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Study Guide Key for Final 11-16 for IT Essentials 1, December 200

11!"!# Which recommendation should be observed when replacing existing

T$e ne% memory s$ould be as fast or faster t$an e&istin' memory!
11!"!( USB 1 communicates at 12 Mbps, while USB 2 is about 40 times faster at
#0 Mbps
11!#!) !o connect an additional de*ice onto a "#!#$%&' cable, you must use
(umpers on the drive to set one drive to master and one drive to sla*e
11!6!1 While troubleshooting networ)ing and printing problems, the next step a*ter
gathering in*ormation *rom the customer is to *erify t$e cables are correctly
12!2!1 When per*orming a de*ault installation o* Windows +" "ro*essional, which
two screens are displayed to con*igure custom settings?
+e'ional settin's and customi,ed net%or- settin's
12!2!" When Windows boots *rom a hard drive, it is using the acti*e .rimary
12!2!# Windows services that start each time the system is booted are set to start
automatically ,ther services, such as print spoolers may be disabled
during troubleshooting processes
12!#!1 !he Sc$eduled Tas-s utility will execute a prede*ined program i* a speci*ied
series o* events occur
12!#!1 !he automatic updates management inter*ace is accessed by *irst going to
the /ontrol 0anel
12!#!2 !o open the System -estore utility, select Start 1 2ll 0ro'rams 1
2ccessories 1 System Tools 1 System +estore
1"!1!1 "&#s, Smart"hones, and portable printers can communicate
1"!1!2 wirelessly at short distances using 3luetoot$ and Infrared
1"!1!# !he large amount o* tra**ic can cause wireless signals in the 2. /01 range to
be inter*ered with by other 2. /01 wireless devices 2or this reason, the
34211a standard was designed to use the )!0 /01 *re5uency band #s a
result, 34211a is not compatible with other 34211x standards
1"!1!# Wireless 6Wi2i7 security is a big concern What are *our characteristics o*
security that should be ta)en into consideration with wireless?
4e*er send lo'in or .ass%ord information usin' clear, unencry.ted
5se a 604 connection %$en .ossible
Enable security on $ome net%or-s!
5se 7i-Fi 0rotected 2ccess 87029 security

1"!1!) 2or remote sites that would have di**icult or impossible conventional W#8
connections, satellite communications are necessary
1"!" Manu*acturers o**er devices in two di**erent versions9 the retail version
comes with all the necessary manuals and drivers !he :E; version does
1"!"!1 Mishandled or improperly charged batteries can e&.lode
1"!"!# !he type o* memory most o*ten use din modern laptop computers is
1"!#!1 %* a laptop computer is per*orming slower than it has in the past, a technician
might try two processes within Windows to de:*ragment the hard dis) !hey
are dis- cleanu. and dis- defra'menter
1#!1 When li*ting heavy ob(ects, you should always use the strength in your le's
and -nees so not to use your bac)
1#!& When dealing with a networ) printer, what is the best way to prevent print
(obs *rom being added to the 5ueue while the printer is being repaired?
Sto. t$e .rint ser*ice!
1#!2!1 !he IEEE:12# standard *or parallel printer inter*aces de*ines ma(or *eatures
such as E00<E/0 and bi-directional printing
1#!2!" "er:document settings will override 'lobal printer settings
1#!2!# !he last step in testing a scanner installation is to com.are the scanned
image with the original image
1#!)!1 !he most common parts that must be replaced in laser printers are;
Fuser assembly
Transfer rollers
Se.aration .ads
0ic-u. rollers
1#!)!" # scanner has a *u11y spot at the same location on each scanned image !he
technician should clean t$e 'lass to solve this problem
1#!6!1 When troubleshooting a printer problem, a*ter gathering data *rom the
customer, a technician should try some 5uic) solutions;
+estart t$e e=ui.ment by .o%er cyclin' it
6erify t$e ty.e of >ob, t$en clear t$e .rint =ueue
+estart t$e s.ooler ser*ice
6erify cable connections
S$a-e t$e toner cartrid'e
+einstall .rinter soft%are
/lear >ams, t$en reinsert t$e!
+emo*e ta.e from toner or in>ect cartrid'es!
1)!2!1 Which physical topology re5uires that every node is attached to every other
node on the networ)?
1)!2!2 !here are several common port numbers that may be used *or controlling
access to devices or a networ) Some o* them are;
Telnet, SS?, 0ort 2"<22
S;T0, 0ort 2)
D4S, 0ort )"
?TT0, 0ort 0
?TT0S, 0ort ##"
FT0, 0ort 20, 21
1)!& %* you have the choice o* buying a retail version or an ,'M version o* a 8%<,
what things should you consider when deciding whether to choose the retail
or ,'M version?
@ou may need to find t$e dri*ers for t$e :E; 4I/s on t$e Internet!
:E; 4I/s may lac- documentation!
1)!"!1 What is the distance limitation o* a single data run *or U!" cabling without
adding networ)ing devices?
""0 ft! 8100 m9
1)!"!1 7ireless networ)ing should be considered when architecture or historical
signi*icance prevents installation o* %ired networ)s
1)!"!2 DSA and cable connections provide the highest bandwidth and reliability at
the lowest cost
1)!"!# What device can be used to enable the *low o* data between two networ)s?
1)!)!2 #*ter an administrator manually con*igures the correct SS%& on a new laptop,
the computer is still unable to connect to the wireless =#8 What additional
action could the administrator ta)e to resolve this problem?
6erify t$at t$e ;2/ address for t$e is in t$e ;2/ address filter
1)!6 What three ports are used by e:mail?
16!2!1 !he names o* the most popular hashing algorithms are S?2 and ;D)
16!2!1 Using 604 tec$nolo'y, remote users may securely access corporate
networ)s because the data is encrypted within a >tunnel?
16!2!2 # security -ey fob is a small radio transmitter that authenticates a user to a
computer over short distances
16!2!2 Which action should be ta)en *irst i* a card )ey is lost or stolen?
Disable t$e lost card -ey!
16!2!2 Which authentication technology uses a physical characteristic o* the user in
con(unction with a password?
16!2!2 0ardware and so*tware *irewalls have several modes *or *iltering networ) data
0ac-et filter B 2 set of rules t$at allo% or deny traffic based on
criteria suc$ as I0 addresses, .rotocols, or .orts used!
0ro&y fire%all B 2 fire%all t$at ins.ects all traffic and allo%s or
denies .ac-ets based on confi'ured rules! 2 .ro&y acts as a 'ate%ay
t$at .rotects com.uters inside t$e net%or-!
Stateful .ac-et ins.ection B 2 fire%all t$at -ee.s trac- of t$e state of
net%or- connections tra*elin' t$rou'$ t$e fire%all! 0ac-ets t$at are
not .art of a -no%n connection are not allo%ed bac- t$rou'$ t$e
16!2!" &escribe a software *irewall
It ty.ically .rotects only t$e com.uter it is installed on, and it uses t$e
/05 in t$e $ost com.uter!
16!2!# Which *eature is characteristic o* the ntbac)up command?
It can be e&ecuted from a batc$ file!