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50 State fiat bad

1. Not real world.
No policymaker has the option or has ever passed legislation in all 50 states. This makes it impossible to
produce offense specific to the counterplan because there’s no literature that is comparative to a world
where all 50 states do the exact same thing in unison.

2. No literature base.
We challenge the neg to find where unanimous state action is advocated by anyone.

3. Not reciprocated.
The counterplan fiats multiple independent agents – this is not reciprocal because we only get one: the
USFG. The USFG is not made up of multiple independent agents but a variety of agencies working
together, unlike the states. This makes it impossible to produce offense and unfairly tilts the strategic
balance towards the negative

4. Unfair research burden.
Neg has to research the USFG whereas we have to research policy in all 50 states, killing fairness.

5. Infinitely regressive in quantity.
If 50 states can pass the same plan, what’s to stop the neg from a cp that has all countries commit to
world peace? They justify unfair multiple actor advantage cps which are illegitimate.

6. Infinitely regressive in quality.
50 state fiat justifies object fiat – if you can fiat 50 states you can fiat that the 50 most dangerous
countries disarm all nuclear weapons. During the Civil War, we would call for the Emancipation
Proclamation, but they’d just counterplan to have the states free the slaves

7. Moving target.
There’s no guarantee on simultaneous and consistent state action, meaning disads apply to some states
but not others.

8. Encourages Utopian fiat.
(Explain what that is) Which is bad for education and has the following impacts:
a) Education outweighs – learning about real world is a better internal link into education because it’s
the only bona fide product of debate. Utopian fiat is imaginary which hinders real-world education.
b) Destroys ground – we can literally never win a debate when the other team can just imagine away all
of life’s problems via fiat.
c) No literature – aff can’t research answers to utopian positions because they simply DON’T EXIST.

9. Reject the Negative.
Don’t encourage this mindset that Neg can run whatever they want that’s crazy like this CP. We need to
create a general consensus that this is unacceptable; voting affirmative communicates this effectively.