Darrell Norman: Blackfeet/Michif Artist

Darrell Norman, Ee-Nees-Too-Wah-See (Growing Like a Buffalo), operates Logepole
Galler! an Tipi "illage at Browning #ontana$ %e is an enrolle mem&er of the
Bla'kfeet Nation$
Bla'kfeet artist Darrell Norman offers Bla'kfeet (ultural %istor! Tours as a step-on-
guie$ This ser)i'e offer is part of Logepole Galler! * Tipi "illage+s o)er-all 'on'ept of
'ulti)ating the Bla'kfeet 'ulture an showing its &eaut! an mo)ing histor! to the worl
&! pro)iing o)ernight sta!, in a traitional tipi 'amp, e,hi&iting Northern -lains .nian
fine art an raising Spanish #ustang horses, the original .nian horse$
Darrell Norman has &een a re/ueste speaker an historian for museums, s'hools, Gla'ier
National -ark an tour 'ompanies for man! !ears$ .n 0110 he re'ei)e the (ommunit!
Spirit 2war &! the 3irst -eoples 3un for his efforts to keep the traitional Bla'kfeet art
forms as part of the Bla'kfeet 'ulture ali)e$ .n 0114 he re'ei)e the 2rtists in Business
Leaership 2war (3irst -eople5s 3un) followe &! the 6utstaning 2lumni 2war in
0117 from the North Seattle (ommunit! (ollege, an a se'on 2rtists in Business
Leaership 2war in 0118$ %e is also a 'onsultant to the 2meri'an .nian #useum in
Washington, D$($ %is (D 9:eturn of the Buffalo %orse; was on the short list for a
Gramm! 2war in 0114$
Darrell has &een an a'ti)e artist for the past thirt! !ears prou'ing traitional an
'ontemporar! art &ase upon Bla'kfeet esigns$ .n <8=< Darrell re'ei)e his formal art
egree from North Seattle (ommunit! (ollege in Seattle Washington$ 2fter li)ing in
Seattle for >? !ears he returne to his home reser)ation at Browning, #ontana in <88<$
.n <88> he esta&lishe the Logepole Galler! an Tipi )illage at Browning$
Darrell Norman is a great-great-granson of #ar! #arguerite Grant the sister of (uth&ert
Grant$ Darrell is the es'enant of #ar! :ose -aul &orn <=7? at St$ 3ran'ois @a)ier an
3rank Enos Norman$ The! were marrie in <=8> on the Bla'kfeet .nian :eser)ation,
#ontana$ #ar! :ose -aul was the aughter of William Leonar -aul (&A Banuar! <0,
<=C< in Winnipeg, #anito&a, an Louise Eloise :ee)is or :i)it (&$ No)em&er 8, <=C4 in
3ort Benton, (houteau, #ontana)$
William Leonar -aul was the son of 6li)er -aul &orn 'ir'a <=01 in St$ Bonifa'e an
#ageleine Ger)ais &orn 'ir'a <=04 in St$ Bonifa'e$ 6li)er -aul was the son of 3ran'ois
-aul (&$ <780 in Due&e') an #arie #arguerite Grant (&$'$ <781) the aughter of
(uth&ert Grant Sr$ an his (ree wife, she was the sister of the famous (uth&ert Grant
9Waren of the -lains; an #etis leaer uring the Battle of Se)en 6aks$
Louise :i)it is the aughter of (harles Louis :i)it &orn Bul! 4, <=1> in St$ Louis (it!,
#issouri (ie De'em&er ><, <810 on the #ilk :i)er, #ontana) an #argaret 2rmelle
9Eip-pa-nama-!ake; (To! Gun Woman) &orn #a! of <=>C at Buith :i)er, #ontana
(ie Bune <4, <80? in Browning, #ontana)$
3amil! #etis S'rip 2ppli'ationsA
Norman, #ar!F aressA Browning, #ontanaF &ornA <=7? at WinnipegF fatherA Leonae
-aul, #Gtis)F motherA Louise :i)et (#Gtis)F file ref$ 8C<7C4F 'laim no$ <>41$
-aul, SolomonF aressA Browning, #ontanaF &ornA <=7= in #anito&aF fatherA Leonie
-aul (#Gtis)F motherA Louisa :i)et (2meri'an -egan)F (#Gtis)F file ref$ 8474>7F 'laim no$
#anista5m . Galler! ki aka5pio!ists
-ersonal 'ommuni'ations, Browning, #ontana, #a! C, 01<4$
(ompile an Eite &! Lawren'e Barkwell
(oorinator of #etis %eritage an %istor! :esear'h
Louis :iel .nstitute

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