Global Market for Sputtering Targets and Sputtered Films to Reach $3.2 Billion in 2!

$lectronics %laims &'.2( of Market
Wellesley, Mass., May 14, 2014 – BCC Research ( reveals in its new reort,
!"#$$%R&'( $)R(%$! )'* !"#$$%R%* +&,M!- $%C.'/,/(0 )'* M)R1%$!, the 2lobal
mar3et 4or s5tterin2 tar2ets an6 s5ttere6 4ilms is e7ecte6 to 2row to 89.2 billion by 201:, with a 4ive;
year como5n6 ann5al 2rowth rate (C)(R) o4 1.9<. $he electronics mar3et is the lar2est s5bse2ment in
the overall mar3et, 4ollowe6 by the ener2y cate2ory.
/ver the years s5tterin2 tar2ets have become available to satis4y the re=5irements o4 an increasin2 ran2e
o4 alications, incl56in2 microelectronics, 6ata stora2e 6evices, a6vance6 6islays,
mechanical>chemical, ener2y, otical coatin2s, an6 others. *riven by the rai6 e7ansion o4 the a6vance6
6islay mar3et, the electronics se2ment (incl56in2 microelectronics, 6ata stora2e me6ia an6 a6vance6
6islays) is estimate6 to acco5nt 4or ?@.2< o4 all reven5e in 2019.
$he ener2y se2ment acco5nte6 4or 2:.:< o4 the total mar3et in 2019, altho52h cons5mtion o4 s5tterin2
tar2ets 4or 4abrication o4 solar cells has 6ecrease6 mar3e6ly since 2011.
A&n terms o4 5nit vol5me, the worl6wi6e mar3et 4or s5tterin2 tar2ets is e7ecte6 to reach B?? tho5san6
5nits in 201:, correson6in2 to a ;0.:< C)(R,C says BCC Research semicon65ctor analyst Mar2areth
(a2liar6i. A$he 6ro is 65e to the tren6 towar6 the 5se o4 4ewer b5t lar2er tar2ets, re4lectin2 a chan2e o4
ro65ct mi7 relate6 to the 2rowth o4 alications s5ch as 4lat anel 6islays, otical coatin2s an6 solar
cells, an6 a contraction o4 the mar3et 4or small tar2ets 5se6 in man54act5rin2 circ5it 6evices an6 6ata
stora2e me6ia.C
S)*TT$R+,G T-RG$TS -,. S)*TT$R$. F+/MS0 T$%1,2/2G3 -,. M-R4$TS
rovi6es an overview o4 the 2lobal mar3et 4or s5tterin2 tar2ets an6 s5ttere6 4ilms, incl56in2 analyses o4
2lobal mar3et tren6s, with 6ata 4rom 2019, an6 roDections o4 C)(Rs thro52h 201:. &t resents an 56ate
on the most a6vance6 s5tterin2 metho6s as well as emer2in2 rocesses, as well as an overview o4
materials commonly 5se6 4or the 4abrication o4 s5tterin2 tar2ets an6 i6enti4ication o4 new materials to be
5se6 in the 45t5re. &n a66ition, the st56y incl56es hi2hli2hts o4 new technolo2ical 6eveloments in the
4abrication o4 s5tterin2 tar2ets while o5tlinin2 technical iss5esE 6isc5sses tren6s in relate6 #.!. atents
an6 worl6wi6e atents iss5e6 65rin2 the most recent yearsE an6 rovi6es ro4iles o4 maDor layers in the
$his reort is inten6e6 rimarily 4or comanies involve6 in the man54act5re, sale, an6 6istrib5tion o4
s5tterin2 tar2etsE the 4abrication o4 thin;4ilm 6evices or coate6 ro65ctsE as well as those that o44er
s5tter 6eosition an6 coatin2 services to the thin;4ilm in65stry. )66itionally, it will be o4 interest to those
lannin2 to enter the s5tterin2 in65stry as a s5lier, man54act5rer, or en6 5ser.
%6itors an6 reorters who wish to sea3 with the analyst, sho5l6 contact !teven C5mmin2 at
-bout B%% Research
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assessments o4 2lobal mar3ets. /5r clients incl56e the to comanies in in65stries aro5n6 the worl6 as
well as 5niversities, b5siness schools, start;5s, cons5ltin2 4irms an6 investment comanies. BCC
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*ata an6 analysis e7tracte6 4rom this ress release m5st be accomanie6 by a statement i6enti4yin2 BCC
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