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Call For Speakers Malaysia Open Source Conference

2014 (MOSCMY 2014 - MOSCMY2014)
Over the years !alays"a Open #o$rce %onference or !O#%!& have 'ro$ght
together tho$sands part"c"pants of %(Os and leaders vendors cons$ltants
assoc"at"ons and reg$lators from aro$nd !alays"a and the world to address
m$t$al challenges and share "nformat"on on Open #o$rce #oftware.
)"th *Open Hardware & Open Source Community* as the theme for year
2014 we are address"ng the ma"n technology foc$s and trends for most
!O#%!& 2014 "s set to explore the Open #o$rce software and technology at
the (nterpr"se level and to promote the development of local Open #o$rce
sol$t"on for (nterpr"se env"ronment to 'e $se worldw"de.
Date : 24-25 Sept 2014 (Wednesday & !ursday"
ime : #am ti$$ 5pm
%enue :
&uditorium un Dr' Siti Hasma!
(enara SS( ) Sentra$* +o' , -a$an Stesen Sentra$ 5
.ua$a /umpur Sentra$ 50021 .ua$a /umpur* (a$aysia'
%all for speakers "s open to all "nd"v"d$al organ"+at"on $n"vers"t"es compan"es
and government agenc"es who "s to present on the case st$dy development
"mplementat"on or appl"cat"ons. ,he work"ng paper m$st 'e "n knowledge
shar"ng concept. ,he work"ng paper m$st not conta"n market"ng mater"als to
promote certa"n prod$ct or company.
-rea of .nterests :-
,echn"cal top"c can 'e :-
• Open #o$rce /ardware
• %lo$d %omp$t"ng and 0"rt$al"+at"on hardware sol$t"on
• 12 3r"nters Open #o$rce sol$t"on
• Open /ardware related 4"g 2ata
• 4"g #torage O## software related
• -rd$"no
• !"crocontrollers
• %$stomer 5elat"onsh"p !anagement
• 5asp'erry 3"
• )e' 3rogramm"ng 6ang$age
• !o'"le %omp$t"ng 3rogramm"ng
• 7reen 2ata %entre
• )e' -ppl"cat"on #ec$r"ty
8on techn"cal can 'e :-
• 3ol"cy
• %ase #t$dy
• -dvocacy program
• 3atent and ,rade -greement
• Open #o$rce 6"cense "n (nterpr"se (nv"ronment
3lease do note that the clos"ng date for %all for speakers "s on 10 9$ne 2014
and the selected paper w"ll 'e "nformed after select"on process "s completed 'y
the comm"ttee 'y 1: 9$ly 2014. Only selected speakers w"ll 'e "nform 'y the
;or selected speakers yo$ have to s$'m"t yo$r presentat"on sl"de 'efore
#eptem'er 1 2014. 'y ema"l to secretar"at<
,he speakers need to agree all sl"des w"ll 'e p$'l"sh as %opyr"ght :
-ttr"'$t"on-#hare-l"ke 4.0 .nternat"onal =%% 4&-#- 4.0>
*,h"s l"cense lets others rem"x tweak and '$"ld $pon yo$r work even for
commerc"al p$rposes as long as they cred"t yo$ and l"cense the"r new
creat"ons $nder the "dent"cal terms.*
3rospect"ve speakers are "nv"ted to s$'m"t an a'stract "n 100 - 200 words 'y
$s"ng th"s onl"ne form 'elow.
or ema"l to secretar"at<
/ar"sfa+"llah 9amel
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