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stanbul to

bid for 2020

German police launch probe Minister Cevdet Ylmaz says
into apparent suicide of former recent initiatives will contribute
Fenerbahçe keeper Robert Enke significantly to economic standards

Your Way of Understandng Turkey


World’s oldest woman lives in Turkey’s Diyarbakr page06


Plot colonel sent to court to
be arrested over acton plan

KAZIM PIYNAR / MUSTAFA TURAN, ÝSTANBUL military, who also testified to the prosecutors on the plot Party) government and the faith-based Gülen movement in
probe. Çiçek was interrogated as a suspect by prosecutors the eyes of the public, to play down the Ergenekon investi-
Col. Dursun Çiçek, whose signature appears on a conducting a probe into a clandestine criminal organiza- gation and to gather support for members of the military ar-
military plot aimed at destroying the country’s rul- tion accused of plotting to overthrow the government, rested as part of the investigation into Ergenekon. Dozens of
ing party and a faith-based civil society group, tes- known as Ergenekon. The colonel was interrogated for ap- Ergenekon members, including businessmen, members of
tified to civilian prosecutors on Wednesday, 19 days after proximately five hours and later transferred to court to be the military and journalists, are currently incarcerated while
On Tuesday Parliament saw heated debates among deputies of the Nationalist
he was summoned for testimony on a probe launched into arrested by the time Today’s Zaman went to press. standing trial. Col. Çiçek is believed to be one of the key fig- Movement Party, the Republican People’s Party and the ruling AK Party.
the notorious plot. The colonel arrived at the Beikta A military plot, on which a genuine signature of the col- ures in the plot row. The plot is, however, not solely the
courthouse in stanbul early in the morning in civilian at- onel appears, details a Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) plan to colonel’s work. The prosecutors are investigating who gave
tire. He was accompanied by five other members of the destroy the image of the Justice and Development Party (AK the colonel the order to prepare such a plan. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17
Brawl over Kurdsh

ntatve domnates
debate at Parlament
The fierce battle between the oppo- provocative. Atalay said police would
sition and government on the never raise a hand against the families of
Kurdish issue continued yesterday as soldiers who were killed and these fami-
members of the Planning and Budget lies would always be respected. He also
Commission gathered to listen to Interior said citizens who were not involved in

Minister Beir Atalay, who made refer- terrorist acts should be treated well.
ences to the country’s fight against terror- MHP deputies continued their at-
ism. Atalay said one aspect of the fight tacks by saying the euphoric celebrations
against terrorism is that of “the veterans upon the recent return of some members
and martyrs.” He said: “We value our of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party
veterans and martyrs. We do not exploit (PKK) were not acceptable. MHP depu-
the situation at a martyr’s funeral; instead ties also reminded Atalay of his remarks
we visit their families and meet their made on Nov. 10 during the discussion
needs. We feel it deep inside.” of the Kurdish imitative in Parliament.
Some deputies from the Nationalist Atalay had said the Justice and
Movement Party (MHP) reacted to Development Party (AK Party) repre-
Col. Dursun Çiçek Atalay’s remarks, saying he was not sented all of Turkey, and the opposition
arrived at the Beikta making a speech on the budget but was parties interpreted the sentence as possi-
courthouse in civilian using “party propaganda.” Some other bly meaning that other parties only rep-
attire on Wednesday MHP deputies said Atalay was being resented regions of Turkey. CONTINUED ON PAGE 05
accompanied by
military officers, who
from taking a picture
of the colonel.

PRODUCED BY CLANDESTINE BÇG swne flu epdemc rses
The establishment of Web sites to back the
Turkish Armed Forces’ (TSK) psychological war-
fare against civilian groups was part of a plan devised
and bureaucrats, was formed within the military dur-
ing the Feb. 28, 1997 coup -- in which the military
overthrew a coalition government led by a now-defunct
to 40 across Turkey
by the West Study Group (BÇG), a clandestine group conservative party -- and continued its existence as a
The number of victims of swine flu While 16 out of the 40 who died of
formed within the army, according to a report that civilian body after the collapse of the Refah-Yol gov- rose to 40 in Turkey with the latest swine flu were between 25 and 44
appeared in the Bugün daily on Wednesday. The BÇG, ernment (a coalition of the Welfare Party [RP] and the Dursun deaths, the Health Ministry reported yes- years of age and nine were between
which categorized politicians, intellectuals, soldiers True Path Party [DYP]) in June 1997. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17 Çiçek terday. According to a written statement five and 14, six victims were under age
released by the Ministry of Health, six 4, four were between 45 and 65, three
people, two of them children and one an were above 65 and two were between
COURT ACCEPTS INDICTMENT AGAINST SCANDAL-PRONE TOP JUDGE OSMAN KAÇMAZ PAGE 17 infant, died on Monday from the H1N1 15 and 24, according to the statement.
virus, while four more, aged 5, 13, 26 and Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health
another infant, have died since Monday. will begin vaccinating children under 5
One-hundred forty-five people years old and individuals with chronic

06 efforts sincere, historic 04 tough as riding two horses’ 17 over an article on Atatürk
across Turkey are receiving treatment at diseases starting from Monday. The vac-
State Minister Çelik: Alevi ‘Zero-problem policy as Taraf writer threatened various hospitals, 33 in intensive care cinations will take place at local clinics
units and nine of whom are on respira- (Salk Oca) and family health centers.
tors, the statement noted. Among the Professor Mehmet Ceylan, presi-



The government’s efforts to solve the Turkey’s policy of zero problems with Taraf daily’s columnist Sevan
40 who died of swine flu, 19 are report- dent of the Infectious Diseases Society
problems of Alevis are both historic neighbors is better than its highly Nianyan, who wrote a humanistic
ed to have had chronic diseases, mak- of Turkey, who, along with his two
and sincere, Minister Faruk Çelik, who securitized foreign policy of the past, adaptation of Atatürk’s Address to ing them vulnerable to the H1N1 virus, children, was infected with swine flu,
is coordinating a series of workshops but this new policy puts Ankara in the Turkish Youth, has printed reaction while 20 did not have any risk factors has said they overcame the virus with-
bringing together intellectuals and position of a circus rider who is riding e-mails filled with threats and vulgar that might have been aggravated by the out using any medicine and warned
representatives of the Alevis, has said. two horses at the same time, Hale said. language he received from nationalists. flu, and one woman was pregnant. people not to panic. CONTINUED ON PAGE 03

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‘ Q U O T E O F T H E D AY


colu m ns
It seems to me … that this desire [for peace They do not want peace, do not want to stop No two on earth in all Democratic
in Israel] has completely vanished, as tho- settlement construction and ... the vision of things can agree. All have initiative debates
ugh people no longer believe in it. two states, so I don’t know what they want. some daring singularity. ZAMAN MUSTAFA ÜNAL
So nally, the same democra-
French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Winston Churchill tic initiative that has been being
debated amongst the public for
so many months has been car-
ried over to the oor of our Par-
liament. For this reason, all eyes
were on Parliament yesterday, and just as was ex-
pected, a “Nov. 10” debate took place. It was clear
CROSS READER from the general atmosphere yesterday that the-
re would be high tension in Parliament. Forget
pr ess rou n du p the main arguments: even the preliminary deba-
tes were tense. But in the middle of all this, politi-

cal style and approach are so important. If a more
mature stance prevails during these talks, both
the ruling administration and the opposition will
Opposton and emerge in front. Tension is in no one’s interest.

the Kurdsh ssue Kemalism 
n Parlament and ideology
Tuesday, the day the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) SABAH HASAN BÜLENT KAHRAMAN
brought its Kurdish initiative, which aims to resolve Turkey’s
We can talk these days abo-
long-standing Kurdish problem, to Parliament for discussion,
ut four distinct kinds of Kema-
saw very harsh and unparliamentary exchanges among depu-
lism. There was the rst Kema-
ties. Parliament did not have a chance to begin talking about

lism of 1933-1960, there was the
the issue as discussion was blocked due to debates focusing on
second Kemalism of 1960-1980,
the date of the discussion, with opposition parties lashing out
the third Kemalism of 1980-
at the government for selecting Nov. 10 -- the anniversary of
1998, and there is the fourth kind of Kemalism
the death of the nation’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk -- to
from 1998 onwards. And all of these are appro-
bring the Kurdish issue to the oor of Parliament. Although
aches to ideology which are, as is maintained
these debates blocked discussion of the real problem, analysts
by Kemalism itself, both “innovative” and even
still nd the fact that the Kurdish problem has come to the o-
“leftist.” Actually, though, the shared characte-
or of Parliament a very promising development for Turkey.
ristics of all these types of Kemalism are, more
Yeni afak’s Fehmi Koru nds the reaction of oppositi-
than any “innovativeness” or “leftism,” a pri-
on parties regarding the date selected for the discussion of
ority placed on increasing the strength of the
the Kurdish initiative to be groundless as he says: “I wonder
state, a goal of creating an organic and class-
whether they mean to say anything can be discussed on Nov.
10 except the Kurdish initiative. Why should it not be discus- less society and a determination to continue the
sed on this day? Do they have any doubts about the fact that hegemonic dialogue already in place. It is qui-
the administration style seen as appropriate for Turkey by The Turkish charity foundation Kimse Yok Mu (Is te easy to allege, therefore, that the Kemalism
Atatürk is democracy?” He says the opposition parties may of the current period we are in does not in fact
see a disconnect between Atatürk and Kurds, but the Kurds
Anybody There) constructed water wells on the is- possess any particular qualities of freedom.
fullled the responsibility that fell on them for the establish- land of Sumatra in Indonesia. Sumatra was re-
ment of the republic. “How do I know this? From the state-
ments Atatürk made at the time. The opposition, which avo-
cently hit by a strong earthquake. ‘Zero problem’
ids discussing the issue by saying that discussing it on the day
of Atatürk’s death would disrespect him, is displaying the real
diplomacy with Athens
zaman: Preliminary discussions of the national unity who left his house on Nov. 4 to go to school, was found in an
disrespect toward him with its attitude,” says Koru. project, brought to Parliament by the government, began empty building near a train station Monday night. Video recor-
Radikal’s Oral Çallar nds discussion of the Kurdish with tension in the air on Tuesday, the daily said in a front- dings showed that Kang was walking with a man who appeared Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Er-
problem in Parliament a positive move, saying that brieng page story yesterday. At the center of the debate was the dis- to be around 20 years old before he went missing. Police are doan has written a letter to Gre-
deputies regarding the process and seeking their support is cussion of the issue on the 71st anniversary of the death of examining the video recordings to nd information that may ek Prime Minister George Papand-
an example of an innovative approach. “Even though the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the nation’s founder. Deputies of lead to the arrest of Kang’s murderer, said the daily. reou in which he has proposed an
opposition parties are reacting harshly against the estab- the Republican People’s Party (CHP) held signs in protest of initiative package which aims to
lishment of a consensus on the discussion of the issue, the Interior Minister Beir Atalay while he was informing Parlia- solve the problems between these
issue’s appearance in Parliament means the involvement of
taraf: “Signature day for Col. Çiçek,” said the daily
two neighboring countries and bring some new life
ment about the democratization initiative, which is aimed at in the headline of its lead story yesterday, stating that Col.
all deputies in the process,” explains Çallar. solving Turkey’s Kurdish problem, said the daily. to relations in general. This new move by Ankara
Dursun Çiçek, who undersigned a recently discovered mi-
Another Yeni afak columnist, Ali Bayramolu, says may not have attracted overwhelming amounts of
litary action plan to destroy the government would testify
the goal of the opposition parties is to prevent the discus- attention, especially as it falls at the same time as a
sion of the Kurdish initiative in Parliament; however, he
sabah: “Security cameras to solve the mysterious death on Wednesday to prosecutors conducting the investigation
focus by Turkish diplomacy on relations with count-
of Musa,” the daily announced in the headline of its main story into Ergenekon, a shadowy crime network that has alleged
says they will not succeed in doing this. “Reactions aga- ries that border Turkey to the south and east, such
yesterday, reporting that video recordings of two security came- links within the state and is suspected of plotting to topple
inst a solution, which indirectly demand the perpetuation as Syria, Iraq and Iran. But in fact, this new initiative
ras will cast light on the brutal murder of 13-year-old Musa the government. Çiçek would be interrogated over charges
of the status quo and the spilling of blood, are important to is very important in terms of both timing and con-
Kang in the eastern province of Erzurum. The body of Kang, of devising coup plans, noted the daily.
note; however, their importance comes from the fact that tent. The chances appear high that the new Greek
they will be recorded in history. They are being smashed prime minister will respond with the same sense of
against history, and they will be smashed.” resolute desire to see all this transpire.


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NATIONAL T H U R S D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 2 , 2 0 0 9 TODAY’S ZAMAN 03


Selçuk University

dance team readies BALCI
to break record

The folkdance group at Konya’s Selçuk
University is preparing to enter the Guin-
ness World Records book as the largest dance How dd I know

team in the world, with roughly 4,000 dancers.
Noting that they are determined to enter the
Guinness World Records book, a team official,
Yasser Arafat?
Yesterday was the fth anniversary of the passing of
Kadir Ersan Bilgin, noted they have not yet de-
cided what type of dance they will perform in Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. In Muslim funeral tra-
the attempt to achieve their record target, add- dition, the imam asks the congregation to witness the
ing that the team has practiced the folkdances “goodness” of the deceased by asking, “How did you
of Trabzon, Izmir, Gaziantep, the Caucasus, know the dead?” Arafat passed away amidst all kinds of
Akehir, Mardin, Ankara and Çankr. speculation as to the reason for his death. I did not have
Stating that many students express great the chance then to answer the imam’s nal question. The
interest in their dance group, Bilgin said, “Each fth anniversary is a good time to pay my debt to both
year, around 1,500 students join our group, and Mr. Palestine and the people of Palestine.
we expect about 3,000 more students will join Arafat was a human being. He had his strengths and
us this year for the record attempt.” The dance his weaknesses. His prime weakness was his insatiable
team aims to perfect its routine by May 2010. hunger for power, along with an unbreakable self-es-
Training in the sports hall of the university, the teem. Paradoxically, that was also his prime source of
dance team is the largest university dance team strength. That “desire to rule” overshadowed all his fears
in Turkey with 1,500 registered dancers. and weaknesses. Trapped in southern Beirut, he was en-
joying the very fact that the world was speaking about
him. Eyewitnesses remember the smile on his face see-

ing his name in the headlines of newspapers, written in
languages that he didn’t even know. Arafat thought of
In addition to the death toll from the swine flu, 145 people across Turkey are receiving treatment at various hospitals. Thirty- himself as Jerusalem in esh and bone: Just as the peo-
three are in intensive care units and nine are on respirators, the Health Ministry reported. ple loved or hated Jerusalem, they should have loved or
hated him, too. Just as the people spoke about Jerusa-

Death toll from
lem, they should have busied themselves with stories of

Arafat. You cannot be indiscriminate to Jerusalem… You
shouldn’t be so about Arafat, either…
Arafat was not a psychopathic self-worshipper. His ego
was the super-ego of the Palestinian people. Back in his

swine flu rises to
undergraduate years, he joined a socialist students’ inter-
TÜ students’ solar-powered automobile ARIBA IV national group, and there he was called “Mr. Palestine.”
received the Best Newcomer award in Australia. The name would not have stuck to him had he not ab-
sconded with it. He became Mr. Palestine even before a
TÜ solar car wins Palestine existed in the mentality of the Palestinian people.

40 in Turkey
Or at least, he thought so. He was trapped under house ar-
award in Australia rest in his presidential Mukatta compound in Ramallah for
a long time. A scarcity of food, light, gas or even space did
ARIBA IV, a solar-powered automobile de-
signed by the students of stanbul Technical not bother him. He had plenty of attention. Through him,
University (TÜ), has received the Best Newcomer he believed, Palestine was once again in the headlines.
award at the World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Aus- Through him, he thought, the Palestinian cause would be
tralia. In the race, which took place on Oct. 24-31, With the death toll at 40, the Ministry says 16 of the victims were in the 25-44 kept on the global agenda for one more day.
Middle Easterners love to accuse their leaders of trea-
ARIBA IV, which was sponsored by Castrol, crossed
Australia from north to south, a total of 3,030 kilo-
age group, nine were between 5 and 14, six victims were under the age of 4, four son and Jewish ancestry. For many Arafat opponents, he
meters. The TÜ team, which won the award in their were between 45 and 65, three were above 65 and two were between 15 and 24 was at best a traitor. For some, he was an Israeli agent,
first competition, stated that they expect to finish next born of a Jewish father. The very fact that Arafat did not
contýnued from page 1 stronger against the medicine, and then the medicine attend his father’s funeral was used as “proof” of the un-
year’s race with even better results due to the great
Explaining that people rush to hospitals even will no longer be benecial,” adding that vaccination trustworthiness of his family tree. Arafat’s claim of a ge-
experience they had this year.
when their noses run, Ceylan warned people can help prevent the epidemic. nealogy going back to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be
The challenge, in which cars race from Darwin to
against panicking, stressing that hospitals can be danger- A balanced diet, increased fruit intake and plentiful upon him) may well be another Arafatic fabrication, but he
Adelaide, showcases hybrid, electric, solar, low emis-
ous for those who have not really contracted swine u. uids can help ght the u, boosting immune systems was not of Jewish origin, or a traitor at all.
sion and alternative energy vehicles. Despite facing
Stating that he and his two children contracted the to avoid contracting the u, an expert warned. Sema He may have made awful mistakes that may well be
some problems both before and during the compe-
H1N1 virus while on vacation in the US with his family, Hospital dietician Hayrettin Mutlu said individuals counted as “worse than treason,” but none did he do in-
tition, the TÜ team completed the race successfully.
Ceylan said they recovered from the disease in a week should consume fruit and fruit juice and stressed that tentionally. Leaving the negotiating table in Taba was not
The race also gave the students the opportunity to
without even using anti-u medicine. eating fruit is the best way to get sufcient vitamins and a mistake, by the way. There was no real partner at the
have a closer look at progress in the field of solar en-
According to Ceylan, who claimed that most cur- minerals. While highlighting that the most benecial table. I think his gravest mistake was to leave no “second
ergy. The TÜ solar car team, which was established
rent u patients are actually infected with the H1N1 liquid against u is water, Mutlu said mixed fruit juices, in command” names around him. Shimon Peres once told
by students in the electronic engineering department
virus, people must approach swine u as they do reg- especially juices made of orange, tangerine and lemon, me that he admired Arafat just for the fact that he turned
and which is currently composed of 20 students from
ular u. Stressing that people must be careful in us- can take the place of additional vitamin supplements, “the Palestinian crowds that never ruled themselves into a
the electronic, aircraft, control and chemical engineer-
ing Tamiu, Ceylan said, “If one keeps on taking that adding that fruit juices are better at protecting against nation that has national pride and a desire for self-deter-
ing departments, has won the Scientific and Techno-
medicine every time he/she gets sick, the virus may get u than herbal teas. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires mination.” He did that, but at the expense of depriving the
logical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBTAK) For-
mula-G races since 2004. stanbul Today’s Zaman Palestinians of a future leadership that could represent that
national pride and state that desires self-determination.
Arafat was too inclusive… He wanted to be the leader
of all Palestinians and hence embraced even the corrupt
ones, the wrongdoers, the embezzlers, the terrorists, the

Heavy rains expected in the west, meteorology warns pacists… All found refuge in Arafat, and all paid homage
to him. But leaders are remembered by their teams. Ara-
fat’s team was, to a large extent, a parasite of the Palestin-
ian cause, and all of what he has been accused of since his

Meteorology officials issued a Aydn and Mula. Rainfall is also ex- thorities and residents about the pos-
warning yesterday that a new pected in the Marmara, Aegean, Medi- sible consequences of the inclement death are in fact the sins of the people he kept around him.
spate of rainfall is expected, particularly terranean, Central Anatolian and west- weather, which could include flash Arafat was the only Palestinian leader who could
across Turkey’s western provinces, call- ern and central Black Sea regions. floods in metropolitan areas, prop- give concessions and continue to rule over the Palestin-
ing on local officials to take the necessary With the arrival of the rain, tem- erty damage caused by flooding, traf- ian people. The Palestinians may not have yet started to
precautions against possible flooding. peratures are expected to fall by four to fic problems, lightning strikes, colds or miss him, but I am sure the Israelis are already looking
A statement issued by the State Me- six degrees in the Marmara and Aegean other illnesses caused by the sharp falls for an Arafat clone.
teorology Bureau said heavy rains were regions today and on Friday. Strong in temperature and carbon monoxide This is not to say that Palestinians wouldn’t do better
expected on Wednesday in the southern winds of 40-45 kilometers per hour poisoning from heaters inside homes. without Arafat at all. The situation in Palestine in 2004 was
no better than the situation in 1954, when Arafat and his

Marmara region and the coastal strip of from the southeast known as lodos are On Monday, heavy rain that
the Aegean region while showers were expected are expected in zmir, Aydn, started early in the morning in zmir friends founded Fatah and joined the Palestinian struggle
expected throughout the rest of the Mar- Mula, Denizli, Balkesir, Bursa and Ya- caused some homes and businesses for independence. But, once again, this is not to say that
mara and Aegean regions as well as in lova as well as the western districts of to flood. Streets were also inundated Palestinians would do better without Arafat, either.
the western Black Sea and western Medi- Antalya (Ka, Kale, Finike, Kumluca, with water, and the rain caused traf- So how did I know Arafat? He embodied pride, para-
terranean regions and in Ankara, Çankr Kemer and Elmal); in the coastal Aege- fic accidents. Some bridges in the city doxes and ambiguities, but also determination.
and Eskiehir later in the evening. an provinces of zmir, Aydn and Mula, were closed to traffic. Homes and of- *I will be in the Muslim holy land for the annual pil-
Heavy rains are expected to con- these winds will be accompanied by fice buildings were also flooded in the grimage to Mecca, so this column will be on hiatus for
tinue for the rest of the week throughout lightning and heavy downpours. Karyaka and Buca districts of zmir about a month. Don’t think I got laid off due to the nan-
the Aegean coastal provinces of zmir, The statement warned local au- province. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires zmir streets were inundated by heavy rain, which started on Monday. cial crisis or was stricken with swine u!

04 TODAY’S ZAMAN T H U R S D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 2 , 2 0 0 9

Britain offers land to help Cyprus talks, UN says LALE
Britain has offered to hand over almost half of started peace talks in September 2008. The British seemed lukewarm. “What Britain can do if it prints been in favor of the numerical majority
its sovereign territory in Cyprus to facilitate a offer is a bid to help a process fraught with difcul- wants to effectively help this process is to exert Greek Cypriots, would be a key element in any
peace deal between the island’s estranged Greek ties, and which has seen many failures. inuence and encourage Turkey to be more ac- deal. Turkish Cypriots now control some 37
and Turkish Cypriots, the United Nations said on “I believe it is an offer to be welcomed as commodating on the talks,” said Greek Cypriot percent of Cypriot territory. The 2003 British
Tuesday. The offer is similar to one made by the a tangible demonstration of the goodwill and Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou. offer had been incorporated into a United Na-
former colonial power in 2003 and would be condi- support of the international community to the The offer came as British Prime Minister tions blueprint rejected by Greek Cypriots in a
Government duty
tional on a peace deal between the two sides. Britain two leaders in Cyprus in their efforts to reunify Gordon Brown was scheduled to meet Greek 2004 referendum.
has a strategically located air base on the Mediter- the country,” Jose Diaz, the United Nations Cypriot leader Dimitris Christoas in London on On the basis of the 2003 offer, most of the ter-
to scrutnze
ranean island that would not be part of any deal. spokesman in Cyprus told Reuters. Wednesday. Britain gave up Cyprus in 1960, but ritory Britain would have relinquished would have
“The special adviser of the secretary-general on Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat retained two strategic pockets of territory -- on gone to Greek Cypriots in the south of the island.
overt, covert
Cyprus, Alexander Downer, has just been informed declined to comment on the British offer on prime undeveloped real estate -- which account Only part of the British territory in Cyprus is
that the United Kingdom is renewing an offer to the Wednesday, saying it would be taken up in detail for about 3.0 percent of the island’s territory. The used exclusively for military purposes. It includes a
United Nations to cede a portion of its territory in when the Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides be- offer would be for a handover of 45 square miles, large number of Greek Cypriot farming communi- The disclosure of Web sites established by the military to
the Sovereign Base Areas [SBAs] to a reunied Cy- gin discussing distribution of land as part of their just under half of the 98 square miles (254 square ties living under British civilian administration. back its psychological warfare against Turkish citizens and
prus,” the UN said in a statement. British ofcials ongoing talks to reunite the island. “It appears kilometers) that Britain now controls, the UN said. The ratio of land ownership within the Brit- groups from every walk of life has led to the necessity for
had no immediate comment on the statement. to be an initiative aimed at removing Greek Cy- Greek and Turkish Cypriots are attempt- ish bases is 60 percent privately owned, 20 percent civilian authorities to launch a comprehensive investigation
The long-running Cyprus conict is a key priot reluctance [in the reunication talks],” he ing to find a power-sharing formula under a Crown land and 20 percent owned by the British and cancel all regulations issued by the prime minister’s of-
source of tension between NATO allies Greece and told reporters ahead of a session in the Turkish federal system and settling property disputes Ministry of Defense. Britain’s RAF Akrotiri air base ce as well as by the military intended to silence the society.
Turkey and is hindering Turkey’s membership talks Cypriot Parliament to discuss the Cyprus peace from years of partition. Territorial adjust- has been used in the past as a supply post for opera- The existence of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK)
with the EU. The Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides efforts. Initial reactions from Greek Cypriots ments, which have in previous peace blue- tions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nicosia Reuters Web sites was revealed in an e-mail sent by a military
officer to a number of newspapers and journalists
last week. The officer, who wished to remain anony-
mous, claimed that the armed forces established
42 Web sites as part of their psychological warfare
against “dangerous” civilian groups, which were cat-
egorized as “reactionary,” “separatist,” “pro-Justice
Zero-problem polcy as challengng and Development Party [AK Party]” and “anti-TSK.”
The armed forces also monitored the activities
of more than 400 Turkish and foreign language Web

as rdng two horses, says expert
sites. The plan against Web sites was devised at the
Third Information Support Unit of the General Staff
by a number of colonels and was allegedly coordinated

by Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen. Hasan Isz, ac-
cording to the ofcer. Chief of General Staff Gen. lker
Turkey’s current policy of zero prob- Babu was also reportedly informed about the plan.
lems with neighbors is better than The General Staff conrmed last week that it had set
its highly defensive and securitized up Web sites to monitor groups upon a directive that it re-
foreign policy of the past, but this new policy ceived in 2000 from the then coalition government headed
puts Ankara in the position of a circus rider by late Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. Turkish bureaucrats
who is riding two horses at the same time, an then denied the existence of such a regulation. Neverthe-
expert on Turkish politics has said. less, what is at stake is Turkey’s democracy. To improve
“I think at the moment it is extremely Turkish democratic standards, it is a must for neither the
difcult for Turkey to have good relations TSK nor any other institutions to engage in undemocratic

with Syria and Israel and Palestine and Is- practices. To end such practices, the AK Party should
rael at the same time simply because of the cancel all existing covert or overt regulations in-
gap between Israel and Palestine and, I am tended to smear certain segments of society.
afraid, between Syria and Israel,” Professor In addition to laws that regulate the activities of the
William Hale from the School of Oriental TSK and the Gendarmerie General Command (JGK),
and African Studies (SOAS), University of which acts under the orders of the military though it
London, told Today’s Zaman. is afliated with the Interior Ministry, there have been
The emeritus professor is in Damascus hundreds of internal regulations issued within both or-
to discuss “the re-emergence of Turkey as ganizations, some of which have an inuence over laws.
a regional player and its potential new role For example, there are an estimated 500 laws and
regarding Europe” during a two-day con- internal regulations issued by the JGK that dene its re-
ference that was organized by the Danish sponsibilities and duties. This security organization jus-
Institute in Damascus in partnership with ties its practice of smearing the society by effectively
International Media Support (IMS) and bypassing laws and simply issuing an internal memo.
which began on Monday. The Security and Public Order Assistance Squads
Prominent intellectuals, academics and (EMASYA) secret protocol, for example, signed between
Prominent intellectuals, academics and journalists met during a two-day conference that was or-
journalists met here to search for answers to ganized by the Danish Institute in Damascus on Monday to search for answers to questions such the Interior Ministry of the related government in July 1997
questions such as how Turkey’s new Middle as how Turkey’s new Middle East policy will affect Turkish-European Union relations. and the JGK, stands as another important document that
East policy will affect Turkey-European Union needs to be cancelled by the current government as it pro-
relations; if relations with the EU and rela- But Hale said one should be cautious be- might think that the improvement in Turkey- vides the military authority above that of the governor.
tions with the Middle East are complementary cause there are mixed signals coming from Middle East relations is a response to frustra- Through EMASYA, the military took over posts tra-
to each other; if Turkey is looking increasingly Israel. “For example, Avigdor Lieberman [Is- tion with the troubled process of accession to ditionally controlled by the police and governors. The
toward the East and south as a reaction to the rael’s hard-line foreign minister] will be quite the European Union, but Turkish policymak- gendarmerie moved from rural areas to urban ones.
slow pace of its accession negotiations with happy if things get worse because he doesn’t ers insist that these ties are simply strength- Through EMASYA, a domestic security
the EU; if the policy of zero problems with want to settle the dispute over the Golan ening each other. “In the rst place, Arab structure was established that posits society
neighbors is realistic; and what happens if Heights, for example. On the other hand, you countries are supporting Turkey to join the itself as being the greatest threat.
neighbors are at loggerheads with each other. have [President Shimon] Peres, who has re- EU because they see this as a way of getting The European Union Progress Report released on
As the keynote speaker of the confer- cently invited [Turkish President Abdullah] a fellow country into the EU. That is impor- Oct. 14 stated that the 1997 EMASYA secret protocol on
ence, Hale, while answering some of those Gül to Israel. We have two different messages tant for them. The other thing is that Turkey’s security, public order and assistance units remains in force
questions, made an analogy and stated that that send mixed signals from Israel,” he said. soft power depends largely on maintaining unchanged. The protocol allows military operations to be
Turkey is in a situation rather like a circus Answering a question about the US ad- its good ties with the EU. In other words, it is carried out for internal security matters under certain con-
rider who is riding two horses, with one ministration’s position regarding all these de- through its relationship with the EU that it has ditions without a request from civilian authorities, it said.
William Hale
foot on one horse and one foot on the other velopments, he said it depends on who you access to European capital, European technol- Still, the military has a great deal of inuence in de-
horse. “If the horses are close and going in the the annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel. are talking to in the US administration. “In ogy, etc. All these are helping develop rela- scribing both internal threat perceptions and external threat
same direction, he does ne. But if the two At one point, Turkey even broke off diplo- Congress the pro-Israeli lobby is still extreme- tions with Middle East countries. I see these perceptions in addition to gathering intelligence separately
horses go off in different directions then the matic relations with Israel, but now there is ly powerful, but I get the impression that the policies as complementary,” he said. without coordination with other intelligence gathering or-
rider is in a difcult position and has difcul- no intention of breaking relations. Relations Obama administration would like to have a He added that as a reaction to the slow ganizations in the country. This is despite the fact that junta
ties standing in the middle,” he said. with Israel are too developed to allow such more standofsh policy towards Israel. I am not place of talks with the EU, Turkey’s rela- activities within the military to unseat the government have
He recalled that there were times in the a thing to happen. You have Hamas and a sure if Hillary Clinton agrees with that. There tions with Russia may improve, too. “The been disclosed while several retired generals as well as ac-
past, too, when Turkish-Israeli relations divided Palestine on the one side, and the are mixed signals about that, too,” he replied. reaction to the slowdown of relationships tive officers are being tried over charges of fomenting
were not good -- even worse than today. rightist government in Israel on the other. Professor Hale, while commenting on with the EU could not be just for devel- an armed uprising to topple the civilian authority.
“For example, in the 1970s, there were sharp That makes, for the time being, two horses Turkey-EU relations and Turkey-Middle East oping relations with Middle East countries This reality itself poses one of the serious roadblocks
reactions from the Turkish government to going in opposite directions,” he said. relations, stated that some people in Turkey but also with Russia,” he said. before any effort to solve Turkey’s decades-long Kurdish
question in particular and to widen democracy in general.

OIC Secretary-General
Lellouche says France, Turkey reached ‘implicit deal’ on EU hsanolu in Baku
Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
French Minister for European Affairs in Europe and proposes in- cession of Turkey into the EU, Lel- eight chapters of the accession negotiations with Secretary-General Ekmeleddin hsanolu is on
Pierre Lellouche has announced that his stead a privileged partnership louche said. “The second issue is Ankara due to its refusal to open its ports and air- a visit to Baku to attend an international conference
country and Turkey have recently reached an that falls short of membership the continuation of [membership] ports to Greek Cypriot trafc, the European Council titled “Dialogue among Civilizations: A View from
“implicit agreement” concerning bilateral dis- in the 27-nation EU, while the negotiations. This is in the best said it would review the situation at the end of 2009. Azerbaijan,” being hosted by Azerbaijan in coopera-
agreements surrounding Turkey’s European Turkish leadership categorically interest of everybody and Turkey. France has, meanwhile, blocked another ve chap- tion with the OIC General Secretariat to celebrate the
Union membership process. rejects any formula that does A contemporary and democratic ters that are directly linked to full membership. 40th anniversary of the establishment of the OIC.
Brieng members of the foreign affairs com- not include full membership in Turkey is in the best interest of Last week, during an ofcial visit to the French On the sidelines of the conference, the OIC secretary-
mittee of the French National Assembly on Tues- the European bloc. the EU,” the French minister was capital, where he had talks with senior ofcials, in- general was today received by the president of Azerbaijan,
day, Lellouche said an implicit agreement was During their meeting last quoted as saying by the agency. cluding his counterpart, Bernard Kouchner, Turk- Ilham Aliyev. They exchanged views on various important
reached during President Abdullah Gül’s meeting month, the French and Turk- He cited the third issue on which ish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutolu described international and regional issues, including the Palestinian-
with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris last ish presidents reached an the two parties agreed as a mutual the French government’s opposition to Turkey’s Israeli conict, the Afghan conict and the situation in the
month, noting that the agreement aimed at “eas- unwritten agreement based will for increasing bilateral political, European ambitions as a grave mistake. “No one Caucasus. hsanolu also congratulated Aliyev on the occa-
ing” problems concerning Turkey’s EU member- on “mutual compromise on Pierre Lellouche economical and strategic relations sion of the assumption by Baku of the title of Capital of Is-
can force us to accept an option like a special part-
ship process, the Anatolia news agency reported. three issues for easing prob- to the highest level. nership. We’re not looking for a favor or special lamic Culture for 2009. The secretary-general reiterated to Pres-
Gül had paid an ofcial visit to Paris last month, lems stemming from the parties’ positions,” The EU opened accession negotiations with treatment, just for agreements to be respected. The ident Aliyev the principled and unwavering support of the OIC
where he and his French counterpart, Sarkozy, to- Lellouche was quoted by Anatolia as telling Turkey in October 2005. Countries hoping to join European Union’s key selling point is its respect for to Azerbaijan, in line with the OIC summit and ministerial con-
gether opened an exhibition at Paris’ Grand Palais members of the foreign affairs committee. the bloc must fulll EU requirements in 35 policy agreements. It’s thanks to that principle that the EU ferences on Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, which
as part of the Season of Turkey in France. The rst compromise is an undeclared ac- negotiating areas, or chapters. Ankara has so far for- has a draw. If it loses that, it loses all its legitimacy,” led to the occupation by Armenia of around 20 percent of
Sarkozy believes that Turkey does not belong ceptance that France continues to oppose ac- mally opened 11 chapters. In 2006, while blocking he said. Ankara Today’s Zaman with wires Azerbaijani territory. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires


AK Party should be encouraged, says former deputy Erba Time to overcome
past traumas, Arnç
EMNE DOLMACI STANBUL by the issue. Former Van deputy Erba is among those The RP continued its efforts to resolve the issue until right path. It should certainly be supported. If the
who contributed to previous efforts at resolution as he it was closed down in 1998. “We did our best then, government takes a step backwards, nobody would says in Diyarbakr
Fethullah Erba, a former deputy of the now- was included in a commission that was drafting re- but the atmosphere was not suitable. We could not do be able to give an account of the pain that would be
“No matter what happens, even if we have
defunct Welfare Party (RP), has praised the ports on the issue for the RP government. Erba was anything after the closure,” he said. experienced after this point. All parties should act
to drink a bitter medicine, we will do so in
ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) included in the group that negotiated the release of Stating that cross-border operations carried out with common sense and resolve the issue without
order to nd healing, to reach a state of tranquil-
efforts to settle the Kurdish issue, calling on everyone two Turkish soldiers who had been abducted by the in the ‘90s showed that the solution to the issue was the concern of winning more votes,” he said.
ity; we will do everything that is right, good and
to support the initiative and encourage the AK Party. outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in 1996. a political rather than military one, Erba said the He also proposed that members of the PKK in the
beautiful, whatever is necessary for our country,”
There had been politicians in the past who had “We initiated a resolution process during the RP gov- reason the issue has not been solved for decades is Makhmur camp who have not engaged in any con-
State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bülent
exerted efforts to settle the country’s long-standing ernment. Now, I say I wish we had not. There was that the international setting was not appropriate ict should be brought to Turkey in the rst phase and
Arnç said during a trip to Diyarbakr yesterday.
Kurdish problem before the AK Party government a big fuss. Everybody pressured the government,” he in the past. “The government is aware that it has that this should be followed by legal and constitutional
Arnç’s remarks came during a visit to
decided to put an end to the decades of pain caused said, explaining the criticism his party was faced with. to solve the issue. It is taking correct steps on the changes to be made to grant more rights to Kurds.
Diyarbakr during which he participated in the
opening of the academic year at Dicle University.
Arnç also paid a visit to the ofce of Diyarbakr
Mayor Osman Baydemir, who cancelled a pre-
viously scheduled trip abroad in order to greet
Arnç and the delegation -- including Agricul-
tural and Rural Affairs Minister Mehmet Mehdi

Brawl over Kurdish initiative Eker and Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu -- upon
their arrival in the province. Speaking at the
mayor’s ofce, Arnç referenced the troubles
of the poverty-stricken, troubled province and
commented hopefully about his Justice and De-

dominates debate at Parliament velopment Party (AK Party) government’s efforts
as part of its democratic initiative to address Tur-
key’s long-standing Kurdish problem.
Many painful incidents have been experi-

contnued from page 1 key from its shackles,” Atalay, who calls the enced, but it is also important to remember that
In response, Atalay said he does not issue in Parliament “A National Unity and for over 1,000 years people have lived together

want to be misunderstood and all he Brotherhood Project,” said. peacefully on this soil, Arnç said. “We are work-
wanted to say is that “the AK Party has the rep- He said the initiative is not restricted to ing to carry out this project of tranquility, peace
resentative power.” expanding the rights of the country’s Kurdish and brotherhood in the best way. We know about
The opposition has continued its negative population, but is about improving democracy the traumas caused by history and the painful
stance against the government’s democratic ini- and therefore will result in “more freedom for events experienced in the past. The politician is
tiative, which involves expanding the rights of everybody.” the one who solves society’s problems, not the
the Kurdish citizens of Turkey. As the opposition attacked, Atalay contin- one who speaks meaninglessly. The chief aim of
The ruling AK Party brought the issue to ued to speak and stressed that the project does politics is problem-solving. We want to carry out
Parliament on Nov. 10 after months-long not contain anything which would alter Tur- those things that we know are correct as regards
public discussions in order to end the Kurd- key’s unitary structure. this topic. And we are expecting everyone’s posi-
ish conict, which has cost the lives of about “Nobody in Turkey can challenge the un- tive contributions to this process,” he said.
40,000 people since 1984, resulted in more changeable articles of the Constitution, the uni- “When we talk of a democratic initiative,
than 17,000 unsolved murders and cost bil- tary state, the ofcial language which is Turk- when we talk of a project of national unity and
lions of dollars in military expenditure. ish, the ag featuring a star and crescent and complete brotherhood, when we talk about a
However, the opposition Republican the national anthem,” he said, and added that project for peace and tranquility, we aim to do
People’s Party (CHP) deputies were uneasy speeches in Parliament should not feed hatred in this is in the best way and achieve a happy end-
about the debate, which they said should not the society but instead send messages of peace. ing. We all have the same goal,” he said. Even
be brought to the Parliament on the anniver- “Come on,” he said. “Let’s set our party if a medicine is bitter, it must be taken if it is to
sary of the death of the founder of modern politics and party’s interests aside. Let’s create a bring about betterment, Arnç emphasized, con-

Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. They said the soft language to reinforce our feelings of broth- tinuing: “We are going to try to do more than
commemoration activities would be overshad- erhood without excluding anybody.” everyone else, do better than everyone else. …
owed by the debate. Atalay also warned that there are “lobbies” We are in need of a period in which everyone’s
Before the parliamentary discussion, CHP which are fed by the conict and they “provoke” pain will be lessened, in which the tears will
leader Deniz Baykal held his party’s parliamen- society in that regard by saying the democratic stop. And we will do everything necessary to
tary group meeting and harshly criticized the AK initiative is about dividing the country. However, bring this about.” stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
Party’s insistence on the Nov. 10 date, as well as he said the initiative is about consolidating de-
the Kurdish initiative in general. mocracy in Turkey.
Former politician

Stating that “Nov. 10 is a day on which the At a time when the Turkish government has
ags are lowered to half-mast,” Baykal said, “A been breaking taboos by initiating a dialogue
plan that targets the accomplishments of the re- concerning the Kurdish problem, eight mem- says Demirel failed to
public is being staged on such a day.
The AK Party government announced
bers of the outlawed PKK returned to Turkey
from the Kandil Mountains, where the PKK has
stand against memo
its intention to settle the Kurdish question a camp, and 26 came back from Makhmur, a ref- The memoirs of a former parliament
through peaceful methods during the sum- ugee camp in northern Iraq. But more arrivals of speaker and former leader of the Demo-
mer, but has not detailed its plan. The Kurdish the members of the PKK were suspended due to cratic Party, Ferruh Bozbeyli, have revealed that
part of the democratic initiative of the govern- agitation in various segments of society. Süleyman Demirel, who was the prime minister
ment is expected to grant cultural and linguis- About the debate on the selection of Nov. 10 at the time of the March 12, 1971 military mem-
tic rights to the country’s Kurds. for discussing the Kurdish initiative, Parliament orandum, failed to stand against the military,
During the process, Prime Minister Recep Speaker ahin said Atatürk was a great leader and refuting Demirel’s statements to the contrary.
CHP deputies held up banners saying “Our great leader, we follow in your footsteps,” on Tues-
Tayyip Erdoan broke his policy of not engaging day in Parliament while protesting the Kurdish initiative. one day is not enough to remember his achieve- When Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
with the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party ments. “He is present in our daily lives,” he said. Erdoan implicitly criticized Demirel for failing
(DTP) -- because the DTP refuses to declare the Meanwhile, pro-Kurdish DTP deputy Gültan to stand against the 1971 military memoran-
an Artman, held up banners saying, “Atam leave.” Parliament then went into recess.
outlawed PKK a terrorist organization -- and Kanak said it was important for Parliament to dum, Demirel said he quit the government in
zindeyiz,” or “Our Great Leader, We are Fol- However, the heated debate continued dur-
had a meeting with its leaders. take up the Kurdish issue -- even though it was order to keep Parliament open.
lowing Your Path.” There were also other ban- ing the break and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Interior Minister Atalay, who is also the co- not openly called the “Kurdish” issue -- after so Speaking on a TV program last Sunday,
ners saying, “Our Great Leader, We will Protect Erdoan said the parliament speaker should
ordinator of the government’s Kurdish initiative, many years. She said the institution best able to Erdoan talked about a recently unearthed
Your Works” and “You Established the Repub- start an investigation regarding the issue.
delivered a speech on Nov. 10 in the Parliament address the Kurdish problem is the Parliament. military action plan to destroy his government,
lic, We Will Make it Live.”
and when asked what he would do if he had
focusing on the targets and scope of the initia- Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali ahin ‘We say enough’ Parliamentary ofcials announced yesterday
tive. But tensions rose when Atalay said, “The that the general discussion of the issue will be held in felt a coup was about to take place, he replied:
promptly warned the protestors to stop display- Atalay, who launched preliminary talks with op-
AK Party is Turkey’s party.” Deputies from the Parliament on Friday. Prime Minister Erdoan’s of- “If I feel such a threat, I will not take my hat
ing their banners. position parties regarding the initiative, provided
opposition CHP and MHP protested against cial visits to Düzce and Adyaman have been can- and leave. I will take the necessary action.”
“This is the grand assembly, not a demon- a timeline of the government’s plans for the so-
Atalay’s words by pounding on their desks. celled because of the debate planned on the demo- Following Erdoan’s remarks, Demirel said
stration area. Please put down the banners.” lution of the long-standing Kurdish issue.
Meanwhile, CHP deputies, led by Can- cratic initiative on Friday. stanbul Today’s Zaman he did the right thing by leaving power when
ahin also said, “Either put down the banners or “The democratic initiative will release Tur-
the circumstances of the time are taken into
consideration. “I left the government in 1971 to
keep Parliament open,” he said.
In his memoir named, “Lonely Demo-
crat,” Bozbeyli explained that the 1971 military
intervention was not only against Demirel’s

First experience and the culture of democracy government but also against Parliament. He
wrote: “Parliament was taken under military
control. The army called all the party leaders
much noise by hitting their seats. The session was ate a mission for peace within a constitutional and to urge for a solution in democratic regimes. including Demirel and gave them orders for
frequently interrupted by uproars and arguments. legal framework. Of course, we will answer all of On the other hand, the image in Parliament the establishment of a new government.”
Ali Aslan Klç The opposition parties were tense as they did not them. We will continue to explain this process with showed a political power that sought a solution In the memoir, which was prepared by aca-
know about the content of the initiative. They worked facts and will continue to inform our nation about it.” while the opposition resisted with secularist reexes demic and journalist hsan Da and journalist
hard to prevent a discussion about the democratic initia- The MHP deputies, who were offended when and a fear of separatism. Fatih Uur, Bozbeyli talked about those days:
Parliament is having heated debates, and as all par- tive from starting in Parliament. As justication, they ar- Klç indicated that it is wrong to demand to hold a Yet, until very recently, the National Security “Soldiers were reading out the military memo-
ties, regardless of whether they are represented in gued that such a discussion should not occur on the an- closed session, were further annoyed when another Council (MGK) underlined two major threats: reac- randum in Parliament. Hasan Korkmazcan
Parliament, can agree, Parliament is experiencing a niversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s death on Nov. 10. AK Party spokesman, Avni Doan, told them they tionaryism and separatism. from the Democratic Party said the memoran- 
rst in its nearly century-old history. The main opposition Republican People’s Party were “speaking just like CHP deputies.” The opposition, which argued that the out- dum cannot be read. The parliament speaker
Until very recently, Parliament would only dis- (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Like the MHP, which failed to display any patience for dated methods should continue to be used to solve was allowing the soldiers to read it. Korkmazcan
cuss how to solve the Kurdish issue through secu- harshly criticized the ruling Justice and Development the sake of democracy, the CHP could not accept Interior problems, was like the old MGK. The CHP, with stood up and left the hall saying, ‘You are doing
rity measures, but for the rst time, it has opted to Party (AK Party). AK Party parliamentary group Minister Beir Atalay’s statement that all parties except the its emphasis on secularism, and the MHP, with its something against the Constitution.’ The Cabi-
settle it via democratic means. Deputy Chairman Suat Klç, whose parliamentary AK Party are regional parties. The session was interrupted focus on separatism, demanded that counterterror- net used to gather on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Firsts have their own unique unknowns. Doing address opposition deputies tried to obstruct, spoke when signs were held up and slogans chanted. ism should be maintained with security measures as while Parliament used to gather on Mondays,
something for the rst time can also be painful. Yet to Today’s Zaman. Noting that the criticisms hurled In response to shouts of “Open up the initia- was the case during their terms. Wednesdays and Fridays. March 12 was a Fri-
it may also be easier. at them were worse than slander, Klç said: “They tive! Open up the initiative,” Minister Atalay said Parliament is a democratic venue where par- day, so the memorandum was read on Satur-
The debates waged showed that the nerves of said slanderous things that they could never prove. the general session is the place where this can be ties freely express their views. However, everyone day. This means Parliament was called for an
politics have become quite sensitive. There were Without being restrained by the principles of po- done. Summing up his historic speech with “greater should tolerate other views as well. extraordinary meeting so that the memoran-
reactions that did not t the established practices litical ethics and statesmanship, they made a false freedom for everyone,” Minister Atalay called on The troubles linked to this rst parliamentary dum could be read.” These remarks indicated
of Parliament. Signs were hung, and slogans were claim that the AK Party is cooperating with the PKK the opposition to become part of the solution. Al- meeting are understandable if they are attributed to that not only the Demirel government but also
chanted. Some deputies tried to block other deputies [Kurdistan Workers’ Party]. They accuse [the AK though political power is an indispensable element political concerns. Yet, the lack of democratic cul- the entire Parliament was taken under the con-
from addressing Parliament, and some others made Party] of treason and separatism. They cannot toler- of all regimes, the opposition should be the element ture and tolerance is not understandable. trol of the military. Hamza Erdoan Ankara


Approaches to
stanbul to bid for 2020 Olympics, says sports official Atalay peace of Gülen, Dalai

After four unsuccessful Olympic bids, stanbul will enter
the race to host the 2020 games. Turkish government
by hosting the 2005 Champions League nal and other events
and will be staging the 2010 World Basketball Champion-
Lama discussed
sports ofcial Mehmet Atalay said Tuesday the country has ships, the 2011 Winter Universiade Games and 2012 IAAF The Intercultural Dialogue Center

decided to launch another Olympic bid and believes the city’s World Indoor Championships in Athletics. “Infrastructure- (IKULT) organized on Wednesday a
chances are much stronger this time. stanbul mounted failed wise, stanbul has improved a lot,” he said. “Transportation comprehensive symposium on “Nonviolent
attempts for the 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics. It sat out has improved. Weather pollution is almost nished. It’s one of Communication and the Contribution of Cul-
the race for the 2016 Games, which were awarded last month the most secure cities in Europe. We are getting experience at tures to Peace” in which the opinions and un-
to Rio de Janeiro. “stanbul has changed a lot,” Atalay said. organizing major events.” Atalay said stanbul could take an derstandings of Fethullah Gülen, Dalai Lama
“We feel much more condent to be in a race with other cities.” example from Rio, which bid several times before getting the and Marshall Rosenberg on peace.
Cities in Japan and Italy have expressed interest in the 2020 Olympics. “We will keep on until we win,” he said. The paper explaining Gülen’s ideas on
games, and Dubai and Qatar are also considering bids. South Tokyo -- which nished third in the 2016 race -- is con- peace was presented by Eyüp Beir from the
Africa and other African countries could also enter candidates. sidering trying again for 2020. Hiroshima and Nagasaki have Inter-religious Dialog Platform (FID). Beir
Bid submissions to the International Olympic Committee are also announced plans for a joint bid from Japan. Several cit- stressed that Gülen always dreamed of a young
due in 2011. The IOC will select the 2020 host city in 2013. ies in Italy, including Rome and Venice, have expressed in- generation having a large intellectual capacity,
Atalay, the former head of Turkey’s Youth and Sports Gen- terest in bidding. Qatar ofcials conrmed Tuesday they are wisdom and spirituality and added that the co-
eral Directorate, said he believed the Olympics will return to preparing to submit a bid from Doha for 2020, although they existence of people in the framework of gen-
Europe in 2020 after going to South America for the rst time in are currently focusing on their campaign for the 2022 World eral human rights is very important for Gülen.
2016. “We strongly believe that we are going to have the best Cup. Doha tried for the 2016 Games, but failed to make Recalling Gülen’s words, “A Muslim can-
bid for 2020,” he told reporters at the Sports Event Manage- the list of nalists, mainly because it proposed holding the not be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a
ment Conference in London. “Turkey is a big country, and it games outside of the usual July-August period due to the se- Muslim,” Beir thinks this shows the value
has much potential for hosting such events. We have the his- vere heat in Qatar in the summer. With South Africa hosting Gülen attaches to the existence of human be-
tory. We have the culture. We are the bridge between Europe next year’s World Cup, organizing committee chief Danny ings. “With this understanding, Gülen sees the
and Asia.” Atalay said the bid had the full backing of President Jordaan says a successful tournament could foreshadow possibility of inter-religious dialogue. But his
Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan and an African Olympics in 2020. South African cities Johan- open stance to dialogue did not start after 9/11,
that 85 percent of the country’s population support the effort. nesburg, Cape Town and Durban are potential candidates. rather he had already been successful in gath-
Undeterred by four failed attempts to host the Olympic Games, stanbul has an-
nounced its intent to enter the race to host the 2020 games. Atalay said Turkey has gained valuable sports experience Egypt and Nigeria could also consider bidding. London AP ering people from different ideological bases
and linking them in a peaceful atmosphere,”
added Beir. He also noted that in Turkey,
Muslims, Christians and Jews have been living
without any problem for decades.
Annette Kirsch, from the Tibet House, ex-
plained in her paper the ways in which the Da-
lai Lama has developed peaceful relations with
non-Buddhists after telling his life story. Reiter-

World’s oldest woman ating that the Lama is a Nobel price laureate, she
underlined that he has advised the establish-
ment of peace in his travels around the world.
In the symposium, Marshall Rosenberg’s
approach to communication was also dis-

lves n Turkey’s Diyarbakr cussed in a presentation by Kendra Gettel say-
ing that Rosenberg divides the process of com-
munication into four different parts.

Halim Solmaz, a resident of Diyarbakr’s Theology Professor Klaus Otte praised
Beiri district, is purportedly 125 years the efforts for the improvement of dialogue
old, which if true would make her the and stated: “With dialogue we have learned
oldest known person on the face of the earth. ways of peaceful coexistence with our Muslim
rfan Erta, the head of the local birth registry fellows. Maybe there are new opportunities
directorate, conrms the record of Solmaz’s age, for scientic progress in the meanings of the
saying: “According to our records Halim Solmaz Quran and the Bible.” Ziver Ermi Cologne
was born in 1884 and is still alive. She lives in

[Beiri’s] Bismil [neighborhood].” Solmaz’s iden-
tication card says she was born on July 1, 1884, Four PKK
and according to reports she had seven children
(four sons and three daughters) and is grand- returnees drafted
mother to 54 and great-grandmother to 150.
Mehmet Beir Solmaz, a grandchild of Halim
for army service
Solmaz, translated his grandmother’s comments Necessary procedures for military enlist-
from Kurdish to Turkish in an interview with ment have been put into motion for four
the Anatolia news agency. Solmaz explains that of 34 people from a refugee camp and a terrorist
she married twice, losing her rst husband after base in northern Iraq who recently surrendered
three years of marriage during World War I. She to Turkish security forces but who have not yet
then married emsettin Solmaz and moved with completed their compulsory military service.
him to the province of Siirt. The newcomers, who returned to Turkey
Her grandson explains: “My grandma is in mid-October as part of the government’s
125 years old and is now beginning to have ongoing efforts collectively referred to as the
difculty speaking and moving around. My Kurdish or democratic initiative, have been
mother looks after her. My grandma and released with no legal attachments pending
grandpa moved to a village in Siirt’s Kurtalan after a brief interrogation upon their return
district following the 1917 Russian Revolution under Turkey’s partial amnesty law known as
and stayed there for some time. Of course, they the “repentance law.” Meanwhile, out of the
had a very difcult life. For example, they lived 34 who surrendered, 15 were given Republic of
in what in those days could be considered a Turkey identication cards. The remaining will
cave. They also saw famine at some times. be issued IDs once bureaucratic procedures
“Later they moved to Bismil with my father, concerning their background are completed.
who is an imam. That was about 20 years ago. Our Four of the returnees -- three from the Mah-
family lives across Siirt, Batman and Diyarbakr. mour refugee camp, identied as Bülent Aka, Musa
My grandma has 54 grandchildren from her sev- Tümeg and Nizar Buldan, and one from the Kurd-
en children, and nearly 150 great-grandchildren. Halim Solmaz, purportedly 125 years old, lives in Diyarbakr’s Beiri district. If her age is true, she would be the oldest known person on the face of the earth. istan Workers’ Party (PKK) base in northern Iraq’s
She also has great-great-grandchildren, but I Kandil Mountains, identied as Mustafa Ayhan
don’t know the exact number,” he said. and that her relatives greeted him, and that has enough energy to speak, she often says, ‘If only she has lived in the same home as her mother- -- reportedly have not yet completed their compul-
she personally offered him and his comrades I had died, enough already, I’ve lived a long time.’ in-law for 40 years and is her primary caregiver. sory military service. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
Offered ayran to ayran. “Atatürk had blue eyes and was very She eats yogurt more than anything else. In the “For the past 40 years she has been blind. I take
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk handsome. He got on a horse and was accom- past she always used to eat butter as well. She has care of everything from her toilette to her food.
Halim Solmaz explained through her grand- panied by cavalrymen,” she said. no chronic illnesses, but due to her advanced age Sometimes she says to me, ‘Husbands used to Turkish charities
son that she remembers when Mustafa Kemal
Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic,
Her grandson explains that there has also been
loss in Halim Solmaz’s long life; three of her chil-
she depends on us for her care. I think my grandma
is the oldest person in the world,” he said.
beat their spouses; brides these days are very
lucky because their husbands don’t beat them.’
prepare to deliver aid
visited the Kurtulan district long ago and also
came to the village where she lived. She said
dren have passed away. “My grandmother and
grandfather were married for 60 years; my grandfa-
Mehmet Beir Solmaz’s mother, Selime
Solmaz, also spoke to the Anatolia news agency
Due to her age sometimes she forgets even to
eat and drink unless she’s reminded,” she ex-
during Eid al-Adha
Atatürk arrived at the village on horseback ther passed away in 1972. When my grandmother through her son’s translation, explaining that plains. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires With Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrice)
approaching, Turkish charity organiza-
tions have stepped up preparations to lend a
helping hand to Africans living in severe pov-
erty by donating sacriced animals.
Humanitarian Aid Foundation (HH),
Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody There) and the

Gov’t steps on Alevi issue ‘historic,’ says Çelik Cansuyu Solidarity and Charity Foundation
launched several programs to collect money
from the Turkish public to buy sacricial ani-
YASN KILIÇ / AYE TOSUN STANBUL tization].” He said the Alevi workshops, seven of an, Fehmi Koru, Hakan Albayrak, smail Küçük- mals to feed the poor in various African coun-
which have been scheduled, seek to bring objec- kaya, Mehmet Ali Birand, Mehmet Barlas, Mustafa tries. Thousands of volunteers will spend their
The government’s efforts to solve the prob- tive and correct information to the state. “With Karaaliolu, Nee Düzel, Oral Çallar, Ömer Laçiner, Eid al-Adha in Africa to help slaughter the ani-
lems of Turkey’s Alevi community are both this workshop, we want to take out the problems Taha Akyol, Uur Dündar and Yiit Bulut. mals and distribute the meat.

historic and sincere, State Minister Faruk Çelik, of Alevis from a supercial ground and invite the In his speech, Çelik stated that some Al- HH President Bülent Yldrm said that since
who is coordinating a series of workshops bringing real sides in the problem to talk -- and know and evi groups were skeptical about the government’s his organization rst began its Eid al-Adha pro-
together writers, intellectuals and representatives understand this area with a new vision.” steps to tackle the Alevi question, while some other gram, it has seen more than 2,000 volunteers help
of the Alevi community, has said. In the session held yesterday, the participants, organizations have been more supportive. He criti- it distribute aid in remote parts of the world. He
Speaking at stanbul’s Marmara Hotel yester- including journalists from over 40 media organs, dis- cized an Alevi demonstration held in stanbul on added that many people are surprised when the
day at the opening of the fth of a series of Alevi cussed Alevi representation in the media. Some of the Sunday, saying: “Some Alevi organizations prefer volunteers come to them and tell them HH is giv-
workshops organized by the government, State well-known journalists who participated in the work- to invite people to the street instead of understand- ing away meat. “People asked us why we went
Minister Çelik said: “We are sincere, and the steps shop were Ali Krca, Ahmet Hakan, Ali Bayramolu, ing and appreciating the sensitivity we are showing there and wanted to understand our motivation.
we are taking are historic. We are not afraid of Ali Bulaç, Can Dündar, Emre Kongar, Erdal afak, here. We do not want this process to be blocked. These donations are helping Turkey build a chain
State Minister Faruk Çelik said the AK Party gov-
paying whatever the cost might be [for democra- Ergun Babahan, Erturul Özkök, Etyen Mahçupy- We are against all types of discrimination.” ernment is sincere in its Alevi initiative. of mercy,” Yldrm noted. Elif Akdeniz stanbul


Capacity utilization up by 1.7 pct point in October over previous month Turkey, Morocco
In a sign that Turkey is beginning to recover preventing the manufacturing sector from functio- manufacturers predict that it will decrease by 0.8 The contraction in Turkey’s capacity utiliza- seeking a trade bridge
from the global nancial crisis, the manufactu- ning at full capacity. According to the report, 56.5 percent in November. During the same period, the tion gained momentum in December 2008 when
A trade and investment bridge between
ring sector’s capacity utilization rate for the month percent of companies surveyed pointed to a shor- amount of goods sold decreased by 1.1 percent, and the rate dropped to 64.7 percent from 72.9 per-
Turkey and Morocco organized by the
of October increased 1.7 percentage points over the tage in domestic demand as the primary reason for those surveyed predicted that the number will inc- cent the previous month and then to 63.8 per-
Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and In-
previous month, reaching 71.8 percent; however, not operating at full capacity, while 28.5 percent rease by 0.8 percent next month. Sales prices also cent in both January and February. March and
dustrialists (TUSKON) in a bid to boost com-
despite this improvement, the gure is still 4.9 per- cited a lack of demand from foreign markets. Some decreased by 0.1 percent in October compared to the April saw a nascent recovery as the gure rose
merce between the two countries kicked off
centage points lower than October 2008. 3.2 percent attributed the shortfall in capacity utili- previous month, but they are expected to increase by to 64.7 percent and 66.8 percent, respectively.
yesterday in Casablanca and will run through
The Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) released zation to nancial problems, and 3.9 percent bla- 0.3 percent in November. The prices of raw materials The recovery continued in the following three
Nov. 13, with the attendance of Industry and
its monthly tendency survey on Wednesday, revealing med a shortage of domestic raw materials. Some 2 increased by 1.1 percent in October, and next month months with the rate rising to 70.4, 72.7 and 72.3
Trade Minister Nihat Ergün along with a trade
that the capacity utilization of Turkey’s manufacturing percent of respondents pointed to a shortage in raw they are expected to increase by 0.2 percent. in May, June and July, respectively. August, ho-
mission of more than 80 businessmen.
sector weighted by production value continued its imported materials and 1.2 percent to labor prob- The public sector’s capacity utilization rate wever, saw a 2.6 percent drop, suggesting that
Turkish rms attending the event will be
move upwards following a 0.4 percent increase seen lems as the most signicant factor preventing them for October totaled 67.6 percent and the private the crisis had not yet eased, but this was coun-
briefed trade and investment opportunities in
in September over the preceding month. from operating at full capacity. sector’s utilization rate was 71.9 percent. These tered by a 0.4 percentage point increase in Sep-
Morocco by the country’s ofcials. TUSKON
The TurkStat report cited the shortage of de- Production quantity increased by 2.9 percent gures were 83.5 percent and 75.8 percent, res- tember over the previous month, again pointing
announced in a written statement that the com-
mand in the domestic market as the principal factor in October compared to the previous month, but pectively, in the same month of last year. to economic recovery. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
panies will also have a chance to have talks with
Moroccan rms operating in various sectors.
Apart from Ergün, Turkish Ambassador to
Morocco Haluk Ilcak, Casablanca Chamber of
Commerce President Hassane Berkani, Casablanca
Mayor Mohamed Sajid and TUSKON Chairman

Rzanur Meral were set to attend the meeting.
Trade volume between Turkey and Morocco

has been in an upward trend since 2004. A free tra-
de agreement between Turkey and Morocco that
took effect on Jan. 1, 2006 has also contributed to
the increase in trade between the two countries.
TUSKON also organized a Turkey-Egypt
Business Forum on Tuesday during which Rac-
hid Mohamed Rachid, the Egyptian minister of
industry and trade, said Egyptian companies are
Migros aims to set to make two major investments in the Tur-
kish healthcare/pharmaceuticals and construc-

emerge from tion sectors. Declining to give detailed informa-
tion, Rachid only stated that the investments
will be worth of hundreds of millions of dollars.
crisis stronger “Tangible steps will be taken in 2010. Detailed
information will be given in the coming weeks
Migros, one of the biggest super- or months,” he said. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
market chains in Turkey, has ma-
naged to increase its customer base by
15 percent in 2009 over last year des-
pite the global nancial crisis thanks Doan seeks new
to efcient campaigns and strategies,
Özgür Tort, the general director of the
judge in tax fraud trail
company, said on Monday. A hearing scheduled at a tax court regarding
Speaking at a meeting celebra- a $3.8 billion ne issued against Doan Hol-
ting the 55th anniversary of Migros, ding for alleged tax fraud was adjourned to a later
Tort stated that Migros, founded in time due to a request from Doan Holding for
1954, had continued to lead the retail the appointment of a new judge to the case.
sector amidst the crisis by strengthe- On Tuesday, the stanbul Stock Exchange
ning its position through the pursu- (MKB) temporarily halted all trading on Doan
ance of innovative strategies. “Migros Holding, Doan Yayn Holding, Hürriyet Gaze-
has adjusted its prices with respect to tecilik and Doan Gazetecilik stocks. A statement
existing demand in order to deal with from the bourse said three of the companies wo-
the recession since the eruption of the uld be reopened to transactions starting at 10:30
crisis,” Tort said, adding that the eco- a.m. on Wednesday. Transactions were suspen-
nomy can recover only by pursuing ded due to speculation that appeared in the Tur-
correct and bold strategies. kish media Tuesday morning over the sale of Do-
The retail sector is directly related an newspapers, the statement said. It also added
to all sectors in the economy, Tort that trading on Doan Yayn Holding would be
said, expressing gratitude for signs of halted until the results of a scheduled court hea-
recovery from the crisis throughout ring in a case led by Doan against a $3.8 billion
the world. However, he added that ne over alleged tax fraud are made public. Ho-
Migros still acts with caution when wever, the suspension was lifted at noon with the
making long-term plans, conside- MKB announcing that the Doan hearing had
ring that overcoming the crisis will been postponed until a later date, which has yet
take some time. “Our main route is to be set. The statement also noted Doan’s requ-
to emerge from the current crisis as State Minister Hayati Yazc visited a war memorial in Baku during a trip to Azerbaijan to speak about customs requirements at the Second International Silk Road Forum. est for a new judge in the case. stanbul Today’s Zaman
a much stronger international reta-
iler. Last year we set a goal of ope-
ning eight stores per week. By the
end of the year the number of stores
opened this year will reach 400, and
Yazc: Customs should be eased to Moody’s: Turkish credit
rating expected to rise
we will have achieved our targeted
growth. The number of stores over-
seas also reached 20. We are going
to open more stores throughout the
make Silk Road a global route again Senior Vice President of Moody’s Inves-
tors Service Kristin Lindow spoke on the
strong position of Turkey in the global economy
world. The total number will exceed Customs requirements should be eased cited the Silk Road region as the most important Thanks to all these factors the Silk Road is poised at the third annual Credit Risk Conference in
1,500 by the end of the year.” in a bid to boost trade among the historic economic and trade center in the world both for to regain its ancient function, Yazc added. stanbul, noting that they expect further increa-
Migros has managed to increase Silk Road-region countries, State Minister the energy resources located in the region and the Yazc called for introducing necessary mea- ses in Moody’s credit rating for Turkey.
its number of customers to 370 mil- Hayati Yazc said in Baku on Wednesday, calling energy routes conveying that energy to other des- sures to simplify customs requirements, stressing In a conference organized by Moody’s, Lin-
lion, accounting for a 15 percent rise for international cooperation to revitalize the route. tinations around the world. The region’s countri- the role of customs in boosting trade among co- dow stated that Turkey’s economy had impro-
over last year, Tort said. Delivering a speech at the Second Internati- es are among the fastest developing in the world, untries. “We need to initiate solid measures to ved in the last 10 years and experienced good
Speaking about Migros’s new onal Silk Road Forum on the topic of “The Role with a young and dynamic population amounting boost commercial activity on this ancient route growth after the 2001 economic crisis. More-
projects, Tort said the retail cha- of Customs Administrations in Boosting Trade to nearly half of the world’s population, he said, such as reducing wait times at customs and de- over, Lindow stated that the risks associated
in will introduce an innovative among Silk Road Countries” in the Azerbaija- emphasizing the high potential for production veloping a common understanding in customs with investing in Turkey have decreased.
system offering lifetime guarantees ni capital, Yazc noted that the Silk Road went and consumption in the region. Those count- procedures,” he said. The First International Silk Noting the ination rates in Turkey, Lin-
for all of its consumer goods and beyond being just a trade route and had become ries account for 20 percent of total world trade, Road Forum was organized by Turkey last year dow said although ination rates were not so
accepting returns of all unopened more of a bridge between cultures. The minister which totaled $32 trillion as of 2008, he explained. in Antalya. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires close to the Central Bank of Turkey’s targets,
packages, including expired pro- they were still at a low level. Lindow added
ducts. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires that Turkey had ination under control and
that it was no longer a danger to the economy.
Lindow added that they predict a favorable
increase in exports and imports in 2010. Regarding
international capital sources during the economic

Irresponsible management brings KTHY to verge of bankruptcy crisis, Lindow added that “Turkish rms acted to
attract international capital to Turkey again. We
think that this eagerness to garner capital will
TANJU ÖZKAYA STANBUL After Erol Atakan became the new chairman of the to stop selling tickets to resellers under old contracts an annual personnel cost of TL 24 million. stop the outow of capital and will save Turkey
KTHY executive board in July, he ordered an investi- for 25 euros. The new management is expecting to Highlighting that he noticed the severity of the- from a serious crisis.” stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) gation into how, with the increase in the number of end this year with TL 60 million in losses. se losses after joining the KTHY executive board,
Transportation Minister Hasan Toçay has re- passengers on planes, the cost of ying was going up. Atakan stated: “After our investigations, we reali-
vealed that Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KTHY) incur- Atakan, investigating the old nancial accounts of the More than just ticket prices zed we had a live grenade in our laps. We will not
red losses of TL 57 million in 2008 due to mismana- previous board, found that company management had KTHY’s losses are not restricted to its underpriced let the people responsible for these incredible losses
gement, which nearly bankrupt the company. made agreements to sell tickets at loss-incurring prices. tickets. The maintenance and leasing costs of planes go free. We will be taking the necessary steps to sue
Speaking to Today’s Zaman last week, Toçay As the investigation deepened, irregularities were and the excessive number of personnel have also ra- them for their carelessness and incompetence.”
revealed that tickets for ights between stanbul found in the costs of maintaining and leasing planes ised eyebrows. While THY’s rent costs per plane ho- Minister Toçay has stated that if necessary, he
and northern Cyprus, worth 180 to 220 euros, were and in the number of personnel, among other expen- ver around $240,000, KTHY paid $340,000 per pla- will block distribution of tickets purchased under
being sold for 25 euros, incurring incredible losses. ses. After noticing these irregularities, the new KTHY ne. Moreover, the number of personnel per KTHY the scope of the old contracts to resellers. Atakan
As seats were lled, the cost of ying the planes executive board asked for support from Turkish Airli- plane was 150, three times more than the internati- added that the new executive board will work to
would also increase, a phenomenon that broke the nes (THY) to investigate further. After meeting with onal standard of 50. For a company that needs 250 make up for these losses and that they have made
usual revenue rules of the airline business. the KKTC Ministry of Transportation, KTHY decided people to operate, there are 700 people working, at ticket contracts worth 112 million euros for 2011.

08 TODAY’S ZAMAN T H U R S D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 2 , 2 0 0 9

China to drop dollar peg, eyeing Chinese October data shows ‘Unemployment
threatens US economy’
major currencies to guide yuan world’s workshop back in business Stubbornly high joblessness threatens to
China said on Wednesday it will consider China has strayed from the language of keeping Chinese factory output growth surged to that interest rates will not rise until well into 2010.
trigger loan defaults and drag on consump-
major currencies in guiding the yuan, sug- the yuan “basically stable at a reasonable and a 19-month high in October, showing the “There will be no immediate policy shift, but a
tion next year, hobbling a US economy struggling
gesting a departure from an effective dollar peg balanced level” when discussing future foreign world’s third-largest economy has rmly put the tightening policy is the big trend as the economy is
to rebound from recession, World Bank President
that has been in place since the middle of last year. exchange reforms in such quarterly reports. worst of the global nancial crisis behind it. growing so fast,” said Gao Shanwen, chief econo-
Robert Zoellick said Wednesday.
The reference to a new set of benchmarks for The comments come ahead of a visit to China Other gures released on Wednesday showed mist at Essence Securities in Beijing.
Zoellick warned that the US unemployment rate,
determining the value of the yuan holds out the next week by US President Barack Obama, and a dip in the pace of investment and loan growth as Industrial output rose 16.1 percent in the year
which jumped to a 26-year high of 10.2 percent in Oc-
possibility of a departure from recent practice, which amid growing pressure from other countries for the impact of the initial burst from a bank-nanced to October, the fastest pace since March 2008 be-
tober, will likely remain elevated in 2010. “You’re go-
has seen the currency held steady since mid-2008 Beijing to be more exible in how it handles the 4 trillion yuan ($585 billion) economic stimulus fore the global downturn brought China’s export-
ing to have problems with delinquencies of credit card
around 6.83 per dollar. “Following the principles of yuan in the face of dollar weakness. package, announced a year ago, tapered off. orientated factories to their knees.Trade, by con-
loans, consumer loans, people won’t be able to pay their
initiative, controllability and gradualism, with ref- Ding Zhijie, a professor with the University of Exports and imports also undershot market trast, was weaker than economists had expected.
mortgages,” Zoellick told reporters in Singapore. “Some
erence to international capital ows and changes International Business and Economics in Beijing, forecasts, falling from year-earlier levels for the 12th Exports in October were down 13.8 percent from
banks are going to continue to be troubled by bad loans.”
in major currencies, we will improve the yuan ex- who also provides advice to government, said the month in a row. But economists said China was a year earlier, an improvement on September’s
Government stimulus spending will likely fuel
change rate formation mechanism,” the central change in wording shows that Beijing is ready to maintaining the momentum of its recent recovery, 15.2 percent fall but short of the median market
economic growth through the middle of next year,
bank said in a 46-page monetary policy report. end the de-facto peg to the dollar in place since which has made it a certainty that Beijing will surpass forecast of a 13.2 percent drop. And imports were
Zoellick said. After that, consumer spending and busi-
It was the rst time since the landmark re- mid-2008. “The exchange rate policy in the last its target of 8 percent growth for 2009 as a whole. down 6.4 percent from October 2008, compared
ness investment must take the baton to boost expan-
valuation and launching of foreign exchange year can be viewed as an extraordinary policy for Policymakers have already asked banks to lend with forecasts of a 1.0 percent fall and a 3.5 percent
sion, he said. “If you’ve got large scale unemploy-
reforms in July 2005 that the People’s Bank of an extraordinary time,” Ding said. Beijing Reuters less freely, but the consensus among economists is year-on-year decline in September. Beijing Reuters
ment, if you’ve got consumers rebuilding savings and
deleveraging, I don’t think the consumer is going to
play that role,” he said. ”What’s the other source of
demand?” US gross domestic product grew an annu-
alized 3.5 percent in the July to September period after
shrinking ve of the previous six quarters. Singapore AP

Geithner encouraged by
moves in Japan, China Emirates mulls more

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geith- A380s despite delays
ner said Wednesday he’s encouraged
by efforts in Japan and China to spur Emirates airline, the biggest buyer of the “su-
domestic demand instead of relying perjumbo” Airbus A380, said Wednesday it
so heavily on American consumers is considering increasing its order for the double-
- - a shift that will contribute to more decker plane despite delays on existing orders.
stable global growth. Geithner said he
Emirates airline Chairman and Chief Executive
sees broad recognition among govern-
ments to create policies that will lead Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum told reporters
to more balanced, sustainable growth the Dubai-based carrier is looking to boost its order
and avoid the kind of dangerous im- beyond the 58 it has already requested -- the most
balances that contributed to the world booked by any airline. “We are considering that,
recession. “We’re very, very encour- actually,” he said when asked about additional or-
aged to see what’s happening here ders ahead of next week’s Dubai Air Show. “We’re
in terms of a broad reform agenda ...
actually looking at the market as very positive for
to try to produce an economy more
the next few years ... We are always one of the rst
dependent on domestic sources of
growth,” Geithner said in Tokyo on movers to take advantage of the market.”
his way to joining Pacific Rim finance For the time being, however, Emirates says it is
ministers meeting in Singapore for facing delays with some of the A380s it has already
the annual APEC summit. Tokyo AP requested. Just ve of the “superjumbo” planes
Foreign and trade ministers of APEC countries pose for a group photo with World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy (front row 4th L) during the summit in Singapore. have been delivered to Emirates so far. Sheik
Ahmed did not say how many deliveries have been
pushed back, though he acknowledged “there is
a bit of delay.” He said the changes affected de-
liveries by a matter of months, not years. Dubai AP

APEC mnsters agree global AIG CEO ready to quit
economc crss far from over
Asia-Pacic ministers warned Wednes- The ministers agreed the economic crisis is in a The Pacic Economic Cooperation Council, “The engines of growth are shifting from the
over pay constraints
After just three months as head of battered insur-
er American International Group, Robert Ben-
day that signs of recovery in the global respite, Yeo said, but recovery remains fragile. an APEC-afliated think tank, urged in a report is- US to Asia; from exports to domestic spending, es- mosche has threatened to leave his post as he strug-
economy are merely a respite, and fu- APEC was founded 20 years ago to promote sued Wednesday for fundamental reforms to shift pecially on social priorities and from production of gles to deal with heavy government oversight and
ture growth hinges on freer trade and improved greater trade and integration around the Pacic growth away from a dependence on exports to the goods to production of services,” Woo said. restrictions on what the bailed-out company wants to
social safety nets in Asia. Rim. Its scope has since expanded to encompass US. “US consumers are not likely to drive world Higher spending on social needs such as pay employees, according to a published report.
Finance and foreign ministers meeting in Sin- a wide range of issues, and ministers Wednesday demand in the medium term, and the slack will education, health care, services for the aging Citing unnamed people familiar with the matter,
gapore for this week’s annual APEC meeting are stressed the need for action on climate change, have to be taken up in part by Asian consumption and welfare networks; freer trade in services, The Wall Street Journal reported online late Tuesday
mulling ways to keep economic recovery going energy security and ensuring food security for the and investment,” Peter Petri, a Brandeis University and policies to promote green technologies that Benmosche told AIG’s board he was “done” with
once lavish stimulus spending ebbs, while tack- millions of vulnerable poor in the region. professor who coordinated a regional task force on -- all can contribute, he said. the job, although he reportedly is reconsidering his
ling other regional security and political issues. Boosting exports is the “best ticket” to creating the economic crisis, said in the report. Devoting more to those resources would help stance in the face of the board’s dismay. According to
The forum culminates in a weekend sum- jobs, ending the recession and bringing massive The think tank’s survey of 400 business, gov- rebalance the wide gap in US-China trade, among the people, the former MetLife CEO is frustrated with
mit of heads of state from APEC’s 21 econo- decits under control, said Thomas J. Donohue, ernment and expert leaders in the region found other distortions, that helped bring on the crisis. the constraints of leading a company majority-owned
mies, including President Barack Obama. president of the US Chamber of Commerce. “Ex- many convinced that the engines of growth are By boosting social spending, China and by the government, the paper said. The Journal said
The economic crisis is “by no means over,” panding free trade across the Pacic can drive the changing -- a trend long anticipated but acceler- other Asian nations could help reduce the Benmosche has complained to AIG’s board about the
warned Singapore’s foreign minister, George Yeo, global economic recovery, create badly needed jobs ated by the relatively strong recent performances need among their citizens to scrimp and save outcome of the Treasury Department’s pay review
urging nations to persist in opening markets wid- and advance economic and social progress in devel- of developing Asian nations, especially China and to cover such costs, freeing them to improve which slashed pay for a number of AIG executives by
er. “There is creeping protectionism now; that is oping and developed countries alike,” he told busi- India. “They are very conscious that the US is not living standards and spend more. 91 percent from 2008. When the credit crisis hit last
very dangerous. It is a slippery slope, and if we’re ness leaders on the sidelines of the APEC meeting. going to be the growth engine for the foreseeable The report estimates that $300 billion of year, the US government rescued AIG from the brink
not careful, before we know it, all of us will be in a While Asia has 168 free-trade agreements, future, and they are thinking very hard of how to the $28.8 trillion in regional economic activity of collapse with a loan bailout package worth up to
much direr situation,” he told reporters after host- work on US pacts with South Korea, Colombia, nd other ways to generate growth,” said Yuen represents trade and other imbalances that $182.5 billion in exchange for an 80 percent stake in the
ing a breakfast meeting with foreign ministers. and Panama languish in Washington. Pau Woo, who coordinated the report. need to be redressed. Singapore AP insurer. It is one of seven big companies the Treasury
Department ordered to cut top executives’ salary and
bonuses in half, starting this month. New York AP

Jury acquits ex-Bear
Stearns managers
Daily Monthly Yearly YTD MCAP 1-Y Country Change Level
Close Change (%) Change (%) Change (%) Change (%) (million TL) Av.Volum (%)
Two former Bear Stearns hedge fund manag-
İMKB-100 48.135 0,8% 2,0% 79,6% 79,2% 274.191 1.524 Hang Seng H.Kong 0,27 22.268,2 66.54
ers were found not guilty of fraud, a decision
60.834 0,7% 2,1% 77,4% 73,8% 223.939 1.163 Nikkei 225 Japan 0,63 9.870,7 50.1 53.02
İMKB-IND 35.285 0,7% 1,1% 65,4% 78,4% 73.125 462 Cac 40 France 0,31 3.797,2 46.98
that could make government prosecutors less likely
İMKB-BANK 107.584 0,9% 2,2% 105,7% 92,2% 128.690 727 DAX Germany 0,27 5.634,8 to bring criminal charges against Wall Street execu-
DJIMT 10,40 0,0% 1,5% 39,8% 46,5% - 0,43 FTSE 100 UK 0,11 5.240,9 25,2
tives for their role in the nancial crisis.
Dow USA 0,27 10.220,0 8,6 9.7
TurkDEX NASDAQ USA 0,38 1.775,1 The case -- the rst major prosecution arising
US$/JP¥ S&P USA 0,19 1.095,1 Native Foreign Native Foreign from the meltdown of major US nancial institutions
60,850 -0,12%
EU€/JP¥ 1,486 -0,07% BOVESPA Brasil 0,69 66.674,3 Number of Shares M.cap Number of Shares M.cap -- was seen as a litmus test of whether a jury, pre-
CALENDAR sented with evidence from emails between money
pected managers and conference calls with investors, would
No data ex Daily Monthly Yearly
Ticker Price (TL) Daily Change (%) Ticker Price Daily Change (%) Ticker Volumes Price (TL) Yearly Change (%) convict individuals for corporate collapses.
Close Change (%) Change (%) Change (%) US$/JP¥ 89,73
SNGYO 2,34 9,86% GRUND 0,52 -7,14% GARAN 160,0 5,8 123,85
TL / € 2,201 0,1% EU/JP¥ 134,55 Ralph Ciof, 53, and Matthew Tannin, 48, were ac-
EGGUB 68,50 5,38% PRKTE 2,94 -3,92% ARCLK 62,4 4,5 193,57 TL / $ 1,468 0,0% EU/US$ 1,4993 quitted of all charges on the second day of deliberations
DGZTE 3,58 5,29% KOZAA 4,95 -2,17% THYAO 58,7 4,6 326,89
by a jury in US District Court in Brooklyn, New York.
AYGAZ 5,60 4,67% SASA 0,51 -1,92% KOZAA 47,4 5,0 462,50
High Low
Ciof and Tannin left the courthouse with their smiling
ENKAI 6,10 3,39% AEFES 17,20 -1,71% SNGYO 43,8 2,3 313,48 Price ($) Way Change (%)
Light C. Oil 78,40 0,8% 78,76 76,90 wives and relatives, some of them crying tears of relief.
Gold 1099,75 -0,8% 1099,75 1099,75 Ciof and Tannin managed two funds, crammed
Copper 296,25 -0,2% 299,65 293,70
ÝMKB 100 ÝMKB 30 ÝMKB IND RETAILER BIMAS CARFA BOYNR KIPA with subprime mortgage-backed securities that lost
Mcap TL -- -- -- 6.769,6 4.592 1.286 98 794 P/E: Share price divided by earnings per share is a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the institutional and individual investors a total of $1.6
income or profit earned by the firm per share.
P/E 2006/12 EV/EBITDA: Enterprise value divided by earnings before interest, tax and amortization; “t” stands for
billion when the funds collapsed in mid-2007 at an
14,7x 13,9x 11,6x 246,5x 63,8x -95,2x 15,4x -21,3x
P/E 2007/06t 10,5x 10,0x 8,8x 305,3x 56,9x -542,1x 6,0x -11,0x trailer and means the data over the last four quarters. early phase of the Wall Street market meltdown.
(*) Yesterday's closing (**) Updated at 6 p.m. by GMT+2
P/E 2007/09t 10,1x 9,7x 8,8x 333,4x 50,7x -206,5x 5,1x -9,5x
Disclaimer: The information in this report has been prepared by BMD, Bizim Securities from sources believed
The jury on Tuesday acquitted both men of conspir-
EV/EBITDA 2006/12* 6,6x 5,2x 7,9x 30,0x 42,9x 16,0x 6,2x 43,3x
to be reliable. All the information, interpretations and recommendations covered herein relating to acy, securities fraud and wire fraud -- charges brought in
EV/EBITDA 2007/03t* 7,2x 5,9x 7,8x 31,5x 40,0x 19,2x 5,7x 77,9x investment actions are not within the scope of investment consultancy. Therefore investment decisions
EV/EBITDA 2007/06t* 7,0x 5,7x 7,9x 28,7x 37,9x 19,8x 4,9x 37,2x based only on the information covered herein may not bring expected results.
a June 2008 indictment. Ciof was acquitted of an addi-
tional charge of insider trading. New York Reuters



Speaking on the economic dimensions of the re-
cent initiatives taken up by the government, State
Minister Cevdet Ylmaz has said the initiatives will
State Minister
improve democratic standards and function as a pledge for Cevdet Ylmaz
economic growth and stability.
In an interview with Today’s Zaman, Minister Ylmaz
says that recent and
noted that they would increase public investment by 10 courageous initiatives
percent and create a fertile environment to attract global by the government will address
capital. Ylmaz further added that the recent initiatives
the ongoing controversies in the

would anchor the economy on solid ground.
Noting that the recent and courageous initiatives by country and contribute significantly
the government will address the ongoing controversies
in the country and contribute signicantly to raising eco-
to raising economic standards.
nomic standards, Minister Ylmaz also said: “It should be ‘The democratic initiative will
noted that we have been introducing new initiatives since
we came to power. We have raised our democratic stan-
reinforce the peaceful
dards. We have made progress in the eld of economy; environment and create a
regional development has gained momentum via specic suitable atmosphere for
projects. We create regional development agencies and
we also cooperate with universities as well as neighboring
the private sector,’
countries to create new employment opportunities.” explains Ylmaz
GAP’s potential
Recalling that they have reserved a large amount of funds to
make the attractive potential of the Southeastern Anatolia Proj-
ect (GAP) more evident, Ylmaz underlined that the region has
drawn the attention of local and global capital. The state minis-
ter responsible for GAP argued that the agricultural potential in
the area where the project is being implemented will be doubled
after the introduction of modern irrigation techniques. Stressing
that the project area is suitable for planting organic corps, Ylmaz
continued: “With the growth in production, the industrial and
agricultural potential of the region will become more noticeable.
Likewise, the area is also attractive because of its tourism and
commerce potential. Thanks to this, the region gains the atten- lands to cultivation by speeding up modern irrigation projects, dependent on a single market alone. Europe is being af- reects trust and faith in the future and legal order of the coun-
tion of local and global investors. The recent trends show that this the minister said, adding that they have also followed a historical fected by the crisis the most. Sadly, it is Europe that will try, Ylmaz said: “The owners of global capital choosing our
interest will grow further in the years to come.” path and increased the volume of trade with neighboring coun- recover from it last. If we had not diversied our market country for investment will contribute to our national economy
Minister Ylmaz, who noted that dialogue with neighbor- tries. Recalling that the recent initiatives with Central Asia, Rus- options, our export gures would have been smaller and and serve as assurance for our international relations. This is a
ing countries and the measures taken to create a secure envi- sia and Middle Eastern countries will increase the entire volume the impact of the crisis would have been greater.” positive development for Turkey’s stability as well because if
ronment in the country have an economic dimension, further of trade in the region, Ylmaz said this will serve the interests of The minister stressed that Turkey is eager to improve relations you are an investor, you would not want to make an invest-
said: “The democratic initiative will reinforce the peaceful Turkey as well as other countries in the region. with other actors and players without making any distinction be- ment in an unstable country.”
environment and create a suitable atmosphere for the private Stressing that when the GAP project operates at full capacity, tween them, noting that dialogue with the world has contributed Recalling that the whole world is competing to attract
sector. We believe that the southeastern region will become the foreign trade dimension will become more obvious, Ylmaz to Turkey’s national economy and regional development. global capital, Minister Ylmaz stressed that Turkey needs
a center of interest to be heavily invested in by private sec- also stated that “the southeastern region was barely affected by Ylmaz, who underlines that Turkey must grow faster de- to focus on developing new projects to secure an advan-
tor players after the achievement of peace in the region. In the ongoing economic crisis; the volume of exports from the re- spite savings decits, also said: “Money is money; it does not tage in this race. Noting that the race has become even
fact, the private sector is dynamic in Turkey; it only needs the gion did not go down. Regional development is an important ele- have an ideology or nationality. We are suffering from a sav- more harder because of the ongoing global nancial cri-
creation and provision of a suitable environment. The stable ment that will likely reduce the economic risks of the country.” ings decit. And we have to grow faster. Turkey will not be able sis, Ylmaz added: “There has been a drop in the amount
environment, incentive policies, and trade with neighbors Noting that the benets of market diversication to achieve a faster growth rate without attracting global capital. of movable global capital that is seeking safe haven. We
will improve social welfare in the country. Regional growth is have become clear with the global crisis, Minister Ylmaz We will not be able to provide employment and food for our were affected by this drop. The number of global inves-
not achievable without trade with neighbors. We learned this stated that Turkey’s foreign trade with Europe had been people if we fail to secure this growth. Therefore, we have to tors showing interest in our country has declined. How-
fact through rsthand experience. These regions were highly negatively affected because the recovery of European obtain more funds and productive capital. There has been vis- ever, once the crisis is over, global capital movement will
developed at times when trade was intense and vibrant. Take countries from the global economic crisis will take ad- ible growth during our administration. We have acquired a total resume. What matters is to get prepared for this. We have
ancient Mesopotamia. It was an advanced region because ditional time. Ylmaz said: “Surely Europe is important to sum of $70 billion in foreign direct investment [FDI] so far.” to develop appealing projects that global capital holders
trade and fertile lands made this part of the world appealing us, and it will remain so. We will have to seek ways to in- will be interested in, and we have to introduce them. The
to investors throughout history.” crease our trade volume with European countries and our A suitable environment for global capital entire world is doing this. To attract global capital, even
The government has taken bold measures to reopen fertile sales to the continent; but it is not reasonable to remain Noting that the growing interest by global capital in Turkey the developed countries are working hard.”

EU puts pressure on Georgia for more media freedom
ABDULLAH BOZKURT TBILISI damental tenets of a democratic society and admit more needs to

be done to expand freedom of the press in Georgia. International
Georgian broadcasters and print media professionals vented observers say Georgia has the best law in the Caucasus safe-
their long-held frustrations against the government at a two- guarding media freedom, adding that despite economic hard-

day European Union-backed conference in the capital of Tbilisi ship, the press is free but warns that polarization of the media
this week. The difculty in gaining access to government-held in- must be overcome. According to the survey, the results of which
formation resources and a lack of transparency in the ownership were announced at an international seminar in Tbilisi, television
structure in media businesses were among the major concerns is very important in Georgia. It revealed the Georgians are avid
raised by the participants, both local and foreign. consumers of news, with 84 percent of respondents watching TV
Georgia, which beats Turkey when it comes to press free- news every day, most for between half an hour and two hours.
dom, according to an index published last month by Reporters Although TV is the most important source of information, 86
Without Borders, had a major incident in 2007 when govern- percent of respondents read a weekly paper and 80 percent read
ment riot police raided the opposition channel Imedi and re- a news magazine at least once a month, it was revealed. There
voked its license although it was later allowed to broadcast. The is an ongoing divide over access to different sources of TV news
pretext for the raid was that the channel was fomenting unrest in Georgia, the survey disclosed. Most of the country can only
and creating havoc in the country. The Saakashvili government access Rustavi 2, Imedi TV and Channel 1 of the state-funded
received a harsh rebuke from both the US and EU countries for Georgian Public Broadcasting. These stations are considered pro-
the agrant violation of the rules of press freedom. government by 51 percent of respondents. Tbilisi is also served
Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili (C) talking to the media after casting his election ballot at a polling station in Tbilisi on Jan. 5, 2008.
Two years after that incident, the government still feels the by two channels, Maestro and Kavkasia, widely considered to be
heat from the EU and the US administration when it comes able to perform its function unless it is free,” he said, stressing percent of Georgians partially or fully trusted the media, as com- supportive of the opposition. Sixty-eight percent of Tbilisi resi-
to an environment of media freedom in the country. Freedom that the EU will promote media freedom in Georgia. pared with 43 percent in Azerbaijan and 39 percent in Armenia. dents believe Kavkasia represents opposition interests, and 50
House, a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group, ranked The seminar on media freedom funded by the EU Commission The Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC), a net- percent say Maestro is also supportive of the opposition.
Georgia poorly in its annual survey, and a report by the State last week dealt with a number of issues in media freedom in Geor- work of research and training centers in Armenia, Azerbaijan Most Georgians are well aware of the problems in their me-
Department said respect for freedom of speech, the press and gia. The most pressing issue, many had said, was that the informa- and Georgia, undertook an in-depth study into the Georgian dia sector, the survey showed. It is also seen that there is a real
assembly had worsened during the 2007 crisis and that there tion about media owners in Georgia “is not transparent, and often media landscape between August and November of this year. desire to have a more professional, unbiased and independent
continued to be reports of “law enforcement ofcers acting journalists and reporters do not know the real owner of the media The study consisted of a comprehensive survey of the Georgian media landscape. A large majority would like to see crucial cur-
with impunity” and “government pressure on the judiciary.” company for which they work.” Some also lashed out at government public’s attitude toward the media, a series of focus groups with rent events being investigated by journalists without interference
The EU is also taking steps to ensure press freedom not representatives who attended the seminar. They emphasized that the citizens, interviews with top media ofcials and a media moni- either from the government or from the owners of media outlets.
only by exerting pressure on the government but also by pro- Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) needs to toring project to analyze the current state of Georgian TV news. Despite the Georgian media’s problems, 64 percent trust jour-
viding funds for the development of media freedom in Geor- be more transparent in its operations and licensing procedures. The Georgian media landscape has been the subject of an in- nalists and over 60 percent would be happy for their children
gia. Last week, the head of the European Commission delega- The results of a new public survey were also discussed at the tense debate. The media freedom gures are high on the agenda to go into journalism, according to the survey. Compared to the
tion to Georgia, Per Eklund, said a new center for legal support seminar, revealing that Georgia’s media are more trusted than of the European Union’s neighborhood policy program with general public, media professionals are much more uneasy about
to the media will be opened. “The Georgian media will be un- media in neighboring countries in the Caucasus. Forty-seven Tbilisi. Georgian ofcials say a free media is one of the most fun- the state of the Georgian media, the results showed.



Obama, Japanese PM
to agree on review
Palestne’s Abbas agan

The United States and Japan will agree this week to
review their decades-old security alliance to tighten
ties long term, a Japanese newspaper said Wednes-
day, as the two countries struggled to keep a feud
over a US military base from spoiling their lead-
ers’ summit. Tokyo and Washington are expected
demands settlement
to turn down the heat in the row during President
Barack Obama’s two-day stay from Friday, the
start of an Asian tour, but recasting the alliance as
the partners adapt to China’s growing clout will be
halt before talks
Addressing supporters of his Fatah party in Ramallah on the fth anniversary of Massoud Barzani
tough. Obama and new Japanese Prime Minister
Yukio Hatoyama, who has pledged to steer a dip- the death of his predecessor Arafat, Abbas said United Nations resolutions called
lomatic course more independent of Washington,
will reach the agreement on reviewing the alliance for there to be a ‘clear framework’ for talks to end over 60 years of conict Rights report
at their summit on Friday, the Mainichi newspaper
reported. The two sides would aim to wrap up the
Palestinian President Mahmoud Ab-
bas again called for a halt to Israeli
was behind his announcement last week
that he would prefer not to stand in a presi-
raps Iraqi Kurds
discussions by next November when Obama will
be back in Japan for an Asia-Pacic leaders’ sum-
settlement building before he would
resume peace talks with Israel, accusing it of
dential election he has called for January.
Many analysts see the elections and
over minorities
mit, the paper said. Hatoyama has said he wanted trying to scupper Palestinian statehood. the threat to quit as part of a negotiating The ongoing dispute between Iraq’s central
to conduct a comprehensive review of the alliance, Addressing supporters of his Fatah party tactic on the part of Abbas. His rivals in government in Baghdad and the Kurdish
which marks its 50th anniversary next year, to cre- in Ramallah on the fth anniversary of the Hamas, who control the Gaza Strip, have authorities in the country’s north threatens to
ate a multi-layered relationship long term. Obama, death of his predecessor Yasser Arafat, Ab- ruled out holding elections there, leading create a “human rights catastrophe” for minor-
in an interview with NHK public TV on Tuesday, bas said United Nations resolutions called many analysts familiar with the situa- ity communities in the region, a leading rights
stressed the importance of the ties, long seen as cen- for there to be a “clear framework” for talks tion to conclude that a vote in January is watchdog warned in a report Tuesday.
tral to regional security arrangements. Tokyo Reuters to end over 60 years of conict. highly unlikely. The report by the New York-based Human
“We cannot go to negotiations without a Abbas told supporters on Wednesday Rights Watch (HRW) said the small groups in the
RAIDS framework. And we say the framework is UN that he still had his hand extended to Hamas, area -- such as Christians, Shabaks and Yazidis --
resolutions, meaning a return to the 1967 bor- offering a reconciliation after the violent have been targeted by insurgents and are stuck in the
Gunships kill 10 ders,” Abbas said. “What’s new in this demand? schism that split the Palestinians in 2007. middle between the semi-autonomous Kurdish re-
gion and the government in Baghdad, the report said.
rebels in Pakistan “Also, we want a full stop to settlements,
including natural growth and in Jerusalem,”
Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza
Strip and East Jerusalem in 1967. Abbas “Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, and Shabaks
Helicopter gunships shelled militant hide-outs have suffered extensively since 2003,” said Joe
the 74-year-old leader said. wants to found a Palestinian state in the two
in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing Stork, deputy Middle East director at HRW.
Abbas added that “resuming negotia- main territories, with its capital in Jerusalem.
10 suspected ghters after the Taliban murdered President Mahmoud Abbas “Iraqi authorities, both Arab and Kurdish, need
tions requires Israeli government commit- Abbas also said on Wednesday that
two paramilitary soldiers at an outpost in the to rein in security forces, extremists and vigi-
ment to the framework of the peace process, he did not want to talk again about his
area. The attack on the outpost in Mohmand, one lante groups to send a message that minorities
which includes halting settlement activity, areas of the occupied West Bank not an- desire not to seek a second term as presi-
of Pakistan’s semiautonomous tribal areas, was cannot be attacked with impunity.”
including natural growth and which includes nexed by Israel to its Jerusalem municipality. dent in a January election.
the latest staged by militants in retaliation for an The 51-page report, released in the Kurdish city
Jerusalem. Without this, I will not agree,” he Despite criticism of settlements by US “On this occasion, I don’t want to talk
army offensive against the Taliban’s main strong- of Arbil, criticizes the central government for failing
told supporters. President Barack Obama, Washington again about my wish not to run in the up-
hold in Pakistan’s northwest. Militants hope the to protect the minority groups, but also levels a long
He accused Israel of trying to thwart has increased pressure on Abbas in recent coming elections,” Abbas said.
attacks will weaken the army’s resolve and have list of criticism against Kurdish authorities under
the internationally backed “two-state weeks to resume negotiations, which were “As I said in my speech, there will be
shown a growing willingness to target innocent Massoud Barzani. It accused them of intimidating
solution” that would bring a Palestinian suspended a year ago, without waiting for other decisions ... that I will take in light of
civilians in an attempt to weaken public support those who resists Kurdish “expansionist plans,”
state into being alongside Israel. further Israeli limitations on settlement. coming developments,” he said, in refer-
for the offensive. A suicide car bomber attacked carrying out arbitrary arrests and detentions. The
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netan- Abbas rejects that approach and aides ence to his address on Thursday in which
a crowded market in northwestern Pakistan on report cited attempts by Kurdish authorities to win
yahu has ruled out going beyond a partial say his disenchantment with Obama’s ap- he declared that he did not want to seek a
Tuesday, killing 26 people, the fourth such attack favor with some minority groups by, for example,
limitation on Jewish settlement building in parent shift in emphasis over settlements second term. Ramallah Reuters/AP
in about a month. Pakistani ofcials have blamed paying for new places of worship.
such attacks on the Taliban, but the group has The report said the long-standing territo-
reportedly denied being behind at least some of rial dispute between northern Iraq’s Kurds and
the blasts, sparking conspiracy theories and mak- the Arab-dominated government threatens
ing it more difcult for the government to convert to erupt again. “It risks creating another full-
public anger into greater support for its crack- blown human rights catastrophe for the small
down on militants. “I think the government itself minority communities who have lived there
is making these blasts, or the Taliban,” Muzamal throughout the ages,” the report said.
Khan told AP Television News as he attended Under former dictator Saddam Hussein’s
Wednesday’s funeral for the victims of the latest regime, hundreds of thousands of Kurds and
market bombing. Parachinar AP other minorities were expelled from their
homes and ethnic Arabs moved in, changing
POWER OUTAGE the area’s demographics and ethnic balance.
After Saddam’s overthrow, Kurds have argued
Brazil’s largest much of this territory belongs to them.
cities hit by blackout The oil-rich city of Kirkuk has long been one
of the key ashpoints in this debate. Kurds claim
A major electricity outage left tens of millions of
it as theirs, while many Arabs argue the Kurds
people in Brazil’s two largest cities of Sao Paulo
are trying to ood the city with new Kurdish resi-
and Rio de Janeiro without power on Tuesday
dents to tip the balance in their favor.
night due to problems at the massive Itaipu dam
The Kurdish-Arab debate over voting rights in
that straddles its border with Paraguay. The black-
the city threatened to derail a key election law need-
out affected at least six of Brazil’s 26 states, hitting
ed to carry out Iraq’s nationwide balloting in Janu-
the industrialized southeastern part of the coun-
ary, but lawmakers struck a compromise on Sunday.
try especially hard. All of Paraguay, which gets
HRW also focused on the issue of the Ni-
most of its energy from the dam, was also briey
nevah province, with its large mix of minority
left in the dark. Three hours after the blackout,
groups and where Kurds have been trying to ex-
power was beginning to be restored in some parts
tend their inuence. Kurdish gains have alienat-
of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s nancial capital and South
ed many Sunni Arabs there and have helped turn
America’s largest city. But most of the sprawling
the province’s capital of Mosul into one of the last
metropolis remained in the dark. “The exact cause
hotbeds in the insurgency, the report details.
still isn’t known, but we suspect that atmospheric
The minorities have often been targeted by dev-
problems, an intense storm, may have contributed
astating insurgent attacks, HRW said. It cited the
to or caused the transmission lines to Itaipu to shut
late 2008 insurgent campaign that left 40 Chaldo-
down,” Brazil’s energy minister, Edison Lobao,
Palestinians hold a banner during a march toward the grave of the late leader Yasser Arafat, marking the anniversary of his death, Assyrians dead and drove thousands more from their
told reporters in Brasilia, the capital. In Paraguay, in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Gaza’s Hamas rulers homes in Mosul. In 2007, more than 500 members
the power cut blacked out the whole country for of detaining dozens of its members on Tuesday to stop them marking the 5th anniversary of the death of Arafat. of the Yazidi minority were killed by suicide truck
up to 15 minutes but electricity was soon restored,
bombs in the small village of Qahataniya.Baghdad AP
an Asuncion resident said. Sao Paulo Reuters

EU: Somalis seize
cargo ship with 22 Washington sniper Muhammad Cambodia rejects Thailand’s request
Somali pirates on Wednesday seized a cargo
ship in the Indian Ocean with 22 crew members
executed for 2002 killing spree to extradite former Thai PM Thaksin
on board, the European Union Naval Force said. John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind Harold Meyers, who was shot in the head at Cambodia refused a request from Thailand any attempt by Southeast Asian leaders to project
Naval spokesman Cmdr. John Harbour said that behind the sniper attacks that left 10 dead, a Manassas gas station during the three-week on Wednesday to extradite fugitive former a united front in talks with US President Barack
there are three Greeks and 19 Filipinos among the was executed Tuesday night as relatives of the spree across Maryland, Virginia and Wash- Thai Premier Thaksin Shinawatra, adding fuel to a Obama on Sunday in Singapore, the rst-ever meet-
crew of the Greek-owned Filitsa. The ship is reg- victims watched, reliving the killing spree that ington, D.C. The shootings terrorized the re- widening diplomatic row that threatens to worsen ing between a US leader and all 10 members of the
istered in the Marshall Islands. A press release by terrorized the Washington metro area for three gion and captivated the nation, as victim after Thailand’s political crisis. Cambodia’s Foreign Min- Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).
the EU said the ship was taken 400 miles (640 kilo- weeks in October 2002. Muhammad looked calm victim was shot down while doing everyday istry rejected the request just moments after a Thai Thaksin’s presence in Cambodia, where he intends
meters) northeast of the island nation of the Sey- and stoic, but was twitching and blinking as the chores: going shopping, pumping gas, mow- diplomat submitted it in person, saying it does not to give a speech on Thursday, has red up passions
chelles. It had been heading for the South African injections began, deant to the end, refusing to ing the lawn. One child was shot while walk- recognize Thailand’s charges against Thaksin, who on both sides of Thailand’s political divide while
port of Durban but has now turned around and is utter any nal words. Victims’ families sat behind ing into his middle school. was ousted in a 2006 coup and later sentenced to drawing attention to a border where Thai and Cam-
heading north. Pirates have increased their attacks glass while watching the execution, separated People stayed indoors. Those who did go two years in prison for graft. It said Thaksin was bodian troops have clashed in the past year.
since the end of the monsoon season last month. from the rest of the 27 witnesses. outside weaved as they walked or bobbed their toppled by the military after being “overwhelming- Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he
They are now holding at least 12 ships and more “He died very peacefully, much more than heads to make themselves a less easy target. ly and democratically elected by the Thai people.” regretted Cambodia’s decision to reject its ex-
than 200 hostages. Three ships have been seized most of his victims,” said Prince William County The campaign of terror ended on Oct. 24, Thaksin, a billionaire former telecommunica- tradition request but vowed to ensure the row
in the last week alone. Pirates can often command prosecutor Paul Ebert, who witnessed Muham- 2002, when police captured Muhammad and his tions tycoon twice elected in landslides, had been would not get out of hand. ”I insist the govern-
multimillion-dollar ransoms for the release of the mad die by injection at 9:11 p.m. (0211 GMT) at teenage accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, as they living in self-imposed exile, largely in Dubai, before ment will take care of this rationally,” he told re-
vessels they capture, a fortune in impoverished Greensville Correctional Center, south of Rich- slept at a Maryland rest stop in a car they had arriving in Phnom Penh on Tuesday as a guest of porters in Bangkok. “We will not allow any kind
Somalia. The failed state has not had a function- mond. Muhammad, dressed in a blue shirt, jeans outtted for a shooter to perch in its trunk with- Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has of- of violence, or military action between the two
ing government for a generation and its lawless and ip-ops, had no nal statement. out being detected. Malvo is serving a life prison fered him a job as economic adviser, infuriating the countries, or even close the border, as we don’t
coastline provides a perfect pirate haven. Nairobi AP Muhammad was executed for killing Dean term in Virginia. Jarraatt, Virginia AP Thai government. The spat looks set to undermine want to cause any trouble.” Phnom Penh Reuters

WORLD T H U R S D A Y, N O V E M B E R 1 2 , 2 0 0 9 TODAY’S ZAMAN 11

The twlght of
France’s republcan
EU calls summit on top jobs, no deal yet on names
The European Union will hold a ber,” the EU’s Swedish presidency said. member states and conicting visions of

special summit on Nov. 19 to name Reinfeldt has made clear the president of what role the politicians would play in Belgian Prime
arstocracy a president and foreign policy chief, but the Council of EU leaders, a new post, is Brussels. “There are a few names that have Minister Herman
van Rompuy.
diplomats say agreement on the appoint- likely to be chosen from among sitting or been thrown up in the air (to be president)
ments has still not been reached. former heads of government. and we are looking at a majority candidate,
Guy Sorman* Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Rein- Diplomats say there is strong backing not a consensus candidate,” said one EU
feldt, who is leading consultations among for Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van diplomat, underlining the problems secur-
TODAY’S ZAMAN the 27 member states, said on Wednesday Rompuy as president, signaling they want ing unanimous support for one person.
the EU government leaders would meet in a relatively low-prole leader. But French “The consultations are not over ...
PARIS -- No tumbrils have appeared in Paris’s Place
Brussels over dinner. The appointments Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says Hopefully we can avoid major disputes at

de la Concorde, but a revolution may be under way in
are being made under the EU’s Lisbon former British Prime Minister Tony Blair the summit.” The EU is calling an extra
France nonetheless. Recent weeks have seen the trial of
reform treaty and are intended to give the and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean- summit, even though it has a regular sum-
former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and the
bloc more global clout as emerging powers Claude Juncker are still in the running. mit scheduled on Dec. 10-11, because it
conviction of former Defense Minister Charles Pasqua.
such as China become more inuential fol- British Foreign Secretary David wants to speed up the appointments.
Now even former President Jacques Chirac has learned
lowing the global economic crisis. Miliband has won support to become A new European Commission, the EU
that he is not immune from prosecution. Is France’s
“After an introductory round of con- EU foreign policy chief but has said he executive, can be installed only when the
“republican monarchy,” to borrow a phrase from Jean-
sultations with his fellow heads of state is not available, leaving doubts over two jobs are lled. Any delays could cause
François Revel, about to be overthrown?
and government, Swedish Prime Minister who will be given the job. problems because it would mean the Com-
The French Revolution never actually ended the
Fredrik Reinfeldt has decided to convene Filling the jobs has been marred by mission had to operate for a prolonged pe-
privileges of France’s ruling elites. True enough, some
an extra informal summit on 19 Novem- power struggles among small and large riod on a caretaker basis. Brussels Reuters/AP
aristocratic heads rolled, but the nobility eventually re-
turned to France. When the republic replaced the mon-
archy for good, in 1875, ballots replaced birthright, but
the new governing elite believed that it possessed the
same rights and perks as the former aristocrats.
But the concept of the “republican monarchy,” which Iraqi PM warns
is mostly concerned with the mores of French presidents
and their entourages, did not really take hold until the
Fifth Republic. Once elected, the French president and
his court gain access to nancial privileges that are not
always legal. Moreover, they live behind a shroud of se-
Merkel helps French of militant threat
in run-up to vote
Iraqi insurgents will try to undermine the
crecy: How they use ofcial airplanes, the civil servants
they employ for personal service, not to mention the
mistresses, has always been more or less considered pri-
vate territory. Journalists avoided commenting on these
matters. The public either was unaware of any excesses,
or deemed the ruling elite corrupt by denition.
mark end of WWI
Sarkozy and Merkel together laid a wreath of owers at the Tomb
country’s edgling democracy in the run-up
to January’s national elections, the country’s prime
minister warned on Wednesday. Nouri al-Maliki
told tribal leaders from Baghdad’s Shiite Sadr City
district that maintaining security would remain his
top priority because the insurgent groups do not
The apex of the aristocratic republic was reached
under the Socialist President François Mitterrand,
of the Unknown Soldier and symbolically relit the perpetual ame above want the vote to be held in a secure climate.
“What has been achieved in the eld of se-
who ruled from 1981 to 1995. Unknown to the pub- it to mark the 91st anniversary of the end of World War I curity needs to be safeguarded since the enemy
lic, a government jet would ferry him to Egypt to
is continuing to try and undermine the political

spend weekends with his mistress and his illegitimate
process especially now that elections are immi-
daughter. Only the media elite knew, and they never
nent,” said al-Maliki, whose chances of winning
mentioned it. Chirac, who succeeded Mitterrand as
a second, four-year term in ofce after the Janu-
president, was only slightly more cautious.

ary vote are heavily dependent on whether he can
All this has changed. In less than a week, Pasqua was
maintain and improve the nation’s security.
sentenced to three years in jail for illegal arms trading
“The enemy does not want the election to be
with Angola. Villepin, a former prime minister for Chirac,
held in a climate of stability in which voters can
awaits judgment on charges of having organized a smear
make the best choice,” said al-Maliki, who has been
campaign against his rival for the presidency, Nicolas
in ofce since May 2006. Iraq has seen a signicant
Sarkozy. Chirac’s indictment is remarkable for the very
security improvement over the past two years, but
modesty of his supposed crime: He is suspected of having
attacks blamed by the government on al-Qaeda in
asked city bureaucrats to work for his political party and
Iraq and Saddam Hussein supporters continue to
run his electoral campaigns when he was mayor of Paris.
hinder the country’s return to normalcy.
On a lighter note, Sarkozy’s Minister of Culture Fré-
The latest high-prole attack was on Oct. 25
déric Mitterrand, the nephew of the former president, is
when 155 people were killed in a pair of bomb-
being excoriated by the media for supporting Roman Po-
ings targeting government ofces in the heart of
lanski against efforts by the United States to extradite him
Baghdad. Another pair of bombings two months
to face punishment for the rape of a minor three decades
earlier, also against the government, killed at least
ago. It turns out that this Mitterrand shared with Polanski
100 people. The attacks undermine condence in
a taste for teenagers (of the same sex in Mitterrand’s case).
the abilities of Iraq’s security forces ahead of the
So, something of a democratic revolution may be
scheduled withdrawal by August 2010 of all US
under way in France. The Ancien Régime’s support-
combat forces. The last American soldier is due to
ers call it a “populist” revolution. But it is a revolution
leave by the end of 2011, under a US-Iraqi secu-
made in the courts, not the streets.
rity pact that came into force this year.
French judges have become more independent French President Nicolas Sarkozy (C) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (2nd R) lay a wreath of flowers at the Tomb of the Un-
known Soldier at the Arc de Triomphe during Armistice Day ceremonies in Paris on Wednesday. “The task of maintaining security must remain
than they traditionally were. Inspired by Italy’s inves-
at the top of our priorities,” said al-Maliki, who is
tigating magistrates who took aim at the maa bosses,
For the rst time since World contesting the January vote at the head of a coali-

and those Spanish judges who act as social redeemers,
War I, the leaders of Germany tion that groups his Dawa Party as well as smaller
some French judges are determined to democratize the
and France appeared together independent groups that include fellow Shiites and
French Republic and eradicate corruption.
at a ceremony Wednesday to commem- some Sunni Arabs. Baghdad AP
The Internet is a seminal lever in this process. Today,
President Mitterrand’s mistress and daughter could not orate the end of the conict, saying it is
benet from the media’s complicity: No state secrets, and now time to celebrate their countries’
no aristocratic excess, can escape today’s bloggers.
Is the private life of France’s elite also now to be
reconciliation and friendship.
“French-German friendship is sealed
S. Korea troops
on high alert after

exposed? This right to a private life, including extra- with blood,” French President Nicolas
marital affairs, has always been a sacred cow of French Sarkozy said under the shadow of the
politics. The journalists who knew about Mitterrand’s
second wife argued that it was a private matter. And
Arc de Triomphe, site of the Tomb of
the Unknown Soldier. Sarkozy and Ger-
navy battle
man Chancellor Angela Merkel together South Korea’s troops went on high alert
so it would have been had he not used state funds to
provide his other family with lodgings, chauffeurs and laid a wreath of owers at the tomb and Wednesday for possible retaliation by
jets for their Egyptian weekends. symbolically relit the perpetual ame North Korea after one of its navy ships was
Today, many French journalists still resist the tempta- above it to mark the 91st anniversary of nearly destroyed and an ofcer reportedly killed
tion to expose the private lives of the political elite. But this the end of World War I. in a skirmish with the South, ahead of a visit by
is a lost battle: The bloggers do not share the journalists’ “This small ame is also ... the President Barack Obama.
ethics. Sarkozy understands the new rules of the game. As ame of hope,” Sarkozy said. The bold The clash on Tuesday along the disputed west-
soon it was known that he had an intimate relationship departure from traditional Armistice ern sea border was the rst such engagement in
with a former fashion model, he decided to marry her, Day commemorations came two days seven years, sending tensions soaring about a week
avoiding any further embarrassment. after Sarkozy traveled to Germany to before Obama travels to Seoul as part of his Asian
But aristocratic habits do not die easily, even in Sar- help fete the 20th anniversary of the tour. The exchange of re also occurred just hours
fall of the Berlin Wall. Young people wave French, German and European flags as Merkel and French Presi-
kozy’s overexposed regime. Sarkozy’s son, Jean, has al- dent Sarkozy attend Armistice Day ceremonies in the French capital on Wednesday. before the State Department announced a senior US
ready been elected to a major local government ofce at “One must learn to rise above diplomat will travel to North Korea before year’s end
the tender age of 22. Being as ambitious as the father, Jean one’s history,” Merkel said in a speech. of freedom,” said Merkel, who herself the ritual two-minute silence that to try to entice North Korea back into international
Sarkozy recently tried to have himself appointed as chair- “What happened cannot be forgotten, escaped from East Germany to the marks the end of the Great War and negotiations on nuclear disarmament. The dispatch
man of a powerful public company. Bloggers, followed by but there is a force that can help us ... West after the collapse of the wall that pays respect to all war dead. In Bel- of envoy Stephen Bosworth would mark the rst
traditional journalists, went up in arms against such bla- the force of reconciliation.” Tens of dened the Cold War. gium, which saw some of the ercest direct talks between Washington and Pyongyang
tant nepotism. Young Sarkozy withdrew. millions of civilians and soldiers were With evident emotion, Sarkozy and and bloodiest trench warfare on the since Obama took ofce in January.
France, it seems, does not yet share the real demo- killed during what was labeled the Merkel listened as the French Army Western Front during the 1914-1918 South Korean ofcials said the North Korean
cratic culture of, say, Scandinavia. French ministers have Great War between Germany and al- Choir sang the French and German war, King Albert II was leading the roy- ship was on re and heavily damaged following a
yet to be seen taking the bus or the subway to their ofc- lied nations France, Britain and its national anthems. Together, they re- al family and government ofcials in a two-minute skirmish off the west coast -- the scene
es. French ministries still occupy the former 18th-century former colonies, including the United viewed troops posted around the Arc solemn commemoration in Brussels at of two bloody naval battles in 1999 and 2002. The
palaces of the king and his nobility. States, Australia and Canada. de Triomph at the top of the Champs- the tomb of the unknown soldier. South Korean ship was only lightly damaged and
As long as the governing elite works in this splen- The last of 8.4 million French who Elysees Avenue. Some 2,000 French In Ieper, better known to soldiers there were no South Korean causalities, according
dor, one cannot expect that they will ever behave like fought in the war that tore Europe apart and German youths were taking part in by its French name, Ypres, tens of to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. South Korea’s mass-
common mortals. As Bossuet, Louis XIV’s confessor, died in March 2008, and Sarkozy wanted day-long ceremonies commemorating thousands of people lined the narrow circulation Chosun Ilbo newspaper and other media
declared to the Sun King: “You’ll die, but you are im- to use the Armistice commemoration to the end of World War I. Other nations streets of the town left in ruins during reported that one North Korean ofcer was believed
look to the future with the nation that was that served as World War I battleelds, the 1914-1918 war and now a world killed and three other sailors wounded. President
mortal.” French presidents and their elected nobility still
vanquished but which, with France, now notably Britain and Belgium, also were symbol of peace. Ceremonies were Lee Myung-bak ordered his Defense Minister Kim
bask in this decadent aura. But, like French hauteur in
has a central role in the European Union. marking Armistice Day. held around the Menen Gate war
international affairs, the end of an era may be at hand. Tae-young to strengthen military readiness.
“For us, Nov. 11 is a day of peace in Wednesday’s service at Westmin- memorial where the names of 55,000
Late Tuesday, Kim said in parliament that he
Europe and the fall of the wall is a day ster Abbey in London coincided with missing soldiers are engraved. Paris AP
*Guy Sorman, a French philosopher and economist, is the au- believed the North may take retaliatory action. “The
thor of “Economics Does Not Lie.” © Project Syndicate, 2009 president also has such concerns,” Kim said. Seoul AP


One step at a tme
Whenever I go away from Göreme for any length of time I’m pecting to round a corner and nd -- what? -- that the mosque has of the village run up and down the slopes of two steep hills that overjoyed was I to see them, in fact, that I was itching to slap the

aware of a nervousness about going back again, a gnawing anxi- been torn down and replaced with a high-rise apartment block? turn into ice rinks with the onset of snow; great for kids with builders I found at the top blithely using them as a cutting surface
ety about what might have changed in my absence. Why this I’m not sure exactly, just that it’s an uncomfortable feeling. toboggans, a nightmare for everyone else. The authorities do a as if they’d been there forever (nor was I best pleased to nd the
should be, I’m not entirely sure, since change is a normal facet of So there I was, just settling back into village life and about to visit good job in keeping the main roads round the village cleared,
life no matter where we live. But perhaps it’s because cities ab- one of the hotels to borrow their wireless Internet connection when PAT YALE
but they rarely go near the side streets which are the ones that
handrail requisitioned to hang up the last leavings of the pekmez
so that the wasps could feast on them, but that’s another story).
sorb change so much more easily than villages, especially when I rounded the corner and found to my delight that in my absence the must be used when the women want to visit each other. In Jan- Now my mind is clicking away energetically. If the Belediye has
it comes to the built environment. Of course one can still grieve Belediye (municipality) had replaced the thoroughly dodgy sloping uary and February attendance at a tea party often involves an got to grips with that alley, what’s the likelihood that it could be
over damaging alterations to the cityscape, but in towns there’s path that ran down the alley beside my house with a brand-new persuaded to replace the treacherous steps that lead down to my
always so much happening that it seems easier to soak up almost ight of steps that no one had thought to mention to me. neighbor’s house, the ones installed 15 years ago at a 45-degree
anything as part of the general busyness. So what, I can hear you say? stanbul is full of ights of unpalatable toss-up between taking a long, cold diversion or angle and sans handrail, the ones that are more dangerous to
In a village, though, even the smallest change can have a dis- steps. What’s so special about that one? Well, the truth is that risking a broken ankle on the direct route. navigate than a slope with no steps at all…?
proportionately large impact on its surroundings. In Göreme we’re one of the worst things about living in Göreme full-time as op- The new steps are a wonder to behold, at, made of non-
living in a time of full-on building mania and I’m always half-ex- posed to just being here in the summer is that the older parts slip stone rather then marble and equipped with a handrail. So Pat Yale lives in a restored cave-house in Göreme in Cappadocia.




A question for parents living abroad: after comparing your
childhood and that of your offspring, have you tried to pre-
dict what they will turn out like? The reply is, of course,
“Who hasn’t?” But as the world is a totally different place, will they
be prepared for life in a more competitive world? Corinna Sommer-
Boncuklu, a German who lives in Antalya with her Turkish husband
and 5-year-old son Benito, is more than aware of the issues involved.
So what does being a mom entail these days? “Added to teach-
ing children social skills, we also have to prepare them for life in a
global society and economy and equip them with the skills to make
that a success,” she highlighted.
“Bringing up a child in a different country is a major challenge
because you’re always caught between cultures,” she pointed out.
These days parents not only feel they have to read up on child devel-
opment in general but living abroad also means having to re-eval-
uate almost every aspect of parenting and what that entails, with
some surprising outcomes. The most obvious hurdle is language,
and it turns out that there’s more than one benet if children learn
a second one when they’re young. “There are many different opin-
ions about whether it’s even a good idea for young children to learn
more than one language,” Corinna explained, adding: “In Germany
many people believe it’s too much for them to cope with. I disagree:
I believe it’s the best gift I can give him. People need to speak more
than one language to survive in the job market these days, and in
the future, it will be even more competitive.”
“Benito could say mummy, daddy and dog before he could walk
and instead of that being a problem, it’s really helped his cognitive de-
velopment,” Corinna emphasized, adding: “The annual check up for
kids in Germany includes a physical exam and a test of their under-
standing, hearing and motor skills. Benito has passed all of them very
easily as well as those for older kids. His pediatrician wasn’t at all sur-
prised as he’s noticed that children from multicultural backgrounds
who learn at least two languages when they’re small develop much
faster than other children. Learning more than one language means
that their brains have to work much more. From birth to the age of 3,
the brain creates many more synapses than it needs; those that are
used a lot become a permanent part of the brain, and those that aren’t
get eliminated. That will also help him when he’s an adult.”

Education: a big concern
Another concern for all parents is education. Corinna -- like all
expat mothers -- has spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting many; they think that might be a disadvantage for him in the future. up in Germany, so he’s used to German culture. However, when
what’s on offer abroad and at home and making decisions about
what’s really important. “Turkish and German attitudes to educa-
These days parents So what are the pluses of a child experiencing two different cul-
tures? “The rst one that comes to mind is the effect it has on a child’s
Benito was born my husband’s family was a bit afraid I’d only teach
him about German culture. Their priority is for him to speak Turkish
tion and when to start are very different,” Corinna pointed out, not only feel they personal development,” Corinna emphasized, adding: “Benito is and for him to know about Turkish traditions rather than for him
adding: “In Germany the emphasis is on child development, so more open-minded than children who live in one place with parents to be comfortable with both cultures and be able to switch between
outside the home there are lots of activities for babies and toddlers,
have to read up on from the same culture. As he’s traveled with us since he was born, both languages. They have no need to worry though: at home we
such as swimming, sports or music lessons. In Turkey that’s just child development he’s developed an awareness of and interest in different countries and celebrate both Turkish and German traditions. It’s important to both
starting, and most activities for children here start when they’re 6, cultures. He’s already aware of how people are different and how that me and my husband that Benito grows up into a tolerant adult who
at primary school. I’ve noticed that there’s also a difference in what in general but living can be positive. He has lots of friends from different countries, and so realizes that differences between people and culture are an oppor-
children do at home: in Germany, it’s quite normal for kids to do abroad also means he’s learning about different cultures and traditions rst-hand. He’s tunity to enrich his life,” she pointed out.
arts and crafts, but when the neighbors’ children come to visit, it not prejudiced; he doesn’t care where people come from, which lan- And what are the implications of all this for Benito’s future?
obvious that that’s something new for them.” having to re-evaluate guage they speak or what they believe in. Added to that, he’s also very “It’s not easy to predict the future and how someone will re-
Benito is in his nal year of nursery school. As there are so many curious about the world in general. He’s always asking questions and ally turn out as there are also outside factors to take into con-
preschools in Antalya, why did Corinna and her husband choose to
almost every aspect of expects detailed answers. When he was 3 -- I think that’s quite early sideration. For example, I can’t compare my childhood and the
send him to the International Children’s Club of Antalya (ICCA)? parenting and what -- he got interested in encyclopedias and books which explain how inuence it had on me and what Benito’s will really have on
“Firstly, it’s very important for Benito to have a more international things work. Above all, he isn’t afraid to explore new things.” him as the world is completely different now. When I was small
education, and we also realized that it would be a great opportunity
that entails, with some we spent the whole day playing outside and only had to worry
for Benito to learn English. Even if there had been a German nurs- surprising outcomes A sense of identity about getting home before it got dark. That’s no longer the case.
ery school in Antalya, I would still have sent him to the English- A thorny issue for parents bringing up children abroad is that of Plus when I was his age, there were no computers or computer
language one. We speak German at home, so his German is already a child’s sense of identity; needless to say that’s not a problem for games, and we didn’t even have a phone until I was 15. Howev-
very good, as is his Turkish, and three languages are better than Corinna. “Benito is aware that his mom and dad come from differ- er, I’m pretty sure that he’ll become an open-minded adult and
two.” Her friends in Germany, however, are worried about Benito ent countries. If we ask him what nationality he is, he replies: ‘I’m be able to deal with the changes and challenges he’ll encounter
going to school here as Turkish diplomas aren’t accepted in Ger- half Turkish and half German.’ My husband was born in and grew in this global world when he’s older,” she concluded.

NOTE: Today’s Zaman intends to provide a lively forum for expatriates living in Turkey. We encourage you to contact us at and share your experiences, questions and problems in all walks of life for publication in Today’s Zaman.


stanbul Biennial draws record number of visitors

Verhoeven before his
leap into Tinseltown
The International stanbul Biennial drew a national interest, according to the KSV. “More than old tobacco warehouse in Tophane; and the Feriköy
record number of visitors in its 11th edition, 600 members of the press from 35 countries follo- Greek School in ili, which served as an art space at stanbul Modern
luring some 101,000 art lovers to its three venues wed the event in addition to around 4,000 art pro- for the rst time in its history. The school had been Paul Verhoeven, the famed director of many
throughout its two month run, the event’s organi- fessionals, such as critics, curators and museum and empty since it closed in 2003 due to a lack of students. big screen hits including “RoboCop,” “Total

zers announced on Tuesday. art gallery directors from around the world,” the fo- Billed as “the most comprehensive international art Recall” and “Basic Instinct,” will be in stanbul this
This year’s attendance gures mean a solid success undation said in a written statement. exhibition organized both in Turkey and throughout the week for a program offering a selection of his lms
for the stanbul Foundation for Culture and Art (KSV), The 11th biennial, held under the conceptual fra- geographical sphere Turkey is located in” and conside- at the stanbul Museum of Modern Art.
which has been organizing the biennial since 1987. The mework “What Keeps Mankind Alive?” under the red one of the most prestigious biennials alongside Ve- The weeklong program, titled “A Dutch
total number of visitors at this year’s exhibition is more curatorship of the Zagreb-based curators collecti- nice, Sao Paolo and Sydney, the stanbul Biennial pre- Tale,” will get under way Saturday and scre-
than 10 percent higher than the gure seen in the 10th ve What, How & for Whom (WHW), featured 141 fers a model of display that enables dialogue between ar- en six feature lms Verhoeven made between
biennial, held in 2007. That edition, which drew 91,000 works of art by 70 artists and artists groups from 40 tists and the audience; it offers the work of artists indivi- 1971 and 1983, before his grand leap into Holl-
visitors, was also a great success as it almost doubled at- countries. Turning the city into a platform of con- dually instead of a national representation model arran- ywood, until it wraps up on Nov. 22.
tendance gures compared to its predecessor in 2005, temporary art from Sept. 12 until Nov. 8, the bienni- ged into separate pavilions for each country. The bien- Verhoeven will be in town Saturday for the
which attracted 51,000 art lovers. al showcased its exhibitions at three venues: the old nial thus serves as an opportunity for contemporary ar- opening session of the program, organized in
The biennial also attracted a high level of inter- customs warehouse Antrepo No. 3 in Karaköy; the tists to be promoted internationally. stanbul Today’s Zaman collaboration with the Dutch Consulate Gene-
ral in stanbul. The director will be in attendan-
ce at a screening of his 1973 lm, “Turkish De-
light,” on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the museum’s
movie theater. He will also speak with fans at a
panel discussion following the screening.
Other Verhoeven lms in the program are

13-year-old pianist takes
“Business is Business” (1971), “A Girl Called Katy
Tippel” (1975), “Soldier of Orange” (1977), “Spet-
ters” (1980) and “The Fourth Man” (1983). Admis-
sion will be free of charge for museum visitors. For
the full program, check the museum’s Web site:

the stage for Piano Days stanbul Today’s Zaman

‘Twilight’ leads
People’s Choice
Mertol Demirelli began playing the piano when he was only 4 years old and has since had remarkable success. nominations
The child prodigy is performing tonight’s concert at Akbank Art Center’s Piano Days, which he says might be his “Twilight” shone at the nominations for the
People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday, with its
last performance in the city in the near future since he is planning on continuing his education abroad three stars, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and
RUMEYSA KIGER STANBUL Taylor Lautner each in the running for a trophy at
the event celebrating the most popular stars of lm,
Akbank Sanat’s ongoing Piano Days TV and music. The “Twilight” movie series, which
musical series will continue this enters its second installment on Nov. 20 with the
week with a performance by child “New Moon” sequel, also won a nod for best
prodigy Mertol Demirelli. franchise among its leading seven nominations.
Now just 13, Demirelli began playing pi- Voted on by the public, the awards will
ano when he was only 4 years old and has be given out on Jan. 6, in one of the earliest
since had remarkable success. At the age of shows in Hollywood’s awards season. Pattin-
7, he received the IBLA Grand Prize. He has son, who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the
performed concerts throughout Europe and “Twilight” series, was nominated for favorite
beyond, with performances in Moscow and movie actor and Stewart was nominated for
Jordan already under his belt. In an intervi- favorite movie actress. Lautner, 17, was nomi-
ew with Today’s Zaman ahead of his concert, nated for favorite breakout movie actor.
scheduled for tonight, he shared some of his Last year, the People’s Choice Awards nomi-
thoughts on his musical career. nees were announced 11 days before “Twilight”
Did you start to play the piano on your was released. The movie went on to make nearly
own or did your family encourage you to $384 million at worldwide box ofces, becoming
begin playing? one of 2008’s biggest surprise hits. This time,
I started to play piano when I was 4 af- “Twilight” will compete for favorite movie franc-
ter my family signed me up for piano lessons. hise against “Harry Potter,” “Star Trek,” “Trans-
But, of course, you cannot continue such a formers” and “X-Men.” Winners at the People’s
thing without love and passion. It requires a Choice Awards will be chosen by a public onli-
lot of self-sacrice. ne vote at the Web sites and
How does it feel to have so many im- Voting for
portant international awards and to have most categories ends on Dec. 8. Los Angeles Reuters
performed concerts in famous concert
halls at such a young age? What do you
think is the secret of your success?
To receive what I worked for, getting
Fatih University
applause and acclaim, of course, makes me Thirteen-year-old piano prodigy Mertol Demirelli will take to the stage this evening for a recital at the Akbank Art Center in stanbul’s Beyolu district. announces film
very happy. The biggest secret to my success
is working regularly and very hard. ady play other instruments? Festival were very special ones for me. I plan to continue being a pianist, but
competition finalists
How many hours do you play piano Piano is my main instrument. Aside from What kind of music do you listen to apart from that I also want to be a conductor The nalists of the third Kristal Klaket
each day? the piano, I take classes on conducting and apart from classical music? and a composer. (Crystal Clapperboard) Short Film Compe-
Before this year it was three hours, but the violin in order to compose. Since my education is still continuing, Do you ever get bored of performing tition were announced this week.
now I have increased it to ve hours. My Which pieces are your favorites to I don’t really listen to other types of music. or the attention you receive? Thirty-nine short lm submissions from
dear teacher, Oya Ünler, wants me to study perform? Sometimes I listen to jazz, though. No. On the contrary, it motivates me and around Turkey have been selected as nalists in
more, though. I don’t make a distinction normally, but Do you go to school at the same time? makes me a better pianist. the competition, organized by stanbul’s Fatih
Do you compose your own pieces in I feel closer to the compositions of Chopin How are your grades? What are your fa- How do your friends react to you be- University. They include 20 ctional, 10 docu-
addition to the compositions you perform and Beethoven. vorite classes? ing a child prodigy? mentary and nine animated shorts.
from classical composers? Which concert of yours, so far, do you Yes, I go to school. My grades are very In the past, I had some problems, but now Stage actor Kenan Ik, the head of the jury
Yes, I have been composing from a very think was the best? good. Geography, history and chemistry are my classmates do not feel uneasy about this. at the competition, stated that the selection pro-
young age, and I have been taking classes on It is hard to make a distinction among them, my favorite classes. Is there anything you would like to add? cess had been tough because there were many
composing. but my concert at Carnegie Hall and the colla- In the future, do you think you will This year will be my last year in Turkey. I will submissions, which he said was a good thing for
Why only piano? Will you try to play boration I did with dil Biret during the inaugu- continue your career as a pianist or do continue my education abroad. During today’s the development of Turkish cinema. “I am ho-
other instruments as well, or do you alre- ration of the 35th International stanbul Music you want to try other professions as well? concert perhaps I will say goodbye to stanbul. peful for the Turkish movie [industry] after se-
eing the immense interest of young people in
such events,” Ik said.
The winners will be announced at a ceremony
on Dec. 8 at stanbul’s Türker nanolu Maslak
(TM) Show Center. In addition to a crystal clap-
perboard award and a cash prize, the winners of
the competition will also win a scholarship to the
Ceylan receives one more Metin Asa’s collection New York Film Academy. stanbul Today’s Zaman
prize for ‘Three Monkeys’ on view at Paris gallery
Turkish lmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Cannes best Turkish painter Metin Asa currently displays his
director prize winning 2008 drama “Üç Maymun” newest collection of oil paintings themed aro- Warhol’s Michael
(Three Monkeys) has been awarded with yet anot-
her prize this week, this time from the Council of
und the Ottoman era, “Les Turcomanies de Me-
tin Asa,” in Paris as part of the ongoing Season of
Jackson portrait
Europe, the Anatolia news agency said. Ceylan re- Turkey in France series of cultural events. The col- sells for $812,500
ceived a Creativity Award on Tuesday evening at the lection features Asa’s renditions of historical sce- A “Thriller”-era silk-screened portrait of
closing ceremony of a lm event in Strasbourg that CONCERT nes and artifacts on he canvases. The exhibition will FESTIVAL Michael Jackson created by Andy Warhol
screened lms supported by Eurimages, the Europe- remain on view through Nov. 27 at the Galerie Ce- has sold for $812,500 to an anonymous collector.
an Cinema Support Fund of the Council of Europe. Adrian Belew and Power lal, located on 45 Rue St Honore in Paris. ‘Semum’ represents Turkish The artwork sold at Christie’s in New York City
Trio set for Ghetto gig horror cinema in Brazil Tuesday evening. Christie’s estimated that the
American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi- “Semum,” Turkish lmmaker Hasan Karacada’s portrait would sell for $500,000 to $700,000. The
instrumentalist and record producer Adrian Belew sophomore directing effort, billed as Turkey’s rst 1984 portrait depicts a smiling Jackson in a jacket
and his Power Trio will be in stanbul this week to alien movie, is being featured in this year’s Cinefan- with squiggles of red and yellow in his hair. The
perform a live gig at the Ghetto Music Lounge. Be- tasy international lm festival in Brazil, movie Web auction house says the seller is an anonymous
lew, best known for his unusual approach to gui- site reported. Billed as a “Turco-Islamic private collector based in New York who bought
tar playing, which features unusual electronic to- horror lm” by its director, “Semum” will be scree- the image from the Andy Warhol Foundation in
nes, unorthodox playing techniques and a wide va- ned on Friday at the Centro Cultural Banco do Bra- the 1990s. It did not say who bought the artwork.
riety of sonic effects, will be onstage Friday night at sil in São Paulo. The fourth edition of the festival The image was one of 47 lots auctioned Tuesday,
10:30 p.m. Ticket price: TL 40 began last Friday and runs through Sunday. including two other Warhol paintings. New York AP


AL YURTTAGÜL* sions of the Ankara Protocol and opens its ports to Greek

vessels or focus on the successful conclusion of the talks. It
The talks in Cyprus over the last year have seems that Sweden will stick to the second option and re-
come to a halt; all eyes were turned to a main indifferent to Turkey’s fulllment of its obligations.
probable decision, long awaited by the
Cypriot Greeks, to be taken at the December sum- A more active role
mit in Brussels on Turkey. The Turkish side rejects requested of Turkey
complying with the provisions of the Ankara Pro- Considering the attitudes of the European Commis-
tocol, which requires the fulllment of obligations sion and the term presidency, it could be said that the
arising from the customs union. Turkey insists on relevant paragraph on Cyprus will include two mes-

sustaining this attitude and keeping its ports and har- sages: First, the report may stress that Turkey should
bors closed to Cypriot vessels and aircraft unless the take action to fulll its obligations under the relevant
isolation imposed upon northern Cyprus is lifted. treaties and agreements but offer no tough sanctions.
This issue was discussed at the December 2006 Secondly, the same report may also call all relevant
summit, following failed attempts by the Finnish actors to make an effort in an attempt to successfully
presidency. At the summit, Turkey was asked to ful- conclude the talks. To this end, Turkey will most prob- 
ll its obligations and eight negotiation chapters were ably be asked to remain resolute to contribute to the
suspended. Part of the resolution adopted at the sum- achievement of lasting peace on the island and as-
mit stating that developments in the years to come sume a more active role. However, it should be re-
would be monitored is now the source of the ongoing called that resolutions at EU summits are of a collec-
discussions. Opponents to Turkey’s European Union tive character and reect the common denominator
membership, including the Cypriot Greeks, view this of the 27 member countries shaped by their internal
part as a deadline for the fulllment of Turkish obliga- dynamics. Who knows, maybe the reasonable ap-
tions and expect tougher sanctions and measures in proach held by the European Commission and the
case Turkey fails to meet the deadline. For this rea- Swedish term presidency will not be inuential. There
son, the number of those who are asking for a more are many politicians who want to deliver a message
constructive approach from Turkey is on the rise in to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan over
Brussels. A decision from the Turkish side to change the Cyprus issue because of his recent visit to Iran.
its position is unlikely, but there is almost no chance This is actually what Turkey should pay atten-
that the EU would adopt tougher sanctions. The tion to and concentrate its efforts on. Turkey, which
test of the “EU trump card” in the talks on Cyprus has been feeling comfortable because of the endorse-
expected by the Greeks is at the core of the matter. ment of the Annan plan by the Turkish community
Because the Greeks hope that they will be able to on the island, should follow Foreign Minister Ahmet
use Turkey’s EU bid in an attempt to push for a Davutolu’s active policy on this matter as well and
compromise from Turkey, they rejected the Annan develop new options toward achievement of a vi-
plan and devised their policy accordingly. Before able resolution. This should not mean that the ongo-
an assessment of whether this expectation is a re- ing policy is wrong. Turkey should keep focusing
alistic one, I would like to shed light on the EU’s on the resolution of the problem and take proper
position with regard to the Cyprus issue. measures against Papadopoulos’ doctrine seeking
Even though its main focus is economic inter- Greek Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias (L) and to put Turkey in a difcult position. Compromise
ests, the EU was created out of a search for lasting Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat shake hands will attract other concessions and do nothing but
peace and stability on the continent in the aftermath after their meeting at a UN compound in the UN buffer contribute to the preservation of the state of irreso-
zone in divided Nicosia, on June 26, 2009.
of World War II; for this reason, achievement and lution. A lasting and viable peace and resolution
preservation of peace has been a primary goal since will serve the interests of both Cyprus and Turkey.
its inception. This policy, which has played a key role It is necessary to understand Dimitris Christoas,
in the rapprochement between Germany and France, liament on April 21, 2004, Verheugen openly said he sis on Turkey’s failure to fulll its obligations under who holds a crucial position at the negotiation table.
has also been inuential in the achievement of inter- had actually been deceived. No sanction was imposed The rst confusing surprise the relevant treaties and agreements. To this end, it Not only diplomats but also the opposition that sup-
nal peace in Spain and Portugal and a determining
factor in the democratization of Eastern Europe. For
against Cyprus, though, and there is no institutional
mechanism to do so anyway. However, Tassos Pa-
came along with the should also be noted that the report does not include
any view or recommendations that could be discussed
ported the Annan plan are waiting for the December
summit and expecting the introduction of sanctions
this reason, the admission of Cyprus into the EU was padopoulos’ defeat in the presidential elections was European Commission’s at the upcoming summit in December. Olli Rehn’s against Turkey because of the controversy over the
viewed as an opportunity to nd peace on the island. partly due to the implied objection by Brussels to his approach to this issue further raised concerns for the
However, sadly, the misperception held by Günter rule and stay in power. But, I should still note that
report on Turkey. In this Greeks. In presenting the report on Turkey at the
ports. For this reason, it is not possible for Christo-
as not to consider this expectation before the sum-
Verheugen, now vice president of the European the Cyprus issue is an obstacle to Turkey’s EU mem- report, the commission did European Parliament, Rehn praised Turkey’s ef- mit. However, it appears that the two “old friends”
Commission, and EU High Representative Javier So- bership and that the EU is unable to take action forts to contribute to the resolution of the Cy- are aware of the historic opportunity they have and
lana that Rauf Denkta was the only obstacle to the because of its institutional weaknesses and short- not put a strong emphasis on prus issue and also stressed that December 2009 of their responsibilities to resolve the problem. Those
attainment of peace on the island and the design of comings. I may also argue that reference to the de- Turkey’s failure to fulll its should not be viewed as a deadline. He wanted who are familiar with the Cyprus issue will conrm
the entire EU policy vis-à-vis the dispute based on this cision taken in the 2006 summit in the resolution to clarify the contentious expression in the report, say- that Papadopoulos committed a grave mistake when
misperception has created grave consequences. adopted in 2009 negatively affected the negotiation obligations under the ing that it was himself who penned the statement and he asked Cypriots to vote against the Annan plan.
The dismissal of the Annan plan by the Greek process and raised unrealistic expectations among that it did not mean to impose a deadline.
Cypriots was due to their contention that they would the Greeks. It is now time for a discussion of a
relevant treaties and Sweden, responsible for drafting the agenda
Failure in the conclusion of the ongoing talks will
exacerbate the situation on the island and make
get full membership without achieving a resolution on probable resolution to be adopted at the December agreements. To this end, it of the summit and the texts of the decisions to be the parties, as well as ordinary people, unfaith-
the island and that they would have a better position summit with regard to the Cyprus issue. taken at the end of the meeting, seems to be con- ful toward the achievement of a viable resolution.
in the talks because of their membership in the exclu- Cypriot representatives in the parliament and
should also be noted that the structive and realistic on this matter. The Swedish No additional political, economic and social walls
sive club. This was not actually wrong. For this reason, opponents to Turkey’s membership in the EU ar- report does not include any presidency is particularly focused on the successful should be constructed while there are already
the EU has become part of the problem rather than gue that additional measures and sanctions should conclusion of the negotiations on the Cyprus issue. plenty of other obstacles and barriers on the island.
the resolution in the dispute and turned into a useful be imposed upon Turkey in case of failure to meet view or recommendations Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister and an ex- Hopefully, the EU institutions and political
tool in the hands of the Greeks. We will see whether
this card is still inuential and powerful in the sum-
the deadline. Diplomatic circles that support the
Cypriot stance but view the introduction of addi-
that could be discussed at perienced politician, describes the ongoing talks
on the island as a historic opportunity and stresses
actors that have failed so far in the Cyprus issue
will act more responsibly now and not allow a dis-
mit scheduled to take place in December. However, tional sanctions as unrealistic hold that the issue the upcoming summit that the term presidency is entirely focused on the cussion over deadlines and details like the Ankara
we may say that the resolution adopted in 2006 and should be discussed at the summit. They further successful conclusion of the talks. For this reason, Protocol. I could argue that Mehmet Ali Talat’s
the suspension of membership talks with Turkey in its argue that Turkey should be warned of the con-
in December Sweden particularly refrains from making any complaint suggesting that the EU’s greatest prob-
aftermath makes us pessimistic on this matter. sequences of its failure. Some diplomats are al- reference to the details including the controversy lem is their lack of knowledge on the Cyprus issue
ready considering the proper response to Turkey’s on the free passage of Cypriot vessels in Turkish does not apply to EU Commissioner Olli Rehn and
Realization of grave mistake reluctance to meet its obligations. However, they are ports and harbors. The Finnish presidency also at- the Swedish term presidency. Both the commis-
However, rejection of the Annan plan and the nation- particularly concerned about the determination of the tempted to resolve this problem but it failed. The sion and the presidency are aware that the exten-
alistic environment in southern Cyprus in the 2004 European Commission and the Swedish presidency German presidency abstained from dealing with sion of support for the ongoing talks carried out
referendum was well noted by Brussels. A number of to remain calm and cautious and not to take any this problem because it realized that the Greek side under the auspices of the United Nations is the
politicians, including Verheugen, then the EU com- steps that will be detrimental to the negotiations. was unwilling to give up on its isolation policy on most constructive and viable approach for the EU.
missioner for enlargement, realized that a grave mis- The rst confusing surprise came along with the northern Cyprus. Basically, Sweden is ambivalent
take had been committed by admitting Cyprus to the European Commission’s report on Turkey. In this about the two options. They will either work hard *Ali Yurttagül is a political advisor for the Greens in the
EU. In a speech he made before the European Par- report, the commission did not put a strong empha- to make sure that Turkey complies with the provi- European Parliament.

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Testng tmes for Muslms, Amercans and belevers the world over
The recent murders of American service personnel at Fort Hood, Texas, decay and corruption. The movement has aimed to inculcate peaceful, can be reached to share the responsibility for a whole social eld. In this
have once again raised the potential for enmity between the different non-violent thinking and attitudes in people through conversation, in- respect, through the process of interfaith dialogue between groups such
segments of US society, and between different nations. The upsurge of
MUHAMMED teraction, compassion, education and collaboration. Gülen argues that as the Interfaith Federation and the volunteers’ service, people can grow
anger and enmity will undoubtedly be a setback for many who have ÇETN “only if they receive a sound education can individuals and their society deeper in their own faith while practicing the common virtues and ac-
been working hard for peace and understanding in the years since respect the supremacy and rule of law, democratic and human rights, complishing the shared goals that faith commends.
stories of international terrorism started to spread. At that time people diversity and other cultures,” and this is why the services provided by A few days after the Community Breakfast, the shootings at Fort
started asking where peaceful Islamic voices, the voices of moderation the movement’s participants are recognized and welcomed by various Hood and then the execution of the Washington, D.C., sniper took
and tolerance over extremism and radicalism, could be found. Federation for a talk about the volunteers’ service. Federation members nations and people. Gülen has convinced many to fund new schools, place. No one can condone the despicable crimes of those two men.
After Sept. 11, 2001, there were calls around the world to listen to were especially interested in how the Turkish scholar and preacher, where children from various segments of society not only learn, but also Although their motives are not yet fully known, such incidents show
the moderate Islamic voice. At that time many other groups changed Fethullah Gülen, encouraged people inside and outside Turkey to offer become friends. The education at the schools and institutions accepts that we are indeed in dire need of the type of sound moral and spiri-
their rhetoric. In contrast to those groups, the Gülen movement’s par- apolitical and altruistic services to humanity. What we shared was not an differences and renders them valuable. tual education, and benecial services, given by the volunteers’ ser-
ticipants (also known as the “volunteers’ service”) were well placed to idealized picture of a particular individual but the meaning of his message The organizing committee of the breakfast wanted to hear how vice and other similar groups.
speak up because the Gülen movement had already been teaching and and the achievements of the people inspired by it. Federation members the movement’s participants had worked to establish a progressive Some in the press and media are already playing with re by cov-
practicing peace and tolerance for 30 to 40 years. Fethullah Gülen and were eager to learn how a scholar’s ideas had changed the direction of and prosperous society without violence, terror and destruction during ering the views of extremist individuals from both sides about these
the supporters of the services the movement provides did not need to youth, how Gülen helped Turkey through a time when political and reli- the turbulent Turkey of the 1980s. Together, we looked at the fruit that particular incidents and individuals. This, too, conrms once more that
change their language and attitude to become acceptable. This was one gious strife threatened to pull it apart and how he convinced the masses brings recognition of the tree. The volunteers’ service demonstrates to we need men and women of common sense who will not galvanize the
of the most signicant factors that drew the attention of community about Islam’s demand for mutual respect, caring and cooperation. people that we may be powerless as individuals, but when we work to- enmity caused by such incidents but will work to prevent further hatred,
leaders and authorities the world over. At the heart of the message of the volunteers’ service lie education, gether, we have the power to shape our community and history; we can polarization and clashes in and between societies. We need to work hard
Just before the execrable events at Fort Hood, I was in Baton Rouge, sound morality, altruism and inner transformation. This understanding all leave our mark for good because we can all serve humanity. It con- together to disseminate the messages and teachings of academic, moral
Louisiana, for the annual Community Prayer Breakfast of the Interfaith and practice have convinced people to avoid violence, ignorance, moral tributes to the creation of common public spaces in which an agreement and spiritual authorities to avoid further ignorance, violence and decay.

BRAHM No Comment Senegal, Reuters HÜSEYN

Democratc Before 
ntatve tested and after Çiçek
On Nov. 10, a preliminary session was held at the Turkish Col. Dursun Çiçek, to whom the original signature
Parliament to discuss the democratic initiative. The govern- behind the conspiracy document prepared against the
ment and the opposition were supposed to discuss the ratio- nation and democracy belongs, has nally agreed to
nale for having a general session on the issue. The session stand before a court. The writers of the history of de-
turned into a political battleeld. The result is a shameful pic- mocratization in Turkey will devote a special page to
ture for Turkish democracy. I am afraid the same thing will the date Nov. 11, 2009. This is the day when a fresh
happen at the general session scheduled to take place today new start was made. A few days ago, the prime min-
on Friday. Will this deter the Justice and Development Party ister said on a TV program that the military judiciary
(AK Party) government? should consider the forensic report and that the origi-
Emotions have been high on this issue from day one. What nal signature will resolve the problem.
is at stake is an issue that goes at least a century back. A quarter The key is the problem in civilian-military relations.
of that century has seen blood, tears, mistrust and mismanage- The indictments prepared for the Ergenekon case, the
ment. Neither the government nor the opinion leaders who memo documents, the military interventions since the
support the initiative believe in miracles. When Prime Minister May 27, 1960 coup, the Feb. 28, 1997 process and the
Recep Tayyip Erdoan said last month that “they will do what- memos posted on the General Staff’s Web site before
ever it takes” to solve this problem, he was not being rhetorical. the presidential elections are all signs of this problem.
The two opposition parties, the Republican People’s Actually, the controversy over the signature is mean-
Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), ingful because it points out the fact that the pro-junta
are vehemently opposed to the democratic initiative. The actors are now in a defensive mode. The juntas are il-
CHP is a social democrat party, and one would expect that it legal structures outside of the regular military. These
would support any effort to solve the Kurdish issue. A report juntas, which claim the right to rule over the civilian
by Deniz Baykal on the Kurdish issue back in 1989 proposed administration, are now appalled because they had en-
steps that were way ahead of what the AK Party government joyed a lack of accountability before the judicial system
is proposing today to expand the sphere of civil liberties and for the last six decades. They are just not prepared for
democratic rights for the Kurdish citizens of Turkey. Baykal this. They were so sure that they would go unpunished
wants to forget about that report. this time as well that they did not hesitate to sign an-
The MHP is a nationalist party, and one can understand tidemocratic papers and documents. They were totally
its opposition. The MHP leadership is concerned about los- unprepared this time. The mistake they made is not
ing the “Turkish” character of Turkish society. They see the one a well-trained military ofcer would ever commit.
Kurds of Turkey as their brothers and sisters but don’t want However, they have committed consecutive mistakes
them to identify themselves as Kurds. It is a love-hate rela- because of a state of panic.
tionship: while they know they cannot reject the reality of the Consider their situation; the information on the
Kurds in Turkey, they refuse to recognize that the Kurds want Web sites was in the second letter from the informant,
to dene themselves as different. but they did not deny the allegations. They argued
The CHP and MHP have different reasons for opposing that they had operated these sites upon instructions
the democratic initiative, but their criticisms agree on two from the Prime Ministry. They thought they could put
principal issues. The rst is that the initiative will produce the blame on the Justice and Development Party (AK
new ethnicities in Turkey. By granting certain rights such as
broadcasting in Kurdish and allowing institutes of Kurdish
Brngng down the wall Party). Prime Ministry immediately issued a statement
noting that they had scanned the instructions but
studies at Turkish universities, the government will feed into it did itself. Bulgaria, a model of Soviet rectitude, which in 1989 found no such document in their archives. The Gen-
the nationalist feelings of the Kurds. This, in turn, will lead tried to expel its Turkish population, is now a member of the eral Staff’s Web site posted a brief note arguing that
to other ethnicity-based social movements and weaken the
ANDREW European Union while Turkey still dangles on a string. the instruction was forwarded in 2000. This time the
social fabric and harmony of Turkish society. FINKEL Turkey’s strategic importance did not diminish as quickly or Prime Ministry requested the exact number and date
The opposition is mistaken because the state-imposed as dramatically as some commentators speculated at the time. of the document. There has still been no answer. All
policies of assimilation, denial and intimidation have not The end of the Cold War did not mean an end to conict in the this is actually an insult to the honor and intelligence of
strengthened Turkey. Ethnicities exist, and people identify Balkans or the Middle East. However, the nature of Turkey’s in- the military profession. This state of despair, which un-
themselves with different names and cultural traditions. Sup- Some events have more resonance in the Turkish press than uence did indeed change. Its value was no longer simply as a dermines the image and prestige of the Turkish Armed
pressing these identities, as the state has done for decades, others. A colleague who works for an international news military outpost with proximity to many of the region’s hot spots; Forces (TSK), is now pushing the limits of patience.
does not make them go away. If not channeled properly, the agency was out with his tape measure on Nov. 10, measur- instead it became a source of soft power in direct proportion to Nobody has the right to erode the image and honor
oppressed social and ethnic identities come back in the form ing the column inches deployed by competing newspapers undertaken reform. The more democratic, the more stable, the of the military.
of radical political movements and terrorist organizations to remind readers that it was 71 years ago to the day that the more prosperous Turkey became, the greater its inuence. It is now time to base civilian-military relations on
such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). founder of the republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, breathed his One of the great obstacles to Turkey assuming this a healthy footing and remove all barriers to democrati-
The second criticism is that the government is talking to last. A photomontage that took up nearly half the top page more important role has been its own domestic turmoil zation. The prime minister is right; there is no room for
the PKK and this is a major weakness in the Turkish war on put the Radikal newspaper among the frontrunners while and Kurdish unrest. I have argued before that this was emotion in this business. We cannot put trust in peo-
terror. The opposition claims that the AK Party government its liberal rival Taraf overlooked the anniversary altogether. a horrendous distraction back in 1989 when the Berlin ple’s assurances. We need legal assurances rather than
has a secret deal with the PKK and its leader, Abdullah Öca- Yeni afak saw to it that honor was at least requited with a Wall came down. Eastern and Central Europe embraced the general’s reassurances. We need to remove the
lan. While Öcalan, who has been serving a life sentence in two-column-long square above its nameplate while the dog- democracy at a time when Turkey was becoming more military guardianship over the civilian administration.
a Turkish prison since 1999, is still the most powerful gure matically conservative Vakit had a keyhole-sized picture well authoritarian. Many of the paramilitary and underground The nation does not want a military eager to topple the
controlling the PKK, government ofcials have repeatedly down fold. The semiotic rule of thumb was that the more networks that Turkey labors to dismantle today were civilian administrations elected by popular vote. We do
said they talk only to those parties and organizations that are critical the newspaper has been of the military, the more a product of dirty ops that had a free hand in the early not want civil servants or ofcials who insult national
legitimate. They talk to the Democratic Society Party (DTP), restrained the spread. In the anti-government press, a stern 1990s. So it is incomprehensible that the government’s values and declare our people to be the enemy. We do
but the DTP is not trusted by the two opposition parties be- Atatürk was more often than not staring down the page at the much delayed and even timorous efforts to normalize not want civil servants and public ofcials who stage
cause of its ties to the PKK. story of the visit to stanbul by Iranian President Mahmoud “Kurdishness” have been treated by the opposition as a a psychological war against their own citizens. Those
The key issue here is the disarmament of the PKK. How Ahmadinejad, wondering at the fate of his legacy. betrayal. The sight of Kurdish rebels throwing down their who want to declare innocent people as terrorists by
does one do it? The opposition does not propose any alter- By coincidence, there was another anniversary at the begin- arms to come home -- and being joyously received -- is, staging plots against them should be held accountable,
natives because they know there is no magic formula to end ning of the week, which did not over-preoccupy Turkish news when you come to think of it, a mini-Berlin Wall moment, and their era of domination should come to an end.
terrorism. It is an arduous task and requires tremendous pa- editors no matter their political complexion. It was 20 years ago an instance of people tearing down barriers. Yet this too Yes, we need legal assurances; the legal assur-
tience and prudence. The scenes in the Turkish Parliament that the Berlin Wall came down, and by contrast, the European has shocked those who prefer conict to compromise. ances should include the subordination of the TSK to
on Nov. 10 were certainly not a sign of prudence or wisdom. press peered into every nook and cranny of the past to recall It comes as a slight surprise to learn that there are the Ministry of Defense in the nal phase of the EU
Solving the Kurdish issue in Turkey will be more than an event that redened the world. It is not all that difcult to pockets of nostalgia in Eastern and Central Europe for the membership bid. The legal assurances should include
ending terrorism and ethnic nationalism in Turkey. It will speculate on why Turkey appeared so unmoved. The unica- state socialist system, that members of a new generation the introduction of a new mechanism that will allow
also usher in a new era in Turkish politics. It will eradicate tion of Europe promised even then to lead to the further mar- do not necessarily associate the old regime with restric- the scrutiny of the military and the Council of State
the pretexts that have been used over the last quarter of a ginalization of Turkey. A nation that had once been the West’s tions on personal freedoms. Yet at the same time, there by the State Inspection Board. Nobody should enjoy
century to violate all laws and regulations in the name of lonely sentinel found itself suddenly in the middle of an unfa- were Europe-wide celebrations of a spontaneous mo- privileges before the law. All should be held account- 
ghting against terrorism and protecting the state. It will miliar world. To speak of Turkish resentment may be an over- ment, 20 years ago, when people deed their rulers and able and be inspected. The legal assurance should
establish the rule of law in a way that will only strengthen statement, but there is certainly a sense of alienation. Turkey tore down a wall that was built to pen them in. It seems a include the removal of the provisions of the military
Turkish democracy. That’s why the stakes are so high and looked around and saw that the nations against which it once pity somehow that a Turkey that still aspires to be a part of code allowing military interventions. Nothing will be
that’s why the way ahead is a difcult one. defended now had a more favored status in European eyes than Europe did not feel more moved by the occasion. the same in Turkey after Çiçek’s trial.

16 TODAY’S ZAMAN T H U R S D AY, N O V E M B E R 1 2 , 2 0 0 9

Gregorian Calendar: 12 November 2009 C.E. Hijri Calendar: 25 Dhul-Qadah 1430 A.H. Hebrew Calendar: 25 Cheshvan 5770
tv gude E2
08:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
09:00 Umutsuz Evkadnlar
Today is Sun Yat-Sen Day in China. This is the anniver- Samuel Doe in 1985. A counter-coup was organized by Thomas for monarchy and the throne was offered to Danish Prince 10:00 The Martha Stewart Show
11:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
move gude sary of the birth of Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925), the heroic
leader of China’s 1911 revolution who is often referred to as
Quiwonkpa, but was put down in a massive show of force.
Today is Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day among women’s orga-
Carl. He took the name Haakon VII, after the medieval kings
of independent Norway.
12:00 The Rachael Ray Show
13:00 Dedikoducu Kz
14:00 The Martha Stewart Show
the “father of modern China.” Sun played an instrumental nizations, especially in the US. Stanton, (Nov. 12, 1815-Oct. 26, Today is the anniversary of the installation of Crown Prince 15:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
role in the eventual collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. He 1902), was an American social activist and leading figure of the Akihito (b. 1933) of Japan as the 125th Japanese emperor. On 16:00 The Rachael Ray Show
17:00 Umutsuz Evkadnlar
was the first provisional president when the Republic of China early women’s movement. this day in 1989, the crown prince acceded to the throne. He is 18:00 The Martha Stewart Show
was founded in 1912 and later co-founded the Kuomintang, Today is the anniversary of the Treaty of the Durand Line, the world’s only reigning monarch with the title “emperor.” 19:00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show
20:00 Family Guy
where he served as its first leader. which was signed between present-day Pakistan and Afghani- On this day in 1840, French sculptor Auguste Ro- 21:00 Heroes
Today is Republic Day in Austria. On this day in 1918, Aus- stan in 1893. Also referred to as the “Zero Line,” the Durand din was born. Rodin, best known for his sculpture “The 22:15 Hung
23:00 The Tonight Show with
tria declared itself a republic, thus ending the Austro-Hungarian Line is named after Sir Mortimer Durand, then-foreign secretary Thinker,” was the pre-eminent French sculptor of his Conan O'Brien
Empire. Its initial name was the Republic of German Austria, but of the British Indian government. time and remains one of the few sculptors widely recog- 24:00 Hung
01:00 The Jay Leno Show
the name was changed to the Republic of Austria in 1919 by the Today is the anniversary of the Norwegian referendum nized outside the visual arts community. 02:00 The Tonight Show with
“District 9” Peace Treaty of Saint-Germain. of 1905 in which the people of Norway voted in favor of Today is the anniversary of the birth of Bahaullah (1817- Conan O'Brien
03:00 Heroes
Today is National Memorial Day in Liberia. This day com- monarchy. In that year Norway was peacefully separated 1892). Born Mirza Husayn-Ali in Tehran, Bahaullah is the 04:00 Family Guy
DISTRICT 9 memorates the more than 2,000 civilians that were killed by from Sweden and a referendum was held to ask the people founder of the Bahai faith. The anniversary of Bahaullah’s birth 
STANBUL: Esentepe Cinebonus Astoria CNBC-E
11:45 14:15 16:45 19:15 21:45 00:15 Kadköy the forces of the undemocratically established government of what the new government style should be. The people opted is one of the nine days of the year when Bahais suspend work. 17:55 How I Met Your Mother
Cinebonus 11:30 14:00 16:30 19:00 21:30 18:50 The Jay Leno Show
00:00 ANKARA: Ata On Tower 12:15 14:30 20:00 Leverage
17:00 19:15 21:30 00:00 ZMR: Cinebonus 21:00 The Closer
Konak Pier 11:30 14:00 16:30 19:00 21:30 22:00 Nuit de Noces
00:00 ANTALYA: Cinebonus Migros 12:00 00:00 The Jay Leno Show
14:30 17:00 19:30 22:00 00:15 01:00 Leverage
02:00 The Closer
STANBUL: Beyolu Atlas 12:00 14:15
16:30 19:00 21:30 Kozyata Cinebonus
Palladium 11:15 13:45 16:15 18:45 21:15
23:45 ANKARA: Ata On Tower 12:45
‘Up’ looks aloft, hopes for best 03:00 Nuit de Noces
05:00 The Closer

08:45 Sunshine State
11:10 Gigli
15:00 17:15 19:30 21:45 00:00 ZMR:
Cinebonus Konak Pier 11:15 13:45 16:15
18:45 21:15 23:45

pcture Oscar nomnaton 13:15 The Elephant King
14:50 A Crime
16:35 The Wind In The Willows
18:05 Chariots Of Fire
20:15 Romeo Is Bleeding

STANBUL: Beyolu AFM Fita When an expanded list of 10 mov- at it that way as well, that would be great.” 22:10 Top Gun
11:40 14:00 16:20 18:40 21:00 23:40 ies competes next year for the best When the Academy announced in June 00:05 This Is Spinal Tap

Caddebostan AFM 11:30 14:00 16:30 01:30 The Agony And The Ecstasy
19:00 21:20 23:50 ANKARA: Bilkent picture Oscar, director Pete Docter that the best picture Oscar nominations list 04:15 Dune
Cinebonus 11:00 13:10 15:20 17:30 19:40 hopes his “Up” will become the first animat- would expand from five to 10, it said the
21:50 ZMR: AFM Forum Bornova 11:30
ed film since 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast” change was meant to open the field to a
06:00 Jesus Mary And Joey
14:00 16:30 19:00 21:30 23:45 ANTALYA:
07:55 Flight Of Fury
Cinebonus Migros 12:15 14:30 16:45 to vie for Hollywood’s most coveted honor. wider array of movies instead of the live ac-
09:40 The Kid & I
19:00 21:15 Award show trackers say Docter has tion dramas that dominate the category. 11:25 Facing the Giants

MEZUNYET reason to be hopeful because “Up,” about “There’s a strong likelihood that ‘Up’ 13:30 Fifty Dead Men Walking
15:40 The Brave One 
STANBUL: ili Megaplex Cevahir 11:00 an old man and a boy who float off to will be the second animated movie ever 17:55 Calendar Girls
13:00 15:15 17:30 19:30 21:45 Kadköy 20:00 Crank: High Voltage
Cinebonus 11:45 14:15 16:45 19:00 21:15 South America in a house tied to helium nominated for best picture,” said Tom 21:55 Mrs. Harris
23:30 ANKARA: Bilkent Cinebonus 11:00 balloons, has earned wide acclaim from O’Neil, columnist for awards Web site 23:40 Anamorph
13:10 15:20 17:30 19:40 21:50 00:00 ZMR: 01:25 Saw IV
Cinebonus Konak Pier 10:30 12:45 fans and critics, alike. 03:05 The Brave One
15:00 17:15 19:30 21:45 00:00 ANTALYA: “Up” has tallied $507 million at world- The DVD version out on Tuesday 05:10 Pauly Shore is Dead
Cinebonus Migros 11:00 13:00 15:15 17:30 wide box offices since May’s theatrical re- comes with a number of bonus features,
19:45 22:00 MGM MOVIES
lease, and is one of the year’s best-reviewed including commentary from Docter and 06:15 Duel At Diablo 
NCR ÇEKRDE films scoring a 98 percent positive rating at co-director Bob Peterson, and an original
08:00 The Long Goodbye
09:55 Louis Armstrong: Chicago 
STANBUL: Beyolu Sinepop 11:30
13:30 15:30 17:30 19:30 21:15 Kozyata review Web site short film about Dug, a talking dog who Style
11:15 Gorky Park
Cinebonus Palladium 11:30 13:30 15:30 But the movie, which sees its DVD ver- stars in the movie. Docter said one of his 13:25 Winterhawk
17:30 19:30 21:30 23:30 ANKARA: Bilkent 15:10 The Private Files Of J.
Cinebonus 11:30 13:30 15:30 17:30 19:30 sion land on retail shelves on Tuesday, faces early victories with the film came when
Edgar Hoover
21:30 00:00 ZMR: Cinecity Kipa Çili a harsh Hollywood climate in which to soar he pitched the story to Pixar and Disney 17:15 Stagecoach
11:45 13:45 15:45 17:45 19:45 21:45 00:30 if it hopes to win 2009’s best film Oscar. Animation Studios chief creative officer 18:55 Wheels Of Terror (The
Misfit Brigade)
AK GELYORUM DEMEZ The Academy of Motion Picture Arts
A scene from the animated movie “Up.” Its director Pete Docter hopes “Up” will become the
John Lasseter, and saw tears in the execu- 20:45 Love In The Afternoon 
STANBUL: Maçka Cinebonus 11:00 and Sciences has not nominated an ani- tive’s eyes. Lasseter connected to the main 22:55 Dead Man's Gun
12:00 13:00 15:15 17:30 18:30 19:45 22:00 first animated film since 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast” to vie for the best picture Oscar. 23:45 Dead Man's Gun
00:15 Caddebostan AFM 10:50 13:20 mated movie in its best motion picture character, the curmudgeonly old Carl, and 00:35 The Bed Sitting Room
15:45 17:00 18:10 19:25 20:35 21:50 23:00 02:10 Lenny
category since it began giving a separate Academy began giving away the film in- because that’s how his team approaches the summation of his life given at the be- 04:00 Wheels Of Terror (The
ANKARA: Ata On Tower 11:30 13:30
15:30 17:30 19:30 21:30 00:00 ZMR: AFM award for best animated feature in 2002. dustry’s highest honors. filmmaking. “We happen to use comput- ginning of the story, when his wife dies Misfit Brigade)
05:45 A Midsummer Night's Sex
Passtel 11:00 13:30 16:00 18:30 21:00 In fact, “Beauty and the Beast” is the only Still, Docter told Reuters that Oscar vot- ers to be telling the story, but it’s first and after a childless but long, loving marriage. Comedy
23:30 ANTALYA: Cinebonus Migros 11:45 animated movie ever nominated for best “I got John to cry, so that was awesome,”
14:00 16:30 19:00 21:30 00:00
ers should evaluate his computer-animated foremost about the storytelling, just like any-
picture in more than 80 years since the “Up” in the same way they view any movie thing else.” he said. “For the world to look Docter said. Los Angeles Reuters COMEDYMAX
06:00 Yes Dear
06:30 Reba
07:00 3rd Rock from the Sun
07:30 30 Rock
08:00 Rules of Engagement
08:30 Til Death

Crossword Mr. DploMAT! Cem Kzltu
09:00 The Cosby Show
10:00 According to Jim
11:00 Everybody Loves Raymond
12:00 Arli$$
ACROSS 45 Well-off 10 Methuselah’s 41 Kennel club 13:00 The Game
1 Bits of current 48 Vole relative claim to fame reject 13:30 30 Rock
5 Phonograph 49 Situated 11 Chicken ___ 43 Bygone 14:00 Rules of Engagement
pioneer below (deep-fried autocrat 14:30 Til Death
Berliner 53 African dish) 44 Unable to
10 Edible amulet (Var.) 12 Unhealthy make it on 15:00 The Cosby Show
beaked pods 56 Having hit the chest sound one’s own 16:00 According to Jim
14 “Mighty hay 13 Seed 46 Sock pattern 17:00 Everybody Loves Raymond
Aphrodite” 58 Word protector 47 Department 18:00 3rd Rock from the Sun
co-star between I’s 18 Flight created by 18:30 The Game
Sorvino in a famous annoyance Carter
15 ___ parker palindrome 23 Travel 50 “... seen and 19:00 The Cosby Show
(busybody) 59 Character on randomly not ___” 19:30 30 Rock
16 Untrust- “The Cosby 25 Weakens or 51 Comic 20:00 Rules of Engagement
worthy one Show” recedes Kovacs 20:30 Til Death
17 Red Cross 60 Nostalgic 28 Small 52 Oboists need 21:00 According to Jim
initiative pathway mountain them 21:30 Everybody Loves Raymond
19 Place with a 63 “___ cost lakes 53 Fortitude
counter you!” 29 Arctic native 54 Wife of Boaz 22:00 Arli$$
20 Horror film 64 “Dallas” clan 30 Victory smoke 55 Like some 23:00 Will & Grace
franchise name 31 Well-groomed rumors 23:30 Weeds
street 65 Drought- 32 Troop group 56 In a group of 00:00 Til Death
21 Lunches or scourged 33 Counting-out 57 Sound made
brunches 66 “America the rhyme start by Big Ben
22 Rural road Beautiful” 34 Wheels of 61 Animal that
surface pronoun fortune? sounds
24 Act as a
67 Overrun with
marsh plants,
35 Chief Norse
exactly like
rado gude
26 Tree trunk, e.g. 36 Nota ___ 62 Thai
after 68 Ceremonious (“note well”) language
27 Certain
1 Color in
40 Periods of
Sudoku TRT Toursm Rado
00:00 Identification and
property 66-Across PREVIOUS PUZZLE ANSWER 00:25 Music
34 Bend a 2 ___ Bornes HARD EASY 07:25 Identification and
senator’s ear, (classic card

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flavoring destinations 08:30 News (English,
38 67.5 degrees, 4 ___ Paulo, 7 3 9 4 6 5 2 1 8 French, German)
to mariners
39 “Beware the
5 Ultimate
4 9 6 1 8 3 2 7 5 9 4 1 6 2 7 3 9 4 6 8 5 1 08:40 Live Broadcast
(English, German, Russian)
___ of March” objective 8 6 1 5 3 2 4 9 7
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40 What 6 Cartoonist
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dispense Walker 1 8 6 7 5 4 9 2 3 10:45 Live Broadcast
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42 Clock div. fertility 8 9 5 9 4 6 3 5 2 6 9 8 1 7 4
12:30 News (English, French,
43 Patty goddess 4 9 7 2 1 3 5 8 6 German, Greek, Russian)
Hearst’s 8 Potok’s “My
12.45 Live Broadcast
name in the
Name is
Asher ___”
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Report: Controversial Web site plan work of clandestine BÇG Ankara court accepts
indictment against

contnued from page 1 minal complaint against the TSK. “We are a vic-
The group was then attached to the Pri-
me Ministry by the new government. The name
tim of this monitoring activity. We have been
put under suspicion by some individuals within
judge Osman Kaçmaz
of the BÇG was changed to the Prime Ministry the TSK who we believe to be neglecting their A court in Ankara has accepted an indictment
Monitoring Council (BTK). duties. Even if a directive to monitor Web sites prepared against Sincan 1st High Criminal Co-
Bugün claimed that the establishment of was given [by the Prime Ministry], it is a crime urt Chief Justice Osman Kaçmaz after an investigati-
Web sites that the armed forces used to back to implement it,” read the statement. on into a series of questionable rulings made by him

their psychological warfare against “dangerous” Mehmet Ali Aslan, an editor of www.haksoz- stretching back to 2008. The Justice Ministry recently
civilian groups was part of a plan devised by the, called for the punishment of those res- requested the disbarment of Kaçmaz. A disciplinary re-
BÇG. The group collected a series of plans in the ponsible for conducting the monitoring activity. port prepared by the Justice Ministry and sent to the
post-coup era in a 100-page strategy document “Our site was categorized as ‘reactionary.’ Such Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) inc-
to ght reactionaryism, also known as the “sec- a categorization is used for individuals who have luded one request for Kaçmaz’s disbarment, two requ-
ret constitution” of the Feb. 28 process. The do- a sensitivity toward Islam. We will do what sho- ests for his reassignment and four requests for a judi-
cument was kept secret and detailed guidelines uld be done against such illegal activity,” he noted. cial investigation.
of plans to be implemented to ght against the Kaçmaz’s attorney, Baykal Doan, said his cli-
so-called threat of reactionaryism in Turkey. Civilian prosecutors after ent received notication of the indictment’s acceptan-
The existence of the Web sites was revealed ‘100 condential documents’ ce and that they went to the 7th High Criminal Co-
earlier this month when an unnamed military The Taraf daily claimed yesterday that civilian urt to review it. Doan said there was no mention of
ofcer sent an e-mail to journalists and news- prosecutors have so far asked the General Staff a possible sentence for Kaçmaz in the indictment. He
papers informing them of the matter. According for about 100 documents, including military plans also said that they will not le a lawsuit but will begin
to the e-mail, the TSK established 42 Web si- to interfere in politics. The documents were sei- preparing their defense. If there is a court case against
tes as part of its psychological warfare against zed in raids, mostly as part of an ongoing probe Kaçmaz, he will be tried at the Supreme Court of Ap-
“dangerous” civilian groups that were catego- into a criminal organization known as Ergenekon. peals because of his top rank as a judge.
A new report asserts that the Turkish Armed Forces illegally monitored the activity of certain Web sites in 2000.
rized as “reactionary,” “separatist,” “pro-Justice Among the documents was an action plan Meanwhile, Ankara 1st Peace Court Judge Hay-
and Development Party [AK Party]” and “anti- General Staff Gen. lker Babu was also repor- secretary in 2000, refuted the General Staff state- prepared by Lt. Gen. Nusret Tadeler aga- ri Keskin was also present at the courthouse. Keskin,
TSK.” The ofcer also claimed that the armed tedly informed about the plan. ment and claimed that no directive was sent to inst the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party who recently ordered an investigation of the Telecom-
forces also monitored the activities of more than The General Staff announced last week that the TSK for the establishment of such Web sites. (DTP). The document detailed a plan to un- munications Transmission Directorate (TB) in order to
400 Turkish and foreign language Web sites. The the Web sites were established following direc- In the meantime, dozens of Web sites that dermine the party. The General Staff, howe- nd out whether or not certain judges’ phones are be-
Web site plan was devised at the Third Informa- tives from the Prime Ministry in 2000, when the were monitored and categorized by the TSK are ver, has yet to respond to the prosecutors’ in- ing wiretapped, said he had submitted his report on the
tion Support Unit of the General Staff by a num- government was led by a coalition under former planning to seek legal redress against the ar- quiry. Prosecutors will decide on what action issue. Judges and Prosecutors Association (YARSAV)
ber of colonels and was coordinated by 1st Army Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. However, Ahmet med forces. A statement on www.aktifhaber. to take against the documents after the Gene- President Ömer Faruk Eminaaolu had claimed that
Corps Commander Gen. Hasan Isz. Chief of aar, who served as the Prime Ministry under- com indicated that the Web site will le a cri- ral Staff responds. stanbul Today’s Zaman his phones were being tapped.
The Ministry of Justice stated on Tuesday that an
investigation resulting in a decision to disbar Kaçmaz
and Eminaaolu is not related to current issues and
that there are several investigations concerning judges
and prosecutors handled by the ministry, but that only
the investigation into Kaçmaz and Eminaaolu was

Plot colonel sent to court detailed by the media. The ministry’s move to remo-
ve Kaçmaz has come upon the heels of a May ruling
in which Kaçmaz said President Abdullah Gül should
stand trial in a decade-old fraud case despite consti-

for arrest over action plan
tutional constraints on the trial of a president for any-
thing other than high treason. Justice Ministry ofcials
emphasized that the investigations into Kaçmaz calling
for his removal should not be seen as a reaction to the
ruling over the president. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires

contnued from page 1 is one of the strongest elements of our
The colonel was summo- state, and it should not be undermi-
ned for testimony by civili-
an prosecutors last month, but he
ned. But we should not allow the pro-
tection of suspicious individuals by
Taraf writer threatened
chose to not comply with the order our institutions. Be it the armed forces over adaptation of
until yesterday. Ergenekon prose- or any other institution, they should
cutor Zekeriya Öz announced on not harbor such members. We need Atatürk address
Tuesday that police would use for- to do so in order to leave a strong Tur- Taraf daily’s columnist Sevan Nianyan, who wro-
ce to bring Çiçek to testify as part key to future generations,” he said. te a humanistic adaptation of Atatürk’s “Address
of the plot probe. “We called him to Turkish Youth,” a patriotic speech calling on young
to testify and demanded that the ‘Let Çiçek wait, people to protect their country at all costs, published
colonel be brought by police force. try Babu instead’ e-mails received from irate nationalists and lled with
But he has yet to arrive at the co- A coalition known as 70 Million Steps threats and vulgar language in his column yesterday.
urthouse,” Öz added. against Coups staged a demonstrati-

In his adaptation, Nianyan replaced the rst sen-
Seven other members of the mili- on in front of the Beikta courthouse tence of the address, “Your rst duty is to preserve and
tary appeared at the Beikta courtho- yesterday, calling for the trial of Chi- to defend Turkish Independence and the Turkish Re-
use last month to testify on the notori- ef of General Staff Gen. lker Babu. public forever,” with “Your rst duty is to be a human
ous action plan. They were released af- Protestors carried banners that being.” The sentences: “This is the very foundation
ter their testimony. read “Let Çiçek wait, try Babu inste- of your existence and your future. This foundation is
The plot, called the Action Plan to ad” and “Çiçek is here, where is Ba- your most precious treasure. In the future, too, there
Fight Reactionaryism, made its way bu?” Mahmut Sürmeli, who read a may be malevolent people at home and abroad, who
into the media in early June. The Gene- press statement in the name of the de- will wish to deprive you of this treasure” in the origi-
ral Staff, however, denied possession monstrators, said it was the rst time Col. Dursun Çiçek arrives at a courthouse in stanbul to testify over charges that implicate him in the creation of a nal were changed to: “The very foundation of being
of the plan, saying the document was a power that targeted Turkish democ- plot to undermine the ruling Justice and Development Party government by illegal means.
human is love toward other human beings. All thro-
a photocopied version. An unnamed racy was being brought to justice. ugh your life, you shall consider it a duty for yourself

military ofcer mailed the original copy “This is the rst time for a po- to teach beauty, reason and justice to people. If you
to Ergenekon prosecutors last month, wer which violated laws, caused have knowledge, you will share it without expecting
which eliminated all suspicion surro- unsolved murders, executed people anything in return.” The rest of Nianyan’s adaptati-

unding the authenticity of the plot. A and tortured individuals to be bro- on was a treatise on the equality of all human beings.
forensic medical examination showed ught before the court. We owe all However, the backlash from some among the Tur-
that a genuine signature on the docu- of this to the chief of general staff, kish youth was spine-chilling. “We will make you wri-
ment belongs to Col. Çiçek. Gen. Babu, who called the action te the correct version of the ‘Address to Youth’ with
The unnamed military ofcer has plan a piece of paper,” Sürmeli said. your own blood. … I’ll kill you like that Hrant Dink
yet to be questioned by the prosecu- Gen. Babu said the action plan dog,” said one of the messages, most of whose text
tors. Col. Çiçek was arrested by a civi- was a “piece of paper” in terms of law was not suitable for replication here.
lian court in July on suspicion of links during a press conference in June be- Another one said: “I have been praying for years to
to the plot but was later released after cause what jurists had at hand was a be able to kill one of your kind when I’m on my army
his lawyer led an appeal. His imme- photocopied version of the plot. duty. I would do this in cold blood and killing your ilk
diate release was considered contro- Sürmeli also said justice would re- would not hurt my conscience at all but would give me
versial. He had testied to Ergenekon ign supreme in the country only with honor. … You should know that we are waiting for the
prosecutors at that time. the trials of Gen. Babu and Col. Çi- tiniest spark.” Another message was the sender’s own
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Er- çek. “Sometimes a piece of paper can adaptation, “Turkish Youth! Your primary duty is to
doan on Tuesday called on the ar- end injustice. The power of the cru- adopt as a principle to wipe from the earth for the sake
med forces to not harbor any mem- el is tantamount to that of a piece of of Turkishness and humanity the Armenians and Kurds,
ber who is engaged in illegal and paper. Now our rst duty is to protect A group demonstrated in front of the Beikta courthouse yesterday, calling for the trial of Chief of General Staff Gen. lker Ba- that champion enmity against Turks and which are the
anti-democratic initiatives. “The TSK this piece of paper,” he added. bu. Participants carried banners that read “Let Çiçek wait, try Babu instead” and “Çiçek is here, where is Babu?” most debased nations on earth.”
Yet another version started: “Oh You! The despicab-
le creature who thinks himself a man because you know
how to write. You and your ilk will see the power of the
Turkish Nation very soon. Armenians and others, those
who continue their corrupted intrigues to separate the co-

Military prosecutor resigns amid allegations of coerced affair untry despite all the tolerance we have shown will pay the
price they deserve to pay in the near future. Now is your
day to speak, but don’t you worry; that will change in a
A military prosecutor who was accused by com. In its story, Vakit also wrote that Duran was man into not telling her husband about the relati- onship to the truth. He said he was promoted to co- year or two. The day we’ll settle accounts with you is near!
the Vakit daily of coercing a married wo- promoted to the rank of colonel from lieutenant onship. Duran, like the woman involved, has de- lonel automatically and without a Supreme Military We’ll see if you can show the same courage then!! Find a
man into having an affair by threatening her colonel despite his affair with a married woman. nied any knowledge of the videotaping. Council (YA) decision, as suggested by Vakit, when hole to hide in, you separatist PKK-supporting traitors.”
has resigned. The newspaper reported that mili- There were claims that the colonel had blackma- Duran was the military prosecutor in charge his period of service as a lieutenant colonel ended. “Yours is a cowardly nation. You can write all you
tary prosecutor Col. Zekeriya Duran resigned af- iled the woman into having sexual relations with when the police searched the home of retired Gen. Vakit had implied the YA council had ignored want about Atatürk; you’ll never have the strength to
ter reports of his affair with a married woman, him using his power as a military judge; however, Hurit Tolon earlier this year as part of the investi- what it called the lieutenant colonel’s “immoral” destroy his republic. But you and your owners who
which the conservative daily described as “aga- the woman denied this and said she had been gation into Ergenekon, a clandestine gang charged affair. The woman’s husband, identied as S.Ö., hold your leash should remember that the thing that
inst human and military morality,” surfaced. The involved with Duran voluntarily. It was not cle- with plotting to overthrow the government. reportedly claimed that after he petitioned the Ge- can cross your immunity and protection is a 9mm bul-
prosecutor’s affair became publicly known when ar how the footage showing Duran and his mist- In a statement he released regarding his re- neral Staff about the incident, the General Staff’s let.” Other messages accused him of being a lapdog
a video showing him and his mistress was pub- ress was obtained. Some Web sites claimed that signation, he said Vakit’s article, titled, “Lt. Col. pro- legal undersecretary, Hfz Çubuklu, had warned of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan and Islamic
lished on the Vakit daily’s Web site, habervaktim. Duran was using the images to blackmail the wo- moted to colonel despite adultery,” bore no relati- him to “let go” of this case. stanbul Today’s Zaman scholar Fethullah Gülen. stanbul Today’s Zaman

T18-12-11-09.qxd 11.11.2009 14:12 Page 1


8th & 9th GRADERS

All kids are gifted; some just open their
packages earlier than others.

Mount Everest is the tallest and coming off the Khumbu Icefall. It was an in- Read the article about the amazing ascent.
most intimidating mountain in the credible view. But one avalanche was deadly.
Are sentences "right" (A) or "wrong" (B)?
world. The only way to get there is Some climbers were trapped in the ava- If there isn't enough information to answer "right"
a long and dangerous climb. lanche…and the guides got out binoculars. (A) or "wrong"(B), choose "doesn't say" (C).
Lori Schneider is a 52-year-old fe- We saw two climbers. They were partially
A man goes to the doctor and says: "Doctor, please help
male climber from the US. She recently buried, and we heard later that the guide 1. After her climb to Mount Everest, she was diagnosed with a very seri-
me. I hurt all over."
climbed to the top of the world. was lost and never found again. ous illness.
The doctor asked the man to explain more.
Mike Jacobs: "How dangerous was For the last five days of the climb, Lori A) right B) wrong C) doesn't say
The man said: "When I touch my arm it hurts, when I
this adventure?" was on oxygen continuously. She fought
touch my leg it hurts, when I touch my head it hurts.
Lori: "Oh, it's extremely dangerous. physical and mental exhaustion. She even 2. Out of seven summits she climbed, Mt. Everest was the first one.
Everywhere I touch, it hurts."
… One fall, if you're not hooked in prop- had to sleep with oxygen. A) right B) wrong C) doesn't say
The doctor examined the man and said, "Mr. Smith,
erly, can be deadly." She says she also continually battled
your finger is broken!"
In fact, several people already died bitter cold. "On summit day, it started 3. While she was climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, she was caught in an
this year on the mountain. Lori's journey out below zero. Because you're so high, avalanche.
was more challenging than most. Ten it's cold. And it got colder and colder as A) right B) wrong C) doesn't say
years ago, she was diagnosed with multi- we went up the mountain.

ple sclerosis (a serious medical condition). The 11-hour climb that day started 4. When you are up in the mountain, the higher you climb, the colder it
"I thought I would be in a wheel- in darkness. They reached the summit gets.
chair back in 1999," she admits. as dawn was breaking. After years of A) right B) wrong C) doesn't say
Instead, she decided to climb "The training, Lori finally reached the top of
Seven Summits," the highest peak on the world, 29,035 feet. 5. When she reached the top of the mountain, she started crying.
each of the seven continents. Her motto Lori remembers the feeling. "My heart A) right B) wrong C) doesn't say
was simple: "Believe in yourself and started beating, I can't believe I'm actually

don't be afraid to try things." here after 16 years of climbing," she says.
But her challenge was great. Everest was Lori Schneider refused to give up
her seventh and most dangerous ascent. The hope. This amazing Wisconsin woman
journey took two months. She lived in tents.
She remembers one night when they heard
is now the first person with multiple
sclerosis to conquer Mt. Everest -- and
a lot of avalanches. The avalanches were all Seven Summits. Mike Jacobs CONVERSATIONS
1. May I help you? a. You can't.
b. Yes, you do.
c. Yes, you are.

2. Can I see your a. It's great.
driver's license? b. I see.
c. Sure.

3. Do you always a. Yes, I am.
drive so fast? b. Uh-uh. Not me.
c. Oh, no.

a. Yes, I can,
4. Why are
but only a little.
you here?
b. On vacation.
c. In London now.

5. Pardon me, son. Can a. Yes, I did.
you tell me where the b. Yeah, sure.
hotel is? c. Oh, yes, I do.

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate option.

The tiger shark is the fourth (1) ………… shark in the
world. It is found in warmer and tropical (2) …………
in the southern hemisphere.
The tiger shark is a fierce predator and tiger
sharks (3) ………… everything in the water, including
fish, seals, birds, turtles and even other sharks. The

Maintaining a flu-free family

tiger shark gets its name from the black stripes it has
when it is young. Most tiger sharks lose these stripes
as they (4) ………… older.
Like most other species of shark, tiger sharks (5)

Your daughter's playmates are missing school large crowds is one way that many children ………… sensors on the sides of their heads. The
with influenza (the flu), and you're beginning are exposed to the virus." sensors enable them to detect small muscle move-
to wonder if your little girl will come down ments from nearby creatures. Tiger sharks can reach
with the troublesome virus, too. Fortunately, Powerful prevention tips a top speed (6) ………… around 20 mph, which is
you may be able to help prevent it. As your family prepares for flu season, you can pretty fast (7) ………… the water!
While nothing is 100 percent effective at take small steps to prevent the virus from en- Tiger sharks are extremely aggressive animals.
preventing the unwelcome coughing, tering your home. For example, removing your Read the text above to decide if each sentence They are the most dangerous sharks for humans.
wheezing, fever, aching, chills and nausea shoes at the door before walking inside will Tiger sharks are solitary hunters and usually do most
below about flu prevention is true (T) or false (F).
that accompany the flu, you can greatly prevent you and your children from leaving a of (8) ………… hunting at night.
lessen the chances that your child will be- trail of germs on the floor, where kids often Tiger sharks usually range from between three to
come infected with this illness. crawl or play. In addition, regularly clean sur- 1. The flu especially affects young people. T F five meters in length.
"Traditional flu prevention methods -- faces in your home, including light switches,
getting vaccinated and practicing good door handles and the telephone. 2. Traditional methods to prevent the flu

can no longer offer any solutions.
hand-washing techniques -- are still the Make sure each member of your family has

best ways to prevent the virus from spread- his or her own towel and washcloth. You also
ing," says Alexis Elward, MD, MPH, pedi- may consider purchasing fun, colorful drinking 3. Once you get vaccinated, you don't need T F
atric infectious disease specialist at St. Louis straws for everyone in your family. Children to take any additional precautions.
Children's Hospital. "However, parents can love them, and by giving every family member
take several other precautions to prevent a different color straw, you can help prevent 4. Taking off your shoes at the door is a good T F
children from catching the virus." the spread of germs caused by sharing glasses. way to prevent the flu.
"Encouraging your children not to share
Avoiding crowds food at school can keep them from being ex- 5. If you keep away from crowds, you are less T F
You can help prevent the flu by staying away posed to the flu as well," Dr. Elward says. likely to catch a flu.
from shopping malls, movie theaters or oth- "Ultimately, good health habits that should be
er public places during flu season. This will observed year-round -- not just during flu sea- 6. Movie theaters and shopping malls
limit your child's exposure to germs and re- son -- can help keep your family healthy." are kept clean and hygienic so there is no T F 1. A) biggest B) bigger C) the biggest
duce her odds of becoming sick. "No matter what other flu prevention way you could get infected with the flu. 2. A) forest B) seaside C) waters
"Avoiding crowded areas was found to methods families use, I strongly recommend 3. A)hunting B) hunt C) is hunted
be an effective strategy for staying healthy getting the flu vaccination. In most cases, the 7. We should encourage our children T F 4. A) is getting B) get C) got
during the 1918 flu pandemic, and it re- vaccine is 90 percent effective in preventing the to share their food at school. 5. A) had B) have C) has
mains a good option today as well," Dr. flu. It doesn't prevent every cold or respiratory 6. A) in B) on C) of
Elward says. "Because flu germs can spread infection, but it does give your child a strong 8. Precautions should be taken 7. A) around B) in C) off
through the air, being in close proximity to first line of defense against the virus." throughout the year. 8. A) them B) they C) their

Last week’s answer key: 1-F, 2-T, 3-F, 4-F, 5-T, 6-F, 7-F, 8-T / 1-C, 2-B, 3-C, 4-B, 5-B,6-A / 1-C, 2-A, 3-C, 4-B, 5-B, 6-C, 7-A, 8-C, 9-C, 10-C / 1-A, 2-C, 3-A, 4-B, 5-B, 6-B / 1-B, 2-D, 3-A, 4-G

SPORTS Faldo receives knighthood from Queen
Six-time major winner Nick Faldo received his knighthood from
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday, describing the honor as
beyond his boyhood dreams. “I was so delighted my family was
there to see that,” said the 52-year-old after the Windsor Castle
ceremony. “It was quite an incredible experience.” London Reuters


Efes faces tough
road task against
Olympiakos today
even talk to Löw
The Turkish Soccer Federation (TFF)

on Tuesday dismissed as utterly un-
The going is getting tougher for Turkish founded reports that a deal had been
champion Efes Pilsen in Euroleague bas- reached with current Germany coach
ketball this season after having been beaten Joachim Löw to take over the nation-
93-88 by undefeated Spanish side Unicaja in al soccer team’s coaching job. “We
their Group B game in Malaga last Thursday.
Efes Pilsen is on the road again this evening
Enke was acquired by stanbul club Fenerbahçe in 2003-04, but was sacked immediately have not even talked to the German
coach, let alone made an agreement
as it takes on European powerhouse Olympiakos after Fener lost 3-0 in the rst match of the season to stanbulspor. He also had spells with with him,” the TFF said in a state-
in Greece this evening. Efes dropped to 1-2 after ment on its Web site. The TFF reiter-
last week’s defeat in Spain, meaning the stanbul clubs in Spain and Portugal before signing with Bundesliga team Hanover 96 in 2004 ated that the rumor mill was busy at
side cannot afford to lose against Olympiakos. work and that any report on the new

The important thing, however, is that Efes will coach, unless it comes from them,
not only be up against Olympiakos this evening should not be taken seriously. It is
but also against the boisterous and intimidating worth noting that Löw unsuccessfully
Greek fans. And Efes has to overcome both to coached Fenerbahçe in 1998-99 and
avoid an early exit from Europe this season. was declared persona non grata at the
Bootsy Thornton scored 19 points for end of that season. stanbul Today’s Zaman
Efes in the defeat against Unicaja last week,

Kaya Peker and Bostjan Nachbar 17 each and BASKETBALL
Charles Smith 11. The fate of Efes, without
doubt, will again rest on the shoulders of these Dallas Mavs
players this evening.
Olympiakos is 2-1 and tied for second- down Rockets
place after defeating previously unbeaten Lith- The Dallas Mavericks recovered from
uanian side Lietuvos Rytas 97-73 at home last a slow start to defeat their Texas ri-
Wednesday. The Greek side has an abundance vals the Houston Rockets 121-103
of sharpshooters -- including Linas Kleiza, who on Tuesday. Jason Terry made 7-of-8
scored 20 points; Josh Childress, who netted 18; eld goals in scoring 24 points while
and Milos Teodosic, who had 12 against Rytas. Dirk Nowitzki added 23 to help the
Efes should not expect a warm reception in Mavericks overcome a 56-39 second-
Greece today -- there has never been one -- but quarter decit and claim their second
must rise to the occasion, for it has no other choice. straight win. “We were just getting
Other Euroleague matchups today are: Lietuvos our tails kicked and the guys got an-
vs. Partizan; Lottomatica vs. Maccabi Electra; and gry and started playing a lot harder
AJ Milano vs. BC Khimki. Okan Udo Bassey stanbul Hanover goalkeeper with a lot more purpose,” Mavericks
Robert Enke reacts coach Rick Carlisle told the Houston
during a German Chronicle. “That turned it around.”

Bundesliga match Other NBA results: Orlando 93,
against VfB Stutt- Charlotte 81; Miami 90, Washington
gart in this Aug. 31,
76; Denver 90, Chicago 89; Portland
2008, file photo.
93, Memphis 79; and Sacramento
101, Oklahoma City 98. Dallas Reuters/AP

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts

and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no
more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing. Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Kerr leads US
LPGA to victory
Germany, Fenerbahçe and Hanover 96 Cristie Kerr shot 4-under 32 on the
goalkeeper Robert Enke has died after back nine to lead the US LPGA to the
being hit by a train in an apparent sui- win in the Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge
cide, German police said late on Tuesday. on Tuesday. It was the US LPGA’s

Enke was acquired by stanbul club Fen- fth win in the made-for-TV event
erbahçe in 2003-04, but was sacked immedi- that pits three-person teams from the
ately after Fener lost 3-0 in the rst match of US PGA Tour, Champions Tour and
the season to stanbulspor. US LPGA. The US PGA Tour leads

While police continue to investigate the with seven wins and the Champions
apparent suicide of German national keeper Tour has six. The US LPGA team of


Enke, the country’s soccer federation called Kerr, Suzann Pettersen and Natalie
off training for Saturday’s friendly against Gulbis had a combined score of 6
Chile, putting the match in doubt. under on the nal nine holes to beat
Turkish runner On Tuesday evening, the 32-year-old Enke
Robert Enke is seen in a Fener jersey in the 2003-04 season. The picture at right shows
Enke’s photo at a mourning area in front the Hanover soccer stadium on Wednesday.
the men’s team of Stewart Cink,
died when he was hit by an express train running Fred Couples and Bubba Watson
Süreyya Ayhan gets between Hamburg and Bremen at a crossing near match against Chile on Saturday in Cologne. by two strokes and win $300,000.
Hanover. Police said the Hanover 96 player’s car, DFB President Theo Zwanziger said the fed- Combined with their $100,000 purse
life ban for doping parked meters away from the tracks, was unlocked eration was in mourning. “Our feelings go out A look at goalkeeper from the opening nine, the women
Responding to an appeal from Süreyya and his wallet still inside, leaving them to believe to his wife and family,” he said. Robert Enke’s life won the overall title by $70,000 over
Ayhan and her husband, Yücel Kop, for that early indications “point to a suicide”. Enke, who had spells with clubs in Spain, the men. Henderson, Nev. AP
 Enke was born on Aug. 24, 1977 in
the reduction of a four-year competition ban “The training planned for this morning Turkey and Portugal before signing with Jena, former East Germany. He started
on Ayhan, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has been canceled as have all interview ap- Bundesliga team Hanover in 2004, experienced his youth career at Jena Pharm before BOXING
(CAS) on Wednesday ruled instead to length- pointments,” the German Soccer Federation a difcult time in recent months as he battled moving on to Carl Zeiss Jena.
en the ban on Ayhan to life. said on Wednesday. “More information will to secure his place in Germany’s team.  The keeper joined Borussia Moen- Cotto confident
A member of the Turkish national track
team, Ayhan and her coach and husband, Kop,
be available later in the day.”
Stomach virus
chengladbach in 1996 before moving on
to Benfica Lisbon in the first of several ahead of clash
“First indications point to suicide,” a media of- largely unsuccessful stints abroad that Miguel Cotto oozed self-belief and
turned to CAS after the arbitration court of cer for the Lower Saxony police had told Reuters He missed the last three World Cup qualiers also included Barcelona, Fenerbahçe
with what turned out to be an energy-sapping poise on Tuesday after making his
the General Directorate of Youth and Sports before adding that Enke’s body was found at a train (2003-04) and Tenerife.
stomach virus and had just returned to action ofcial arrival at the MGM Grand
handed down the ban in hopes of securing a crossing in Neustadt am Rübenberge near Hanover  He returned to the Bundesliga in 2004,
after almost two months out. Hotel & Casino where he will defend
reduction of Ayhan’s punishment. “At 18:25 [1725 GMT] he was run over signing for Hanover 96.
“This is a tragedy,” Hanover President Martin his WBO welterweight title against
Meanwhile, CAS overturned a punishment by a regional express train running between  His two-year-old daughter died of a
handed down to Kop that would have prevent- Kind told reporters. Despite not being called up for heart ailment in 2006. Filipino Manny Pacquiao. The Puerto
Hamburg and Bremen,” said police spokes- Rican, 34-1 (27 KOs), is the underdog
ed him from coaching for two years. two friendlies against Chile and Ivory Coast this  Enke made his first appearance for Ger-
man Stefan Wittke. “The train was traveling for Saturday’s scheduled 12-round
Osman Buldan, the couple’s attorney, month, even after Bayer Leverkusen’s Rene Adler many in March 2007 in their 1-0 defeat to
at the speed of 160 kilometers per hour.” Denmark. He won a total of eight caps, bout but believes his power will pre-
stated that CAS overturned Kop’s punish- The player’s friend and consultant, Joerg pulled out with an eye infection, Löw had hinted
his last in Germany’s 2-0 win against vail over Pacquiao’s renowned hand
ment due to a lack of evidence. As for Ay- Enke was still front-runner for the starting spot. Azerbaijan in Baku in August.
Neblung, told reporters: “I can conrm this speed. “I’m prepared for the speed of
han, the attorney said two controversies that Enke, born in Jena in the former East Germany,  He was ruled out of Germany’s last
is a case of suicide. He took his own life just Manny,” Cotto told reporters while
took place in 2004 and 2007 led to length- also played club soccer for Borussia Moenchengla- three 2010 World Cup qualifiers with a
before 6 [p.m.].” Enke, 32, won eight interna- sitting on the edge of the MGM
ening the initial four-year sentence to life. dbach and Benca and had a brief spell at Barce- stomach virus but was still regarded as a
tional caps and was in the running to play in Grand ring. “My hand speed is pretty
“The International Association of Ath- lona before stints with Fenerbahçe and Tenerife. front-runner for inclusion in the World Cup
the World Cup in South Africa next year. The squad next year. equal to Manny’s. But can Manny’s
letics Federation [IAAF] and the Turkish His 2-year-old daughter died of a heart ailment
news left Germans reeling and stunned the  Enke, who repeatedly tried to leave power equal Miguel Cotto’s on Sat-
Athletic Federation [TAF] did not object to in 2006. The couple adopted a 2-month-old girl in
national soccer federation (DFB). Hanover and join a bigger club to improve urday night? I am very calm. I have
the legal period of time. We are waiting to May. “Germany has lost an exceptional athlete and
“The German team has learned of the death of his chances of becoming the Germany been doing this for many years.” A
get the original documents of the decision. a sensitive man who was a role model for many,” keeper, was linked with a possible move
Robert Enke with great shock,” said the DFB in a former WBO light-welterweight
In my opinion, IAAF was inuential in is- said Lower Saxony Governor Christian Wulff. to Bayern Munich in the summer.
statement. “National team coach Joachim Löw and and WBA welterweight champion,
suing this decision,” Buldan noted. Ayhan Hundreds of fans gathered to light candles  His last Bundesliga match was a 2-2
manager Oliver Bierhoff said, ‘We are all shocked, Cotto said he had been energized
was originally given a lifetime ban by the outside the Hanover 96 ofces after learning of draw against Hamburg on Sunday.
we are speechless’.” Löw informed the squad of En- by the success of his Florida train-
TAF, and although this was reduced to four Enke’s death. stanbul Today’s Zaman with wires
ke’s death in a hotel in Bonn ahead of their friendly ing camp under new head train-
years by the Turkish arbitration tribunal,
Ayhan appealed to CAS. stanbul Today’s Zaman er, Joe Santiago. Los Angeles Reuters