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J2 Common Test 2

Higher 2

30 June 2011
3 hours
Additional Materials: List of Formulae (MF15)
Answer Paper
Graph Paper
Cover Page


Write your name and civics class on all the work you hand in.
Write in dark blue or black pen on both sides of the paper.
You may use a soft pencil for any diagrams or graphs.
Do not use highlighters, glue or correction fluid.

Answer all the questions.
Give non-exact numerical answers correct to 3 significant figures, or 1 decimal place in the
case of angles in degrees, unless a different level of accuracy is specified in the question.
You are expected to use a graphic calculator.
Unsupported answers from a graphic calculator are allowed unless a question specifically
states otherwise.
Where unsupported answers from a graphic calculator are not allowed in a question, you are
required to present the mathematical steps using mathematical notations and not calculator
You are reminded of the need for clear presentation in your answers.

The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question.

At the end of the examination, fasten all your work securel y together, with the cover
page in front.

This document consists of 7 printed pages and 1 blank page.
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Section A: Pure Mathematics [50 marks]

1 In the triangle ABC, AB =1, angle ACB =

radians and angle BAC = radians.

(i) Show that
2 3
3 3


. [2]

(ii) Given that is a sufficiently small angle, show that

AC a b c + + ,

for exact constants a, b and c to be determined. [3]

2 (i) Find the general solution of the differential equation
d 1
d 1
x x
. [1]

(ii) What can you say about the gradient of every solution curve as x ? [1]

(iii) Find the particular solution of the differential equation for which y =0 when
x =0. [1]

(iv) Sketch, on a single diagram, the graph of the solution found in part (iii),
together with 2 other members of the family of solution curves. [3]

3 (i) Find the exact value of

1 sin2

. [3]

(ii) Hence find the exact value of k >0 such that


4 2
2 2
0 0
cos2 1
d d
1 sin2
k x
x x
k x


. [4]


4 Relative to the origin O, two points A and B have position vectors a =3i +4j 9k
and b = 9i 2j +6k respectively.

(i) The point M has position vector
(a +b). Give a geometrical meaning of M. [1]

(ii) Find

, b the unit vector in the direction of b.

Hence find the exact value of

| | a b and give its geometrical meaning. [4]

(iii) The point P divides the line AB in the ratio 1 : 2. By means of an appropriate
vector product, find the exact area of triangle OAP. [3]

5 A curve C has parametric equations

( )
1 , e 1, 0 2
x t y t = + = .

The tangent to C at the point P, where t =1, cuts the x-axis at A, as shown in the
figure below:

(i) Show that the x-coordinate of A is
. [4]

(ii) Show that
e d 1
t t =

. [2]

Use the above result to find the exact area of the shaded region R bounded by C,
the positive x-axis and the tangent AP. [6]

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6 (a) Find the numerical value of the derivative of ( ) ln
x when 2 x = . [1]

(b) The Chocolate Factory is designing new boxes of height h cm for its chocolates.
The design is shown below. The box is closed, and the top and bottom of the
box are identical regular hexagons of side x cm.

(i) Show that the area of the top of the box is
3 3
x cm
. [1]

(ii) Given that the volume of the box is required to be 270 cm
, show that the
total surface area of the box, S, is
360 3
3 3 x
+ . [4]

Hence find the exact value of x such that S is a minimum. [3]

(iii) Suppose the printing cost for the surface area of the box is $0.005/cm
Determine the least amount that The Chocolate Factory can spend on
printing for a box. [3]

Section B: Statistics [50 marks]

7 Market surveys are carried out to determine the popularity of a new variety show
produced by a local entertainment corporation. The survey is conducted by an
independent company which hires 6 surveyors. Each surveyor is assigned to interview
30 males and 20 females, in three different age ranges as follows: below 18, 18 to 40,
and above 40.

(i) State the method of sampling used. [1]

(ii) Give one advantage and one disadvantage of this sampling method. [2]



8 Four letters are to be selected from the ten letters of the word HYPOTHESIS.
Find the total number of possible selections if the order of selection is irrelevant. [4]

Hence find the total number of different 4-letter code-words that can be formed by
these letters. [2]

9 It is established that the average file size of a photograph taken using the CoolShot!
digital camera is 980 kilobytes. A new image compression system is developed.
The file sizes (x kilobytes) of a random sample of 55 photographs are summarised by

53394 x =

( )
96741 x x =

, where x denotes the sample mean.

(i) Find unbiased estimates of the population mean and variance. [2]

(ii) Test, using a 10% level of significance, whether there has been a change in the
mean file size of a photograph. [5]

(iii) Given the same null and alternative hypotheses in part (i), the following
procedure has been proposed:

Reject H
if 1.96 z or 1.96 z
Do not reject H

Determine, to one significant figure, the level of significance used here. [1]

10 Cucumbers are stored in brine before being processed into pickles. Data were
collected on the concentration of sodium chloride used, x, and the firmness of pickles
produced, y. The data are shown below in arbitrary units.

x 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.5
y 15.3 15.8 16.1 16.7 17.4 17.8 18.2 18.3

(i) Draw a scatter diagram to illustrate the data. [2]

It is thought that the firmness of pickles produced, y, can be modelled by one of the

or y a bx y c dx = + = +

where a, b, c and d are constants.

(ii) Find, correct to 4 decimal places, the value of the product moment correlation
coefficient between
(a) x and y,
(b) x
and y. [2]

[Turn over


(iii) Use your answer to part (ii) to explain which of y a bx = + or
y c dx = + is the
better model. [1]

(iv) By finding the equation of a suitable regression line, predict the value of y when
x is 10.7. Comment on the reliability of your answer. [3]

11 A vehicle rental company has n vans which it rents out on a daily basis. The number
of demands, X, for vans in a day may be assumed to have a Poisson distribution with
variance .

P( 2) P( 4),
X X = = = without the use of a graphic calculator, show that the
mean of X is exactly 2.25. [2]

With the aid of a graphic calculator, find

(i) the most probable value of X, [1]

(ii) the least value of n for which the probability that the demands are met is at least
0.9 for any day, [2]

(iii) the probability that, in a randomly chosen period of 5 consecutive days, there
are more than 3 days on which exactly 1 van is rented out. [3]

12 The digits 0 and 1 are transmitted independently into a communication device with
probabilities p and (1 p) respectively. During the transmission, a digit may be
distorted due to some factors such as noise. As a result, a transmitted digit may be
received as a 0, a 1 or as an unrecognizable digit, #.

The outcomes can be illustrated by the following tree diagram.

0 is transmitted
received as 0
received as #
received as 1
1 p
1 is transmitted
received as 0
received as #
received as 1


(a) Given that the probability that a 0 is received is 0.49, show that p =0.55. [2]
Hence find the probability that the sequence of digits 110 is received as 1#0. [1]

(b) For a general value of p, the conditional probability that a 1 is transmitted given
that a 1 is received is denoted by f(p).

Show that
9(1 )
f ( ) .
9 8


Prove by differentiation that f(p) is a decreasing function for 0 1 p and
explain what this statement means in the context of the question. [3]

13 The daily rainfall at a resort follows a normal distribution with mean mm and
standard deviation mm. The rainfall each day is assumed to be independent of the
rainfall on other days.

On a randomly chosen day, there is a probability of 0.05 that the rainfall is exceeding
10.2 mm.

In a randomly chosen 7-day week, there is a probability of 0.027 that the average
daily rainfall is less than 6.1 mm.

Find the values of and . [6]

Using a suitable approximation, find the probability that, in 60 randomly chosen days,
there are fewer than 7 days with rainfall more than 10.2 mm. [3]