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November 12, 2009

Kim Myers
Education Coordinator,
M.C. Dean
22461 Shaw Road
Dulles, VA 20166

Dear Kim:

Pursuant to our communication, CAI/SISCo is pleased to submit a proposal to present a
professional development training seminar titled Earned Value Management System
Seminar Highlights
Increasingly, Federal agencies are turning to Earned-Value Management (EVMS) as a
pre-award investment analysis and post-award performance monitoring tool.
CAI/SISCo's Earned Value Management System seminar provides the skills you need to
compete, win, and continue to thrive in the “brave new world” of EVMS. Key topics
include earned Value – a functional definition and the rationale for it being a mandated
customer measurement tool; how EVMS fits into the overall business development
process; the role of Earned Value in the Risk Management process; how to implement
effective EVMS processes; and Earned Value Management System as a corporate Best


This 7-segment, 1-day seminar covers:

• Segment 1: Today’s EVMS Environment

• Segment 2: Organizing the Project

• Segment 3: Budget, Planning, & Schedule Management

• Segment 4: Work Authorization

• Segment 5: Monitoring Project Performance

• Segment 6: Controlling/Maintaining the Baseline

• Segment 7: Reporting/Analysis of Performance Mgt Data

A question and answer session will conclude the seminar. Students receive hard copy
handouts of all slides plus a CD containing soft copies of the slides and the models.

Who should attend

Page 1 of 2 CAI/SISCo, 6 West Third Street, Frederick, MD 21701

(888) 840 5959
Confidential 11/12/2009 Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
Professional Development Training Seminar

The seminar is targeted at senior opportunity capture personnel, program and project
managers, budget and pricing analysts, contract officers, and auditing and reporting

The Instructor

This seminar is led by Basil Soutos, a highly experienced Earned Value Management
practitioner. Basil has trained over 4000 professional in both the government and
private sector. His experience spans over 20 years and includes performance of
Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs), Contract Implementation Reviews (CIR), EVMS
Surveillance Reviews, and DCMA Reviews.

Mr. Soutos will conduct a pre-seminar interview to establish the EVMS requirements
your organization is currently facing. With this information, the seminar content will be
tailored to best address these requirements. This process greatly increases the value
this professional development training brings to your company.

Business Proposal
Our price for presenting the seminar is $8,500, plus travel and living expenses for the 1-
day session if outside of the Washington DC metropolitan area. At this price,
attendance is limited to 15 people, and 15 sets of handouts will be provided. Additional
seats may be purchased for $250 each.

To avoid scheduling conflicts, CAI/SISCo’s policy is to establish a firm date for the
training upon receipt of your purchase order.


CAI/SISCo requires a minimum of 10 business days' written notice in advance of the
scheduled seminar start date for cancellation of the seminar with no penalty. Fewer
than 10 business days' notice would incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the seminar
price. This is to cover any non-refundable travel expense and class material production

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at (301) 254 3560. My email
address is , and my fax number is (301) 840 1859.


David Collins
Training Director

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(888) 840 5959

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