Physical circumstances are irrelevant to Me!

To rise above means to rise above anything that binds you, confines you to any boundaries, any limits, anything that says, ‘It can’t be done!’ To hell with the circumstances. Circumstances don’t count. Soon the circumstances will be the most disastrous they have ever been in all of history, and you will wish you had learned not to go by or look at the circumstances. Only look at & go by Me. I am your only hope, but if you begin to cherish that hope for its true potential you will start to realize more & more just what powers, what possibilities lie at your fingertips. Whatever the circumstances are, I want you to look past & beyond them, through them, at the hidden blessing, the greater victory which will come about through seeming defeat; at the lessons & wisdom gained by means of an apparent loss, at the greater purpose of God, at the greater good which will always come forth out of supposed evil for those who love Me, at the beauty which will come out of the ashes of the old. Only when you have learned to treat success & failure with the same desperation, yet clinging to Me in joyful trust in spite of anything that happens, only then will you be stable, unshakable, immovable by any event or obstacle & can say with the true overcomers: ‘None of these things move me’. Let Me carry you above all the waves the storms are whipping up. The sea beneath you is seething & foaming, a black, menacing brew. But you are safe in the palm of My hand, little bird! And you sing on, in spite of the storm. You experience My peace in the center & the eye of the storm. As those on your left & on your right fall prey to confusion, you can rest tranquilly & peacefully in My palm. After every storm the sun will shine again: this is the way it has always been. I will not forsake you utterly, however hard the wind & rain of My purifying chastisements may seem. For though much terror has been brought into the world & worse shall come: is not My power greater than all that? Isn’t My love greater than their hatred? I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the evil you see in the world, leaving you stunned & unable to give life & light to others, I want you to be overwhelmed by My joy, My love & My goodness & light and to shine it forth & overflow onto them, like a fountain of life, love & light, everywhere you go. Glory in your sufferings, excel in your tough times... that’s rising above. To smile in situations where others would despair. To be calm when others would freak out. To feel safe & secure when there is nothing to hold on to, no rope, no net – only My invisible hand. Trust in the face of adversity. Don’t let circumstances drive you into a defensive position! Stay on the attack! Rise above the circumstances. You can rise above anything. New, unexpected situations are simply new challenges for you to rejoice at & to laugh in their faces, thanking Me for bringing them along to make you grow stronger. Give Me your mess, and I’m going to create a Masterpiece of My perfect harmony & order out of it! Whatever the Devil tries to present to you as reality or relevant is absolutely irrelevant, and doesn’t stand a chance as soon as you let Me move in with My reality, that what I consider relevant & important! The Devil goes: “Oh, but the money, and all the bills...” I say, “Seek ye first My Kingdom & the welfare of My sheep, seek My lost souls, and all these things will be added unto you, freely!” Make the choice to overcome! Make the choice to defy all your natural weaknesses & all that the Devil will scream into your ears, & be a faithful servant of Mine! You have available now for yourselves the same power that I had, and that My disciples had, to do miracles & to overcome the Devil & all his temptations, fears, doubts, agonies & devices he tries to trick you with, and as the days will grow ever darker, that light of the truth of the keys will also ever shine brighter, for where sin doeth abound, there grace doeth much more abound. Find in Me true abundance when you're lacking, and the ability to rise above your circumstances. I don't want you to be swayed by them, nor have them dictate your moods or actions, I want you to learn to have Me dictate your circumstances by your trust & by your prayers. Overcomers - and that's what I have called & chosen you to become - see with the eyes of faith. They see the good even in the bad. They don't feel sorry for themselves, but they look outward at others &

their needs & are driven by compassion for them. Overcomers focus first of all on Me, then on others & their needs, & not on their own. Choose to be an overcomer today. Choosing to be an overcomer means forgetting about yourself. I am capable of taking care of any amount of contrary circumstances and turn them to your good, and, as I have promised, "I will make a way where there is no way". I have also said that I have put before you an open door that no man can shut. The power to obtain the victory and overcome all obstacles is in your hands, but it depends on your application, and your determination to wield that power, that will actually DO it and give you the victory. You need to get up & grab it! We shall overcome. I have already overcome him, and that's why you will also overcome him through Me. I want you to be fully aware & conscious of the fact that I am able and willing to alter your conditions favorably for you at any time and in any situation. It's a good time for Me to do a miracle when you find yourself in an impossible situation. See the opportunity instead of the difficulty. Don't keep your eyes on the "impossibilities" of your circumstances, but on Me and the fact that they each come from My hand, only to draw you closer to Me and as a test to see whether you're going to fall for the lie that indeed there is such a thing as "impossible" or whether you're going to accept My challenge & turn the "impossible" situation over to Me to deal with & prove to you again that there is no such thing. All My truly greats of faith, although Satan had desired to have them, in the end turned out to be way more than he could handle, and they all defeated him. I'm so proud of My overcomers! Learn to love others in spite of their faults! Recognize that they are all victims of something greater, just like you, and that you're all there to help each other to overcome those weaknesses & things that hold you captive. I cannot give you the victory without you having done your part of fighting. The main point & lesson, when you're faced with a trial, a burden, any challenge, is: are you going to give it to Me, or what are you going to do? If you have 3 options: a) hand it to Me, b) freak out & despair, or c) to try to tackle it in your own strength, which option do you think is the right one? Next time you're faced with anything that might frighten or stress you, just remember the abc of success & overcoming. The right answer is always a): hand it to Me! The greater the problem, the greater the victory, and the more it's going to strengthen your faith in the end. You need those greater problems, in order to give you greater faith, in order to tackle even greater problems, greater obstacles & seeming impossibilities in the future. What makes you think that I'm limited in My power to save you? My power isn't limited, just your faith! My arm isn't too short, it's just your vision, your scope - your faith is short-sighted! You can always only see up to the point where the next obstacle appears. But from a bird's eye view, it isn't really there. It isn't really relevant. You just fly over it... so what? "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles." One of the surest ways to rise above your problems, circumstances & obstacles is praising Me for them, accepting them happening to you & finding Me there. You can choose to rise above anything; not only your own weaknesses, but also those of others, simply by not allowing them to affect you adversely. It's not the same as simply ignoring them; it's a supernatural act, because it requires a miracle of My love. Love's power is so prevalent, that anything about any person which might be disliked by another is simply "overshadowed" & made invisible, annihilated by it. Even if you don't feel victorious, you can still be a victor, more than a conqueror, even though you don't feel like a conqueror at all.

I do things "King-of-kings"- style. If you don't see anything magnificent and glorious about this day, then it's due to your personal perception of it! It's only due to your lack of faith to see beyond and rise above physical circumstances. Because the more you see with the eyes of faith, the more you will see My glorious golden opportunities in even the blackest of nights & most gloomy situations! Look at the positive, not at the negative circumstances, but beyond them, at My power to alter them, and at My purpose in them to teach, train & strengthen you, trusting Me that I know what I'm doing. If you keep your eyes on Me, on My promises and on My love for you, you will know that I give you and have already given you - the potential to overcome all these obstacles, these weaknesses, both, your own and those of others that bug you. I have made you an overcomer. My love for you is so strong that this love in you can overcome all that. You don't have to allow these things to bog or tie you down. In fact, all the Enemy's attempts to do so are nothing but empty bluffs. My love in you is strong enough to overcome and rise above all that. You can just let all that antagonism, rejection and resentment bounce off like a rubber ball, or like a stone off a rubber wall, you're immune to it. You see what's happening, and you figure, "Hey, this is supposed to hurt me," and you're expecting the pain, but I'm asking you, where is the pain? It isn't there because My love for you is so strong, it just erases it. You're thinking you should be offended, that this thing might become a problem, but I'm telling you, what problem? What offense? There is nothing! You don't feel any offense, you just feel the temptation to be offended, but I'm causing you to rise above this, simply because of My great love for you. My love for you is stronger than all obstacles, stronger than any lack of love or all the hatred in the world or of the Enemy that would destroy you. That's why I'm telling you, this is not a problem, this is but a joke. Just focus on My love for you, and everything else will become irrelevant. Focus on what I'm trying to teach you. Focus on what I'm giving you. No matter how hard or tough or adverse the circumstances, you can rise above them. If nothing can cause you to give up, then this means you tested "negative" to any infection with the Devil’s virus of the loathsome Giving Up disease. But sometimes you've got to build a resistance to a certain disease or virus first. You've got to recognize what you're up against, what his weakening tactics are, and for this you need to have experienced the symptoms first, and have been confronted with the virus & the disease. If you see what's happening in the spirit, instead of the carnal view, then you're on your way to overcoming. The flesh will tell you, "Hey, this is not what I'd call success! It doesn't look very much like God is blessing you! Why are you having so many problems? You must be doing something wrong!" But you'll be mature enough to tell, "To hell with success or failure! To hell with the circumstances! All that counts is the battle, and that I'm on the right side, so, bring it on!" It's easier than you think for you to change your circumstances; all it often takes is your choice to want to have them changed! Yes, the Enemy is there, and he rules the world, but he doesn't rule your world! You are a citizen of My world, the bigger picture, the larger Matrix, that engulfs and surrounds everything, including the puny, artificial matrix of the Enemy. Mine is the Real Thing. And if you experience the real thing and are part of it, the results of the curse and all the disturbances of the Enemy will affect you much less. In fact, you can learn to let them have virtually no effect on you whatsoever, which is what the art of rising above is all about, and what I have been stressing in My words to you from the beginning: the ability to rise above your circumstances. You rule, they don't rule over you! I give you My power to overcome all things, even death! Live in that conscience, that assurance, in that vocation, that calling, that destiny! Play the role I have created you to perform! If the Son hath made you free, you shall be free indeed! Grant Me the permission to exercise My power in you to the full! See the opportunity, not just the obstacle. Choose to overcome: No longer will you be ruled by fears and anxieties or circumstances, but you will rule them. You can take the upper hand, take charge, take command.

I ordain you to go and bring faith where there is doubt, hope where there is despair, love where there is hate, pardon where there is injury, light where there is darkness, joy where there is sadness! That means, you will be an overcomer, and eraser of all those negative manifestations, and you will fill that dark void of nothingness, wherever you see it, with My warmth. I want you to learn to rise above the circumstances, because they're going to get worse. The greatest victors are those who refuse to believe the circumstances that indicate or announce defeat! They keep fighting anyway, they keep believing anyway, that they're going to win. That's the kind of attitude that refuses to give in even to the most un-promising circumstances. True victors don't go by what "it seems like." They know that those appearances can be deceiving. They don't fall for "false evidence appearing real." Instead, they cling to My Word, that all things are possible to him that believeth. It seems impossible? Make it possible, by believing anyway. You can make it possible, you can make it happen through your faith, because all things are possible to him that believes. It may seem to you as if you're losing ground, but you refuse to believe in the loss, because the eyes of faith can see that beyond every apparent loss there is always something greater to gain from it and through it. It's never a true loss, but only an opportunity for something greater to be gained by it. They've learned that apparent losses are only opportunities for progress, because they've come to experience that "God never takes one thing away from you without giving you something better." The challenges are there for you to tackle and overcome, not for you to be overcome by them and fold up in dismay! "Victory is life," so, walk in the victory. Walk in the life of a victor, one who is born and destined to win, simply because he has chosen to fight on the right side of the ones who are willing to seemingly appear to be the losers... the losers that turn winners. Remember My promises to "him that overcometh" in the Book of Revelation. It's all about overcoming and resisting those temptations of the Enemy, overcoming all seeming impossibilities, difficulties and potential excuses to quit, and rise above them all on the wings of faith in Me, refusing to doubt that what I have promised I am well able to keep. Welcome to the battle of faith of overcoming your fears and all the reasons in the world why you shouldn't be doing this. This is your "Don Quixote destiny," your chance to "reach the unreachable stars." To become a knight, even though you never were a knight! If you're met with resistance, you'll know what to do: just pull out your lance and attack those darn windmill giants! You've got the power to control or at least influence the circumstances, and I want you to avail yourself of that power more. There will come a time when circumstances will be too tough and too difficult to just "accept" them and take things the way they are, and it would be good for you to train and prepare now, so you'll be ready then to face things in the appropriate spirit and attitude of faith. My Spirit, helps you to rise above the confines and limitations of your ego, and lets you find out that you'll get much further in life if you let Me take over. I'm leaving the ball in your court, no whining about circumstances accepted. It's time for you to rise above them and look beyond them, to accept the power I have given you to change them or to act in spite of them! Once you've overcome death, what other obstacle could there possibly be? All the Devil's power is in death and the fear thereof, so, be of good cheer, I have overcome all that he can muster up! My love is a fire that all his flood of death cannot quench. I'm an unquenchable fire that will bring life, and life, and ever more life, even through all the death, destruction and havoc the Devil will wreak and unleash upon the earth. I have overcome him, and will cause you also to overcome! It’s important that you believe that I have given you the power to overcome your weaknesses, and don’t accept the mindset of the Enemy that you’re helpless against them. Just keep on loving in the face of a lack of love. You ignore the circumstance of the void, and just

act as if it weren’t there and continue to fill the atmosphere with your positive vibrations from Me, and you will often bring about miraculous results that way. You can’t blame circumstances and allow them dominion over you, whether they’re tough or pleasant. It all still depends on your choices, and what you’re going to make out of those circumstances, and whether you’re going to regard them as the supreme factor, or Me, able to help you to master each one of them according to My will, and not as they will. You’ve got to use and apply the power in faith, and not with an attitude of “let’s see if this works!” “Faith knows God will do it, and He does!” It doesn’t mean that all your troubles, trials and challenges will suddenly, “poof,” vanish into thin air! But it does mean that you can avail yourself of an extra portion of My grace and strength to bear it all, face it all, combat the adversary and rise above him as you fight. You are My heralds of light, and you must learn to be overcomers of the darkness and not be intimidated nor affected by it. It may seem like a lot to ask when the darkness appears to be so overwhelming and nearly allencompassing, but that’s where faith comes in, the little strength that you have, which is going to turn out greater than everything the Enemy can muster in the end. See the victory beyond the battle, the resurrection past the crucifixion, the new glorious life beyond the grave, the brilliant light just beyond that stretch of pitch black darkness. You shouldn’t be intimidated by obstacles. Where’s your faith in My ability to help you overcome them? I’m here to help you. You have to claim authority over your situation, your circumstances, and just take the upper hand, and not allow yourself to be overwhelmed. The circumstances will never be perfect, so you must learn to rise above them, take them where they are at, but not let them govern or determine your spiritual state. You must keep the upper hand and the authority. You can trust Me, and you can commit yourself wholly into My hands, even when you’re going through your defeat and the pain of crucifixion, or whatever equivalent in your life, your trials, your problems, your times of doubt and despair… If you will overcome those doubts and finally yield and trust and commit your life and your all into My hands, you also will experience a glorious and miraculous resurrection. That’s how you overcome. Not by constantly riding a high horse, but by getting up again after you fell by committing your life to Me. I’m trying to teach you to treat your circumstances impartially and treat “success” and “failure” the same; to stay in the same victorious spirit and attitude, come rain or come shine… to stay “on top,” spiritually and mentally, even when you’re on the ground. If you commit your spirit into My hands, I can help you to be cheerful and victorious in spite of any circumstances. I can help you to truly overcome. After all, what else does it mean to be an overcomer, but to rise above adverse circumstances? The greater the adversity, the greater the victory!

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