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by Bob Hurt, 16 January 2009 Here you see the U.S. Patent 209,331 for Black Salve, issued in 1878, and reported by Greg Caton in his Meditopia book In case you don’t remember, the 5th anniversary of Greg’s incarceration for selling black salve (under the trademarked Cansema brand name) arrived 17 September 2008. Five years earlier U.S. Government agents, at the behest of the FDA, raided Greg’s Lake Charles, Louisiana business, destroyed his inventory, and tossed him in jail for two years. In 2007 Greg wisely moved his family to Ecuador and restarted his business. Now YOU can buy Cansema salve and tonic and cure your cancer all by yourself, according the below patent. Sure, you can make it yourself, but as you might know, one charlatan at sold a “Cancema” knockoff of Greg’s Cansema while Greg was out of business. And besides, even though one can make black salve relatively easy, most people consider themselves better off buying Greg’s Cansema preparation.

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 209,331, dated October 29, 1878; application filed June 19, 1878.

To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, LITTLETON DANIEL, of Montgomery, in the county of Montgomery and State of Alabama, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Medicine; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use it. My invention relates to an improvement in medicines; and it consists in the combination of certain ingredients, that will be more fully described hereinafter, whereby cancers, tumors, wens, carbuncles, and all classes of obstinate sores are cured or greatly benefitted. In compounding this medicine, I take of chloride of zinc, blood-root, and kerosene-oil equal portions in bulk, but not in weight, and make a salve. I use kerosene-oil according to the condition of the sore or ulcer—the harder the sore the more oil it requires. When the sore is raw or running use less oil.

I invariably use all three ingredients, and never one or two without the others. They must be combined together to be effective; and, when applied to the surface of the affected part, will effect a cure in all cases, even when the disease has affected the bone. When the bone has been affected it will cause the diseased portion of the bone to scale off. Having thus described my invention, I clai m— A medicine for the treatment of cancers, tumors, wens, carbuncles, and all obstinate sores, composed of chloride of zinc, bloodroot, and kerosene-oil, in or about the proportions specified. In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand this 11th day of June, 1878. LITTLETON DANIEL. Witnesses : G. D. NOBLE,


Black Salves Cure Cancer


A Quick Pictorial Primer On Escharotic Salves
Excerpted from, Chapter 1, by Greg Caton The suppression of escharotics for nearly 150 years by the orthodox medical community is, in the opinion of the author, one of the most scandalous episodes in the history of medicine. No other event so glaringly demonstrates the corruption of the system and the supremacy of money, power, politics, and market share over science, humanity, or any semblance of decency, morality or ethics. Aside from our own photographic endeavors, the best pictorial case we ever received from a customer came from Dr. Stephen Weeks in Seattle. Since some understanding of what an escharotic salve does is germane to fully internalizing the particulars of Chapter 1, we briefly cover the process below. That Cansema® cured cancer became to us as much a certitude as the observable, scientifically verifiable fact that hydrogen peroxide kills microbes topically. As the years passed and hundreds of testimonials poured in by mail and email (thousands if you include all the telephonic inputs), we only became more amazed that something so simple had been so effectively held back from the public -- for horrific reasons involving politics and greed. Hence, did the by-line of Alpha Omega Labs come to be: 'The Triumph of Medical Science Over Politics & Greed.' And for nine glorious years, a triumph it was (1994-2003). Considering that the internal versions work so well on such a broad range of life-threatening cancers, that orthodox medicine would, in effect, be willing to enforce a system of eugenics and see many tens of millions of people die painful deaths so that their select few could maximize profit seemed unthinkable. It isn't. Figure 2. Stage 2: Edema & Isolation It is a sad and shameful, but readily verifiable fact. And now the pictures . . .

Figure 1. Stage 1: Eschar Formation (Melanoma)

With escharotics that attain to the level of performance ofCansema, the results are unmistakeable. And initially this means that the product reacts with cancerous tissue, destroys it, forms an eschar, while failing to do anything more to healthy tissue than produce mild irritation. Even in the one and only "victim" that the FDA used to incarcerate me, the subject, under oath, stated that her cancer had been cured (seedeposition, pg. 38-39, or see 48). She said she was suing because she thought Cansema® also harmed healthy tissue, though she could not provide any reasonable foundation for her assertion.

Figure 3. Stage 3: Eschar Containment

Black Salves Cure Cancer


The variety of escharotic reactions is staggering. Eschars are usually round, but pus can be white, green, yellow, greenish yellow, red, brown, grey, even black. I created a special instructions page, and a page devoted to summary ofpossible physiological reactions, pain management, vet applications, suppository applications (I built our ownsuppository manufacturing facility for this purpose), alegalities page, and a set oftestimonials unlike I have even seen on the internet for any conventional product devoted to removing cancers -regardless of kind or location. The photo above appears on the Cansema introduction page; enlarged still further in a separate pictorial section. But it was only one among many such photos on the site. Early on we posted a photo of an eschar formation after Cansema® was applied to yet another melanoma. This is a reduction of the first melanoma example we provided in our Cansema®pictorial section. Edema, the buildup of bodily fluid as an immunological response to the identification of an invasive agent to the body, is a given with Figure 4 Stage 3: Eschar Cansema, or any other well-crafted escharotic, when applied Containment to a cancer. Perhaps I worked that poorly. It might be better to say that when Cansema® is in proximity to a cancerous growth, necrosis and edema can be the anticipated reactions. To not have a death of the cancer and a edematous response is a strange and rare anomaly. A fitting description is found on themelanoma pictorial page -- restated here: "The eschar begins to dry up like any other scab. As healthy dermal layers are formed beneath the eschar, which nears perfect and separate formation, it is slowly ejected from the body. Edema and redness disappear." Figure 5. Stage 4: Edema Expulsion A recurring problem with customers who were not working with a health care professional was a failure to follow instructions -- at every stage of the process. In the case of Stage 3, some customers would pick at the eschar instead of allowing the process to proceed naturally on its own. In the case of Sue Gilliatt, the woman who worked with the FDA to destroy the Alpha Omega Labs operation, we had one of the more bizarre examples of this deviation from simple instructions. Sue actually testified under oath that she removed her own eschar with a pair of embroidery scissors -- this, the best "victim" the FDA could come up with. (And no, I'm not kidding; see page 98 of the Gilliatt deposition). Nonetheless, the instructions stand for all to see -- simple and easy for any normal adult to follow. Again, from thefirst melanoma pictorial page: "The entire eschar, representing what had been a thriving cancer only days before, is pushed out of the body when the last connective skin tissue beneath it is broken or deteriorates. What remains at the site of expulsion is a decavitation, which we will examine next ... " When left to Mother Nature, the resulting scarring was minimal -- certainly, from our experience, much less than if the growth had been removed surgically -- MUCH less. In time, even the scarring that remained after three months began, over time, to decrease to the point where many

Figure 6. Stage 5: Decavitation

Figure 7. Stage 5: Decavitation Black Salves Cure Cancer


customers reported that you could not tell that a growth of any kind had ever existed on the applied area. After the eschar comes out, a "decavitated area remains." Epidermal layers have not completely formed, so to the lay person the area can look extremely raw and unprotected. Nonetheless, in the thousands of cases we were involved in, never once did we have a case of secondary infection resulting from the process.We stated this clearly on the site, and it is true to this day. For individuals who were not going through a health care practitioner, this stage was the scariest for the uninitiated. In the case of larger growths, the sheer rawness of what appeared to be unprotected tissue could be quite unsightly. For the experienced user, Stage 5 was not a problem. "The epidermal layers have come in. There is usually minimal scarring and discoloration, where instructionshave been thoroughly followed. In time even the little scarring seen at right will be marginalized." (See melanoma pictorial.) In time, the success of Cansema® in terms of performance became so assured that our focus changed to various methods of minimizing scarring. Three areas of investigation were represented on the site: bio-oxidative therapies (which didn't always represent itself in terms of a product introduction -- as in our treatment ofhydrogen peroxide (H2O2)); silicon sheeting; and, a new area of research,stabilized hydronium (H3O), which was so ahead of its time that it became an area not only of vexatious litigation, but the U.S. federal government's fabricated basis for raiding (and destroying) Alpha Omega Laboratories. All three approaches had their advantages, but overall, H3O worked the best. It worked so well that a variety of Figure 9. Stage 6: Heal Over medical doctors used our H3O for post-surgical cleaning to help accelerate the healing of the wound. One such doctor was Dr. Charles Smith in Dallas, Texas. In the case of one vexatious litigation, Sharon Lee, Dr. Smith and Alpha Omega Labs were both sued -- and the case was settled out of court after I was imprisoned and the plaintiff lawyer used a variety of tactics to try and destroy the reputation (and the medical license) of the good doctor. In the end Ms. Lee and her attorney walked away with $500,000 total in insurance monies. . . . for a medical injury that could not possible have happened, just on the basis of what is even scientifically possible. (Proof that stabilized H3O, as we sold it, is completely non-caustic and non-corrosive is provided on this site). ###

Figure 8. Stage 6: Heal Over

Black Salves Cure Cancer


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