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Great Transformations


1. What are some basic human needs (questions)?

2. Compared to the age of the earth, how old are humans (one hour clock model)?

3. What is puzzling concerning whales?

4. What was unique about the fossil whale skull?

5. To what did this characteristic link early whales?

6. 40 mya what was the Sahara desert region like?

7. What did Basilosaurus have that modern whales lack?

8. What does this indicate concerning early whales?

9. Aside from bones, what other evidence connects whales to land mammals?

10. How do aquatic mammals use their spines? Terrestrial mammals?

11. What did the Pennsylvanian and Greenland fossils reveal concerning tetrapod evolution?

12. What adaptive advantage did these Devonian tetrapod fish have over other fish?

13. What was the Cambrian explosion? When did it occur?