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SUNDAY, NOV. 29, 8 PM/7C
A scruffy hotel Here come the blushing
becomes a real live brides...and they’re
animal house for two ready to battle! Two
kids and a multitude of fiancées and best
mutts in this “sweet, friends toss a bouquet
innocent family movie” of riotous tricks at each
(Roger Ebert) based on other when their wed-
the book. Foster-care dings are arranged for
kids Andi and Bruce are the same day in this
placed in a pet-free comedy. Kate Hudson
home which poses a and Anne Hathaway
big problem: where can play the childhood
they keep Friday, their girlfriends whose
friendly terrier? The dream-come-true wed-
answer comes in an dings at the Plaza Hotel
empty hotel they fix are mistakenly made for
into a fetching place the same June date. But
for their pooch...and when neither bride-to-
soon, a whole host of be wants to budge her
strays from around big day, the girls com-
the city! Starring pete in comical bridal
Emma Roberts, Jake T. combat! The supporting
Austin, Kyla Pratt with cast includes Kristen
Lisa Kudrow, Kevin Johnston, Bryan Green-
Dillon and Don Cheadle. berg and Candice
(MV) PG-1:40. HBO Bergen. (AC,MV) PG-
Nov.7,8,10,15,18,21, 1:29. HBO Nov.14,15,17,
26,28 C5EH 22,25,28 C5EH


A N E W M O V I E E V E RY S AT U R D AY — G U A R A N T E E D !
The words made
famous in the 1951 sci-fi
classic must be uttered
once again in this
remake. Keanu Reeves
stars as the alien Klaatu
who arrives on Earth to
eye-popping effect with
a warning for mankind:
stop poisoning the
planet or face extermi-
nation at the hands of
his massive robot/
weapon Gort. Jennifer
Connelly co-stars as a
widowed scientist who
may be the only hope
for stopping Klaatu
from making good on
his devastating prom-
ise. Jaden Smith, John
Cleese, Jon Hamm and A broken-down wrestling star seeks reparation in his life outside the ring in this stir-
Kathy Bates co-star. ring drama. Mickey Rourke delivers an Oscar®-nominated performance as Randy
(MV) PG13-1:44. HBO “The Ram” Robinson, a wrestling legend whose age, health and years of hard living
N o v. 2 1 , 2 2 , 2 4 , 2 9 have left him broke and alone. Facing life without wrestling, the gritty Ram pursues
C5EH unlikely relationships with a weathered stripper (Marisa Tomei) and his estranged
STARTS SATURDAY, daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). (AC,AL,GV,N) R-1:49. HBO Nov.28 C5EH

A N E W M O V I E E V E RY S AT U R D AY — G U A R A N T E E D !
It’s the concert event of 2009! Many of the music world’s most
luminous stars take the stage at New York’s Madison Square
Garden to celebrate a quarter century of the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame. Featuring performances from two groundbreaking con-
certs, the special will be anchored by music acts including Paul
Simon, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band,
Aretha Franklin, Metallica, Jeff Beck Band, Simon & Garfunkel,
U2 and Crosby, Stills & Nash, who will be joined throughout the
show by special guests. TVG-4:00. HBO Nov.29 CSh

SUNDAY, NOV. 29, 8 PM/7C
Meet Jonathan Ames:
writer, romantic, unli-
censed private detective.
Is it me? SM
HBO presents two new
the Season 1 finale—of
this comedy series that
tells the story of this
writer (played by Jason
Schwartzman of
Rushmore fame) who
impulsively lists his
gumshoe services on
the Internet. Each
episode follows the
quirky Jonathan as he
is hired for a variety of
amusing cases, which
he pursues while writ-
ing for a glossy
magazine run by his
Since Seinfeld signed off a decade ago, Larry David has resisted every attempt to do eccentric boss George
a reunion show...until now! What gives? Find out as HBO presents four new episodes, (Ted Danson) or
including the Season 7 finale, of this hit comedy series that follows the writer/producer/ hanging out with his
comedian as he lands himself in various predicaments. This year, Larry contemplates best friend Ray (Zach
his future with an ailing Loretta, decides on a novel approach to winning back his Galifianakis). (AC,
estranged wife Cheryl, and reunites with the stars of Seinfeld—the legendary com- AL,MV) TVMA/L-:29.
edy series he co-created with Jerry Seinfeld.(AC,AL) TVMA/L-:45. HBO C5h HBO C5Eh
BY THE PEOPLE In 2008, an organization
determined to surpass
Al Qaida as the world’s
THE ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA most feared terrorist
group sent 10 gunmen
to Mumbai, India’s
biggest city and its
financial capital. Their
mission was to kill and
to keep on killing, in
order to stage a specta-
cle so cruel and
terrifying that the world
could no longer ignore
“Army of the Righteous.”
Produced and directed
by award-winning film-
maker Dan Reed, this
documentary tells the
inside story of the hor-
rifying attack as told by
the victims—and by the
Barack Obama made history when he was elected the 44th President of the United terrorists themselves.
States. But his journey from the U.S. Senate to the White House began more than two TV14-1:05. HBO Nov.19,
years earlier, when whispers of his possible candidacy galvanized a small core of 22,23,26,29 CS
believers. This film reveals the exclusive inside story of the Obama campaign, focusing
on the candidate, family members, staffers and voters who helped turn an unlikely
American dream into a reality. TVPG-1:55. HBO Nov.3,6,8,12,16,24,28 CSEh PREMIERES THURSDAY,
HBO Sports’ ground-
breaking ‘24/7’ reality
series returns with its
seventh installment.
Premiering Saturday
nights, the series will
follow two of the
sport’s brightest stars
as Manny Pacquiao
seeks to continue his
reign as boxing’s
pound-for-pound king
while Miguel Cotto
looks to prove that his
ring skills are ideal for
derailing the Pacquiao
express. This all-
access series will
include the interactions
and rigors the two
fighters undertake as
they prepare for their
November 14 pay-per-
view showdown in Las
Vegas. (AL) TVMA/ L-
:27. HBO Sh


Having earned 21 Sports Emmys® in addition to being the first sports show to receive a
DuPont Broadcast Journalism Award, Real Sports is TV’s most honored sports magazine.
Featuring in-depth profiles and features on today’s hottest sports topics, this one-of-a-
kind show goes beyond the scores and stats to take a provocative, entertaining look at
sports. It’s informative, investigative and controversial. Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel...
nothing is out of bounds. (AL) TVPG/L-:58. HBO Nov.2,6,8,10,24,25,27,29,30 CSeh

Three years after his Saying “yes” becomes
presidency crashed infectious—and leads
down in scandal, to hilarious results—
Richard Nixon sat down for ultra-negative bank
for an extensive inter- loan officer Jim Carrey
view with TV host David in this comedy. Three
Frost to set the record years after a rough
straight. What they break-up, Carl Allen
made together was his- (Carrey) is a recluse
tory. This compelling renowned for his per-
film chronicles the four petual use of the word
interviews between the no. But an unexpected
two desperate men— encounter with a self-
Frost gunning for main- help guru leaves Carl
stream success and as the ultimate “Yes”
Nixon in need of money. man, approving mort-
What followed was a gages for anyone who
gripping chess match asks, helping out the
that Nixon dominated homeless, satisfying a
until Frost put it all on sex-starved senior citi-
the line in the final seg- zen...and falling in love
ment. Frank Langella again. Zooey Deschanel,
and Michael Sheen star Bradley Cooper, John
in this acclaimed film Michael Higgins and
that earned five Oscar® Terence Stamp co-star
nominations including in this funny flick.
Best Picture. (AC,GL) R- (AC,AL) PG13-1:44.
2:02. MAX Nov.7,8,9,11, MAX Nov.14,15,16,
17,22,28 CDEH 18,26,30 CDEH

He was known around In the dank, damp
the world as Biggie underbelly of an urban
Smalls and the nightscape, a lone man
Notorious B.I.G., but the steps out of the shad-
heavyweight rapper ows, hell-bent on
was really just a kid revenge. His name is
from Brooklyn named Max Payne. From the
Christopher Wallace. popular videogame
This compelling comes this stylish
biographical film action-thriller starring
chronicles Wallace’s Mark Wahlberg as the
rise from street-level loner cop who vows to
drug thug to rap avenge the unsolved
superstar, his partner- murders of his wife and
ship with ever- child. On the run after
supportive music men- being falsely accused
tor Sean Combs, his of murder, Payne con-
friendship and later nects a dangerous
feud with Tupac street drug to the phar-
Shakur, and his tragic maceutical company
death. Angela Bassett his late wife worked
stars as Biggie’s mom, at—a link that may be
with Derek Luke as the key to the
Combs, Jamal Woolard case...and to an explo-
as Biggie and Anthony sive confrontation. Mila
Mackie as Tupac. Kunis and Beau Bridges
(AC,GL,N,SC) R-2:02. co-star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
MAX Nov.21,22,23,25 1:40. HBO Nov.28,29,30


1 Solo 2 The Uninvited 3 Shrek 4 The Uninvited 5 Dude, Where’s My Car? 6 Hellboy II: The Golden Army 7 Frost/Nixon

8 Role Models 9 Frost/Nixon 10 The Uninvited 11 Frost/Nixon 12 Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey 13 Eagle Eye 14 Yes Man

15 Tropic Thunder 16 Yes Man 17 The Time Machine . 18 Yes Man 19 Showgirls 20 Fool’s Gold 21 Notorious

22 Babylon A.D. 23 Notorious 24 Hitman 25 Notorious 26 Yes Man 27 Role Models 28 Max Payne

29 10,000 B.C. 30 Max Payne 1 What Happens in Vegas 2 Max Payne 3 Wanted 4 Planet of the Apes 5 Gran Torino

5:00a HBO Fred Claus 5:40a MAX I’m Not There 5:00a HBO Battle for Tobacco Road: 5:30a HBO Baby’s Day Out 5:15a HBO Lassie 5:00a HBO Saving Silverman 5:00a HBO Fly Away Home
5:35 MAX Batman 6:00 HBO The Black List: Volume One Duke vs. Carolina 5:35 MAX Paradise Alley 5:20 MAX Nim’s Island MAX The ’Burbs MAX Nancy Drew
7:00 HBO Hackers 7:30 HBO One Missed Call 6:00 HBO Hard Times at Douglass High... 7:15 HBO Robin Hood: Men in Tights 7:00 HBO As You Like It 6:30 HBO Get Smart 6:45 MAX Nine Months
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9:00 HBO Marley & Me 9:00 HBO The Women 7:45 MAX Reality Bites 9:00 HBO The Naked Gun 2 1/2: 9:00 MAX Jumper Diary of the Dead 8:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto
MAX Best of the Best II 10:00 MAX Tank Girl 8:00 HBO Into the Storm The Smell of Fear 9:15 HBO Canadian Bacon 8:30 HBO Real Sports MAX The Uninvited
10:45 MAX Role Models 11:00 HBO Days of Thunder 9:30 MAX Street Kings MAX Someone Like You 10:30 MAX The Last Legion With Bryant Gumbel 9:00 HBO Recount
11:00 HBO The Painted Veil 11:45 MAX Joe Dirt 9:45 HBO HBO First Look Amelia 10:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:00 HBO Nell 8:30 MAX Halloween II 10:00 MAX Pride and Glory
12:30p MAX Rogue 1:00p HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 10:00 HBO Dear God 10:40 MAX Booty Call 12:15p MAX Shoot to Kill 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:00 HBO Dr. Seuss’
1:15 HBO Evolution 1:20 MAX Death Becomes Her 11:20 MAX Sex and the City (The Movie) 11:00 HBO Real Sports 1:00 HBO The Mummy: 10:00 HBO Marley & Me Horton Hears a Who!
2:05 MAX Meet the Spartans 1:30 HBO I Am Legend 12:00 HBO Schmatta: With Bryant Gumbel Tomb of the Dragon Emperor MAX The Strangers 12:10p MAX 27 Dresses
3:00 HBO Fred Claus 3:05 MAX Mamma Mia! Rags to Riches to Rags 12:00 HBO The Golden Compass 2:05 MAX Doomsday 11:30 MAX Army of Darkness 12:30 HBO Miss Congeniality
3:30 MAX Jumper 3:15 HBO The Making of Get Smart 1:30p HBO Kung Fu Panda MAX Role Models 3:00 HBO Outrage 12:00 HBO The Women 2:05 MAX Fool’s Gold
5:00 HBO Shutter 3:30 HBO Something the Lord Made 1:50 MAX Burn After Reading 1:40p MAX Mr. Baseball 4:00 MAX The Wash 12:50p MAX Jurassic Park 2:30 HBO Nights in Rodanthe
MAX Role Models 5:00 MAX Speed 3:00 HBO I Could Never Be Your Woman 2:00 HBO Juno 4:30 HBO Apollo 13 2:00 HBO Autopsy: Postmortem 4:00 MAX Dr. Dolittle 2
6:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 5:30 HBO The Women 3:30 MAX The Best of Times 3:30 MAX Me, Myself & Irene 5:45 MAX Under Siege With Dr. Michael Baden 4:15 HBO Australia
6:45 MAX Basic Instinct 7:00 MAX Eagle Eye 4:45 HBO HBO First Look 3:45 HBO Kit Kittredge: An American Girl 7:00 HBO AVPR Aliens vs. Predator 3:00 MAX Death Becomes Her 5:30 MAX Hellboy II: The Golden Army
7:00 HBO Marley & Me 7:30 HBO Bored to Death Where the Wild Things Are 5:30 HBO X-Men Requiem 3:15 HBO X-Men 7:15 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto
9:00 HBO Get Smart Catch three episodes 5:00 HBO Get Smart MAX Militia 7:30 MAX Joe Dirt 4:45 MAX The Happening 7:30 MAX The Uninvited
MAX Burn After Reading back-to-back tonight! 5:15 MAX Welcome Home Roscoe... 7:00 MAX Leatherheads 8:45 HBO HBO First Look Amelia 5:00 HBO Get Smart 8:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
10:40 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: 9:00 HBO Real Sports 7:00 HBO Milk 7:30 HBO Slumdog Millionaire 9:00 HBO The Mummy: 6:15 MAX The Dark Knight 8:30 HBO Bored to Death
Spring Break Feature With Bryant Gumbel 7:15 MAX Exit Wounds 9:00 MAX Role Models Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 7:00 HBO Australia 9:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
10:55 HBO Cathouse: MAX Black Knight 9:00 MAX Burn After Reading 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto MAX Jumper 9:00 MAX The Uninvited MAX Solo
Sex, Guys and Videotape 10:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:15 HBO HBO First Look 10:00 HBO Hookers & Johns: 10:30 MAX Life on Top 10:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 9:30 HBO Bored to Death
11:30 HBO Ali 10:35 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto Where the Wild Things Are Trick or Treat 11:00 HBO Bored to Death 10:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 10:00 HBO Milk
12:10a MAX What Happens in Vegas 10:40 MAX Life on Top 9:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 10:40 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: MAX Alien Sex Files 3: MAX Life on Top 10:35 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3:
1:50 MAX Ghost Story 11:05 HBO I Am Legend 10:05 HBO Wanda Sykes: I’ma Be Me Spring Break 2 episodes She Alien 11:00 MAX Sex Spirit Spring Break 2 episodes
2:10 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 11:10 MAX Sin City Diaries Feature 10:35 MAX The Incredible Hulk 11:00 HBO Real Sports 11:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:05 HBO Australia 11:40 MAX Hitman
2:45 HBO Predator 12:45a MAX Choke 11:35 HBO Schmatta: Rags/Riches/Rags With Bryant Gumbel 12:00 HBO Cathouse: 12:20a MAX The Uninvited 12:15a HBO Baby Boy
3:45 MAX The Panic in 12:50 HBO Bored to Death 12:30a MAX Life on Top 11:45 MAX Young Guns Sex, Guys and Videotape 1:50 MAX The Final Conflict 1:15 MAX Life on Top
Needle Park 1:20 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel 12:55 HBO Cathouse: Sex, Guys/Videotape 12:00 HBO The Hammer 12:30a MAX CB4 1:55 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 1:50 MAX Bad Dreams
4:35 HBO Bulletproof 2:20 HBO Russell Simmons’ 1:00 MAX Forbidden Science 1:35a HBO Ali 12:35 HBO Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2:25 HBO The Brave One 2:30 HBO The Flock
Def Comedy Jam
Two Family House
1:30 HBO Harold & Kumar Escape
From Guantanamo Bay
3:05 MAX
Black Sheep
The Hustler
2:00 MAX
2:30 HBO
The Doors
3:40 MAX
4:30 HBO
The Andromeda Strain
3:15 MAX
4:10 HBO
Section 60:
2:55 HBO Predator 2 1:35 MAX Dancing at the Blue Iguana 4:15 HBO Autopsy: Postmortem 3:30 MAX Nick of Time Arlington National Cemetery
4:10 MAX The Four Seasons 3:15 HBO Milk With Dr. Michael Baden
4:45 HBO HBO First Look Where the Wild... 3:40 MAX The Chamber

7:00P 9:00P BRYANT GUMBELSM 9:00P READING 7:00P 9:00P 7:00P 8:30P
5:00a MAX Anastasia 5:00a HBO Speed Racer 6:00a HBO Michigan vs. Ohio State: 5:00a HBO Section 60: 5:30a HBO The Cure 5:10a HBO One Fine Day 5:20a MAX Alvin and the Chipmunks
5:15 HBO Larger Than Life MAX Guys and Dolls The Rivalry Arlington National Cemetery 6:05 MAX The Promise 6:35 MAX Junior 5:35 HBO Space Chimps
6:45 MAX Dangerous Minds 7:30 HBO Flight of the Conchords 7:00 HBO Meet the Spartans 5:20 MAX By Dawn’s Early Light 7:15 HBO Medicine Man 7:00 HBO Definetly, Maybe 6:50 MAX The Chase
7:00 HBO Bee Movie MAX Mr. Woodcock MAX The Uninvited 6:00 HBO Flight of the Intruder 7:45 MAX Love Field 8:30 MAX The Bucket List 7:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
8:30 HBO Center Stage 8:00 HBO Australia 8:30 HBO Jaws 7:00 MAX Sweeney Todd: The Demon 9:00 HBO Real Sports 9:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 8:00 HBO World Championship Boxing
MAX The Uninvited 9:00 MAX To Live and Die in L.A. MAX Young Guns II Barber of Fleet Street With Bryant Gumbel 9:30 HBO Rush Hour 3 8:20 MAX Role Models
10:00 MAX The Hunted 11:00 HBO Kangaroo Jack 10:15 MAX You Kill Me 8:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 9:30 MAX Hellboy II: The Golden Army 10:10 MAX Leviathan 10:00 MAX Don’t Say a Word
10:30 HBO The X-Files: MAX Role Models 10:45 HBO The Making of 8:30 HBO Miss Congeniality 10:00 HBO Sweet November 11:00 HBO Jumper 10:15 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto
I Want to Believe 12:30p HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto Changeling 9:00 MAX I Come in Peace 11:30 MAX Divine Secrets of the 11:50 MAX The Express 10:45 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side
11:50 MAX P.S. I Love You 12:45 MAX The Invasion 11:00 HBO The Sisterhood of the 10:30 HBO Glitter Ya-Ya Sisterhood 12:30p HBO Sisterhood/Traveling Pants 2 11:00 HBO Australia
12:15p HBO Run Fat Boy Run 1:00 HBO Recount Traveling Pants 2 MAX Blind Side 12:00 HBO The Majestic 2:00 MAX John Carpenter’s Ghosts/Mars 12:00 MAX Mamma Mia!
2:00 HBO Jumper 2:30 MAX Dream Lover 11:50 MAX Vertical Limit 12:10p MAX 27 Dresses 1:30p MAX Robert A. Heinlein’s 2:30 HBO HBO First Look Fantastic Mr. Fox 1:50p MAX Role Models
MAX Don’t Say a Word 3:00 HBO The American President 1:00p HBO Hairspray 12:15 HBO The Rocker The Puppet Masters 2:45 HBO Schmatta: Rags/Riches/Rags 2:00 HBO By the People:
3:30 HBO The Making of Changeling 4:15 MAX Commando 2:00 MAX Lady in the Water 2:00 HBO Bee Movie 2:45 HBO HBO First Look 3:40 MAX Turbulence The Election of Barack Obama
3:45 HBO Bee Movie 5:00 HBO Australia 3:00 HBO Space Cowboys 2:05 MAX Burn After Reading The Blind Side 4:00 HBO Definetly, Maybe 3:30 MAX Appaloosa
4:00 MAX Meet Dave 5:45 MAX The Texas Chainsaw 3:50 MAX Semi-Pro 3:30 HBO Schmatta: 3:00 HBO Flash of Genius 5:20 MAX 10,000 B.C. 4:00 HBO Bee Movie
5:30 HBO Real Sports Massacre: The Beginning 5:15 HBO Nights in Rodanthe Rags to Riches to Rags 3:20 MAX Black Knight 6:00 HBO What to Watch 5:30 HBO Hotel for Dogs
With Bryant Gumbel 7:15 MAX Role Models 5:20 MAX Bio-Dome 3:45 MAX No Reservations 5:00 HBO By the People: The Election 6:15 HBO Hotel For Dogs MAX Meet Dave
MAX The Presidio 8:00 HBO By the People: The Election 7:00 HBO Slumdog Millionaire 5:00 HBO Miss Congeniality of Barack Obama 7:15 MAX The Time Machine 7:00 MAX Frost/Nixon
6:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto of Barack Obama MAX Tropic Thunder 5:30 MAX Eagle Eye 5:00 MAX Pride and Glory 8:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 7:15 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto
7:00 HBO The Rocker HBO Documentary Films 9:00 HBO Bored to Death 7:00 HBO Milk 7:00 HBO Real Sports 8:30 HBO HBO World Championship 8:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
7:15 MAX Journey to the 9:00 MAX Shrek MAX The Uninvited 7:30 MAX Babylon A.D. With Bryant Gumbel Boxing Live! Chad Dawson 8:30 HBO Bored to Death
Center of the Earth 10:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:00 MAX Dude, Where’s My Car? 7:15 MAX Baby Mama vs. Glen Johnson II; Alfredo Season Finale
8:45 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side 10:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 10:00 HBO Changeling 9:15 HBO HBO First Look 8:00 HBO American Gangster Angulo vs. Harry Joe Yorgey 9:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
9:00 HBO Definitely, Maybe MAX Life on Top 10:30 MAX Sex Games Cancun Fantastic Mr. Fox 9:00 MAX Hellboy II: 9:00 MAX Frost/Nixon MAX Role Models
MAX The Uninvited 11:00 HBO Cathouse: 11:00 MAX Sex Games Cancun 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto The Golden Army 10:45 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 9:30 HBO Bored to Death
10:30 MAX Sex Games Cancun Sex, Guys and Videotape 11:30 MAX Marked for Death 10:00 HBO Real Sex 18 10:45 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side 11:05 MAX Life on Top 10:00 HBO Australia
10:55 HBO Jumper 11:05 MAX Lingerie Feature 12:25a HBO The Making of 10:30 MAX Eagle Eye 11:00 HBO Bored to Death 11:15 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 10:45 MAX Life on Top 3 Episodes!
11:00 MAX Sex Games Cancun 11:35 HBO Blood Work Changeling 10:50 HBO Deception 11:05 MAX Life on Top 11:35 MAX Alien Sex Files 3: Alien... 12:20a MAX Last Tango in Paris
11:30 MAX Rock Star 12:45a MAX Lord of Illusions 12:40 HBO Running Scared 12:30a MAX Lingerie Feature 11:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:45 HBO A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia... 12:50 HBO Queen of the Damned
12:30a HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel 1:30 HBO Bored to Death 1:05 MAX Life on Top 12:40 HBO Taxicab Confessions: 11:35 MAX Naked Lust 12:15a HBO Rendition 2:30 MAX Chain of Command
1:20 MAX Appaloosa 2:00 HBO Russell Simmons’ 1:40 MAX Wild Orchid New York, New York Part 2 12:00 HBO Swordfish 1:05 MAX Basic Instinct 2:35 HBO Russell Simmons’
1:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Def Comedy Jam 2:45 HBO Slumdog Millionaire 1:40 HBO Bad Influence 1:00a MAX The Distinguished Gentleman 2:20 HBO What to Watch Def Comedy Jam
2:05 HBO Death to Smoochy 2:30 HBO By the People: The Election... 3:30 MAX Tiempo de Valientes 2:00 MAX The Last Castle 1:40 HBO Valentine 2:35 HBO Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live... 3:05 HBO Men of Honor
3:15 MAX Butter 2:35 MAX Under Fire (On Probation) 3:20 HBO Milk 2:50 MAX Charlie Wilson’s War 3:15 MAX Frost/Nixon 4:10 MAX Yanks
4:00 HBO Alive Day Memories: 4:30 HBO Transmission Test 4:15 MAX Desiree 3:20 HBO In Bruges 3:35 HBO Boomerang
Home From Iraq 4:45 MAX Sense and Sensibility 4:35 MAX Pan’s Labyrinth

9:00P 8:00P
5:15a HBO The Making of 5:15a HBO Opiate Addiction... 5:00a HBO What to Watch 5:15a MAX The Brink’s Job 5:15a HBO HBO First Look 5:00a MAX The Incredible 5:30a HBO Back to School
The Dark Knight 5:45 HBO Larger Than Life 5:30 HBO Grace Is Gone 5:30 HBO Hairspray Fantastic Mr. Fox Shrinking Woman 6:45 MAX Yes Man
5:30 HBO August Rush 6:45 MAX MAX on Set Hellboy II... 5:50 MAX September 30, 1955 7:00 MAX The End 5:30 HBO Fly Away Home 5:15 HBO The Beverly Hillbillies 7:15 HBO The Rocker
6:30 MAX Shrek 7:00 MAX P.S. I Love You 7:00 HBO Rush Hour 3 7:30 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side 6:15 MAX Rosemary’s Baby 6:30 MAX Shrek 8:30 MAX Burn After Reading
7:30 HBO The American President 7:30 HBO Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears/Who! 7:35 MAX 27 Dresses 7:45 HBO The Dark Knight 7:30 HBO Definitely, Maybe 7:00 HBO Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears/Who! 9:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto
8:00 MAX Frost/Nixon 9:00 HBO Nights in Rodanthe 8:30 HBO Flash of Genius 8:45 MAX The Bucket List 8:35 MAX Mamma Mia! 8:00 MAX Semi-Pro 9:30 HBO Hotel for Dogs
9:30 HBO Meet the Spartans 9:05 MAX PCU 9:30 MAX Proof of Life 10:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 9:30 HBO Chain Reaction 8:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 10:15 MAX Tropic Thunder
10:05 MAX Marked for Death 10:30 MAX Journey to Center of the Earth 10:30 HBO Flight of the Conchords MAX White Oleander 10:30 MAX Meet Dave 9:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:15 HBO HBO First Look
11:00 HBO Australia 10:45 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side 11:00 HBO Jumper 11:00 HBO By the People: 11:15 HBO Nights in Rodanthe 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto Fantastic Mr. Fox
11:40 MAX The Science of Sleep 11:00 HBO Hotel for Dogs 11:45 MAX Frost/Nixon The Election of Barack Obama 12:00 MAX Cyborg 9:35 MAX The Presidio 11:30 HBO Welcome Home
1:30p MAX Babylon A.D. 12:05p MAX The Distinguished Gentleman 12:30p HBO Speed Racer 12:20p MAX True Confessions 1:00p HBO Space Cowboys 10:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto Roscoe Jenkins
2:00 HBO The Dark Knight 12:45 HBO What to Watch 1:50 MAX Baby Mama 1:00 HBO The Sisterhood of the 1:30 MAX Eagle Eye 10:30 HBO August Rush 12:20p MAX The Distinguished Gentleman
3:00 MAX The Forsaken 1:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 2:45 HBO HBO First Look Traveling Pants 2 3:15 HBO HBO First Look 11:10 MAX Rock Star 1:30 HBO The Dark Knight
4:30 HBO Welcome Home 1:30 HBO Definitely, Maybe Fantastic Mr. Fox 2:10 MAX The Texas Chainsaw Fantastic Mr. Fox 12:30p HBO Australia 2:15 MAX Yes Man
Roscoe Jenkins 2:00 MAX The Uninvited 3:00 HBO Run Fat Boy Run Massacre: The Beginning 3:30 HBO Definitely, Maybe 1:00 MAX Babylon A.D. 4:00 HBO The Tale of Despereaux
MAX Hitman 3:30 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel 3:30 MAX Hellboy II: 3:00 HBO Jaws MAX Young Guns II 2:30 MAX Dangerous Minds MAX Journey to the
6:05 MAX Dude, Where’s My Car? MAX Death Becomes Her The Golden Army 3:45 MAX Solo 5:20 MAX The Time Machine 3:30 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side Center of the Earth
6:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 4:30 HBO Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears/Who! 4:45 HBO The Rocker 5:15 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side 5:30 HBO Meet the Spartans 3:45 HBO The X-Files: I Want to Believe 5:35 MAX Baby Mama
7:00 HBO Australia 5:15 MAX Tropic Thunder 5:30 MAX Dr. Dolittle 2 5:20 MAX The Express 7:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 4:10 MAX Marked for Death 5:45 HBO Bride Wars
7:30 MAX Semi-Pro 6:00 HBO The Tale of Despereaux 6:30 HBO Section 60: 5:30 HBO The American President Catch four episodes 5:30 HBO Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears/Who! 7:15 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto
9:00 MAX Frost/Nixon 7:15 MAX The Presidio Arlington National Cemetery 7:30 HBO By the People: back-to-back tonight, 5:45 MAX The Uninvited MAX Yes Man
10:00 HBO World Championship Boxing 7:45 HBO HBO First Look 7:00 MAX Fool’s Gold The Election of Barack Obama including the finale! 7:00 HBO Bride Wars 8:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
11:05 MAX Lingerie Fantastic Mr. Fox 7:30 HBO Taking Chance MAX Bill and Ted’s MAX 10,000 B.C. 7:15 MAX Hitman 9:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
11:35 MAX Showgirls 8:00 HBO Hotel For Dogs 9:00 HBO Bored to Death Excellent Adventure 9:00 HBO The Ruins 8:30 HBO RocknRolla MAX Tropic Thunder
12:15a HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:00 MAX The Uninvited MAX Frost/Nixon 9:00 MAX Bill and Ted’s MAX Eagle Eye 9:00 MAX Yes Man 9:45 HBO The Rocker
12:50 HBO Dazed and Confused 9:45 HBO HBO First Look The Blind Side 9:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Bogus Journey 10:30 HBO Cathouse: 10:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 11:05 MAX I Come in Peace
1:50 MAX Dawg 10:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 10:00 HBO Swordfish 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto Sex, Guys and Videotape 10:50 MAX Life on Top 11:30 HBO Welcome Home
2:35 HBO The Dark Knight 10:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:05 MAX Hellboy II: 10:00 HBO Size Matters: 11:00 MAX Life on Top 11:00 HBO Bride Wars Roscoe Jenkins
3:15 MAX All Over the Guy MAX Life on Top The Golden Army A Real Sex Xtra 11:05 HBO Bored to Death 11:20 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: Feature 12:35a MAX Life on Top
4:50 MAX Buona Sera, 11:00 HBO Milk 11:45 HBO Real Sex 18 10:35 MAX Naked Lust 11:35 HBO Xchange 12:30a HBO American Gangster 1:15 MAX Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal
Mrs. Campbell MAX Black Knight 12:35a HBO Panther 11:00 HBO The Dark Knight 11:40 MAX Sin City Diaries Feature 12:50 MAX Yes Man 1:30 HBO In Bruges
12:40a MAX Sex Spirit 1:05 MAX Life on Top 12:00 MAX Hell Ride 1:30a HBO Blood Work 2:35 MAX Dead Presidents 2:50 MAX To Live and Die in L.A.
1:10 HBO Bored to Death 1:40 MAX Butter 1:30a MAX Freddy Got Fingered MAX John Carpenter’s 3:10 HBO Flight of the Conchords 3:20 HBO Ricochet
1:40 HBO Scanner Cop 2:45 HBO Taxicab Confessions: 1:35 HBO Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Ghosts of Mars 3:40 HBO Deception 4:50 MAX These Thousand Hills
2:00 MAX Kiltro New York, New York Part 2 Madam of Crystal 3:10 MAX The Hunted 4:35 MAX Coming Home
3:20 HBO Say It Isn’t So 3:20 MAX Stick 2:50 HBO Changeling 3:25 HBO Angel Eyes
3:35 MAX The Sun Also Rises 3:45 HBO Bad Girls 3:00 MAX Schindler’s List

9:00P 8:00P 7:00P 7:30P
5:05a HBO The Flintstones 5:15a HBO What to Watch 5:25a HBO The Tale of Despereaux 5:00a HBO Dare to Dream: 5:00a HBO The Making of 5:30a HBO Section 60: 5:00a HBO Grace Is Gone
6:30 MAX Woman on Top 5:35 MAX Ocean’s Eleven 6:00 MAX Tough Enough The Story of the Bee Movie Arlington National Cemetery 6:15 MAX Bill and Ted’s
6:45 HBO Space Cowboys 5:45 HBO The Majestic 7:00 HBO Hotel for Dogs U.S. Women’s Soccer Team 5:30 HBO One Fine Day 6:20 MAX Black Knight Excellent Adventure
8:00 MAX Dr. Dolittle 2 7:45 MAX Omen IV: 7:45 MAX The Last Castle 6:00 MAX Nancy Drew 6:00 MAX The Chase 6:30 HBO What to Watch 6:30 HBO Meet the Spartans
9:00 HBO The Sisterhood of the The Awakening 8:45 HBO Le Cirque: 6:30 HBO Black Sheep 7:30 HBO Speed Racer 6:45 HBO Hotel for Dogs 7:45 MAX Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
Traveling Pants 2 8:30 HBO Hairspray A Table in Heaven 7:40 MAX Rock Star MAX Don’t Say a Word 8:00 MAX Hellboy II: 7:55 HBO Terror in Mumbai
9:30 MAX Finding Forrester 9:30 MAX Eagle Eye 10:00 HBO The Dark Knight 8:00 HBO China’s Stolen Children 9:30 MAX Hitman The Golden Army 9:00 HBO Kangaroo Jack
11:00 HBO Flash of Genius 10:30 HBO Bride Wars MAX Role Models 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 9:45 HBO The Rocker 8:30 HBO Michigan vs. Ohio State: 9:20 MAX Notorious
11:50 MAX Yes Man 11:30 MAX All the Pretty Horses 11:45 MAX John Carpenter’s MAX The Uninvited 11:05 MAX Dude, The Rivalry 10:30 HBO To Be Announced
1:00p HBO By the People: 12:00 HBO Bee Movie Ghosts of Mars 10:00 HBO Jumper Where’s My Car? 9:30 HBO Australia 11:00 HBO Flash of Genius
The Election of Barack Obama 1:30p HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 12:30p HBO Dr. Seuss’ 11:00 MAX Dawg 11:30 HBO Rush Hour 3 10:00 MAX Blind Side 11:20 MAX Vertical Limit
1:35 MAX Fool’s Gold MAX Bio-Dome Horton Hears a Who! 11:30 HBO Life Support 12:30p MAX Shrek 11:45 MAX Charlie Wilson’s War 1:00p HBO Bride Wars
3:00 HBO Kangaroo Jack 2:00 HBO Jumper 1:30 MAX Appaloosa 12:30p MAX The Quest 1:00 HBO Jaws 12:30p HBO The Dark Knight 1:30 MAX Frost/Nixon
3:30 MAX Mr. Woodcock 3:05 MAX Frost/Nixon 2:00 HBO Australia 1:00 HBO Chain Reaction 2:00 MAX Fear 1:30 MAX No Reservations 2:30 HBO Sisterhood/Traveling Pants 2
4:30 HBO Miss Congeniality 3:30 HBO Meet the Spartans 3:30 MAX Babylon A.D. 2:05 MAX 10,000 B.C. 3:15 HBO Bee Movie 3:15 HBO Hotel for Dogs 3:35 MAX Robert A. Heinlein’s
5:00 MAX Leviathan 5:00 HBO August Rush 5:00 HBO HBO First Look 3:00 HBO Recount 3:40 MAX P.S. I Love You MAX Young Guns II The Puppet Masters
6:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 5:15 MAX Hellboy II: The Blind Side 4:00 MAX Marked for Death 5:00 HBO Hairspray 5:00 HBO Welcome Home 4:30 HBO Meet the Spartans
6:45 MAX Pride and Glory The Golden Army MAX Role Models 5:00 HBO Flash of Genius 5:50 MAX Journey to the Roscoe Jenkins 5:30 MAX Mr. Woodcock
7:00 HBO The Sisterhood of the 7:00 HBO Bride Wars 5:15 HBO Hotel for Dogs 5:35 MAX The Distinguished Gentleman Center of the Earth MAX Eagle Eye 6:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still
Traveling Pants 2 7:15 MAX The Bucket List 6:45 MAX The Express 7:00 HBO Terror in Mumbai 7:00 HBO Wanted 7:00 HBO The Day the 7:00 MAX Notorious
9:00 HBO Flash of Genius 8:30 HBO Jumper 7:00 HBO The Dark Knight HBO Documentary Films 7:30 MAX Dr. Dolittle 2 Earth Stood Still 8:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
MAX Yes Man 9:00 MAX The Time Machine 9:00 MAX Yes Man 7:30 MAX Meet Dave 9:00 HBO Rush Hour 3 MAX 27 Dresses Season Finale!
10:45 MAX Naked Lust 10:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 8:15 HBO Meet the Spartans MAX Fool’s Gold 9:00 HBO Jumper 9:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm
11:05 HBO Murder by Numbers 10:40 MAX Life on Top 10:15 HBO HBO First Look 9:00 MAX Showgirls 10:35 HBO The Rocker MAX Notorious MAX Babylon A.D.
12:10a MAX 27 Dresses 10:45 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto Fantastic Mr. Fox 9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto 11:00 MAX Life on Top 10:30 HBO To Be Announced 10:00 HBO Bride Wars
1:10 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 11:15 HBO Changeling 10:30 HBO RocknRolla 10:00 HBO Katie Morgan’s Sex Quiz 11:30 MAX Sex Games Cancun Feature 11:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 10:30 MAX Leviathan
1:55 HBO Bliss MAX Wild Orchid 10:45 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: 10:30 HBO Cathouse: The Series 12:20a HBO The Hitcher 11:05 MAX Life on Top 11:30 HBO Katie Morgan’s Sex Quiz
2:05 MAX Love and Action 1:00a MAX Eye for an Eye Spring Break 11:00 HBO The X-Files: 1:00 MAX Tropic Thunder 11:40 MAX Naked Lust 12:00 HBO The Brothers
in Chicago 1:40 HBO Dirty War 11:20 MAX Basic Instinct I Want to Believe 1:50 HBO Joy Ride 11:45 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still 12:10a MAX Life on Top
3:40 HBO The Guardian 2:45 MAX Be Kind Rewind 12:30a HBO Lewis Black: 11:15 MAX The Uninvited 3:00 MAX The Forsaken 1:05a MAX Notorious 12:45 MAX Off Limits
MAX The Savages 3:15 HBO Men of Honor Black on Broadway 12:45a HBO A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia: 3:30 HBO Breaking and Entering 1:35 HBO The Ruins 1:45 HBO Assassination of Jesse James
4:30 MAX Transmission Test 1:30 HBO Live Nude Girls Going Down in the Valley 4:35 MAX Lost and Delirious 3:10 HBO Blood Work by the Coward Robert Ford
MAX Life on Top MAX Lingerie Feature MAX The Texas Chainsaw 2:30 MAX Suspiria
2:10 MAX Yes Man 1:15 HBO American Gangster Massacre: The Beginning 4:05 MAX A Dry White Season
3:05 HBO Girlfight 2:15 MAX The Tailor of Panama 4:40 MAX You Kill Me 4:30 HBO Michigan vs. Ohio State: Rivalry
4:00 MAX The Island 3:55 HBO Terror in Mumbai
4:10 MAX Curse of the Pink Panther

9:00P 9:00P 6:45P 7:00P 7:00P 7:00P EARTH STOOD STILL 8:00P ENTHUSIASM®
5:30a HBO The Making of 5:00a HBO Black Sheep 5:00a MAX Ghoulies 5:15a HBO American Outlaws 5:30a HBO Kangaroo Jack 5:00a HBO Hairspray 5:00a HBO Alex Rider:
Hairspray MAX Amazing Grace 6:00 HBO Alex Rider: 6:15 MAX MAX on Set 6:15 MAX City of Ember 6:15 MAX Be Kind Rewind Operation Stormbreaker
6:00 HBO Space Chimps 6:30 HBO Run Fat Boy Run Operation Stormbreaker Hellboy II: The Golden Army 7:00 HBO Jumper 7:00 HBO Bride Wars MAX Lady in the Water
MAX The Sting 7:00 MAX Dude, Where’s My Car? 6:20 MAX Little Children 6:30 MAX Divine Secrets of the 7:50 MAX Solo 8:00 MAX Frost/Nixon 6:45 HBO Real Sports
7:30 HBO Man Trouble 8:15 HBO The Tale of Despereaux 7:45 HBO The X-Files: Ya-Ya Sisterhood 8:30 HBO To Be Announced 8:30 HBO By the People: With Bryant Gumbel
8:15 MAX The Express 8:30 MAX The First $20 Million is I Want to Believe 7:00 HBO Speed Racer 9:00 HBO Real Sports The Election of Barack Obama 6:50 MAX Bio-Dome
9:15 HBO HBO First Look Always the Hardest 8:40 MAX Madhouse 8:30 MAX Young Guns II With Bryant Gumbel 10:00 MAX Dr. Dolittle 2 7:45 HBO HBO Boxing After Dark
Fantastic Mr. Fox 10:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still 9:30 HBO Bee Movie 9:15 HBO Nights in Rodanthe 9:30 MAX Babylon A.D. 10:30 HBO Bee Movie 8:30 MAX Max Payne
9:30 HBO Dr. Seuss’ 10:15 MAX Pride and Glory 10:15 MAX Notorious 10:15 MAX Baby Mama 10:00 HBO The Dark Knight 11:30 MAX Journey to the 9:45 HBO To Be Announced
Horton Hears a Who! 11:45 HBO The Making of 11:00 HBO Bride Wars 11:00 HBO Hotel for Dogs 11:00 MAX The Uninvited Center of the Earth 10:15 HBO Definitely, Maybe
10:30 MAX Solo The Dark Knight 12:20p MAX The Presidio 12:00 MAX Commando 12:30p HBO Meet the Spartans 12:00 HBO Run Fat Boy Run MAX The Last Castle
11:00 HBO Flight of the Intruder 12:00 HBO Miss Congeniality 12:30 HBO August Rush 12:45p HBO The Rocker MAX Role Models 1:05p MAX Lord of Illusions 12:15p HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still
12:05p MAX The Time Machine 12:30p MAX I Come in Peace 2:00 MAX Meet Dave 1:30 MAX Yes Man 2:00 HBO The Tale of 1:45 HBO Hotel for Dogs 12:30 MAX P.S. I Love You
1:00 HBO Terror in Mumbai 2:00 HBO Space Cowboys 2:30 HBO The Sisterhood of the 2:30 HBO Welcome Home Despereaux 3:00 MAX Pride and Glory 2:00 HBO August Rush
1:45 MAX Notorious MAX Dr. Dolittle 2 Traveling Pants 2 Roscoe Jenkins 2:15 MAX The Bucket List 3:30 HBO Bride Wars 2:35 MAX Dude, Where’s My Car?
2:05 HBO The American President 3:30 MAX John Carpenter’s 3:30 MAX One Good Cop 3:15 MAX Mamma Mia! 3:30 HBO Miss Congeniality 5:00 HBO Flash of Genius 4:00 HBO Terror in Mumbai
3:50 MAX The Bucket List Ghosts of Mars 4:30 HBO Real Sports 4:30 HBO HBO First Look 4:00 MAX 27 Dresses 5:15 MAX Tropic Thunder MAX The Time Machine
4:00 HBO HBO First Look 4:15 HBO The Dark Knight With Bryant Gumbel The Blind Side 5:30 HBO Jumper 7:00 HBO The Wrestler 5:05 HBO The Rocker
The Blind Side 5:10 MAX 10,000 B.C. 5:15 MAX The Invasion 4:45 HBO Rush Hour 3 5:50 MAX Burn After Reading 7:15 MAX Shrek 5:40 MAX Semi-Pro
4:15 HBO The Majestic 7:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still 5:30 HBO Definitely, Maybe 5:05 MAX Fool’s Gold 7:00 HBO Real Sports 9:00 HBO HBO Boxing After Dark 7:00 HBO The 25th Anniversary
5:30 MAX The Uninvited MAX Appaloosa 7:00 MAX Rock Star 6:30 HBO Dr. Seuss’ With Bryant Gumbel Bute vs. Andrade; Rock and Roll
7:00 HBO Changeling 9:00 HBO Real Sports 7:30 HBO To Be Announced Horton Hears a Who! 7:30 MAX The Uninvited Guzman vs. Funeka Hall of Fame Concert
MAX The Distinguished Gentleman With Bryant Gumbel 8:00 HBO Bride Wars 7:00 MAX Hellboy II: The Golden Army 8:00 HBO The Dark Knight MAX Max Payne 7:15 MAX Max Payne
9:00 MAX Notorious MAX Hitman 9:00 MAX Notorious 8:00 HBO Hotel for Dogs 9:00 MAX Role Models 10:45 MAX Life on Top 9:00 MAX 10,000 B.C.
9:30 HBO Terror in Mumbai 10:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:30 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 9:00 MAX Yes Man 10:35 HBO To Be Announced 11:00 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 10:50 MAX Life on Top
10:40 HBO Rush Hour 3 10:35 MAX Life on Top 10:30 HBO Katie Morgan’s 9:45 HBO HBO First Look 10:45 MAX Life on Top 11:15 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: 11:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still
11:05 MAX Lingerie 10:50 HBO By the People: Sex Quiz Fantastic Mr. Fox 11:05 HBO Running Scared Spring Break Feature 11:30 MAX Life on Top
11:35 MAX Lingerie The Election of Barack Obama 11:00 HBO American Gangster 10:00 HBO Taxicab Confessions: 11:15 MAX The Erotic Traveler Feature 11:50 HBO The Wrestler 12:00 MAX Life on Top
12:05a MAX Burn After Reading 11:05 MAX Cyborg 11:05 MAX The Texas Chainsaw New York, New York Part 2 1:00a MAX Marked for Death 1:15a MAX Max Payne 12:35a MAX Showgirls
12:15 HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm 12:30a MAX Semi-Pro Massacre: The Beginning 10:50 MAX Alien Sex Files 3: 1:10 HBO RocknRolla 1:40 HBO Flight of the Conchords 12:50 HBO Cathouse: The Series
1:05 HBO Boomerang 12:50 HBO Live Nude Girls 12:35a MAX Naked Lust Alien Ecstasy 2:35 MAX Dangerous Minds 2:10 HBO Swordfish 1:20 HBO Dazed and Confused
1:45 MAX The Uninvited 2:05 MAX Hell Ride 1:40 HBO The Hitcher 11:00 HBO Terror in Mumbai 3:10 HBO The Brothers 3:00 MAX Colors 2:45 MAX The Right Temptation
3:05 HBO Angel Eyes 2:25 HBO Real Sports 2:00 MAX Life on Top 12:10a HBO Changeling 4:15 MAX Sweeney Todd: 3:55 HBO Lewis Black: 3:05 HBO Murder by Numbers
3:15 MAX Turbulence With Bryant Gumbel 2:30 MAX Betrayed 12:20 MAX The Chumscrubber The Demon Barber Black on Broadway 4:20 MAX The Man in the
3:25 HBO The Dark Knight 3:10 HBO Lantana 2:10 MAX Children of Men of Fleet Street Gray Flannel Suit
3:30 MAX El Rey de La Montana 4:40 MAX Mistrial 2:35 HBO The Good Shepherd
(King of the Hill) 4:00 MAX Proof of Life

9:00P 9:00P BRYANT GUMBELSM 7:O0P 6:30P HEARS A WHO!TM 9:00P 7:00P
5:10a HBO HBO First Look 5:15a HBO Cop and a Half 6:00a HBO Airheads 5:30a HBO Summer Catch 5:00a HBO Greedy 5:00a HBO The Making of 10,000 B.C. 5:30a HBO The Making of Body of Lies
Fantastic Mr. Fox 6:15 MAX A Knight’s Tale 6:10 MAX Martian Child MAX The True Story of 5:50 MAX Canadian Bacon 5:15 HBO The Last Legion 5:45 HBO Chairman of the Board
5:30 HBO Section 60: 7:00 HBO Buddy 7:45 HBO Gods and Generals Jesse James 7:00 HBO Someone Like You MAX A Shot in the Dark 6:00 MAX Final Fantasy:
Arlington National Cemetery 8:30 HBO Bride Wars 8:00 MAX Max Payne 7:00 MAX Notorious 7:30 MAX Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever 7:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still The Spirits Within
6:30 HBO Jaws MAX The Brave One 9:45 MAX Dolores Claiborne 7:15 HBO Black Knight 8:45 HBO HBO First Look MAX One Missed Call 7:30 HBO 10,000 B.C.
7:00 MAX Alvin and the Chipmunks 10:00 HBO The Bridge of 11:30 HBO The Making of 9:00 HBO Terror in Mumbai Avatar 8:30 MAX Shoot ’Em Up 7:45 MAX Ghost Town
8:30 MAX Yes Man San Luis Rey Burn After Reading 9:05 MAX Clear and Present Danger 9:00 HBO Mamma Mia! 8:45 HBO The UCLA Dynasty 9:30 HBO World Championship Boxing
8:45 HBO Nights in Rodanthe 10:30 MAX The Fifth Element 11:45 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still 10:15 HBO Big MAX Planet of the Apes 10:00 HBO Held Up MAX Gran Torino
10:15 MAX Max Payne 12:00 HBO Fool’s Gold 12:00 MAX AVPR Aliens vs. 11:30 MAX Michael Clayton 11:00 HBO Joe Dirt MAX Harold & Kumar Escape 11:30 MAX Driven
10:30 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel 12:40p MAX Ali Predator Requiem 12:00 HBO Held Up 11:05 MAX The Curse of From Guantanamo Bay 11:45 HBO HBO First Look
11:30 HBO Glitter 2:00 HBO The Last Legion 1:30p HBO Cassandra’s Dream 1:30p HBO Flight of the Conchords the Jade Scorpion 11:30 HBO Bride Wars Avatar
12:00 MAX The Chase 3:15 MAX Evolution 1:35 MAX Excess Baggage MAX Congo 12:30p HBO Real Sports 11:45 MAX 3000 Miles to Graceland 12:00 HBO Mamma Mia!
1:15p HBO The Tale of Despereaux 3:45 HBO Don’t Tell Mom the 3:20 MAX The Golden Compass 2:00 HBO Mother With Bryant Gumbel 1:00p HBO Fool’s Gold 1:30p MAX The Brave One
1:30 MAX Basic Instinct Babysitter’s Dead 3:30 HBO The Making of Body of Lies 3:20 MAX Truth or Consequences, N.M. 12:50 MAX Apollo 13 1:50 MAX Easy Money 2:00 HBO Jurassic Park
3:00 HBO Speed Racer 5:00 MAX Leatherheads 3:45 HBO The Seeker: 3:45 HBO What to Watch 1:30 HBO Elizabeth: 3:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still 3:30 MAX The War of the Roses
3:45 MAX Baby Mama 5:30 HBO Bride Wars The Dark is Rising 4:00 HBO Summer Catch The Golden Age 3:30 MAX Street Kings 4:15 HBO 10,000 B.C.
5:15 HBO Rush Hour 3 7:00 HBO The Wrestler 5:15 MAX Juno 5:05 MAX Get Smart 3:15 MAX Fred Claus 4:45 HBO Eagle Eye 5:30 MAX Shutter
5:30 MAX Yes Man MAX The Assignment 5:30 HBO What to Watch 5:45 HBO Jurassic Park 3:30 HBO What to Watch 5:20 MAX Crimson Tide 6:15 HBO Taken
7:00 HBO Welcome Home 9:00 HBO Fool’s Gold 6:00 HBO Real Sports 7:00 MAX Notorious 4:00 HBO Purple Violets 7:00 HBO Taken 7:00 MAX Gran Torino
Roscoe Jenkins MAX What Happens in Vegas With Bryant Gumbel 8:00 HBO The 25th Anniversary 5:15 MAX Death Race 7:15 MAX Harold & Kumar Escape... 8:00 HBO Robin Williams:
7:15 MAX John Carpenter’s 10:40 MAX Life on Top 7:00 HBO The Day the Earth Stood Still Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 6:00 HBO Mamma Mia! 8:30 HBO HBO World Championship Weapons of
Ghosts of Mars 10:55 HBO Eagle Eye MAX Patriot Games Concert (Part 1) 7:00 MAX Forgetting Sarah Marshall Boxing Live! Williams vs. Self Destruction
9:00 HBO Nights in Rodanthe 11:15 MAX The Erotic Traveler Feature 8:45 HBO HBO First Look Avatar 9:00 MAX Wanted 8:00 HBO The 25th Anniversary TBA; TBA vs. TBA 9:00 MAX The Fifth Element
MAX Max Payne 12:50a MAX The Fifth Element 9:00 HBO Burn After Reading 10:00 HBO Taxicab Confessions: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 9:00 MAX Gran Torino 9:30 HBO The Wrestler
10:40 HBO HBO Boxing After Dark 12:55 HBO City Hall MAX Max Payne New York, New York Part 3 Concert (Part 2) 10:45 HBO Taken 11:10 MAX Lingerie Feature
10:45 MAX Lingerie Feature 2:50 HBO Jackpot 10:45 HBO Real Sports 10:55 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: 9:00 MAX Planet of the Apes 11:00 MAX Life on Top 11:20 HBO Robin Williams:
12:40a HBO Russell Simmons Presents 3:00 MAX The Promotion With Bryant Gumbel Spring Break 10:00 HBO The Incredible Hulk 11:30 MAX Busty Cops: Protect and Serve! Weapons of Self Destruction
Def Comedy Jam 4:30 HBO Transmission Test MAX Lingerie 11:00 HBO Mirrors 11:00 MAX Life on Top 12:20a HBO Katie Morgan Sex Quiz 12:40a MAX Life on Top
12:45 MAX Roger Corman’s MAX Amor En Alquiler 11:15 MAX Lingerie 11:25 MAX Co-Ed Confidential 3: 11:30 MAX Cougar School 12:45 MAX Gran Torino 12:55 HBO Two Can Play That Game
Frankenstein Unbound (Love for Rent) 11:45 HBO Sex and the City (The Movie) Spring Break 11:55 HBO Exit Wounds 12:50 HBO The Strangers 1:10 MAX Ski School
1:10 HBO Katie Morgan’s Sex Quiz 11:50 MAX Missing in Action 12:00 MAX Clear and Present Danger 1:00a MAX Death Race 2:20 HBO Doomsday 2:30 HBO The Gathering
1:40 HBO RocknRolla 1:30a MAX Life on Top 12:55a HBO A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia... 1:40 HBO Ricky Gervais: Out of England- 2:45 MAX Vampire in Brooklyn 2:40 MAX The Last of the Finest
2:15 MAX Vertical Limit 2:05 MAX Bulletproof 1:25 HBO Apocalypse Now Redux The Stand-Up Special 4:15 HBO Joe Louis: America’s Hero... 4:00 HBO Nick of Time
3:40 HBO Dirty War 2:15 HBO Death on a Factory Farm 2:20 MAX The Thing 2:45 MAX The Doors 4:30 MAX Shout 4:30 MAX In the Heat of the Night
4:20 MAX Lenny 3:30 MAX Leonera (Lion’s Den) 4:15 MAX Hamlet 2 2:55 HBO Funny Games
3:45 HBO Switch


9:00P RODANTHE 7:00P 9:00P 5:05P 9:00P THE APES 7:00P 8:00P
U.S. President finds love with a lobbyist Vin Diesel undertakes a risky job to bring a bodacious dudes are back to battle a duo episodes of HBO’s new comedy series meld sex, spies, lies, extortion and plastic
ALEX RIDER: OPERATION STORMBREAKER during a daunting election year. Michael “special” young woman from Europe to of robot clones in this comedy sequel. about a noir-obsessed writer who lists his surgery to form this darkly comic concoction.
A teenage secret agent tackles his first Douglas, Annette Bening. (AC,AL) PG13- New York City in this action-thriller set in Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter star. (AL,MV) services as an unlicensed private detective George Clooney. (AC,AL,V) R-1:36. MAX
assignment in this family action film based 1:53. HBO Nov.3,9,12,23 CSEH the near-future. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:30. PG-1:34. MAX Nov.12,22 CDEH on the Internet. Jason Schwartzman (of Nov.5,15,23,27 CDEH
on the British book series. (AC,AL,V) PG- MAX Nov.5,9,14,18,22,27 CDEH Rushmore fame), Ted Danson (TV’s Cheers)
ANASTASIA Ingrid Bergman won the 1956 BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE BUTTER The L.A. music scene rocks to a
1:33. HBO Nov.25,29 C5EH Best Actress Oscar® for her portrayal of the BACK TO SCHOOL Rodney Dangerfield Two time-traveling dudes gather various and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) star. deadly beat in this whodunit about the
ALIEN SEX FILES 3: ALIEN ECSTASY A woman who may have been the last turns higher education into a textbook case famous characters from throughout history 07: The Case of the Stolen Sperm (AC, murder of a blues star. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-
renegade agent is sent to Europe to Russian czar’s daughter. Yul Brynner, Helen of lowbrow laughs in this comedy. Sally in order to pass a test in this comedy. AL) TVMA/L-:26. HBO Nov.1,3,4,6 C5 1:40. MAX Nov.2,11 CDEH
combat the invasion of sex-starved aliens Hayes. TVG-1:45. MAX Nov.2 CSEH Kellerman, Burt Young, Keith Gordon. (AC,AL, Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter. (AL,MV) PG- EH; 08: Take a Dive (AC,AL) TVMA/
in this erotic tale. (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/ ANGEL EYES Jennifer Lopez stars as a BN) PG13-1:37. HBO Nov.15 CSEH 1:30. MAX Nov.12,22 CDEH L-:29. HBO Nov.8,10,11,13 C5EH Movie Four people are the only chance left
V,S,L-1:26. MAX Nov.7,26 CSH tough but vulnerable cop who is brought BAD DREAMS The ghosts of a cult haunt BIO-DOME Two Arizona slackers riotously BOXING Boxing doubleheader headlined to prevent annihilation when a nuclear
ALIVE DAY MEMORIES: HOME FROM IRAQ together by fate with a mysterious the sole survivor of a mass suicide. Bruce go green when they are sealed inside a by Chad Dawson vs. Glen Johnson II. Plus, weapon is accidentally ignited. (AC,AL,V)
HBO Documentary Films The first-person stranger. Jim Caviezel co-stars. (AC,AL,V) Abbott and Richard Lynch star. (AC,AL,GV) biosphere by mistake in this comedy. Pauly Alfredo Angulo vs. Harry Joe Yorgey. (AL) TV14/V,L,D-1:41. MAX Nov.5 CDEH
stories of ten Alive Day heroes–soldiers R-1:43. HBO Nov.13,23 C5EH R-1:24. MAX Nov.1 CSEH Shore, Stephen Baldwin. (AC,AL,MV) PG13- TVPG/L-2:12. HBO Nov.7,8,9 ECSH BY THE PEOPLE: THE ELECTION OF
who survived near-fatal wounds while APPALOOSA Ed Harris and Viggo Morten- BAD GIRLS Four bordello beauties take off 1:35. MAX Nov.4,17,29 CDEH BOXING AFTER DARK All-new boxing BARACK OBAMA HBO Documentary Films
serving in Iraq. Widescreen. (AC,AL,V) sen star as mercenaries who must run a across the wild West with a posse, an BLACK KNIGHT Martin Lawrence brings event headlined by Lucian Bute vs. Librado The exclusive inside story of Barack
TVMA/V,L-:57. HBO Nov.2 CSEH devious rancher out of town in this gripping outlaw gang and one lovestruck cowboy in the ’hood into the Middle Ages in this Andrade. On the undercard, see Joan Obama’s journey from the U.S. Senate to
ALL OVER THE GUY Two men find love western. Jeremy Irons. (AC,AL,MV) R- hot pursuit! Madeleine Stowe. (AC,AL,BN, comedy. Marsha Thomason and Tom Guzman vs. Ali Funeka. (AL) TVPG/L- the White House. TVPG-1:55. HBO
with one another, but struggle to overcome 1:55. MAX Nov.2,8,18,24 CDEH V) R-1:40. HBO Nov.11 CSEH Wilkinson co-star. (AC,AL,MV) PG13- 1:57. HBO Nov.28,29,30 ECSH Nov.3,6,8,12,16,24,28 CSEH
1:36. MAX Nov.6,10,21 CDEH BREAKING AND ENTERING Burglary leads
their vast differences in this engaging THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BAD INFLUENCE James Spader is a
a handsome London architect into an affair
romantic comedy. With Dan Bucatinsky. (AC, BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD The life straight-arrow corporate climber who drifts BLACK SHEEP Comedy cohorts Chris
AL,BN) R-1:35. MAX Nov.9 CDEH of legendary outlaw Jesse James in the into decadent thrills in this suspenseful Farley and David Spade team up in this with a struggling immigrant woman in this CATHOUSE: SEX, GUYS AND VIDEOTAPE
days leading up to his demise is told in this steamroller. Rob Lowe co-stars. (AL,N,V) laughfest about a political candidate’s bozo drama. Jude Law stars. (AC,AL,MV,N) R- The girls of the Moonlite BunnyRanch
compelling western. Brad Pitt. (AC,AL,BN, R-1:40. HBO Nov.5 CSEH brother and the geek who is hired to keep 1:59. HBO Nov.20 C5EH videotape themselves. (AC,AL,N,SC)
stars as John Grady Cole in this sprawling TVMA/S-:32. HBO Nov.3,13 CESH
adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s beloved GV) R-2:40. HBO Nov.22 C5EH BASIC INSTINCT A rock star’s murder puts him out of trouble. (AC,AL,MV) PG13- BRIDE WARS Two fiancées and best friends
western novel. Henry Thomas. (AC,AL,V) AUGUST RUSH An orphaned boy escapes troubled detective Michael Douglas on the 1:26. HBO Nov.1,19,24 CSEH toss a bouquet of riotous tricks at each other CATHOUSE: THE SERIES 05: She’s Got
PG13-1:57. MAX Nov.17 CDEH to Manhattan and fine-tunes his music trail–and in the bed–of kinky suspect BLIND SIDE HBO Original Movie A couple’s when their weddings are arranged for the Game Ranch girls are always coming and
talent with hopes of finding his family. Sharon Stone. (AC,AL,GV,N,SC) R-2:07. perfect life is shattered after an accident same day in this comedy. Kate Hudson, going, though one constant seems to be Air
ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS Alvin! Anne Hathaway. (AC,MV) PG-1:29. HBO Force Amy, a top earner. (AC,AL,N,SC)
Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan MAX Nov.7,18,30 CSEH leads to the arrival of a stranger who wants
Simon! Theodore! The classic cartoon Nov.14,15,17,22,25,28 C5EH TVMA/S,L-:26. HBO Nov.19,29 CSE
Rhys Meyers star. (AC,MV) PG-1:54. HBO BE KIND REWIND When Jack Black to make their lives hell. Rutger Hauer, Ron
chipmunks are back in this tuneful holiday
Nov.9,14,17,25,29 C5EH accidently erases every tape in a struggling Silver, Rebecca De Mornay. (AC,AL,GV,N, THE BRINK’S JOB Peter Falk (Columbo) CENTER STAGE Young dancers experience
tale about their big break. Jason Lee. (MV) competition, stress and problems at a
AUSTRALIA An aristocratic English woman video store, he and a pal create crazy new SC) R-1:38. MAX Nov.5,21 CDEH leads the unlikely gang pulling off the
PG-1:31. MAX Nov.8,30 CDEH NYC ballet school. Amanda Schull, Zoe
finds tragedy, danger and passion in versions of popular movies. (AC,AL,MV) BLISS Unhappy newlyweds take their famous 1950 Boston heist in this wild,
AMAZING GRACE A persistent Englishman northern Australia at the dawn of WWII in PG13-1:40. MAX Nov.17,28 CDEH bedroom worries to an unorthodox sex offbeat comic adventure. (AL,MV) PG- Saldana and Peter Gallagher. (AC,AL)
strives to end slavery in Great Britain in this this sweeping epic. Nicole Kidman, Hugh healer. Craig Sheffer, Sheryl Lee and 1:43. MAX Nov.12 CEH PG13-1:56. HBO Nov.2 C5EH
BEE MOVIE An unsatisfied bumblebee
historical drama. Ioan Gruffudd, Romola Jackman star. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-2:45. leaves the hive behind for a jaunt in the big Terence Stamp star. (AC,AL,N,SC) R- THE BROTHERS Four young African CHAIN OF COMMAND A secret service
Garai and Ciaran Hinds star. (AC,AL) PG- HBO Nov.1,3,8,9,14,18,21 C5EH bad human world in this animated comedy. 1:43. HBO Nov.16 CDEH American friends find solace in each other agent battles terrorists who kidnapped the
1:58. MAX Nov.24 CDEH
B Voice of Jerry Seinfeld. (MV) PG-1:31. HBO BLOOD WORK Clint Eastwood directed and as they work through female troubles. With president as part of their plan to start a
nuclear war. Roy Scheider. (AC,AL,V) R-
Nov.2,5,8,17,20,25,28 C5EH stars in this gritty crime thriller about an Morris Chestnut, D.L. Hughley. (AC,AL) R-
and Russell Crowe star as a resourceful BABY BOY An immature young father from BETRAYED An FBI agent (Debra Winger) ailing former FBI detective who undertakes 1:42. HBO Nov.22,27 C5EH 1:36. MAX Nov.8 CDEH
druglord and the determined cop who vows South Central Los Angeles must come to infiltrates a white supremacist group in an arduous mission to catch a killer. Co- THE BUCKET LIST Dying codgers Jack CHAIN REACTION A scientist runs for his
to put him away in this gripping, fact-based grips with his life in this drama. Tyrese America’s heartland after the murder of a starring Jeff Daniels. (AC,AL,V) R-1:50. Nicholson and Morgan Freeman set out to life after he is falsely accused of murder
crime drama. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-2:37. Gibson and Ving Rhames star. (AC,AL,N,V) left-wing talk-show host. (AC,AL,V) R- HBO Nov.3,13,21 C5EH accomplish a list of things to do before they and sabotage. Keanu Reeves. (AL,V) PG13-
HBO Nov.6,14,19,25 C5EH R-2:10. HBO Nov.1 C5EH 2:06. MAX Nov.25 CSEH BOOMERANG Love-’em-and-leave-’em kick in this comedy. (AC,AL) PG13-1:37. 1:47. HBO Nov.13,19 C5EH
AMERICAN OUTLAWS Crackling western BABY MAMA Tina Fey brings big belly THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES The Clampetts executive Eddie Murphy gets a dose of his MAX Nov.7,12,17,23,27 CDEH CHANGELING Angelina Jolie delivers a
retelling of the legend of Jesse James and laughs as an infertile exec rattled by her are back in the big-screen version of the own medicine in this sassy romantic BUONA SERA, MRS. CAMPBELL A small- riveting performance as a mother in search
his gang of outlaws. With Colin Farrell, scatterbrained surrogate in this riotous long-running hit TV comedy series. With comedy. Also with Robin Givens, Halle town Italian woman has the con of a life- of her missing son in Clint Eastwood’s gut-
Gabriel Macht, Scott Caan. (AC,AL,V) comedy. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:39. MAX Jim Varney and Cloris Leachman. (AL,MV) Berry and David Alan Grier. (AC,AL,BN) time going in this merry 1969 comedy. wrenching drama. (AC,AL,V) R-2:22. HBO
PG13-1:35. HBO Nov.26 C5EH Nov.6,11,15,26,30 CDEH PG-1:34. HBO Nov.14 CSEH R-1:57. HBO Nov.7,23 CSEH (AC,AL) PG-1:53. MAX Nov.9 CEH Nov.4,12,17,23,26 C5EH
P R O G R A M G U I D E : A-Z
CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR Tom Hanks plays COMING HOME A Marine officer’s wife THE DARK KNIGHT The Caped Crusader is DIRTY WAR HBO Original Movie The EL REY DE LA MONTANA (KING OF THE FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER Three Navy pilots
a hard-partying Texas congressman who is falls in love with a disabled Vietnam pushed to the limit by the diabolical Joker hypothetical story of how a terrorist attack HILL) A murderous sharpshooter fires go against orders to avenge their buddies’
inspired to help Afghan freedom fighters by veteran in this drama. Jane Fonda and Jon in this sequel. Christian Bale, Michael Caine, might be planned and executed in London. upon motorists along a mountainous road deaths in North Vietnam. Danny Glover,
socialite girlfriend Julia Roberts. (AC,AL, Voightstar. Also with Bruce Dern. (AL,N) Heath Ledger star. (AL,V) PG13-2:32. HBO Louise Delamere. (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/ in this suspense film. (AC,AL,BN,GV) Willem Dafoe, Brad Johnson. (AC,AL,MV)
BN) R-1:42. MAX Nov.6,21 CDEH R-2:08. MAX Nov.14 CEH Nov.9,12,15,18,21,24,27 C5EH V,S,L-1:30. HBO Nov.17,30 CSE TVMA/V,L-1:28. MAX Nov.24 DEH PG13-1:55. HBO Nov.5,23 CSEH
THE CHASE An escaped con and his not- COMMANDO Arnold Schwarzenegger DAWG A heartless womanizer must make THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN A THE END Shady real-estate agent Burt THE FLINTSTONES It’s prehistoric mayhem
so-unwilling hostage lead the cops and the races against time and impossible odds to amends with a dozen of his past conquests false-identity scam lands small-time Reynolds decides to off himself when he for the Flintstones in this live-action family
media on a high-speed chase. Charlie save his daughter from terrorist kid- in order to inherit one million dollars. Denis con-man Eddie Murphy in elected office in learns he’s dying in this black comedy. film based on the hit cartoon series. (AC,
Sheen, Kristy Swanson. (AC,AL,MV) PG13- nappers. Rae Dawn Chong. (AL,BN,GV) R- Leary and Elizabeth Hurley star. (AC,AL) this riotous comedy. (AC,AL) R-1:52. (AC,AL) R-1:41. MAX Nov.12 CEH AL,MV) PG-1:31. HBO Nov.16 CSEH
1:28. MAX Nov.8,20,30 CDEH 1:30. MAX Nov.3,26 CSEH R-1:23. MAX Nov.9,19 CDEH MAX Nov.6,10,15,19,23 CSEH THE EROTIC TRAVELER FEATURE 02: THE FLOCK Richard Gere stars as a hard-
CHILDREN OF MEN In an infertile future, a CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM The final THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL Keanu DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA Object of Desire A compilation of episodes nosed neighborhood watchdog put to the
man helps transport a pregnant girl to Season Seven episodes of HBO’s hit Reeves is an alien who arrives on Earth to SISTERHOOD Ellen Burstyn and Sandra from this adult series. (AC,AL,N,SC) test before his forced retirement. (AC,AL,
safety. Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and comedy series starring Larry Bullock star in this drama about a woman TVMA/S,L-1:43. MAX Nov.27 CSH GV) R-1:36. HBO Nov.1 C5EH
warn mankind to stop poisoning the planet
Michael Caine star. (AC,AL,BN,GV) R- Larry David. 67: The Black Swan (AC,AL) who is abducted by her estranged mother’s THE EXPRESS The inspiring story of Ernie FLY AWAY HOME A girl and her father lead
or face extermination. (MV) PG13-1:44.
1:49. MAX Nov.26 CDEH childhood pals. Ashley Judd. (AC,AL,V) ‘The Elmira Express’ Davis, the first African a flock of geese south for the winter. Jeff
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.1,2,3,4,7 C5 HBO Nov.21,22,24,29 C5EH
PG13-1:57. MAX Nov.6,26 CDEH American to win the Heisman Trophy. Dennis Daniels and Anna Paquin star. (AL,MV)
Documentary Films Shot undercover in DAZED AND CONFUSED School’s out for PG-1:47. HBO Nov.1,13 C5EH
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.8,9,10,11,14 C DON’T SAY A WORD A psychiatrist’s Quaid, Rob Brown star. (AC,AL,MV) PG-
China, this film explores the country’s the summer of 1976 and a pack of teens daughter is held by a kidnapper who needs 2:09. MAX Nov.7,12,18,23 CDEH
5H; 69: The Table Read (AC,AL) FOOL’S GOLD Matthew McConaughey’s
epidemic of child kidnappings. (AC) set out for a wild night of partying, a number from the mind of a disturbed
TVMA/L-:40. HBO Nov.15,16,17,18,21 EYE FOR AN EYE A grieving mother sets out search for sunken riches leads to marital
TVPG/D-1:25. HBO Nov.19 CSE debauchery and conversation. (AC,AL,BN) woman. Michael Douglas stars. (AC,AL,V)
C5H; 70: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:45. to get the psycho who killed her daughter and other troubles with wife Kate Hudson in
R-1:42. HBO Nov.9,29 CSEH R-1:54. MAX Nov.2,8,20 CDEH this romantic farce. (AL,MV) PG13-1:52.
THE CHUMSCRUBBER A town’s self- HBO Nov.22,23,24,25,28 C5H and got away with it. Sally Field, Ed Harris
involved residents get entangled in each DEAD PRESIDENTS A black youth DR. DOLITTLE 2 Eddie Murphy is back as and Kiefer Sutherland star. (AC,AL,GV,RP) MAX Nov.1,11,16,20,26 CDEH
THE CURE Two best friends run off transitions into manhood during his tenure
other’s peculiar lives in this drama. Glenn the doc who talks to the animals in this R-1:41. MAX Nov.17 CSEH THE FORSAKEN A college student’s cross-
together to find a treatment for AIDS in this in Vietnam and after his arrival home. (AC,
Close, Ralph Fiennes, Lauren Holly. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:47. MAX Nov.26 CDEH drama. Joseph Mazzello, Brad Renfro, GL,GV) R-1:59. MAX Nov.14 CDEH
comedy sequel. (AC,AL,MV) PG-1:27.
MAX Nov.1,11,16,20,24,28 CDEH
F country drive turns to terror when he
Bruce Davison, Annabella Sciorra. (AC,AL) encounters a group of nasty vampires. With
CITY OF EMBER Two resourceful teens DEATH BECOMES HER Aging beauties DR. SEUSS’ HORTON HEARS A WHO! FEAR A teenage girl’s first romance takes Kerr Smith, Brendan Fehr. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
PG13-1:39. HBO Nov.6 CSEH a deadly turn when her boyfriend begins to
race to save their subterranean city from Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn wage war The beloved Dr. Seuss tale about a big- 1:31. MAX Nov.9,20 CDEH
extinction in this thrilling family adventure. CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER Ever- for the affections of Bruce Willis in this hearted elephant is brought to colorful life exhibit a violently possessive side. Mark FREDDY GOT FINGERED Tom Green stars
Saoirse Ronan, Harry Treadway star. (MV) bumbling Inspector Clouseau has been hilarious dark comedy. (AC,AL,N,V) PG13- in this animated tale. G-1:26. HBO Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon star. (AC, in this insane comedy about a man with a
PG-1:35. MAX Nov.27 CDEH missing for a year—and the President of 1:43. MAX Nov.10 CSEH Nov.1,10,14,18,23,26 C5EH AL,N,V) R-1:37. MAX Nov.20 CSEH dream of becoming an animator. (AC,
CO-ED CONFIDENTIAL 3: SPRING BREAK France wants to find him. (AC,AL,BN, FINDING FORRESTER Sean Connery plays AL,V) R-1:27. MAX Nov.12 CDEH
DEATH TO SMOOCHY Danny DeVito’s DREAM LOVER Young architect James
The campus co-eds are back for some MV,RP) PG-1:50. MAX Nov.19 CEH a reclusive author who bonds with a
ultra-black comedy about a nasty TV clown Spader uncovers some dark secrets from FROST/NIXON Richard Nixon and British
sexy Spring Break fun in this erotic series. CYBORG Jean-Claude Van Damme battles who wants revenge after he is replaced. his new wife’s past in this thriller. (AC,AL, talented inner-city youth. Sean Connery, TV host David Frost go head-to-head in this
06: An Ill Wind Blows (AC,AL,N,SC) a band of post-apocalyptic anarchists N,V) R-1:44. MAX Nov.3 CSEH Rob Brown, F. Murray Abraham. (AC,AL,MV) Oscar®-nominated film. Frank Langella,
Robin Williams, Edward Norton. (AC,AL,V)
TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.1 CSH; while helping a cyborg save a decimated PG13-2:16. MAX Nov.16 CDEH Michael Sheen star. (AC,GL) R-2:02. MAX
R-1:49. HBO Nov.2 C5EH A DRY WHITE SEASON Two families are
07: The Wet ’n’ the Wild (AC,AL,N,SC) future world. Deborah Richter. (AC,AL,N,V) shattered by tragic events stemming from THE FIRST $20 MILLION IS ALWAYS THE Nov.7,8,9,11,17,22,28 CDEH
R-1:26. MAX Nov.13,24 CSEH DECEPTION An accountant is lured into HARDEST A frustrated young professional
TVMA/S,L-:31. MAX Nov.18 CSH;
the sultry lifestyle of powerful lawyer Hugh the racial problems in South Africa. (AL,V)
trades the marketing world for a chance to G
09: Riding the Airwaves (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.1 CSH
D Jackman in this thriller. Ewan McGregor, R-1:47. MAX Nov.22 CSEH
make a difference. Adam Garcia. (AC,AL) GHOULIES The son of a Satanic cultist
DANGEROUS MINDS Michelle Pfeiffer is a Michelle Williams star. (AC,AL,N,V) R- DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR? Two stoners try PG13-1:45. MAX Nov.24 CDEH
CO-ED CONFIDENTIAL 3: SPRING BREAK practices black magic and conjures up
former Marine who tackles a seemingly 1:48. HBO Nov.5,14 C5EH to retrace their steps after a night of
FEATURE A steamy compilation of FLASH OF GENIUS The true story of an nasty monsters in a deserted mansion.
impossible assignment to instruct a DEFINITELY, MAYBE A divorcing dad complete inebriation. Ashton Kutcher,
episodes from the sizzling erotic series. 03: inventor who crusaded against unjust (AL,V) PG13-1:21. MAX Nov.25 CEH
classroom of socially troubled inner-city divulges his romantic past to his inquiring Seann William Scott. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
Sex on the Beach (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/ 1:23. MAX Nov.5,9,20,24,29 CDEH American automakers. Gr eg Kinnear, GIRLFIGHT A troubled teenage girl finds
S,L-1:27. MAX Nov.14 CSEH; 04: kids. Also with George Dzundza. (AC,AL, little girl. Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Derek Lauren Graham. (AC,AL) PG13-1:59. HBO love and success in the male-dominated
Bar Wars MAX Nov.28 CSH V) R-1:39. MAX Nov.2,14,27 CDEH Luke, Abigail Breslin. (AC,AL) PG13-1:52. E Nov.6,11,16,19,22,28 C5EH world of boxing. Michelle Rodriguez. (AC,
COLORS Dennis Hopper’s eye-opening DARE TO DREAM: THE STORY OF THE HBO Nov.2,7,10,13,25,29 C5EH EAGLE EYE A frightening cyber-terror FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Encore plays AL,V) R-1:51. HBO Nov.18 C5EH
drama about two Los Angeles cops who U.S. WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM The DESIREE Marlon Brando is Napoleon in a frames two Chicagoans in a deadly plot in of HBO’s musical/comedy series. 05: Sally GLITTER Mariah Carey hits all the high
are teamed up on gang detail. Sean Penn remarkable 18-year journey of the U.S. lush 1954 drama that tells of the general’s this harrowing action-thriller. Shia LaBeouf, Returns (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Nov.14 notes in this heartwarming rags-to-riches
and Robert Duvall star. (AC,AL,N,V) R- women’s soccer team is chronicled. (AL) passion for a young woman. Jean Simmons. Michelle Monaghan. (AL,V) PG13-1:58. CSE; 06: Bowie (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-:27. tale about a singer’s rise to the top. (AC,AL)
2:00. MAX Nov.28 CSEH TVPG/L-1:18. HBO Nov.19 CSE TVG-1:50. MAX Nov.5 CSEH MAX Nov.5,13,17,21 CDEH HBO Nov.3,11,28,30 CSE PG13-1:45. HBO Nov.5,30 C5EH
P R O G R A M G U I D E : A-Z
THE GOOD SHEPHERD The creation of the HITMAN A top assassin in an international JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH THE LAST CASTLE Robert Redford stars as LINGERIE A gorgeous former model M
CIA is seen through the eyes of a top young murder-for-hire organization finds himself A trio of explorers discover a pathway to an incarcerated former general who leads launches her very own line of lingerie in
operative in this gripping drama. Matt being hunted in this thriller. Timothy Earth’s core in Jules Verne’s sci-fi classic. a rebellion against tyrannical prison this erotic series. 06: By Design (AC, MADHOUSE A married couple buys a home
Damon, Angelina Jolie star. (AC,AL,V) R- Olyphant, Dougray Scott. (AC,AL,N,V) R- Starring Brendan Fraser. (MV) PG-1:33. warden James Gandolfini. (AC,AL,V) R- AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.23 only to become overrun by their obnoxious
2:47. HBO Nov.26 C5EH 1:33. MAX Nov.1,9,14,20,24 CDEH MAX Nov.2,10,15,20,28 CDEH 2:11. MAX Nov.5,18,29 CDEH CSH; 07: Comfort Fit (AC,AL,N,SC)
houseguests in this comedy. (AC,AL,MV)
TVMA/S,L-:29. MAX Nov.23 CSH; PG13-1:30. MAX Nov.25 CSEH
GRACE IS GONE John Cusack is a home- HOTEL FOR DOGS A scruffy hotel becomes JOY RIDE Two brothers and a young lady LAST TANGO IN PARIS The controversial
front father dealing with the overseas erotic classic with Marlon Brando as a grief- 08: Everyone’s a Critic (AC,AL,N,SC) THE MAJESTIC Jim Carrey wakes up with
a real live animal house for two kids and a are on the run from a murderous trucker
death of his military wife. (AC,AL) PG13- stricken man who engages in a series of TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.9 CSH amnesia in a town where he is mistaken
multitude of mutts in this family film. Emma in this intense thriller. Paul Walker, Leelee
1:25. HBO Nov.11,22 C5EH intense sexual encounters. (AL,MV,N,SC) LINGERIE FEATURE A compilation of for a missing war vet. Martin Landau. (MV)
Roberts, Jake T. Austin. (MV) PG-1:40. HBO Sobieski and Steve Zahn star. (AC,AL,V)
NC17-2:10. MAX Nov.8 CEH episodes from the sizzling late-night PG-2:33. HBO Nov.6,17,23 C5EH
THE GUARDIAN A nanny has an evil Nov.7,8,10,15,18,21,26,28 C5EH R-1:37. HBO Nov.20 C5EH
connection with a haunted tree in this LE CIRQUE: A TABLE IN HEAVEN series. 01: (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-2:00. THE MAKING OF... Behind-the-scenes look.
THE HUNTED A NYC businessman runs JUMPER A youth’s ability to teleport any-
horror film. Jenny Seagrove. (AC,AL,N,V) HBO Documentary Films A profile of MAX Nov.30 CSH; 02: (AC,AL,N, Bee Movie TVG-:25. HBO Nov.20
from a deadly group of ninjas after he where enables him to become a wealthy
SC) TVMA/S,L-1:27. MAX Nov.19 CS CSE; Changeling TVPG-:12. HBO
R-1:32. HBO Nov.16 CSEH witnesses a prostitute’s murder. (AC,AL, globetrotter—and attracts dangerous Sirio Maccioni and his iconic New York City
restaurant Le Cirque. (AC,AL) TV14/L,D- H; 03: (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-1:30. Nov.2,4 CSH; The Dark Knight (V)
GUYS AND DOLLS Marlon Brando stars as GV,N) R-1:50. MAX Nov.2,13 CSEH attention. (AL,MV) PG13-1:28. HBO TVPG/V-:13. HBO Nov.9,24 CSH;
1:14. HBO Nov.18 CSEH MAX Nov.5 CSH; 04: (AC,AL,N,SC)
gambler Sky Masterson in this 1955 film I Nov.2,7,11,17,19,21,27 C5EH
TVMA/S,L-1:40. MAX Nov.3 CSH Hairspray TVG-:24. HBO Nov.23 SE
version of the smash-hit musical. (AC,AL) JUNIOR A baby’s on the way for fertility LENNY Dustin Hoffman gives a bravura
TVPG/L,D-2:29. MAX Nov.3 CSEH I COME IN PEACE Dolph Lundgren plays a LISA LAMPANELLI: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN MAMMA MIA! A bride-to-be reunites
specialist Arnold Schwarzenegger when he performance as controversial comedian
tough cop tracking a very nasty alien in this “Queen of Mean” Lisa Lampanelli doles out her mother with three former suitors in
H sci-fi action flick. Brian Benben.(AL,N,V)
shockingly conceives in this comedy. (AC) and social satirist Lenny Bruce in this
Oscar®-nominated film. Valerie Perrine. a cavalcade of comic insults to anyone and this adaptation of the smash-hit musical.
PG13-1:50. MAX Nov.7 CSEH Meryl Streep stars. (AC,MV) PG13-1:49.
HAIRSPRAY Rousing film version of the hit R-1:31. MAX Nov.5,15,24 CSE (AC,GL,N) R-1:51. MAX Nov.30 CEH everyone in this HBO comedy special. (AC,
Broadway musical about a big-haired teen IN BRUGES European hit men Colin Farrell K AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Nov.7 CDH MAX Nov.8,13,26 CDEH
LEVIATHAN An undersea mining team
who becomes a local dancing sensation. and Brendan Gleeson unwind in Belgium KANGAROO JACK Two luckless pals chase LITTLE CHILDREN A small town’s appear- THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT An
discovers a sunken Russian ship oozing
John Travolta stars. (AC,AL) PG-1:56. HBO after a blundered job. Ralph Fiennes. (AC,AL, a wild kangaroo through the Australian Out- ance of perfection hides a sordid suburban executive fights his way up the corporate
with mutant monsters. Peter Weller, Richard
Nov.4,12,17,20,28 C5EH GV) R-1:47. HBO Nov.6,15 C5EH back in this comedy. Jerry O’Connell, underbelly of adultery, discontent and ladder while searching for meaning in his
Crenna, Amanda Pays, Daniel Stern. (AL,GV)
HBO FIRST LOOK Behind-the-scenes look Anthony Anderson. (AC,AL,MV) PG-1:29. perversion. Kate Winslet stars. (AC,AL,N, life in this 1956 drama. Gregory Peck stars.
at movies. The Blind Side TVPG-:13. HBO HBO Nov.3,16,22,27 C5EH SC,V) R-2:17. MAX Nov.25 CDEH TVG-2:33. MAX Nov.29 CSEH
Happy homemaker Lily Tomlin is shrunk LEWIS BLACK: BLACK ON BROADWAY
Nov.2,6,8,10,12,14,18,23,26 CSH; down to the size of a doll in this spoof. KATIE MORGAN’S SEX QUIZ Katie Morgan LIVE NUDE GIRLS Men and sex are the hot MAN TROUBLE Couples don’t come more
The cantankerous comedian brings his
Fantastic Mr. Fox TVG-:13. HBO Nov.5, (AC,AL) PG-1:28. MAX Nov.14 CEH hosts her sixth HBO adult special in this topics when six long-time friends gather mismatched than Ellen Barkin and Jack
Rules of Enragement tour to HBO in this
7,10,11,13,15,18,23,26,30 CSH fun, fact-filled sex romp. (AC,AL,N) TVMA/S, for a bachelorette party. (AC,GL,N) R- Nicholson in this romantic comedy. (AC,
THE INVASION Alien spores begin to take- outrageous stand-up special. (AC,AL)
HEIDI FLEISS: THE WOULD-BE MADAM L-:30. HBO Nov.19,22,25,30 CSEH 1:34. HBO Nov.18,24 CSEH AL) PG13-1:40. HBO Nov.23 CSEH
over mankind in this chilling new version of TVMA/L-:58. HBO Nov.18,28 CD
OF CRYSTAL HBO Documentary Films A Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Nicole KILTRO An undisciplined young martial LORD OF ILLUSIONS A private eye becomes MANCORA A beach paradise in Peru is the
LIFE ON TOP Erotic series following fun
portrait of 'Hollywood Madam' Heidi Fleiss Kidman, Daniel Craig star. (MV) PG13- artist gets his skills together just in time to embroiled in a bizarre case involving a destination for uninhibited fun and passion
young businesswomen striving to make it
as she attempts to open the first legal 1:39. MAX Nov.3,25 CDEH save the girl he loves and her clan from an master magician, his mysterious wife and for three hard-partying travelers. (AC,AL,
in Manhattan. 04: Menage a Top
brothel for female clients.(AC,AL) TVMA/ enemy bent on revenge. (AC,AL,BN,GV) a buried evil in this horror tale. (AC,AL,GV, N,SC,V) R-1:41. MAX Nov.1 SEH
THE ISLAND A journalist travels to the (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.8
L-1:09. HBO Nov.12 C5EH Caribbean in search of reported modern- TVMA/V,L-1:38. MAX Nov.10 SEH CSH; 05: Tied, But Not Tied Down N) R-1:49. MAX Nov.3,28 CDEH MARKED FOR DEATH Steven Seagal takes
HELL RIDE A gang of bikers and its on a band of Caribbean drug dealers in this
grizzled leader roar off for revenge in this
day pirates in this thriller based on the L (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:28. MAX Nov.1, LOST AND DELIRIOUS A love affair
between two young women at an all-girl martial-arts thriller. (AL,GV,N) R-1:33.
bestseller. Michael Caine stars. (AC,AL, 3,4,7,8 CSH; 06: Girls Night Out
throwback to the classic grindhouse biker GV,N) R-1:54. MAX Nov.18 CSEH LADY IN THE WATER An apartment super (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:31. MAX Nov.6, prep school spins wildly out of control. MAX Nov.4,9,14,19,27 CSEH
flicks. Larry Bishop stars. (GL,GV,N,SC) R- discovers an otherworldly creature in the 8,10,11,14 CSH; 07: Down for the Piper Perabo, Jessica Pare. (AC,AL,MV,N) MAX ON SET: Hellboy II: The Golden
1:24. MAX Nov.12,24 CDEH J complex’s pool. Paul Giamatti and Bryce Count (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:36. MAX R-1:43. MAX Nov.20 CDEH Army Behind the scenes of the action-
HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY Hellboy is JAWS Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller Dallas Howard star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:50. Nov.13,15,17,18,21,29 CSH; 08: LOVE AND ACTION IN CHICAGO A packed sequel to Hellboy. (AC,AL,V) TV14/
back to battle a villain who is about to about a peaceful resort community that MAX Nov.4,29 CDEH First Date (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. government assassin wants to settle V,L,D-:13. MAX Nov.10,26 CSH
awaken a massive mechanical army. Ron comes under attack by a man-eating Great LANTANA Links between various unhappy MAX Nov.20,22,24,25,28,29 CSH; down...but his superiors have other ideas. MAX PAYNE Mark Wahlberg is a loner cop
Perlman, Selma Blair. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:00. White shark. Roy Scheider stars. (V) PG- characters rise to the surface after the 09: Blame It on Brazil (AC,AL,N,SC) Courtney B. Vance, Regina King. (AC,AL,V) bent on avenging the murders of his wife
MAX Nov.1,6,11,17,21,26 CDEH 2:04. HBO Nov.4,12,20,30 CSEH disappearance of a young woman. (AC,AL, TVMA/S,L-:31. MAX Nov.27,29 CSH R-1:32. MAX Nov.16 CDEH and child. Mila Kunis. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
THE HITCHER A homicidal hitchhiker JOHN CARPENTER’S GHOSTS OF MARS N,V) R-2:01. HBO Nov.25 C5EH LIFE SUPPORT HBO Original Movie LOVE FIELD Michelle Pfeiffer stars in an 1:40. MAX Nov.28,29,30 CDEH
thumbs his way across the Southwest A tough cop and a criminal team up to fight LARGER THAN LIFE Bill Murray transports Queen Latifah is an HIV-positive woman Oscar®-nominated role as a Dallas hair- MEDICINE MAN A doctor discovers a cure
leaving a bloody trail in his wake in this a menace on Mars. Natasha Henstridge an elephant across the country in this whose work at an AIDS outreach group stylist whose trip to President Kennedy’s for cancer in the upper reaches of a rain
harrowing remake. Sean Bean.(AC,AL,GV) and Ice Cube star. (AC,AL,GV) R- 1:38. riotous comedy. Janeane Garofalo. (AC,AL) helps her atone for the past. (AC,AL) funeral takes a powerful turn. (AC,AL,V) forest. Sean Connery stars. (AL,MV,N)
R-1:24. HBO Nov.20,25 C5EH MAX Nov.7,13,18,24,30 CDEH PG-1:33. HBO Nov.2,10 CSEH TVMA/L-1:28. HBO Nov.19 C5EH PG13-1:45. MAX Nov.6 CSEH PG13-1:45. HBO Nov.6 CSEH
P R O G R A M G U I D E : A-Z
MEET DAVE Eddie Murphy is an alien who NANCY DREW Smart teen sleuth Nancy P R ROCKNROLLA A small-time con artist and SAY IT ISN’T SO A young man is shocked
comes to Earth in search of a very special Drew tackles a new case in Hollywood. his pals attempt a real-estate ruse that to discover that the love of his life might be
device in this family comedy. (AC) PG- Emma Roberts, Josh Flitter. (AC,MV) PG- PAN’S LABYRINTH A young girl faces the REAL SEX 18 A look at a Seattle peep-show ensnares them in a series of scams. Gerard his sister! Heather Graham, Chris Klein. (AC,
1:30. MAX Nov.2,8,13,19,25 CDEH 1:39. MAX Nov.1,19 CDEH horrors of a fantastic netherworld in order business run by women and an erotic art Butler, Tom Wilkinson. (AC,GL,GV) R-1:54. AL,MV) R-1:36. HBO Nov.10 CDEH
to escape the ones in her normal life in auction in Washington, D.C. (AC,GL,N,SC) HBO Nov.14,18,27,30 C5EH
MEET THE SPARTANS The story of NIGHTS IN RODANTHE A shorefront inn Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar®-winner. (AC, TVMA/S,L-:47. HBO Nov.5,11 CSE SCANNER COP A mind-reading cop must
Leonidas and his army of 300 Spartans is houses romance for reluctant lovers Diane ROGER CORMAN’S FRANKENSTEIN uncover what is turning ordinary citizens
transformed into a comedy of epic propor- Lane and Richard Gere. (AC,AL) PG13-1:37. UNBOUND A 21st-century scientist is into cop-killing maniacs. Daniel Quinn. (AL,
tions in this spoof. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:24. HBO Nov.1,4,10,13,26,30 C5EH PANTHER The racial tensions in 1966 that DOWN IN THE VALLEY 05: Love and/or transported to the 19th century, where he BN,GV) R-1:34. HBO Nov.10 CSH
HBO Nov.4,9,13,17,19,22,27 C5EH brought the birth and rise of the Black Sex A porn couple comes clean about their runs into Frankenstein’s monster. (AC,V)
NINE MONTHS Hugh Grant stars in this marriage and careers; a director discusses SCHINDLER’S LIST Steven Spielberg’s
Panther Party to power in Oakland, C.A. R-1:25. MAX Nov.30 CSEH
MEN OF HONOR A young black man wages romantic comedy as a carefree man Holocaust drama about a businessman who
(AL,V) R-2:04. HBO Nov.11 CSH the ’70s porn explosion. (AC,AL,N,SC)
war on the racist standards of the U.S. suddenly facing fatherhood. (AC,AL,MV) TVMA/S,L-:26. HBO Nov.7,19 CSE ROLE MODELS Misdemeanor stupidity beat the Nazis at their own game–and
Navy in the ’50s in this fact-based drama. PG13-1:43. MAX Nov.1 CDEH PCU Offensive college slackers prepare to leaves Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd saved more than 1,000 Jewish lives. (AC,AL,
Robert De Niro, Cuba Gooding Jr. (AC,AL, defend their house against political REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL doing community service as mentors to N,V) R-3:15. MAX Nov.12 CSEH
NO RESERVATIONS Life and love provide All-new edition of HBO’s acclaimed sports
V) R-2:09. HBO Nov.8,17 C5EH the opportunity for change in the life of correctness. Jeremy Piven stars. (AC,AL) young kids in this comedy. (AC,GL,MV,N) R- SCHMATTA: RAGS TO RICHES TO RAGS
PG13-1:21. MAX Nov.10 CDEH magazine. 151: (AL) TVPG/L-:58. HBO 1:39. MAX Nov.3,8,18,27 CDEH
MICHIGAN VS. OHIO STATE: THE RIVALRY driven master chef Catherine Zeta-Jones. HBO Documentary Films The vibrant,
THE PRESIDIO A vicious murder forces a Nov.2,6,8,10 CSH; 152: (AL) TVPG/
One of the greatest rivalries in all of (AC) PG-1:44. MAX Nov.5,21 CDEH ROSEMARY’S BABY Mia Farrow is an unexpected history of New York City's
brash San Francisco homicide detective L-:58. HBO Nov.24,25,27,29,30 CSH
sports–Michigan vs. Ohio State in college NOTORIOUS The rise of the Notorious unsuspecting young wife carrying Satan’s once-thriving Garment District. (AL,BN)
football–is examined in this doc. (AL) TVPG/ into an uneasy partnership with his old RECOUNT HBO Original Movie Oscar®- child in this 1968 horror classic. (AL,N, TV14/S,L-1:14. HBO Nov.5,7 C5H
B.I.G. to rap music fame, his relationships
L-:59. HBO Nov.4,21,22 CSEH boss. Sean Connery stars. (AC,AL,V) R- winner Kevin Spacey stars in this gripping RP,V) R-2:17. MAX Nov.13 CH THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP Big changes in
with Sean Combs and Tupac Shakur, and
1:37. MAX Nov.2,10,14,25 CDEH film that explores the controversial 2000 the life of a frustrated young artist prompt
MILK Sean Penn delivers a superb, his tragic death. (AC,GL,N,SC) R-2:02. THE RUINS Youths partying in the Mexican
PRIDE AND GLORY A family of men rooted presidential election. (AC,AL,MV) TVMA/ his dreams to intensify and blend with
Oscar®-winning performance in this story MAX Nov.21,22,23,25 CDEH sun encounter a carnivorous terror when
in the NYPD find their bonds strained L-1:56. HBO Nov.1,3,19 C5EH reality in this mind-blowing tale. (AC,AL,N,
of famed gay-rights activist and politician O during an investigation. Edward Norton, RENDITION An American wife searches for
they veer off the beaten path in this horror
SC) R-1:46. MAX Nov.9 CDH
Harvey Milk. Emile Hirsch. (AC,AL,MV) R- film. Jonathan Tucker. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-
2:08. HBO Nov.1,5,10 C5EH OCEAN’S ELEVEN Frank Sinatra leads a Colin Farrell star. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-2:10. answers when her Egyptian-born husband 1:30. HBO Nov.13,21 C5EH SECTION 60: ARLINGTON NATIONAL
heist of five Las Vegas casinos in the 1960 MAX Nov.1,6,16,24,28 CDEH is seized by U.S. intelligence forces. Jake CEMETERY HBO Documentary Films An
MISS CONGENIALITY A frumpy FBI agent Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon. (AC,BN,GL, RUN FAT BOY RUN A hapless Brit enters a
Rat Pack classic. With Dean Martin, Sammy THE PROMISE Two college students vow emotional look at the final resting place for
gets a dramatic makeover when she goes GV) R-2:02. HBO Nov.7 C5EH footrace to woo back his ex-fiancée in this
Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. to love each other forever—but a strange soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.
undercover as a beauty pageant contestant. comedy. Simon Pegg. (AC,AL,N) PG13-1:40.
(AC,V) PG-2:07. MAX Nov.17 CEH fate intervenes. Kathleen Quinlan. (AC,AL) RICOCHET Two old enemies battle to the TVPG-:54. HBO Nov.1,5,11,21 CSEH
Sandra Bullock. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:50. HBO Nov.2,11,24,28 C5EH
HBO Nov.1,5,16,24,27 C5EH OFF LIMITS Two Army detectives in PG-1:37. MAX Nov.6 CEH death in this electrifying crime drama. SEMI-PRO Will Ferrell heads back to the
Denzel Washington, John Lithgow. (AC,AL, RUNNING SCARED A gangster’s task of
Vietnam trail a killer all the way up to the PROOF OF LIFE A housewife becomes ‘70s as the player/coach/owner of a lousy
MISTRIAL HBO Original Movie Bill Pullman GV,N) R-1:42. HBO Nov.15 CDEH ditching the guns from a botched drug deal
U.S. military’s highest echelons. (AL,N,V) involved with the hostage negotiator she basketball team that is facing disbandment
stars in this edgy thriller as a veteran New goes awry. Paul Walker, Cameron Bright,
R-1:42. MAX Nov.22 CSEH hired to rescue her kidnapped husband. THE RIGHT TEMPTATION Rebecca De in this comedy. (AC,GL,MV,N) R-1:31.
York City policeman investigating the Vera Farmiga, Chazz Palminteri. (AC,AL,
murder of two fellow cops. (AC,AL,V) R- OMEN IV: THE AWAKENING Damien the Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe star. (AC,AL,V) R- Mornay plays a private eye who becomes GV) R-2:02. HBO Nov.4,27 C5EH MAX Nov.4,9,14,24,29 CDEH
1:32. MAX Nov.25 CSEH Antichrist lives on through his daughter who 2:15. MAX Nov.11,26 CDEH involved in sexual intrigue. (AC,AL,V) R- SENSE AND SENSIBILITY Oscar®-winning
1:32. MAX Nov.29 CDEH RUSH HOUR 3 Mismatched lawmen Jackie
is just learning to use her powers. (AC,AL,V) P.S. I LOVE YOU A widow’s efforts to adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel about
MR. WOODCOCK Seann William Scott loses Chan and Chris Tucker reteam once again
TVPG/V,L,D-1:37. MAX Nov.17 CSEH survive the loss of her husband are aided ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S THE PUPPET the romantic entanglements of two sisters
it when he finds his mother is about to for another wild adventure in this action-
marry his mean old gym teacher. Billy Bob ONE FINE DAY Two New Yorkers meet, fight by the arrival of letters from him after his MASTERS Alien creatures begin to take comedy sequel. (V) PG13-1:31. HBO in 19th-century England. Hugh Grant. (AC)
Thornton, Susan Sarandon. (AC,AL,MV) and fall in love in this romantic comedy. death. Hilary Swank. (AC,AL,BN) PG13- over a small town in this horror throwback. Nov.7,11,20,23,26,30 C5EH PG-2:16. MAX Nov.3 CSEH
PG13-1:28. MAX Nov.3,16,22 CDEH Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney. (AC,AL) 2:06. MAX Nov.2,10,20,29 CDEH Donald Sutherland, Eric Thal star. (AL,N,V) SEPTEMBER 30, 1955 Tragedy ensues
PG-1:49. HBO Nov.7,20 C5EH
MURDER BY NUMBERS Two high-school
ONE GOOD COP Michael Keaton is a cop
Q ROCK STAR Mark Wahlberg stars as the
97 Comics: Wil Sylvince, Cory Fernandez, when an Arkansas youth is sent over the
edge by the death of James Dean. (AC,AL)
killers play a deadly game of cat-and- Ted Carpenter. HBO’s popular stand-up
mouse with determined detective Sandra who fights the law to care for his dead QUEEN OF THE DAMNED The vampire singer of a heavy-metal cover band whose show hosted by D.L. Hughley. (AC,AL) PG-1:41. MAX Nov.11 CEH
Bullock in this thriller. (AC,AL,V) R-2:00. partner’s three daughters. Rene Russo. Lestat reawakens as a blood-drinking rock dream of rock stardom becomes a reality. TVMA/L-:28. HBO Nov.3,8 CDH SEX GAMES CANCUN Erotic series. 10:
HBO Nov.16,29 (AL,V) R-1:45. MAX Nov.25 CSEH star in this adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel. Jennifer Aniston co-stars. (AC,AL,N) R- Wireless (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30.
OPIATE ADDICTION: UNDERSTANDING Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah star. (AC, 1:46. MAX Nov.2,14,19,25 CDEH S MAX Nov.2 CSH; 11: Palm Job
N REPLACEMENT THERAPY Addiction: The AL,V) R-1:41. HBO Nov.8 CDEH THE ROCKER Embittered wannabe-rock THE SAVAGES A middle-aged brother and (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.2
NAKED LUST Erotic encounters provide a Supplementary Series The different types THE QUEST Jean-Claude Van Damme is a star Rainn Wilson gets a second chance at sister face their inner demons after they are CSH; 12: Phone Tag (AC,AL,N,SC)
creative spark for a sexy rock star. Kaylani of opioids, their effects, and why replace- street criminal who winds up fighting for his fame in this comedy. Also with Christina forced to take care of their senile father. TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.4 CSH;
Lei stars. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-1:23. ment therapy is an effective treatment. life in a martial arts competition in Tibet. Applegate. (AC,AL,BN) PG13-1:42. HBO Laura Linney, Philip Seymour Hoffman. (AC, 13: When Cal Met Mona (AC,AL,N,SC)
MAX Nov.6,12,16,21,25 CSH (AC) TV14/D-:21. HBO Nov.10 CSE (V) PG13-1:34. MAX Nov.19 CDEH Nov.2,5,11,15,20,26,29 C5EH AL) R-1:54. MAX Nov.16 CDEH TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.4 CSH
P R O G R A M G U I D E : A-Z
SEX GAMES CANCUN: FEATURE 03 SPACE COWBOYS Four craggy former Air TAKING CHANCE HBO Original Movie TOUGH ENOUGH Dennis Quaid plays an V Y
Compilation of episodes from this sizzling Force pilots are called to active duty to Kevin Bacon stars as a military officer aspiring country singer who fights his way
repair an obsolete Soviet satellite. With whose life is changed after taking an to the top in brutal “Toughman” contests. VALENTINE A killer stalks beautiful young YANKS A bittersweet tale of American GI’s
erotic series. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
Clint Eastwood. (AC,AL,BN) PG13-2:10. (AL,N,V) PG-1:46. MAX Nov.18 CEH women on Valentine’s Day in this slick and their English loves on the eve of D-Day.
1:25. MAX Nov.20 CSEH assignment to escort home the body of a
HBO Nov.4,13,16,24 C5EH slasher film. David Boreanaz. (AC,AL,BN,V) Richard Gere, William Devane. (AC,AL,N,
SEX SPIRIT A sex-hungry ghost adds some 19-year-old Marine killed in Iraq. (AC) TROPIC THUNDER Ben Stiller directed and R-1:36. HBO Nov.6 CDEH V) R-2:19. MAX Nov.8 CEH
spooky spice to the bed-romping activity at SPEED RACER The classic 1960s TVPG/D-1:18. HBO Nov.11 C5EH stars in this comedy about an oblivious
animated series explodes on the screen in group of actors who bumble through the VERTICAL LIMIT A former mountaineer YES MAN Saying “yes” becomes infectious
a quaint bed & breakfast. (AC,AL,N,SC) THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX A fearless for ultra-negative loan officer Jim Carrey in
this dazzling live-action adaptation. Emile jungle during a shoot. (AC,AL,GV) R-1:47. scales K2 to try to save his snowbound
TVMA/S,L-1:19. MAX Nov.10 CSH little mouse sets out on an unlikely quest to sister. Chris O’Donnell. (AC,AL,V) PG13- this comedy. (AC,AL) PG13-1:44. MAX
Hirsch, Matthew Fox. (AC,AL,V) PG-2:15. restore his disgraced kingdom to promin- MAX Nov.4,10,15,20,28 CDEH
SHOWGIRLS An aspiring Vegas showgirl 2:04. MAX Nov.4,22,30 CDEH Nov.14,15,16,18,26,30 CDEH
HBO Nov.3,11,20,26,30 C5EH ence in this animated tale. G-1:33. HBO TRUE CONFESSIONS Two brothers, a
stops at nothing to realize her dream in this
outrageous, controversial film. Elizabeth STICK Ex-con Burt Reynolds becomes the Nov.10,15,18,24,27,30 C5EH priest and a Los Angeles detective, find W YOU KILL ME An alcoholic hit man sobers
up and stumbles upon love in this dark
Berkeley stars. (GL,N,RP,SC,V) NC17- target of a network of drug dealers as he TAXICAB CONFESSIONS: NEW YORK, themselves at the center of scandal WANTED A frustrated office worker joins a comedy. Ben Kingsley stars. (AC,AL,V) R-
2:11. MAX Nov.9,19,29 CDEH tries to avenge a friend’s murder. (AL,V) R- NEW YORK PART 2 America Undercover following a front-page murder. (AL,GV,N) secret society of assassins. James McAvoy, 1:33. MAX Nov.4,21 CSEH
1:49. MAX Nov.11 CSEH The 12th edition heads back to the familiar R-1:48. MAX Nov.12 CEH Morgan Freeman star. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-
SHREK An ornery ogre is joined by a YOUNG GUNS II Emilio Estevez, Kiefer
THE STING Petty Chicago con men Robert streets of the Big Apple. (AC,GL) TVMA/ TURBULENCE A serial killer takes control 1:50. HBO Nov.20 C5EH
mischievous donkey on a mission to Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips
Redford and Paul Newman concoct a L-:56. HBO Nov.5,11,26 CSE of an airplane as it flies into a raging storm. WELCOME HOME ROSCOE JENKINS
rescue a princess in this hit animated film. saddle up in this sequel. (AL,BN,V) PG13-
brilliant scheme to put the take on New 10,000 B.C. Experience the prehistoric With Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly. (AL,V) R- Martin Lawrence is an egotistical talk-show
Voice of Mike Myers. (AC,AL,MV) PG- 1:44. MAX Nov.4,13,21,26 CSEH
York kingpin Robert Shaw. (AC,AL,BN,V) past in this stunning adventure set in a 1:41. MAX Nov.7,23 CDEH host who gets brought back to earth by a
1:30. MAX Nov.3,9,14,20,28 CDEH PG-2:09. MAX Nov.23 CEH Stone Age civilization. (MV) PG13-1:49. TURBULENCE 3: HEAVY METAL A heavy- visit to his family. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:54.
SIN CITY DIARIES FEATURE 02: Inside THE SUN ALSO RISES Tyrone Power and MAX Nov.7,13,19,24,29 CDEH metal singer’s plan to perform live aboard HBO Nov.9,15,21,26,30 C5EH PLEASE NOTE:
Out Compilation of episodes from this Ava Gardner star in this 1957 film about a a 747 takes a nosedive when the aircraft is We now use the following new TV Parental
TERROR IN MUMBAI HBO Documentary WHITE OLEANDER A teenager is bounced
sultry erotic series. (AC,AL,MV,N,SC) “lost generation” of Americans trying to hijacked by a cult madman. (AC,AL,V) R- through foster care during her mother’s
Guidelines. We hope that, used in conjunction
TVMA/S,L-1:48. MAX Nov.13 CSH Films Riveting interviews, footage and with our usual content advisories, they will help
find themselves in 1920s Europe. (AC) audio capture a deadly terrorist attack on 1:36. MAX Nov.15 CSEH incarceration. Alison Lohman, Michelle you make more informed viewing decisions.
THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING TVPG/D-2:10. MAX Nov.10 C several high-traffic sites in Mumbai, India. 24/7 PACQUIAO/COTTO Four-part count- Pfeiffer, Robin Wright Penn. (AC,AL,V) TVY Appropriate for all children
PANTS 2 A new summer brings big SUSPIRIA Dario Argento’s horror classic TV14-1:05. HBO Nov.19,22,23,26,29 down to Pacquiao vs. Cotto. #1: (AL) TVMA/ PG13-1:50. MAX Nov.12 CDEH TVY7 Directed to older children
changes for four friends linked by a lucky about a young woman who uncovers L-:27. HBO Nov.13,14 H; #2: (AL) TVMA/ WILD ORCHID Mickey Rourke introduces TVG For General audiences
pair of pants in this sequel. Amber diabolical doings at a dance academy. L-:27. HBO Nov.1,2,3,5,6,7,13,14 SH; the dark side of desire to an innocent TVPG Parental guidance suggested
BEGINNING The origins of Leatherface are TV14 Parental guidance strongly suggested
Tamblyn, America Ferrera. (AC) PG13-2:00. (GV) R-1:33. MAX Nov.22 CSH brought to gruesome life in this prequel to #3: (AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Nov.7,8,9,10, Midwest lawyer in Rio. (AC,AL,N,SC) R- TVMA Mature audiences only
HBO Nov.4,7,12,16,22,25 C5EH SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER the hit 2003 remake. (AC,AL,GV) R-1:31. 12,13,14 SH; #4: (AL) TVMA/ L-:27. 1:45. MAX Nov.4,17 CDEH
HBO Nov.13,14,15,16,17,19 SH Below is a detailed list of content advisories for
SIZE MATTERS: A REAL SEX XTRA This OF FLEET STREET Oscar®-nominee MAX Nov.3,12,21,25 CDEH WOMAN ON TOP Penelope Cruz stars as a our programs to help you make more informed
“Best of” edition features four sizzling Johnny Depp is the vengeful barber whose THESE THOUSAND HILLS Don Murray THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY ROCK AND woman on whom a sea goddess has viewing decisions for you and your family. They
segments that are out to prove one thing: victims become a tasty favorite of London in plays an ambitious cowboy on the 1880s ROLL HALL OF FAME CONCERT Music bestowed both a gift and an affliction. (AC, also appear on HBO at the start of each program.
bigger is definitely better! (GL,N,SC) this adaptation of the hit musical. (AC,GV) frontier in this 1958 western. (AC,MV) TVPG/ stars celebrate the Rock and Roll Hall of AL,N) R-1:32. MAX Nov.16 CDEH AC Adult content BN Brief nudity
TVMA/S,L-:56. HBO Nov.12 CSE R-1:56. MAX Nov.5,27 CDEH Fame. TVG-4:00. HBO Nov.29 CSH AL Adult language N Nudity
V,D-1:36. MAX Nov.15 CSEH THE WRESTLER Mickey Rourke is a GL Graphic language SC Strong sexual
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Love and life in a SWEET NOVEMBER A hard-charging exec TIEMPO DE VALIENTES (ON PROBATION) 27 DRESSES A seasoned bridesmaid broken-down pro-wrestling star who seeks MV Mild violence content
Mumbai slum inspire an Indian youth’s falls in love with a free-spirited woman preps for her sister’s big day despite her reparation in his life outside the ring in this V Violence RP Rape
A traffic penalty leads to community GV Graphic Violence
amazing run on a popular TV game show in who starts a new affair every month. feelings for the groom. Katherine Heigl, stirring drama. Marisa Tomei. (AC,AL,GV,N)
service duty for a psychoanalyst who is C indicates closed-captioned programs. Special decoder needed. s
this 2008 Best Picture Oscar® winner. Dev Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron. (AC,AL) James Marsden. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:51. R-1:49. HBO Nov.28 C5EH indicates programs in stereo, where available. d indicates programs with
paired with a dispirited police officer. (AC,AL, Dolby Surround Encoding, where available. Registered TM of Dolby
PG13-2:00. HBO Nov.6 CDEH MAX Nov.1,5,11,16,21,27 CDEH
Patel and Freida Pinto star. (AC,AL,V) R- V) TVMA/V,L-1:51. MAX Nov.4 SEH X Laboratories. Used with permission. E indica programas en español, donde
fuesen disponibles. h indicates high definition (HD) version will air on HD
2:01. HBO Nov.4 C5EH SWORDFISH John Travolta plays a super-
feed, where available. In homes using HD feed, E function is not accessible.
5 indicates programs in Dolby Digital 5.1, where available. ©2009 Home
SOLO Mario Van Peebles stars as an secret villain who forces a paroled hacker Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HBO®, Cinemax® and related channels
invents a time-travel machine that takes UNDER FIRE Three journalists in war-torn Mysterious kidnappings and the discovery and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. Oscar and the
android with a conscience who uses both to help him pull off a huge job. (AC,AL,N, Academy Award are registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy
V) R-1:39. HBO Nov.6,11,28 CDEH him 800,000 years into the future in this Nicaragua find their lives and convictions of body parts in an icy rural town reunite of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Exclusive titles are exclusive on national
body and soul to tackle a Third World adaptation of H.G. Wells' tale. Guy Pearce, threatened. Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman. (AL, paranormal specialists Mulder and Scully. pay cable to HBO during the term of their license. HBO reserves the right to

make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Flight of the
catastrophe. William Sadler. (AL,V) PG13- Samantha Mumba star. (AC,V) PG13-1:36. BN,V) R-2:08. MAX Nov.3 CSEH David Duchovny. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:44. ConchordsSM service mark and trademarks are used by Home Box Office, Inc.
under license. Marvel, The Incredible Hulk, all character names and their
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subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. The Simpsons TM & © 2007 Twentieth
Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Madagascar: Escape 2
SPACE CHIMPS Get intergalactic with agent Pierce Brosnan is banished to TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. A renegade Secret nightmarish visions and a venomous step- XCHANGE An executive uses a mind- Africa ™ & © 2008 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved" must
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G-1:21. HBO Nov.8,23 C5EH R-1:50. MAX Nov.19 CSEH GV,N) R-1:56. MAX Nov.3,15 CSEH Nov.1,2,4,10,14,19,23,27 CDEH N,V) R-1:50. HBO Nov.13 C5EH Seuss Characters TM and © 1954, 2008 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights



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