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Two new products by soft Xpansion convert Word and Excel documents into PDF and

enable the user to import a large amount of meta information from the original
Office document into the PDF. Both have achieved the <<Compatible with Windows 7>>
logo recently.

Bochum, Germany, November 12, 2009 -- In the field of electronic documents, PDF
may definitely be characterized as one of the most widespread file formats in
digitally based communication and teamwork. This is even more true especially
since in July 2008, the file format has been declared to be an official ISO

In 2009, soft Xpansion allows for the high relevance of PDF by publishing a range
of altogether eight software products in this field. Each program will have its
own scope of functionality, thus meeting specific needs in connection with the
creation and use of PDF files. An extensive comparison of the products can be seen
on (at the bottom of the
web page). The new Word to PDF and Excel to PDF are the fifth and sixth member of
the Perfect PDF Family. For both products, Microsoft Corp. and soft Xpansion have
worked together to deliver the first two soft Xpansion standard applications that
run on Windows 7 and have achieved the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo. They may
therefore carry the logo "Compatible with Windows 7." For the users, this
compatibility helps to strongly enhance the applicationsŽ stability and
productivity within the framework of the new Windows operating system.

Dr. Juri Stern, General Manager of soft Xpansion: "Our clients value soft Xpansion
for its 15-years experience in developing high-quality PDF products and solutions,
and they always expect up-to-date functionality. Thanks to our strategic
relationship with Microsoft, we are confident that Word to PDF and Excel to PDF
will yield even more benefit and convenience to our users."

Besides, soft XpansionŽs current versions of its standard software Perfect PDF 5
Premium and its software development kits PDF Xpansion SDK 6 and Print to Document
7 are also apt to be used with Windows 7.

The Perfect PDF Family -- software for nearly all PDF tasks
The recommended retail price of 12,99 Euros for each of the two new products is
the lowest of all product family members. Word to PDF and Excel to PDF convert
documents from Microsoft Office Word and from Microsoft Office Excel into PDF
respectively. In order to convert any printable data and document types into PDF,
or if the plan is to edit PDF files, Perfect PDF Premium (see the above web link)
should be used.

Special features of Word to PDF and Excel to PDF
Both products enable the user to import a large amount of meta information from
the original Office document into the PDF file, namely, among others, links, the
table of contents (TOC), fields (form fields and controls), remarks (comments),
markups and page backgrounds in Word, headers in rows and columns (Excel) and
general document properties.

* Create PDF files from Word and Excel documents respectively
* Import meta information like links, tables of contents, fields, comments or
hidden information into the PDF file
* Define PDF profiles so that repeated definition of the same PDF settings is no
longer necessary
* Create profiles for the import of meta information
* Protect documents with safe encryption and passwords
* Restrict editing, printing and copying access in PDF files
* Include Perfect PDF Reader 6 (
p=pdftech/pdfqr) with Ribbon interface
* Display, print and search through PDF files
* Export and save texts and images in separate files
* Create, fill, print and save interactive PDF forms
* Sign and certify PDF documents with digital signatures
* Send created PDF documents by e-mail

* May be installed and used on 32-bit as well as on 64-bit computers
* Run on all current versions of Windows, have achieved the "Compatible with
Windows 7" logo
* Comprehensive conversion of meta information from Word and Excel documents
* Seamless integration into Word and Excel, thus starting the conversion from
within the application, no need to launch another program
* Convert Word and Excel documents into PDF directly from within Windows Explorer
* Powerful PDF viewer (Perfect PDF Reader 6) included
* The modern Ribbon interface of the viewer (like in Microsoft Office 2007) makes
the program navigation more easy and groups those functions that belong
together more clearly than "classic" Windows programs

Further information on the two products and a comparison may be obtained on the
product page of the Perfect PDF Family. The different columns in the table
"Highlights of the Perfect PDF 5 product family" at the bottom of the web page
show the feature differences.

Pentium IV or higher, 512+ MB RAM, 50 MB of hard disc space, Windows 7/Vista/
XP/Server 2003/2000 (32- or 64-bit versions), mouse. For the Microsoft Office
integration: Word or Excel 2007/XP/2003/2000 (2007 or 2003 recommended). The
software has to be activated. Therefore, access to the Internet is strongly

The Recommended Retail Price for the products is 12,99 Euros each. The
applications are available for download at the soft Xpansion web shop

Requests for program screenshots and reviewer's copies may be sent to pr@soft-

soft Xpansion is a globally active, international team of authors, developers,
screen designers, software engineers and product managers. The company was founded
in 1995 and is headquartered in Bochum, Germany. In the past 14 years, more than
150 software products have been published in more than 200 different editions.
Localized versions of soft Xpansion products are sold in Germany, Great Britain,
France, Italy, USA, the Benelux countries, the Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Portugal,
Australia and Turkey. The product range includes solutions (standard software,
developer libraries, software development kits and individual programming) in the
following areas: PDF technology, system utilities, document and database
management, computer security. soft Xpansion is a full member of the PDF/A
Competence Center, more information on soft Xpansion,
please refer to
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