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The King is Enthralled By Your Beauty!

When challenges and trials come our way Satan tries to rob us of the fact that as
women, we are beautiful and loved by God.
The purpose of this message is to share with you from Gods word that it is true, that
God loves us so deeply and is enthralled by us.
We will look at 3 points to help us in this understanding.
1. You are made like God.
2. You are desired by God.
3. You are taken care of by God.
Lets go back to the beginning to understand this rst point.
1. You are made like God.
In Genesis 1:1 God created the heavens and the earth. After every day God delighted
in His creation. After everyday he should in exultation. It is good!
1:10 - made the land & sea - and God saw it was good!
1:12 - made the vegetation - and God saw it was good!
1:18 - made the sun and the moon - and God saw it was good!
1:21 - made the birds and the sh - and God saw it was good!
1:25 - made the wild animals - and God saw it was good!
Then in Genesis 1:27 God made man and woman and in 1:31 God saw what he had
made and it was VERY good! He marveled, He was delighted. We are the delight of
His glory. Only when He made man did he shout, it was VERY good!
We are made in the image of God, our creator. How am I made like God? How am I
made in His image? Who are we as woman? Like God we are, passionate, creative,
nurturing, emotional, sensitive and strong. We have a desire to be cherish and so does
God. A desire to care for others and so does God. What an awesome privilege to
reect as nite beings, tiny beings, the innite, grand, beauty of God.
Genesis gives us a little insight into the beauty of a woman. God formed Adam out of
the dust of the ground. The hebrew word is yaster, (formed) meaning to fashion as a
potter. Adam was fashioned like a pot.
The word for fashioning the woman is banah (made) meaning to build, to construct,
used for making palaces, or temples, or forms of art. It implies that woman was
fashioned like aesthetic art.
Psalm 8:3-9 - You are crowned with glory and honor
Psalm 139:14 - You are fearfully and wonderfully made! I know that full well!
Think of the most amazing, beautiful sunset. You are more glorious. You are made in
the image of God. You are his glory!
Do you believe this about yourself? Do you know this full well? Do you live like this is
2. You Are Desired By God!
Isaiah 62:5 - You are a bride, a lover, a friend. (watch video)
Just like a bridegroom looks at, marvels over, delights in his bride, so God looks at you
this way!
Zephaniah 3:17 - God rejoices over you! Sings over you!
The word rejoice in the Hebrew is rinnah. The denition of this word is, a ringing cry,
a loud shout, a proclamation of existence.
Zephaniah writes that God quiets us with His love. Do you get quieted by Gods love?
Have you ever been in a frantic, challenging situation and been quieted by Gods love.
Do you sit still enough to hear God singing to you?
Psalm 45 - This is a Messianic psalm. A prophetic psalm of Christ and the church. The
wedding psalm prophecies about our marriage to Christ. This union is because of the
blood of Christ!
Put yourself in this psalm as you read it. You are the bride. Christ is the King.
As a Christian this is a love story between the church (you) and Christ.
Do you understand that Christ the King is enthralled by your beauty! It is tough to
comprehend. Yes God loves, us but enthralled by us. That is a pretty deep word with a
lot of emotion packed into it.
Denition of Enthrall: capture the fascinated attention of...
Origin late Middle English (in the sense enslave)
Delight, absorb, engross, rivet, transx, mesmerize, spellbind...
Most of the time it is hard for us to believe but we must live in the light of this truth,
moment by moment. It is a humbling thought that the Creator of the universe is that
crazy about us. That the Kings of Kings should be that xed upon us. The Ruler above
all, the One who sits upon the throne in Heaven, is wild about us. Not because of what
we have done or what we look like but because of who we are - His!
It is true. You are dearly loved, and God is wild about you! You are beautiful to him
because He made you. His eyes are on you and He is crazy in love with you!
What would your life look like to live in a constant awareness of His loving gaze on you?
3. You Are Taken Care of By God.
Psalm 27:4-5 - God protects and hides you.
Psalm 34:4-10 & 17-22 - He delivers you from ALL of you troubles
Isaiah 45:2-3 - God goes before you and even in the darkest of places he will give you
secret treasures!
Conclusion: You are valuable, treasured, beautiful, wonderful, precious and cherish in
the eyes of God!
Do you believe this? Its easy to believe in God. But do we believe God. That is the
question to ask ourselves.
2 Corinthians 4:4 - Paul writes the god of this age has blinded us.... Satan is the god
of this age and he blinds us not to believe what God says. Do you believe more in the
god (little g) of this age, Satan or our Great God! (big G) You have to chose who you
will believe.
A question to ask yourself:
Jeremiah 30-21b: Will you devote yourself to be close to God. To learn and keep
learning about how wide & deep & long this love is He has for us!
devote |di!v!t|
verb [ with obj. ]
1 (devote something to) give ALL or a large part of one's time or
resources to (a person, activity, or cause):
Will you devote yourself !!??!!