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Media release 16 May 2014


Following the outstanding success of the March in March rallies around Australia, at
which over 100,000 people attended protests at 33 locations around the country,
March Australia is pleased to announce further events in the coming months.
On S%&day 1' May# 2014, rallies will take place in ydney, Adelaide and !erth at
the following times and locations"
Syd&ey( 1)00 *+# Bel+,re !ar- near #entral. #ontact onia $adro, 0%3& '&( )'%
peakers include Antony *owenstein, ally McManus, +avid ,itter, -an ,intoul, .an
/adham. *ive performance 0y Sara. Blas-,.
Adelaide( 11)/0 a+# Vi01,ria S2%are 1 march to !arliament 2ouse at 13.00 pm. 4at
0%03 0%5 133.
!er1.( 12)00 *+, R%ssell S2%are !ar-. -nge. 0%03 )() (1'
Mel0ourne, /ris0ane, 2o0art are also marching. 6hese rallies are spontaneous and
have not 0een framed 0y March Australia guidelines.
6hese 7MarchinMay, 7/ustthe/udget and 7MarchAustralia rallies give the Australian
community an opportunity to take to the streets in response to the release of the
301%115 Federal 0udget.
!u0lic dissatisfaction with many #ommonwealth 8overnment decisions has 0een
growing steadily since it came to office, and it is e9pected that many more
Australians will take the opportunity to have their say on issues which concern them
and their families.
6here is a clear perception within the community that the A00ott government is
implementing policies which are patently unfair, and which favour the wealthy ahead
of the interests of the less well1off among us. Other political parties can also lift their
March Australia is voluntary and decentralised. :e crowd fund to maintain our
independence. A su0se;uent nationwide cluster of rallies will take place on the
weekend of 30131 August 301%. 6imes and locations for each of those events are yet
to 0e finalised and announced.
March Australia is politically non1aligned. :e are families, shop owners,
grandmothers, media professionals, sports players, artists, nurses, mothers,
students, aged1care workers, child care workers, teachers, farmers, factory workers,
pensioners, tradies, children and many other people from all walks of life and all
political persuasions who have a vision of 0etter, accounta0le, more representative
and fair government. <nsatisfied with how this government is treating the very
people they are employed to represent, first time marchers will =oin this
independently run 0road group which was formed via ocial Media.
Anyone committed to peaceful action and aligned with our mission of 0ringing
attention to the failings of this government is welcome to =oin our assem0lies, a
num0er of groups are already promoting it, 0ut, no political party, union or other
group pulls the strings 1 this is a citi>en led movement at every level.
Additional information availa0le 0y contacting ?ane almon 0%1) &1& 35% and
4eep up to date with Face0ook 1 https"AAwww.face0ook.comAMarchAustralia6witter
@marchaustralia 7march australia
Na1i,&al Mar0. A%s1ralia S*ea-ers 3,r Mar0. A%s1ralia# Mar0. i& May a&d B%s1
1.e B%d4e1)
*o> *awrey BydneyC 0409 314 701
Margaret McMillan B2o0artC 0409 314 701
Antony *oewenstein BydneyC
.an /adham Bin ydneyC 0%11 %') &1(. "
Antony *oewenstein Bin ydneyC 0%03 (&3 '&0
Mel5,%r&e# 0,,rdi&a1ed 5y %&i,&s# Va& Bad.a+) 2*+# Vi01,ria Li5rary,
S*ea-ers i&0l%de( 8ed 4earney, Adam /andt,
#oordinators are 6a0,5 $re0.( # 0402 246 471# E++a Keri& 044' 888 112)
95%s11.e5%d4e1 9+ar0.i&+ay