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Whereas, the Society of Professional Journalists states in its “Code of Ethics” that . . . journalists should examine
their own cultural values and avoid imposing those values on others; support the open exchange of views, even
views they find repugnant; and, distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should
be labeled and not misrepresent fact or context;

Whereas, the mainstream media claim that their journalists and news reports are fair and balanced, but the Media
Research Center and Accuracy in Media have unequivocally proven the mainstream media are liberally biased;

Whereas, according to a Gallop Poll, conservatives now outnumber liberals in all 50 states;

Whereas, the views and opinions of conservative American citizens are either ignored, pilloried, or otherwise
marginalized by supposedly objective journalists in the mainstream media;

Whereas, according to research done by author Arthur Brooks, conservatives donate more money, volunteer more
time, and give more blood than do liberals within every income class;

Whereas, during the 2008 presidential campaign, the mainstream media looked under every stone in search of
information that could potentially damage or disqualify Sen. John McCain’s chances of winning the Presidental
election, including publishing libelous rumors that were proven to be false;

Whereas, during the 2008 presidential campaign, the mainstream media went into hyperdrive to destroy VP
candidate Gov. Sarah Palin, as well as her children, including publishing scurrilous rumors, and are continuing their
biased coverage in order to destroy Palin’s future ability to run for President or other offices;

Whereas, the mainstream media lavished nauseating, sycophantic news coverage of Sen. Barack Obama
throughout the 2008 presidential election cycle, and whereas they continue to lavish now-President Obama with
coverage more akin to the state-run media in third-world dictatorships;

Whereas, the mainstream media neglectfully or willfully turned a blind eye to Obama’s Marxist mentors,
including his own parents, friends, pastor, and associates;

Whereas, Obama’s Marxist mentors, friends, and like-minded people now serve as advisers and czars within the
White House;

Whereas, the mainstream media is so enraptured by Barack Obama that they assume he is the author of his
autobiography Dreams From My Father, the book that launched his political career because of the richness of its
rhetoric, when in fact research strongly suggests that the book was written by terrorist/teacher/mentor William

Whereas, while the mainstream media investigated Sen. McCain’s eligibility to be president, they failed or simply
refused to similarly investigate Obama’s eligibility, even though Obama has dual citizenship through his Kenyan
father, which according to our Founders, disqualifies Obama from serving as President of the United States;

Whereas, the mainstream media has failed or refused to ask Obama, a Senior Lecturer of constitutional law, to
address the question of the meaning of the term “natural born citizen” even though American citizens demand that
this question be answered;

Jefferson’s Rebels

Whereas, the mainstream media failed or refused to report that our Founders used the term “natural born citizen”
only once in the Constitution, in the clause defining presidential eligibility, and this was for national security reasons
because they feared dual citizenship would create conflicting allegiances; to be considered natural born, a citizen
must be born on American soil AND to parents who are BOTH American citizens, regardless of how that citizenship
was acquired.

Whereas, the mainstream media marginalizes everyone who questions Obama’s eligibility;

Whereas, the mainstream media has become a de facto collaborator with people and policies that will ultimately
destroy the Constitution and transform America into a Socalist/Marxist country;

Whereas, the mainstream media has lost the trust and respect of a majority of Americans;

I DECLARE, as sender of this document, that I will do everything in my power to contribute to the demise of the
mainstream media that proclaims objectivity but are in fact unbalanced in their reporting. Those means include
canceling subscriptions, turning to balanced sources, relying on the internet more, protesting, boycotting sponsors,
soliciting others to join this initiative, and similar means. This initiative is intended to negatively to affect corporate
profits, UNLESS AND UNTIL, the mainstream media meets the following demands:

Truth in Advertising and Reporting

All media organizations and professional journalists, whether on the air, in print, or on the internet, should:

• Openly reveal the political affiliations of journalist’s and media executives. For example, they should tell the
public whom they voted for as President in previous elections, and not attempt to hide behind the label of
Independent; that label is a false shield of objectivity.

• Every mainstream media organization should annually publish, on its website, political contributions made by
its journalists and its executives.

• Give the public easier access to an ombudsman by placing a prominent link on the media organization’s home

• Require all professional journalists to cite the party affiliation of the political candidate they are discussing at
the first mention of that person’s name, rather than omitting the affiliation altogether, or putting the affiliation
somewhere near the end where it is less likely to be read or heard.

• Similarly, if journalists are going to describe a conservative individual as “right-wing”, which has deliberate
negative connotations, then in fairness journalists should be willing to describe liberal or progressive
individuals as “left-wing.” Either use both terms equally, or don’t use them at all.

• Practice what you preach. If journalists are going to make a clarion call for diversity of race in hiring practices,
then also call for a diversity of political ideas. Seek individuals who challenge your thinking, rather than mirror
it, and do that by hiring journalists from middle America.

• Give up the practice of civic, community or public journalism and return to objective journalism; failing that,
admit to your audience that you are not objective.

• Rethink and rewrite the organization’s code of ethics to avoid the issues raised in this declaration.

This Declaration of War will continue until the mainstream media complies with these reasonable demands.

The decision is yours.

Jefferson’s Rebels