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7883 Creekline Drive
Cupertino CA, 95014 <>

To build software that is human-centered and generally useful.

2005–2008 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA 
B.S. Electrical Engineering Computer Science, GPA: 3.8 

Received Kraft Award (awarded to freshmen with a 4.0 GPA) and Jim and Donna Gray Endowment
(department nominated based on academic achievement) 
Tau Beta Pi officer and Eta Kappa Nu member (engineering and EECS honor societies)

2008–present Google, Inc. Mountain View, CA
Software Engineer 
Developed a frontend for analyzing historical logs, extended existing processing pipeline with geographical data 

Built a tool for hand tuning search results for competitive analysis 
Built frontend for a large-scale human-driven data collection system and tools for analyzing collected data,
convinced team to implement it on an internal server-side Javascript web framework
2006–present Wejoinin ( Berkeley, CA
Developed and grew a AJAX-filled, Rails-based signup sheet web application 

Maintained Linux server (Nginx and Unicorn-based serving infrastructure) 
Put out fires and handled customer requests
2007–2007 Google, Inc. Mountain View, CA
Software Engineering Intern 
Worked on a large-scale image search project 

Moved project from a research project (commandline search client) to end-to-end service queryable by browser 
Deployed project onto Google’s distributed infrastructure
2007–2007 Hotswap, Inc Berkeley, CA
Implemented vehicle search functionality (PHP and MySQL) 

Wrote AJAX-based live search for frontpage, using the jQuery framework
2006–2006 VIA Technologies/ Fremont, CA
Interface Designer, Backend Programmer (Intern) 
Independently implemented and maintained several major site features in Ruby on Rails 

Created wireframes, and lo-fi prototypes to gather user feedback 
Rewrote existing AJAX and DOM JavaScript to improve accessibility and consistency 
Researched and implemented REST APIs, microformats and Atom feeds

Computer Science 61C Introduced machine architecture and software-hardware interactions. Learned
Machine Structures memory management principles using C and MIPS. Individually designed a
simple MIPS CPU.
Computer Science 162 Covered various aspects of operating system design. Worked with a team of
Operating Systems and five, using NachosJ (Java), added queueing, system calls, memory management.
System Programming Individually implemented a simple network stack.
Computer Science 164 Learned basics of parsing, code generation and optimization. Individually wrote
Programming Languages a JavaScript interpreter in JavaScript, and worked with a partner to write a
and Compilers generic Earley parser generator and a JavaScript to Python translator.
Computer Science 188 Emphasized functional, data-directed and rule-based programming and
Artificial Intelligence recursion. Taught in Scheme.