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When deciding to run for political office the first thing my husband and I did was stop and

We believe that we cannot ask God to be on our side but that we must remain firmly on His side
by staying within His will. During the past few years, as my husband and I have gotten more
involved in politics by actively working against bad legislation or actively promoting good
legislation we saw first-hand that our elected officials are putting politics ahead of principles.
We will no longer accept politics as usual.

This past legislative session we saw good bills fail because of failed leadership and political
games. SB 167 that would have protected our childrens privacy and put the local community in
control of education passed overwhelmingly in the Senate only to die in the House Education
Committee. House leadership caved to special interests groups instead of listening to their
constituents. Because of bickering between the House and the Senate, Avas Bill which would
provide coverage for Autism treatment and a bill that would give access to cannabis oil for
patients with seizure disorders passed the House only to die in the Senate. This political
gamesmanship must end. We need leaders who will boldly stand for principles over politics.

We the people need to hold our elected officials accountable. One way to do that is to require
that every vote in committee is recorded. That voting record is critical in order for us to know
how we are represented when the bill is being negotiated.

We the people need to have autonomy over how our children are educated and the money sent
to the state should follow the child so we can afford school/education choice. Whether we
teach at home, pay for private school, or send our child to public school, we as parents must have
a deciding voice in what is taught and how. Centralizing our education with No Child Left
Behind, Race to the Top, or Common Core standards is anathema to the American institution of
Federalism. Georgia must pull out of the Common Core entirely. No government bureaucrat
should be able to decide when our child is ready for sex education. No government bureaucrat
should decide that Christianity should be taught as mythology if it is taught at all. No
government bureaucrat should have more say over what is taught in the classroom than the

As your representative I will hold these truths to be self-evident that we are endowed by our
Creator with certain inalienable rights. We must work together to save our nation and restore our
freedoms. I will fight to put education back in the control of the local community. I will fight to
shine the light on the dealings at the Capitol so that Georgia is no longer dead last in ethics. I
will stand for the people of Forsyth County even if I stand alone. Its how I was raised and its
how I live my life.

I would love to serve you as your State House representative. My door will always be open and I
will always listen to your concerns and issues. I ask for your prayers, your support, and your

Sheri Smallwood Gilligan
Candidate, State House of Representatives, D-24