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This Agreement is entered into between _____________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Tenant") and
_______________, Agent (hereinafter referred to as "Landlord"). Each Tenant is jointly and seerally
liable for the !ayment of rent and !erformance of all other terms of this Agreement. A j"dgment entered
against one Tenant shall be no bar to an action against other Tenants.

#$T%E&&ET': That in consideration of the re!resentations made in the a!!lication filed by the Tenant
with the Landlord, and the rent resered herein and the coenants herein contained, the Landlord rents to
Tenant, and Tenant rents from Landlord, for residential !"r!oses only, the !remises sit"ated in
____________________ , _________ and located at:
&"bject to the terms and conditions in this Agreement.

The term of this Lease is for ________ months, commencing on the (st day of ___, )*__ and e+!iring on
the ,*th day of __, )*__, "nless renewed or e+tended !"rs"ant to the terms herein.

Payment of Rent:
The total rent for the term of this agreement is ______________________ (-_______). !ayable at a rate of
___________________________ ($______) !er month, the first installment will be made on the (st day of
_________, ___________. A li/e s"m of ________________ (-__________) will be !aid on the first day
of eery month thereafter, witho"t setoff, ded"ction, or demand, e+ce!t when that day falls on a wee/end
or a legal holiday, in which case rent is d"e on the ne+t b"siness day. 0ayment shall be made to the !erson
and at the address the Landlord shall designate in writing. 1ental is to be !aid in cash, money order,
cashier2s chec/ and3or certified chec/, or, at the o!tion of the Landlord, in any other fashion. 1ent shall not
be considered !aid "ntil act"al recei!t thereof. Tenant !lacing rent monies in the mail is not s"fficient for
rent to be considered !aid.

1ent shall be made !ayable to __________ and mailed or deliered to the following address:

1ent may be deliered !ersonally to ______________________.

Prorated first month's rent:
$f the lease term commences on a day other than the first day of a month, Tenant will !ay to Landlord a
!rorated monthly rent for the !eriod from the commencement of this Lease to the first day of the following
month. The !rorated rent from the commencement of this Lease to the first day of the following month is
-_______ which amo"nt shall be !aid at the e+ec"tion of this Lease.

Rent Inreases:
$n the eent of a rent increase, Tenant shall be notified !"rs"ant to a!!licable state laws and3or stat"tes.

Ret!rned "he# and Sto$ Payment:
$n each instance that a chec/ offered by Tenant to Landlord for any amo"nt d"e "nder this Agreement or in
!ayment of rent is ret"rned for lac/ of s"fficient f"nds, a "sto! !ayment" or any other reason, a serice
charge of -___ will be assessed.

Late "har%es:
$f Tenant fails to !ay the rent in f"ll before the end of the 4th day after it2s d"e, Tenant will be assessed a
late charge of -____. Landlord reseres and in no way waies the right to insist on !ayment of the rent in
f"ll on the date it is d"e.

Tenant E&amination and Ae$tane of Premises:
Tenant ac/nowledges that he has e+amined the leased !remises and his acce!tance of this agreement is
concl"sie eidence that said !remises are in good and satisfactory order and re!air (bedroom window to
be re!aired !rior to ___ ,(st, )*__) "nless otherwise s!ecified herein. and the Tenant agrees that no
re!resentations as to the condition of the !remises hae been made and that no agreement has been made to
redecorate, re!air or im!roe the !remises "nless hereinafter set forth s!ecifically in writing. The Landlord
will delier the leased !remises and all common areas in a habitable condition, !"rs"ant to a!!licable &tate
law. Tenant ta/es !remises in its A&5$& condition. Landlord shall, within fie (4) days after occ"!ancy of
the !remises, s"bmit a written ins!ection chec/list to Tenant, for his safe/ee!ing, itemi6ing damages to the
!remises e+isting at the time of occ"!ancy, which record shall be deemed correct "nless Tenant objects
thereto in writing within fie (4) days after recei!t thereof. Tenant agrees not to damage the !remises
thro"gh any act or omission, and to be res!onsible for any damages s"stained thro"gh the acts or omissions
of Tenant, Tenant7s family or Tenant7s initees, licensees, and3or g"ests. $f s"ch damages are inc"rred,
Tenant is re8"ired to !ay for any res"lting re!airs at the same time and in addition to the ne+t month7s rent
!ayment, with conse8"ences for non!ayment identical to those for non!ayment of rent described herein.

'!$any and (se:
The !remises are to be "sed only as a !riate residence for Tenant(s) listed as !arties of this Agreement and
the following minor children whose names and ages a!!ear below:
The !remises (assigned bedroom) shall be occ"!ied by no more than one (() !erson. The !remises shall
not be "sed for any !"r!ose other than a !riate residence witho"t the !rior written consent of the Landlord.

Dist!r)anes and *io+ation of La,s:
Tenant, g"ests and initees of either tenant or g"ests shall not "se the !remises for any "nlawf"l !"r!ose
and shall com!ly f"lly with all 'omeowner Association 9y5laws, r"les and !roced"res as well as
a!!licable federal, state and local laws and ordinances, incl"ding laws !rohibiting the "se, !ossession or
sale of illegal dr"gs. %or shall Tenant, g"ests and initees of either tenant or g"ests "se the !remises in a
manner offensie to others. %or shall Tenant, g"ests and initees of either tenant or g"ests create a
n"isance by annoying, dist"rbing, inconeniencing or interfering with the 8"iet enjoyment of any other
tenant or nearby resident. Tenant agrees to immediately inform Landlord and the a!!ro!riate a"thorities
"!on obtaining act"al /nowledge of any illegal acts on or "!on the leased !remises.

Se!rity De$osit and Ret!rn Thereof:
:!on e+ec"tion of this lease, Tenant will de!osit with Landlord the s"m of ______________________
($__________) , as a damage de!osit and the s"m of _______________ ($____________________), an
e8"ialent to the last month7s rent !ayment, the total amo"nt of which does not e+ceed two ()) months rent,
which is to be held as collateral sec"rity and a!!lied on any rent or any other charges that may remain d"e
and owing at the e+!iration of this agreement, any e+tension thereof or holding oer !eriod or a!!lied (i) to
the !ayment of accr"ed rent (e.g., last month7s rent) and incl"ding the reasonable charges for late !ayment
of rent s!ecified herein. (ii) to the !ayment of the amo"nt of damages which Landlord has s"ffered by
reason of Tenant2s noncom!liance with Tenant2s 1es!onsibilities and ;"ties as stated in this Lease or by
o!eration of law, less reasonable wear and tear. or (iii) to other damages or charges as !roided in this
Lease ca"sed by Tenant, his family, initees, em!loyees, trades !eo!le or !ets, or other e+!enses s"ffered
by Landlord as a res"lt of a breach of any coenant of this Lease. Tenant may not "tili6e the sec"rity
de!osit as rent nor shall he ded"ct same from the last month2s rent nor re8"ire the Landlord to indemnify
itself from said s"m of money or any !art thereof with res!ect to any !artic"lar iolation or defa"lt of

$nterest shall accr"e on Tenant2s sec"rity de!osit at an ann"al rate e8"al to one !ercentage !oint below the
<ederal 1esere 9oard disco"nt rate as of =an"ary ( of each year. 'oweer, no interest shall be d"e and
!ayable "nless the sec"rity de!osit has been held by Landlord for a !eriod e+ceeding thirteen ((,) months
after the effectie date of this Lease or after the effectie date of any !rior written or oral rental agreements
with Tenant, for contin"o"s occ"!ancy of the same dwelling "nit, s"ch sec"rity de!osit earning interest
which begins accr"ing from the effectie date of the rental agreement, and s"ch interest shall be !aid only
"!on termination of the tenancy, deliery of !ossession and ret"rn of the sec"rity de!osit as !roided in
this Lease.

<or ded"ctions from Tenant2s sec"rity de!osit occ"rring more than thirty (,*) days !rior to the termination
of this Lease, Landlord shall f"rnish Tenant, in writing, a co!y of an itemi6ed statement indicating the basis
for, and the amo"nt of the ded"ction within thirty days of the date of the ded"ction. $n the eent that any
!art of the said sec"rity de!osit shall hae been "tili6ed by Landlord in accordance with the terms hereof or
a!!licable law, the Tenant shall, "!on the deliery notice of same, immediately de!osit with the Landlord
the amo"nt so a!!lied by Landlord so that the Landlord shall hae the f"ll de!osit on hand at all times
d"ring the term of this lease and any renewal thereof or holding oer. $n the eent of the sale of the
!ro!erty "!on which this !remises is sit"ated or the transfer or assignment by the Landlord of this Lease,
the Landlord shall hae the right to transfer said sec"rity de!osit to the transferee, notify Tenant of the
address and !hone n"mber of transferee, and Landlord shall be considered released from all liability for the
ret"rn of the sec"rity de!osit, and Tenant shall loo/ solely to the new Landlord for the ret"rn of his sec"rity
de!osit. $t is agreed that the foregoing shall a!!ly to eery transfer or assignment made on the sec"rity
de!osit to a new Landlord.

#ithin forty5fie (>4) days after Tenant has acated the !remises, Landlord shall f"rnish Tenant, by
!ersonal deliery or by first5class mail, !ostage !re!aid, a co!y of an itemi6ed statement indicating the
basis for, and the amo"nt of, any sec"rity receied and the dis!osition of the sec"rity and shall ret"rn any
remaining !ortion of the sec"rity to Tenant.

Landlord is not obligated to ret"rn Tenant2s sec"rity de!osit or gie Tenant a written descri!tion of
damages and charges "ntil Tenant gies the landlord a written statement of Tenant2s forwarding address for
the !"r!ose of ref"nding the sec"rity de!osit.

A$$+iation for Lease:
Tenant ac/nowledges that the statements and re!resentations made in the signed a!!lication for said
!remises are tr"e, that they are deemed a !art of this Lease, and the falsity of any of them shall constit"te a
breach hereof.

*ehi+e Par#in%:
%o a"tomobile, tr"c/, motorcycle, trailers or other s"ch ehicles shall be !ar/ed on the !ro!erty witho"t
c"rrent license !lates and said ehicles m"st be in o!erating condition. &"ch ehicles may be !ar/ed in
drieways or other designated !ar/ing area, if !roided, or in the street.

Possession At "ommenement of Term:
Tenant shall not be entitled to !ossession of the !remises designated for lease "ntil the sec"rity de!osit and
first month7s rent (or !rorated !ortion thereof), less any a!!licable !romotional disco"nt, is !aid in f"ll and
the !remises designated for lease is acated by the !rior tenant. $f Landlord is "nable to delier !ossession
of the !remises to Tenant on or before the commencement of the term of this Lease d"e to another !erson
occ"!ying the !remises, Tenant2s rights of !ossession here"nder shall be !ost!oned "ntil said !remises are
acated by s"ch other !erson, and rent d"e here"nder shall be abated at the rate of one5thirtieth ((3,*) of a
monthly installment for each day that !ossession is !ost!oned and Tenant may, at Tenants sole discretion,
terminate this Lease "!on at least fie (4) days written notice to Landlord and "!on termination, Landlord
shall ret"rn all !re!aid rent and sec"rity de!osits. Tenant e+!ressly agrees that Landlord shall not be liable
for damages to Tenant in the eent Tenant, for any reason whatsoeer, is "nable to enter and occ"!y the

Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant, Tenant7s family or Tenant7s initees, licensees, and3or g"ests for
damages not ca"sed by Landlord or Landlord7s agents. Landlord will not com!ensate Tenant or anyone
else for damages ca"sed by any other so"rce whatsoeer, or by Acts of ?od, and Tenant is therefore
strongly enco"raged to inde!endently !"rchase ins"rance to !rotect Tenant, Tenant7s family, Tenant7s
initees, licensees, and3or g"ests, and all !ersonal !ro!erty on the leased !remises and3or in any common
areas from any and all damages.

Tenant will be res!onsible and !ay for the following "tilities, incl"ding all re8"ired de!osits (chec/ those
that a!!ly):
@ A #ater @ A Electric @ A 1ef"se Bollection @ A Tele!hone @ A Bable TC @ A (3, of cleaning serice
(eery two wee/s)

Landlord will be res!onsible and !ay for the following "tilities, incl"ding all re8"ired de!osits (chec/ those
that a!!ly):
@ A #ater @ A Electric @ A 1ef"se Bollection @ A Tele!hone (e+cl"ding calls o"tside of the >D
contig"o"s :nited &tates) @ A Bable TC @ A Bleaning serice (eery two wee/s)

Tenant shall be res!onsible for contacting and arranging for any "tility serice not !roided by the
Landlord, and for any "tilities not listed aboe. Tenant shall be res!onsible for haing same "tilities
disconnected on the day Tenant deliers the leased !remises bac/ "nto Landlord "!on termination or
e+!iration of this Lease.

A+terations and Re$airs )y Tenant:
:nless a"thori6ed by law, Tenant will not, witho"t Landlord2s !rior written consent, alter, re5/ey or install
any loc/s to the !remises or install or alter any b"rglar alarm system. Tenant will not remodel or ma/e any
str"ct"ral changes, alterations or additions to the !remises, will not !a!er, !aint or decorate, nor install,
attach, remoe or e+change a!!liances or e8"i!ment s"ch as air conditioning, heating, refrigerating or
coo/ing "nits, radio or teleision antennae. nor drie nails or other deices into the walls or woodwor/ (a
reasonable n"mber of !ict"re hangers e+ce!ted), nor refinish or shellac wood floors, nor change the
e+isting loc/s of the !remises, witho"t the !rior written !ermission of the Landlord or his Agent. Any of
the aboe5described wor/ shall become !art of the dwelling.

Assi%nment of A%reement and S!)+ettin%:
Tenant will not s"blet the !remises or any !ortion thereof, or assign this Lease witho"t the !rior written
consent of Landlord.

Land+ord's Res$onsi)i+ities and D!ties:
Landlord shall:

(. Bom!ly with the re8"irements of a!!licable b"ilding and ho"sing codes materially affecting
health and safety.

). Ea/e all re!airs and do whateer is necessary to !"t and /ee! the !remises in a fit and habitable

,. Eaintain in good and safe wor/ing order and condition all electrical, !l"mbing, sanitary, heating,
entilating, air5conditioning and other facilities and a!!liances, incl"ding eleators, s"!!lied or
re8"ired to be s"!!lied by him.

>. &"!!ly r"nning water and reasonable amo"nts of hot water at all times and reasonable air
conditioning if !roided and heat in season e+ce!t where the dwelling "nit is so constr"cted that
heat, air conditioning or hot water is generated by an installation within the e+cl"sie control of
the tenant or s"!!lied by a direct !"blic "tility connection.

4. Fee! all common areas shared by two or more dwelling "nits of the !remises in a clean and
str"ct"rally safe condition. and

G. 0roide and maintain a!!ro!riate rece!tacles and coneniences, in common areas, for the
collection, storage, and remoal of ashes, garbage, r"bbish and other waste incidental to the
occ"!ancy of two or more dwelling "nits and arrange for the remoal of same.

9"t Landlord shall hae no d"ty to maintain any of the aboe if the noncom!liance is the fa"lt of the

Tenant's Res$onsi)i+ities and D!ties:
Tenant shall:

(. Bom!ly with all obligations !rimarily im!osed "!on tenants by a!!licable !roisions of b"ilding
and ho"sing codes materially affecting health and safety.

). Fee! that !art of the !remises that he occ"!ies and "ses as clean and safe as the condition of the
!remises !ermit.

,. 1emoe from his dwelling "nit all ashes, garbage, r"bbish and other waste in a clean and safe

>. Fee! all !l"mbing fi+t"res in the dwelling "nit or "sed by Tenant as clean as their condition

4. :se in a reasonable manner all electrical, !l"mbing, sanitary, heating, entilating, air5conditioning
and other facilities and a!!liances.

G. %ot deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, im!air or remoe any !art of the !remises
or !ermit any !erson to do so whether /nown by Tenant or not.

H. %ot remoe or tam!er with a !ro!erly f"nctioning smo/e detector, incl"ding remoing any
wor/ing batteries, so as to render the smo/e detector ino!eratie.

D. 9e res!onsible for his cond"ct and the cond"ct of other !ersons on the !remises with his consent
whether /nown by Tenant or not, to ens"re that his neighbors2 !eacef"l enjoyment of the !remises
will not be dist"rbed. and

I. Abide by all reasonable r"les and reg"lations im!osed by Landlord.

Tenant agrees that any iolation of these !roisions shall be considered a breach of this Lease.

%o !et, animal, bird or other !et will be /e!t on the !remises, een tem!orarily, witho"t written !ermission
from Landlord or Agent. $f written !ermission is granted, the Tenant agrees to !ay the cost of haing the
dwelling de5fleaed and de5tic/ed by a !rofessional e+terminator at the termination of occ"!ancy. Tenant
e+!ressly agrees and "nderstands that Landlord7s !ermission may be conditional "!on an additional de!osit
to be !aid !rior to the !et being /e!t on the leased !remises.

Pestiide A$$+iation:
Landlord shall gie written notice to Tenant no less than forty5eight (>D) ho"rs !rior to the a!!lication of a
!esticide in Tenant2s dwelling "nit. 'oweer, if Tenant re8"ests the a!!lication of !esticide, the forty5eight
(>D) ho"r notice shall not be re8"ired. $f Tenant has concerns abo"t s!ecific !esticides, Tenant shall notify
Landlord, in writing, no less than twenty5fo"r ()>) ho"rs before the sched"led !esticide a!!lication.

-!iet En.oyment:
Landlord agrees that Tenant, /ee!ing and !erforming the coenants herein contained on the !art of the
Tenant to be /e!t and !erformed, shall at all times d"ring the e+istence of this lease, renewals or e+tensions
!eaceably and 8"ietly, hae, hold, and enjoy the leased !remises, witho"t s"it, tro"ble or hindrance from
Landlord, or any !erson claiming "nder Landlord.

S!rrender of Premises:
Tenant will, "!on termination of this Lease, s"rrender the !remises and all fi+t"res and e8"i!ment of
Landlord therein in good, clean and o!erating condition, ordinary wear and tear e+ce!ted. Tenant shall, at
time of acating !remises, clean said !remises incl"ding stoe and refrigerator and remoe trash from the
!remises. :!on acating the !remises Tenant shall delier all /eys thereto to the Landlord or his Agent
within twenty5fo"r ()>) ho"rs after acating. <ail"re to com!ly will be ca"se to charge Tenant for
changing loc/s.

Land+ord's Ri%ht to Aess and Ins$etion:
$n addition to the rights !roided by law, in the eent of an emergency, to ma/e re!airs or im!roements or
to show the !remises to !ros!ectie b"yers or tenants or to cond"ct an ann"al ins!ection or to address a
safety or maintenance !roblem or to remoe any alterations, additions, fi+t"res, and any other objects
which may be affi+ed or erected in iolation of the terms of this Lease, Landlord or Landlord2s d"ly
a"thori6ed agents may enter the !remises. E+ce!t in cases of emergency, Tenant2s abandonment of the
!remises, co"rt order or where it is im!ractical to do so, Landlord shall gie Tenant at least twenty5fo"r
()>) ho"rs notice before entering. <"rthermore, Landlord retains a Landlord7s Lien on all !ersonal !ro!erty
!laced "!on the !remises to sec"re the !ayment of rent and any damages to the leased !remises.

Termination of Lease / 0o+d '1er:
Either Landlord or Tenant may terminate this lease at the e+!iration of said Lease or any e+tension thereof
by giing the other three (,) months written notice !rior to the d"e date. &ince time is of the essence in all
matters of this Lease, and es!ecially with res!ect to the iss"e of renewal, if Tenant shall hold oer after the
e+!iration of the term of this Lease, Tenant shall, in the absence of any written agreement to the contrary,
be a tenant from month to month, as defined by a!!licable _________________ law, at the monthly rate in
effect d"ring the last month of the e+!iring term !l"s -_________________, the res"ltant rent being
Landlord7s !resent rental fee for month to month tenancies. All other terms and !roisions of this Lease
shall remain in f"ll force and effect.

$n the eent Tenant becomes a month5to5month tenant in the manner described aboe, Tenant shall be
re8"ired to !roide Landlord, in adance, thirty (,*) days written notice of Tenant7s intention to s"rrender
the 0remises. Landlord, at Landlord7s discretion, at any time d"ring a month5to5month tenancy, may
terminate the month5to5month tenancy or lease by sering Tenant with a thirty (,*) days written notice of
termination, or by any other means allowed law. :!on termination, whether by e+!iration of this Lease,
notice or by reason of defa"lt by Tenant, Tenant shall !rom!tly acate the !remises, remoing all items of
!ersonal !ro!erty and leaing the !remises in good and clean order, reasonable wear and tear e+ce!ted.

Ear+y Termination 'f Lease A%reement 2y Mi+itary Personne+:
Any member of the armed forces of the :nited &tates or a member of the ______________ %ational ?"ard
sering on f"ll5time d"ty or as a Biil &erice technician with a %ational ?"ard "nit may terminate his
rental agreement if the member (i) has receied !ermanent change of station orders to de!art thirty5fie
miles or more (radi"s) from the location of the dwelling "nit. (ii) has receied tem!orary d"ty orders in
e+cess of three months2 d"ration to de!art thirty5fie miles or more (radi"s) from the location of the
dwelling "nit. (iii) is discharged or released from actie d"ty with the armed forces of the :nited &tates or
from his f"ll5time d"ty or technician stat"s with the ___________ %ational ?"ard. or (i) is ordered to
re!ort to goernment5s"!!lied 8"arters res"lting in the forfeit"re of basic allowance for 8"arters. $n this
eent, Tenant shall sere Landlord a written notice of termination to be effectie on a date stated therein,
said date to be not less than thirty (,*) days after recei!t of the notice. The termination date shall be no
more than si+ty (G*) days !rior to the date of de!art"re necessary to com!ly with the official orders or any
s"!!lemental instr"ctions for interim training or d"ty !rior to the transfer. 0rior to the termination date,
Tenant shall f"rnish Landlord with a co!y of the official notification of the orders or a signed letter,
confirming the orders, from Tenant2s commanding officer.

The final rent shall be !rorated to the date of termination and shall be !ayable at s"ch time as wo"ld hae
otherwise been re8"ired by the terms of this Lease, together with any li8"idated damages as follows:

(. $f Tenant has resided in the !ro!erty for at least twele (()) months, Tenant shall not !ay
li8"idated damages.

). $n consideration of early termination of this Lease where Tenant has resided in the !ro!erty for
less than twele (()) months, Tenant will !ay to Landlord li8"idated damages in an amo"nt no
greater than:

a. Jne month2s rent if Tenant has com!leted less than si+ (G) months of the tenancy as of
the effectie date of termination, or

b. Jne5half of one month2s rent if Tenant has com!leted at least si+ (G) b"t less than twele
(()) months of the tenancy as of the effectie date of termination.

E&tended A)senes )y Tenant and Notie Thereof:
Tenant will notify Landlord in adance if Tenant will be away from the !remises for seen (H) or more
consec"tie days. ;"ring s"ch absence, Landlord may enter the !remises at times reasonably necessary to
maintain the !ro!erty and ins!ect for needed re!airs. $f s"ch absences are c"stomary and fre8"ent, the
e+!ected fre8"ency and d"ration of absence sho"ld be s"mmari6ed here:

$f Landlord cannot determine whether the !remises hae been abandoned by Tenant, Landlord shall sere
written notice on Tenant, by !lacing said notice in a cons!ic"o"s !lace on the !remises, re8"iring Tenant to
gie written notice to Landlord within seen (H) days that Tenant intends to remain in occ"!ancy of the
!remises. :nless Landlord receies written notice from Tenant or otherwise determines that Tenant
remains in occ"!ancy of the !remises, "!on the e+!iration of seen (H) days from the date of Landlord2s
notice to Tenant, this Lease shall be deemed to terminate on that date.

Pro$erty Dama%e / Destr!tion of Pro$erty:
$f the !remises are rendered totally "nfit for occ"!ancy by fire, act of ?od, act of rioters or !"blic enemies,
or accident, the term of this Lease shall immediately cease "!on the !ayment of rent a!!ortioned to the day
of s"ch ha!!ening. $f, howeer, the !remises are only !artially destroyed or damaged and Landlord
decides to re!air the same, s"ch re!airs shall be made by Landlord witho"t "nreasonable delay, and there
shall be abatement in rent in !ro!ortion to the relationshi! the damaged !ortion of the leased !remises bears
to the whole of said !remises. Tenant, Tenant2s g"ests and initees of either Tenant or Tenant2s g"ests will
not engage in any actiity or action that may ca"se seere !ro!erty damage.

0o+d 0arm+ess:
To the f"llest e+tent !ermitted by law, Tenant hereby agrees that Landlord and his Agent will be held free
and harmless from any and all loss, claim or damage by reason of any accident, inj"ry, or damage to any
!erson or !ro!erty occ"rring on or abo"t the leased !remises, "nless s"ch accident, inj"ry, or damage shall
be ca"sed by the negligence of the Landlord, its agents, serants and3or em!loyees.

Se!rity De1ies 3 Dis+aimer of Se!rity 4arranties:
Landlord, Landlord7s agents or em!loyees ma/e no warranties, g"aranties or re!resentations regarding the
sec"rity of the 0remises, common areas, or the townho"se comm"nity, and any s"ch warranties and
re!resentations, whether e+!ressed or im!lied, are hereby disclaimed. Tenant hereby agrees and
ac/nowledges that Tenant and occ"!ant(s) shall hae the e+cl"sie res!onsibility of !rotecting the
0remises, Tenant(s), occ"!ant(s) and Tenant7s g"ests from crime, fire, and other danger. Landlord shall
not !roide and shall hae no d"ty to !roide any sec"rity deices to Tenant or the a!artment comm"nity
with the e+ce!tion of those re8"ired by a!!licable law. Tenant shall loo/ solely to the 0"blic 0olice <orce
and other forms of 0"blic &afety for !rotection. Tenant agrees and ac/nowledges that !rotection against
criminal action is not within the !ower of Landlord, Landlord7s agents or em!loyees, and tho"gh Landlord,
from time to time, may !roide crime deterrent serices, those serices cannot be relied "!on by Tenant
and shall not constit"te a waier of, or in any manner modify, the aboe agreement. :!on Tenant7s
reasonable re8"est, Landlord shall consider !ermitting Tenant to install fire safety and3or crime deterrent
deices, !roided s"ch deices do not damage the 0remises, create danger, Tenant !roides Landlord with
d"!licate /eys and alarm codes enabling Landlord to access 0remises and "!on termination of the tenancy
Tenant shall be res!onsible for !ayment to Landlord for reasonable costs inc"rred for the remoal of all
s"ch deices and re!airs to all damaged areas.

Defa!+t 3 2reah 2y Tenant:
$n the eent of any defa"lt here"nder on the !art of the Tenant, his family, serant, g"ests, initees, or
sho"ld the Tenant occ"!y the s"bject !remises in iolation of any lawf"l r"le, reg"lation or ordinance
iss"ed or !rom"lgated by the Landlord or any rental a"thority, then and in any of said eents the Landlord
shall hae the right to terminate this Lease by giing the Tenant !ersonally or by leaing at the leased
!remises a thirty (,*) day written notice of termination and this Lease shall terminate "!on the e+!iration
of thirty (,*) days from the deliery of s"ch notice if the defa"lt is not remedied within a reasonable time
not in e+cess of twenty5one ()() days and the Landlord, at the e+!iration of said thirty (,*) day notice or
any shorter !eriod conferred "nder or by o!eration of law, shall there"!on be entitled to immediate
!ossession of said !remises and may aail himself of any remedy !roided by law for the restit"tion of
!ossession and the recoery of delin8"ent rent. $f this Lease is terminated, Landlord shall ret"rn all !re!aid
and "nearned rent and any amo"nt of the sec"rity de!osit recoerable by the Tenant.

'oweer, in the eent the defa"lt is non!ayment of rent, Landlord shall not be re8"ired to delier thirty
(,*) days notice as !roided aboe b"t may sere Tenant with a fie (4) day written notice of termination
where"!on the Tenant m"st !ay the "n!aid rent in f"ll or s"rrender the !remises by the e+!iration of the
fie (4) day notice !eriod. $n addition, if a chec/ for rent is deliered to Landlord drawn on an acco"nt
with ins"fficient f"nds and Tenant fails to !ay rent within fie (4) days after written notice is sered on him
notifying Tenant of his non!ayment and of Landlord2s intention to terminate this Lease if the rent is not
!aid by cash, cashier2s chec/ or certified chec/ within the fie5day !eriod, Landlord may terminate this
Lease and shall there"!on be entitled to immediate !ossession of said !remises and may aail himself of
any remedy !roided by law for the restit"tion of !ossession and the recoery of delin8"ent rent.
<"rthermore, for any criminal or willf"l act, which is not remediable and which !oses a threat to health or
safety, Landlord may terminate this Lease immediately and !roceed to obtain !ossession of the !remises.
:!on Landlord7s termination of this Lease, Tenant e+!ressly agrees and "nderstands that the entire
remaining balance of "n!aid rent for the remaining term of this Lease shall ABBELE1ATE, whereby the
entire s"m shall become immediately d"e, !ayable, and collectible. Landlord may hold the !ortion of
Tenant7s sec"rity de!osit remaining after reasonable cleaning and re!airs as a !artial offset to satisfaction
of the accelerated rent.

Remedies / "!m!+ati1e:
The remedies and rights contained in and coneyed by this Lease are c"m"latie, and are not e+cl"sie of
other rights, remedies and benefits allowed by law.

Notie of In.!ries on Premises:
$n the eent of any significant inj"ry or damage to Tenant, Tenant7s family, or Tenant7s initees, licensees,
and3or g"ests, or any !ersonal !ro!erty, s"ffered in the leased !remises or in any common area, written
notice of same shall be !roided by Tenant to Landlord at the address designated for deliery of notices
(identical to address for !ayment of rent) as soon as !ossible b"t not later than fie (4) days of said inj"ry
or damage. <ail"re to !roide s"ch notice shall constit"te a breach of this Lease.

Any waier of a defa"lt here"nder shall not be deemed a waier of this agreement or of any s"bse8"ent
defa"lt. Ac8"iescence in a defa"lt shall not o!erate as a waier of s"ch defa"lt, een tho"gh s"ch
ac8"iescence contin"es for an e+tended !eriod of time.

Gro!nds for Termination of Tenany:
The fail"re of Tenant, g"ests and initees of either tenant or g"ests to com!ly with any term of this Lease is
gro"nds for termination of the tenancy, with a!!ro!riate notice to Tenant and !roced"res as re8"ired by

"o!rt "osts and Attorneys 5ees:
$n the eent that the Landlord shall find it necessary to e+!end any monies in legally enforcing any
!roisions of this lease, incl"ding the collection of rent or other charges d"e here"nder, Tenant agrees to
!ay a reasonable attorney2s fee and all e+!enses and costs inc"rred thereby, to the greatest e+tent allowed
by a!!licable law.

A%ents and A!thority to Reei1e Le%a+ Pa$ers:
Any notice which either !arty may or is re8"ired to gie, shall be in writing and may be gien by mailing
the same, by certified mail, and shall be deemed s"fficiently sered "!on Tenant if and when de!osited in
the mail addressed to the leased !remises, or addressed to Tenant7s last /nown !ost office address, or hand
deliered, or !laced in Tenant7s mailbo+ to Tenant at the !remises. $f Tenant is more than one !erson, then
notice to one shall be s"fficient as notice to all. The Landlord, any !erson managing the !remises and
anyone designated by the Landlord as agent are a"thori6ed to acce!t serice of !rocess and receie other
notices and demands, which may be deliered to:

@KA The Jwner, ______________, at the following address: _________________________________
Tele!hone: _____________
Time is of the essence in all matters of this agreement.

Tenant agrees to acce!t the !remises s"bject to and s"bordinate to any e+isting or f"t"re mortgage or other
lien, and Landlord reseres the right to s"bject !remises to same. Tenant agrees to and hereby irreocably
grants Landlord !ower of attorney for Tenant for the sole !"r!ose of e+ec"ting and deliering in the name
of the Tenant any doc"ments related to the Landlord7s right to s"bject the !remises to a mortgage or other

Eminent Domain:
$f the !remises or any !art thereof or any estate therein, or any other !art of the b"ilding materially
affecting Tenant2s "se of the !remise, shall be ta/en by eminent domain, this lease shall terminate on the
date when title ests !"rs"ant to s"ch ta/ing. The rent shall be a!!ortioned as of the termination date, and
any rent !aid for the !eriod beyond that date shall be re!aid to Tenant. Tenant shall not be entitled to any
!art of the award for s"ch ta/ing or any !ayment in lie" thereof.

Para%ra$h 0eadin%s:
The headings of !artic"lar !aragra!hs and s"b!aragra!hs are inserted only for conenience and are not !art
of this Agreement and are not to act as a limitation on the sco!e of the !artic"lar !aragra!h to which the
heading refers.

2indin% on 0eirs and Assi%ns:
This Lease shall be binding "!on and in"re to the benefit of the !arties hereto, their res!ectie heirs,
e+ec"tors, administrators, s"ccessors and assigns.

Entire A%reement:
This doc"ment and any Attachments constit"te the final and entire Agreement between the !arties hereto,
and no !romises or re!resentations, other than those contained here and those im!lied by law, hae been
made by Landlord or Tenant. Landlord nor Tenant shall be bo"nd by any terms, conditions, statements,
warranties or re!resentations, oral or written, not herein contained "nless made in writing and signed by
both Landlord and Tenant.

Go1ernin% La,:
This Lease shall be goerned by the laws of the state of _______________.

The !roisions of this Lease are seerable and in the eent any !roision, cla"se, sentence, section or !art
thereof is held to be inalid, illegal, "nconstit"tional, ina!!licable or "nenforceable to any !erson or
circ"mstances, s"ch inalidity, illegality, "nconstit"tionality, ina!!licability or "nenforceability shall not
affect or im!air any of the remaining !roisions, sentences, cla"ses, sections, !arts of the lease or their
a!!lication to Tenant or other !ersons or circ"mstances. $t is "nderstood and agreed that the terms,
conditions and coenants of this Lease wo"ld hae been made by both !arties if s"ch inalid, illegal,
"nconstit"tional, ina!!licable or "nenforceable !roision, sentence, cla"se, section or !art had not been
incl"ded therein to the e+tent that !ortion of this agreement may be inalid by stri/ing of certain words or
!hrases, s"ch words or !hrases shall be deemed to be stric/en and the remainder of the !roisions and the
remainder of the other !ortions of this Lease agreement shall remain in f"ll force and effect. $t is f"rther
agreed that this Lease may be e+ec"ted in co"nter!arts, each of which when considered together shall
constit"te the original contract.

Additiona+ Pro1isions:
The tenant7s !et dog, ___, may occ"!y the !remises. The tenant will !ay a -____ !et de!osit d"e on the
moe5in date, the (st of ____. Tenant is to be res!onsible for all damages ca"sed by said !et.
The landlord gies the tenant !ermission to !aint the tenant7s bedroom and bathroom a color a!!roed by
the landlord.

Tenant a#no,+ed%es reei$t of an e&e!ted o$y of this Lease6

Landlord3Agent2s signat"re: _________________________________
Title: ____ ____________________________
;ate: ______________
Address: _______________________________________________
0hone: ___________________________

#itness to Landlord2s &ignat"re: _____________________________________
0rint name: __ ____________________________ ;ate: ___________________

Tenant2s signat"re: ____________________________________
0rint name: _ ____________________________ ;ate: _________________

#itness to Tenant7s &ignat"re: ____________________________________
0rint name: __ ____________________________ ;ate: ___________________