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On December 7, 2007 teachers and parents voted 152-62 in favor of the mayors Partnership for Los
n!e"es #choo"s $PL#% to &or' (co""aborative"y) &ith teachers, parents, c"assified staff, and st*dents to
increase st*dent achievement at +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo"- fter 5-years, PL# is a disma" fai"*re at
+ooseve"t ,i!h #choo"- P"ease consider the fo""o&in! res*"ts *nder PL# at +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo" $data
is from the .a"ifornia Department of /d*cation and $#+.% #choo" cco*ntabi"ity +eport .ards-
2011 standardi0ed .#1 test scores indicate that si2 o*t of seven sma"" schoo"s at +ooseve"t have scored
from 521 to 637 P4 ran!e, &hich indicates no si!nificant improvement over previo*s years, inc"*din!
&hen +ooseve"t &as one comprehensive hi!h schoo"- 2012 standardi0ed test scores indicate that si2 o*t of
seven sma"" schoo"s at +ooseve"t have scored from 555 to 672 ran!e, not co*ntin! the ma!net schoo"-
score of 600 or be"o& 6*a"ifies a schoo" as a (7oc*s #choo",) &hich can be reconstit*ted, ta'en over by a
charter operator, or ta'en over by !ro*ps of teachers- .#1 scores ran!e from 200 to 1,000, &ith 800 bein!
the state&ide performance tar!et-
1. +ooseve"ts "ast P4 score in 2009-2010, &hen it &as one comprehensive hi!h and before it &as
bro'en *p into 7 independent sma"" schoo"s, &as 607-
2. 1he fo""o&in! are the 2011 .#1 P4 scores for the seven schoo"s that no& comprise +ooseve"t
,i!h #choo": +ooseve"t .;<1 521, +ooseve"t /#P 581, +ooseve"t <a!net 726, +ooseve"t
La&=>ov- 559, +ooseve"t ,+1# 571, +ooseve"t #1/< 637, and +ooseve"t <,# 602-
3. 1he fo""o&in! are the 2012 .#1 P4 scores for the seven schoo"s that no& comprise +ooseve"t
,i!h #choo": +ooseve"t .;<1 555, +ooseve"t /#P 658, +ooseve"t <a!net 735, +ooseve"t
La&=>ov- 569, +ooseve"t ,+1# 565, +ooseve"t #1/< 672, and +ooseve"t <,# 567-
4. .ompared to +ooseve"ts si2 sma"" schoo"s in 2011, &hich have P4s of 521 to 637, >arfie"d has
an P4 of 707 in 2011- >arfie"d ,i!h #choo" is not a Partnership schoo" $PL#%- 4t is one
comprehensive hi!h schoo" &ith five sma"" "earnin! comm*nities and one principa"- ?hereas
+ooseve"t ,i!h #choo", no& has 7 separate schoo"s &ith 7 principa"s and one camp*s-&ide
principa"- >arfie"ds P4 for 2012 is 706-

5. 1he .omm*nication and ;e& <edia sma"" schoo" &ent do&n 85 points on their 2011 .#1 tests
scores from the previo*s year- 4t had an P4 of on"y 521- 4t has a 2012 P4 of 555-
6. 1he fo""o&in! are the scores $2010-2011% for the proficient or advanced "eve"s for the .#1 test in
/n!"ish "an!*a!e arts for the 7 schoo"s at +,#: #choo" of La& and >overnment: 20@A #choo" of
.omm*nication and ;e& <edia: 17@A cademy of <edica" and ,ea"th #ciences: 21@A <ath
#cience 1echno"o!y <a!net: 51@A cademy of /nvironmenta" and #ocia" Po"icy: 21@A
,*manities rts #choo": 22@A #choo" of #cience 1echno"o!y /n!ineerin! B <ath: 25@- 2012
.#1 scores for +ooseve"ts seven sma"" schoo"s indicate no si!nificant increases in the proficient
or advanced "eve"s for /n!"ish "an!*a!e arts, e2cept for the /#P sma"" schoo", &hich increased
from 21-6@ to 32-3@-
7. 1he fo""o&in! are scores $2010-2011% for the proficient or advanced "eve"s for the .#1 test in
<ath for the 7 schoo"s at +,#: #choo" of La& and >overnment: 3@A #choo" of .omm*nication
and ;e& <edia: 3@A cademy of <edica" and ,ea"th #ciences: 3@A <ath #cience 1echno"o!y
<a!net: 16@A cademy of /nvironmenta" and #ocia" Po"icy: 2@A ,*manities rts #choo": 3@A
#choo" of #cience 1echno"o!y /n!ineerin! B <ath: 11@- 2012 .#1 scores for +ooseve"ts
seven schoo"s indicate no si!nificant increase in proficient or advanced "eve"s from 2011-
8. +ec"assified /LL st*dents to /n!"ish f"*ency &ere o*tra!eo*s"y "o& in 6 of +ooseve"ts sma""
schoo"s in 2011, &ith most of the sma"" schoo"s on"y rec"assifyin! a hi!h of 19 /LL st*dents to
/n!"ish f"*ency, o*t of abo*t 300 to 500 /LL st*dents in each sma"" schoo"--this is terrib"y "o&
and *nacceptab"e-
9. 4n the second semester of 2011, +,# st*dents received appro2imate"y 3, 000 7s- 1his information
&as provided by the LC#D *nder the .a"ifornia P*b"ic +ecords ct-
10. Do0ens of co*rses, inc"*din! P c"asses, forei!n "an!*a!e c"asses, and vocationa" c"asses, s*ch as
a*to shop, c*"inary arts, and e"ectives s*ch as <e2ican merican st*dies have been e"iminated at
+ooseve"t- /ach of +ooseve"ts sma"" schoo"s has its o&n c*rric*"*m- 1he <,# schoo" &i""
be e"iminatin! #panish b*t &i"" 'eep 7rench instead-
>+D/ <4#1E/# <D/ FG PL# 4; 41# #O-.LL/D P+1;/+#,4P ?41,
+OO#/D/L1 ,4>, #.,OOL:
F+/E4;> CP +OO#/D/L1 ,4>, 4;1O #/D/; 4;D/P/;D/;1 ;D C1O;O<OC#
#.,OOL# <G F/ 1,/ F4>>/#1 <4#1E/ C;D/+ PL#
+ooseve"t ,i!h #choo" &as bro'en *p into seven independent schoo"s &ith their o&n state
ed*cation code in 2010-2011- 1here is no artic*"ation &ith the other si2 schoo"s- /ach schoo" has
its o&n #choo" #ite .o*nci" and mandated state and federa" co*nci"s- 1he <aster #ched*"e for
each schoo" offers different c"asses for each of the seven schoo"s, &hich means that some st*dents
are deprived of ta'in! certain e"ective c"asses, forei!n "an!*a!e c"asses, or P c"asses at their
sma"" schoo"- 1h*s, e"ective, forei!n "an!*a!e, and P co*rses are "imited-
P+4;.4PL# ,4+/D 1 +OO#/D/L1 $PL#% ?41, ;O P+/D4OC# P+4;.4PL
/HP/+4/;./ I +/.4/P/ 7O+ 74LC+/
Principa"s at each of the seven schoo"s are paid as assistant principa"s beca*se of the criteria and
the "imited e2perience they needed *nder PL#- #i2 principa"s at +ooseve"t did not ta'e the
Districts principa" e2am and therefore &ere not on the Districts e"i!ibi"ity "ist- "so since each
schoo" on"y had from 300 to 500 st*dents, principa"s &ere paid as assistant principa"s-
On"y one o*t of the seven principa"s of the seven schoo"s has previo*s e2perience as a former
principa"- One principa" never comp"eted his administrative credentia" co*rse &or' prior to bein!
hiredI,e &as strai!ht o*t of the c"assroom- One principa", &ho &as hired, came from the state
of ?ashin!ton, &ith no 'no&"ed!e of +ooseve"t st*dents or the immediate comm*nity-
.OLL/>/ .O+/ .C++4.CLC< 7O+ LL +OO#/D/L1 ,4>, #.,OOL #1CD/;1#
+ooseve"t ,i!h #choo" st*dents in the seven sma"" schoo"s are !iven a ri!oro*s co""e!e core
c*rric*"*m, &hich parents &e"come- ,o&ever, the prob"em is that most of +ooseve"t st*dents
"ac' the basic s'i""s in /n!"ish, <ath, and #cience to pass co""e!e core co*rses- +emediation and
basic s'i""s deve"opment are not ade6*ate for +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo" st*dents- #t*dents m*st be
*p to !rade "eve" to s*cceed in ri!oro*s co""e!e bo*nd c"asses- <oreover, the overa"" c*rric*"*m
for si2 schoo"s, not co*ntin! the ma!net schoo", "ac' vocationa" and technica" c"asses, &hich
!ives st*dents an option to be career bo*nd and co""e!e ready-
+/.L##474/D /LL #1CD/;1# 1O /;>L4#, 7LC/;.G +/ OC1+>/OC#LG LO?
1 +OO#/D/L1 C;D/+ PL#
+ooseve"ts seven schoo"s have a si!nificant st*dent pop*"ation of immi!rant st*dents that are
c"assified as /LL $/n!"ish "an!*a!e "earners%- Get, accordin! to the data for si2 o*t of the seven
schoo"s, rec"assification rates of /LL st*dents to /n!"ish f"*ency are terrib"y "o&- 4t stron!"y
appears that +ooseve"ts si2 schoo"s are o*t of comp"iance &ith state and federa" "a& and the
Districts <aster P"an for /n!"ish "an!*a!e "earners- 1his s*!!ests that /LL st*dents at si2 of the
seven sma"" schoo"s at +ooseve"t are not bein! !iven specia""y desi!ned academic instr*ction in
/n!"ish for /n!"ish "an!*a!e "earners, inc"*din! bi"in!*a" instr*ction-
?,/+/ D4D 1,/ #1CD/;1# >OJ ?,/+/ D4D 1,/ <O;/G >OJ
?hen the PL# e2periment !ot *nder&ay at +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo" in 2007, there &ere 5,000
st*dents at +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo", there are no& 2,90 st*dents- 1he PL# ar!*ment for sma""
schoo"s &as that sma""er &as better- F*t no& accordin! to PL# ./O <arsha"" 1*c'Kthe sma""
schoo"s Lat +,#M are c*rrent"y not financia""y and pro!rammatica""y s*stainab"e and need to
conso"idate in order to remain viab"e-) ./O <arsha"" 1*c' c"aims that +ooseve"t st*dents have
!one to charter schoo"s, since there are no& 5,500 charter seats in the area- ct*a""y, +ooseve"t
st*dents that &ere &ay behind on credits to !rad*ate &ere sent to the <ende0 Learnin! .enter
and /steban /- 1orres ,i!h #choo"s- 1hey &ere a"so sent to the +ooseve"t .omm*nity d*"t
#choo", the Foy"e ,ei!hts .ontin*ation #choo", the /ast Los n!e"es Occ*pationa" .enter, and
the /ast Los n!e"es #'i""s .enterIst*dents &ere not sent to charter schoo"s-
On Nan*ary 25, 2013, PL# convened a parent meetin! at +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo" to address &hy
+ooseve"t &o*"d have to conso"idate from its c*rrent seven sma"" schoo"s arran!ement- ?hen
as'ed repeated"y by >eor!e F*00etti, the Po"icy Director of .O+/, .a"ifornia, ho& m*ch each
st*dent received at +ooseve"t, PL# ./O <arsha"" 1*c' fina""y responded that each +ooseve"t
st*dent received O9,000 per st*dent- ?hen <r- F*00etti informed PL# ./O <arsha"" 1*c' that
one of the principa"s of one of the sma"" schoo"s had b*d!eted O5,027 for each st*dent, <r-
F*00etti then as'ed PL# ./O 1*c' (?hat happened to the other O5,000J) <arsha"" 1*c'
co*"d not ans&er the 6*estion to everyones s*rprise- t the Nan*ary 25, 2013 parent meetin! at
+ooseve"t ,i!h #choo", parents, st*dents, and comm*nity voiced their dissatisfaction &ith PL#-
4ts time to end the e2periment &ith PL# at +ooseve"t ,i!h #choo"-