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Its worst for the Gander

Sadly to say, outside of being stranded on a desert island and living on that
island your whole life, most of us know how violent the human species is. Today�s
technology can bring us stories of mass killings, child abductions and all sorts
of crime and mayhem from home and abroad right to our mobile phones.. There are
many campaigns to aid the victims of violence from war refugees, to rape victims
and women trapped in abusive relationships. There are also many misnomers about
who really the vulnerable amongst us are and after looking at some crime stats
and a brief study of history, it appears that�s what�s bad for the goose is worst
for the gander. Men are actually victims of violent crime and violence
disproportionally, more than women, even though the convenient perception, is that
some how the opposite is true.

A look at the Untied States Department of Justice�s crime stats, listed on their
website immediately shows us, who the victims tend to be in violent crimes.
Violent offenses are defined as homicide, rape, robbery, simple and aggravated
assault. As reported by the Department of Justice, males are victims of violent
crime more often than females, even though females suffer higher rates of sexual
crime. As for example, in 2006, the victims of reported homicides were 79% male.
Males were also two times more likely to be the victim of a carjacking. A
further look at more detailed statistics reveal, that this trend has been
constant, even though violent crime has fallen over the years in the United

Violent crime per 1000 people: 12 and older

Year total pop male victims female victims

1995 46.2 55.8 37.2
1996 41.6 49.9 33.8
1997 38.7 45.8 32.1
1998 36.1 43.2 29.4
1999 32.0 36.9 27.4
2000 27.4 32.9 22.3
2001 24.7 27.2 22.3
2002 22.8 25.5 20.2
2003 22.3 26.3 18.5
2004 21.1 25.1 17.2
2005 21.0 25.6 16.6

Bureau of Justice
Greg Andresen and Michael Woods, two researchers from Australia found similar
research in Australia. Men were actually the victims of formalized violence more
that women and through their research they call for fairness and accuracy in
reporting on the victims of violence by gender. Australian results They believe
the �WRD�., White Ribbon Day(a sixteen day effort to stop violence against women)
is a noble but ineffective effort to stop violence, because it does not address
the real causes of violence, such as, drug and alcohol abuse, social
inequalities, mental health issues and poor conflict resolution skills and
distorts the issue based on gender. They further believe the concept of domestic
violence being directly caused by a patriarchal desire for control and dominance
is not the true systemic cause of domestic hostilities. Most women will never be
abused by their partner and the ones that are abused are predominantly young with
other collateral issues present, as for example they live in areas where all
types of violence is high. Women also are abused by other women and they also
abuse men retrospectively. The issue goes beyond gender and needs a more
detailed look by researchers and academicians. The current proposals of gender
based violence causality is defective and inaccurate.

They report 808,300 men were victims of violence overall in the past 12 months
(almost two thirds of all total victims in the country). Clearly the real issues
are being ignored and the real solutions will not be found until the perception
that there is some sort of global war against women by men be reevaluated. Many
people are shocked to her such statistics and refuse to believe, that women are
not suffering victimization rates higher then men. The recent current trend of
research is being ignored by many organization fighting for the abused women and
is deliberately reducing the potential of preventing domestic violence rates.

In many instances men are silent victims trapped in a web of shame and
unconcern . It is not easy for a man to tell others that he was abused,
especially by a woman, or tell he has been raped in prison. His masculinity has
already been violated and the reaction from others will further violate him. Men
are more easily identified by others and themselves as the doer and not the
victim. The continued by-product of the feminization of victimhood. One
prisoner incarcerated in California gave his account of multiple rapes and the
lack of aid from prison employees. He basically was told; he would have to accept
it and little could be done; can you imagine this attitude with a female in the
same or similar situation. The United States incarcerates the largest percentage
of people in the world and 90% of those incarcerated are men. Prison rape is a
real problem as 14% of prisoners admit to being assaulted while incarcerated.
Violence against others males, especially as a result of drug trafficking and
inner city violence, swells prison population and leads to further violence in
prison. As recently as 1980 the murder rate in American Prisons was 5 times that
of the general population. States have worked hard to reduce the murder rate of
America�s Prisons and jails since then, but the growing amount of Hispanic drug
gang members being incarcerated now challenges this reduction. Look at the result
of the current drug wars in Mexico and the number of slain, on all sides of the
conflict from police to drug traffickers; that conflict is pouring now into
America. One local town in Mexico just reported 1000, dead as a result of the
conflict and 12 tortured, dead bodies of Mexican Law Enforcements officers were
just discovered in another town.
Domestic violence is also a concern for men as well as women and children. In 100
domestic violence situations men are estimated to be victimized about 40% of the
time, by a girlfriend or wife. Studies have proven that women initiate violence
as often as men do, in domestic situations, even though women tend to receive
more injuries. Since women are more often the worst injured; the issue of abuse
suffered by men is less apparent, so once again men become the silent victims of
systemic causes of violence. Many campaigns though out the years to encourage
women to report abuse have missed the male victim of the same violence. Lets us
also not forget that when children are abused and neglected, unfortunately boys
also suffer in violent homes. A statistical look shows us the boys and girls are
equally likely to be victims of abuse, but once again most studies look at the
percentage of girls, that are abused due to their higher rate of sexual assaults.
A study published by the New York times found that 1 in 8 boys had been the victim
of some type of abuse, but almost half of the boys said they had no one to talk
to, while only 29% of the girls responded in like fashion . New York Times Once
again it appears that boys, do not have the same support system and are suffering
gender bias in abuse.

War is also a burden though out the ages burdened on the backs on men, while it
is obvious that women, children and innocent civilians suffer also, just look at
Pakistan and the result of American Predator Drone attacks or the dead and killed
in the Gaza strip after Israel�s incursion. Men historically have been the ones
asked to fight and die for the cause. From the conquest of the mighty Roman
Emperor to the march of Hitler�s forces in Europe; War has depleted the stocks of
the lives of more men, then women. No one wants to down play the effects of the
victims of violence, or at least no should want to, but historically men have been
denied the sympathy and support as victims of brutality, abuse, neglect and suffer
as unseen victims.