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Water as God’s Messenger

heart that is open to possibilities can lead to remarkable new
discoveries, and that is how I came to experiment with water.
I’d long since been curious about this incredible substance
that circulates around the globe and flows in rivers and streams
throughout the human body. One day, well over a decade ago now, I
happened to open a book and read the words: “No two snow crystals
are exactly the same.” Like most of us, this peculiar fact had been in
my mind since I was a schoolboy, but that day, the words seemed to
jump off the page. To think that every snowflake that has fallen to this
earth over millions of years has its own unique face baffles the mind,
and yet, when I read the words that day, something in my heart heard
a compelling message. My next thought, “I could freeze water and
look at the crystals,” opened the door to a fascinating adventure.
Oddly enough, from the very beginning, I just knew that the
experiments with water would provide a window into the mystery of
the cosmos and the marvel of this life into which we were born. I was
certain that my plan to freeze water and take pictures of the crystals
would pay off and immediately spoke to a young researcher in my
company. It took two months of failed experiments before we got the
first photograph of a beautiful hexagonal crystal. Today, our experi-
ments are conducted in a walk-in refrigerator where the temperature
is precisely maintained. Looking back at the methods we used to get

Masaru Emoto is a graduate of Yokohama Municipal University and the Open
International University. He holds a doctorate in alternative medicine. He has
undertaken extensive research on water, and published a series of astonish-
ing photographs of water crystals in Messages from Water (Hado, 1999) and
The Hidden Messages in Water (Sunmark, 2001), which have sold almost a
half-million copies. He is married to Kazuko Emoto, who shares his passion and
is head of Kyoikusha, the publishing arm of his company, IHM Corporation, in
Tokyo, Japan. They have three children. You can find him on the web at www.

that first photograph in light of what we now know, that first photo incomplete crystals or no crystals at all. A valuable lesson about the
was a miracle. power of words can be gleaned from this experiment.
In the years since, we have performed many, many experiments In our experiments, we used both Japanese and English.
with water and the photographs have gone out around the world. The Regardless of the language used, we found that the words affected
message in the water starkly reveals that, as it says in the Bible: “In the the formation of the crystals. Water produces formations based on
beginning there was the Word.” Said another way, everything comes circumstances, not because of a specific language. If a circumstance is
into existence from vibration. The crystal photographs we have taken positive and the words used express goodness,
demonstrate this with remarkable eloquence. the water will make a formation that reflects If we send out
In one series of experiments, we typed words on pieces of paper beauty. If a circumstance is negative and the thoughts and feelings
and then wrapped the paper around bottles of water. We put the words used express a mean-spirited quality, that are filled with fear,
wrapped bottles in a freezer that was –5 degrees Centigrade (23 the water will create a formation that is ugly anger, or negativity,
degrees Fahrenheit). Once they were frozen, we and evil looking. we are contributing to
-§- the destruction of the
looked at the water specimens under special The results were equally revealing when
Everything comes universe.
into existence from
microscopes and were quite surprised by what we exposed water to music. Beautiful crystals -§-
vibration. we found. The bottles of water that had been with delicate detail resulted when we exposed
-§- wrapped in words like “Beauty,” “You’re cute,” the water to classical music. But water that was exposed to heavy
“Thank you,” and “Wisdom,” created beautiful metal music either did not form a crystal at all, or formed an ugly,
crystals in the water. But the ones wrapped with words like “You malformed image.
fool!” and “You make me sick,” or “I will kill you!” had produced In one experiment, we wrote the words Love and Gratitude,
wrapped them around various bottles of water, and placed them near
mobile phones, computers, televisions, and microwave ovens. What
we found is that when water is put in a microwave, it produces an
ugly ring that looks similar to the structure we found when water was

Water Crystal from Fujiwara Dam Before Offering a Prayer. Water Crystal from Fujiwara Dam After Offering a Prayer.

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exposed to the word “Satan.” The water placed next to the computers monk or a preacher. When people are pure-minded—when they have
and televisions produced an insignificant-looking, blurry-edged ring. what I call “a very good mind”—their prayers create crystals that
The water placed near the mobile phones wouldn’t produce a crystal are beautiful and clear. In general, we see the most beautiful crystals
at all. appear in response to the prayers of little children. The crystals that
Substances in nature, like water, respond to our human thoughts. form as a result of prayers spoken by children are much more beauti-
They can accept our thoughts to change their condition and quality. ful than that of the adults.
Our thoughts have an effect on the world around us. If we send out In our experiments, the water changed according to the words it
thoughts and feelings that are filled with fear, anger, or negativity, we was exposed to. When it was given negative words, it did not form
are contributing to the destruction of the universe. If we emit thoughts crystals. When it was given positive words, it changed and beautiful
of love, kindness, and beauty, we are contributing to the creation of a crystals formed. The words “Love” and “Thanks” -§-
beautiful world. This is what water crystals reveal. produced the most beautiful results. Love and The world is made
Another demonstration of the power of thought to influence the gratitude are in relationship to one another with more beautiful when
love being active and gratitude passive. I think we infuse it with our
natural world occurred at Lake Biwa in a part of Japan called Shiga.
of these two existing in a one-to-two ratio where love and gratitude.
The waters of Lake Biwa had become quite polluted. Every summer, -§-
the surface of the lake would be covered with a species of aquatic “love” is one and “gratitude” is two, much like
plant called Kokanada Algae. When the algae would putrefy, it cre- water with its one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen. In this case,
ated a very bad odor. For twenty years in a row, the local government we have one part love to two parts gratitude. I believe the response of
had a large-scale operation in place to remove all the algae. Then, water to these two words gives us a very important message.
one summer, the aquatic plant hardly emerged at all. Nobody could To get the message of water out to a worldwide audience, I
explain why the Kokanada had not returned. recently joined the United Nations. I have also started a “World Day
What they didn’t know until later was that I had led a group of of Love and Thanks to Water” which is July 25. We all have an impor-
350 people to that lake to pray. As the rising sun came up, we assem- tant mission: to make water clean again, and to create a world that is
bled by the shore and faced the surface of the lake. Praying together, healthy to live in. In order to accomplish our mission, we must first
we spoke the following chant out loud ten times: “The eternal power make sure that our hearts are clear and unpolluted. Water is showing
of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and us that the world is made more beautiful when we infuse it with our
grand harmony.” love and gratitude.
A powerful statement infused with the eternal energy of the
universe, this chant spreads the energy to our surroundings and
penetrates them with healing intent. By requesting harmony in
-§- our thoughts, we transformed the surface of
When people are the lake into a clean state. Our thoughts and
pure-minded—their prayers not only curbed the very bad smelling
prayers create crystals aquatic plant and changed the quality of the
that are beautiful water; the quality of the grasses surrounding
and clear. the lake also changed. Vocalizing this declara-
tion, we influenced the natural world, resulting
in greater happiness, peace, and the fulfillment of many wishes. I
believe that vocalizing our intent in this way can also help us to actu-
alize world peace.
What we have seen in our experiments again and again is that
praying produces a beautiful pattern in water. The effect, which is
almost immediate, does not depend on whether one is a high-ranking

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