life Interrupted
traffcking into forced labor in the united States
Deni Se bRennan
296 pages, 18 photographs, paper, $23.95
Securing Paradise
tourism and militarism in hawaii
and the Philippines
VeRnaDet te Vi cua gonz alez
Next Wave: New Directions in Womens Studies
296 pages, 15 photographs, $24.95
Feeling Womens Liberation
Vi ctoRi a heSfoRD
Next Wave: New Directions in Womens Studies
352 pages, 4 illustrations, paper, $26.95
Seizing the Means of Reproduction
entanglements of feminism, health, and technoscience
mi chelle muRPhy
Experimental Futures
272 pages, 24 illustrations, paper, $23.95