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This Work Order defines certain seminars or training to be presented
by The Eblin Group, Inc. ("TRAINER") in accordance with the terms and
conditions of that certain Master Training Agreement #003917291 between
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, on behalf of itself, its
subsidiaries and affiliates, ("STATE FARM"), located at One State Farm Plaza,
Bloomington, Illinois 61710, and TRAINER, located at 13126 Pelmira Ridge
Court, Herndon, VA 20171.

Job Number:



Seminar Name:
• Next Level Leadership Program

Seminar Location(s):
• To be determined by STATE FARM

Number Attending Seminar:
• Up to a maximum of 16 participants

Seminar Objectives:
• Improve participants’ skills in driving the execution that leads to business
• Prepare participants for next level leadership opportunities by building the
foundational skills of executive presence.
• Leverage the capacity of functional teams by strengthening the
management skills of high potential leaders.
• Increase collaboration across functions by broadening the perspective and
partnering skills of high potential leaders.

Seminar Topics:
• Session 1: Overview and Review – overview of The Next
Level model; review of 360 assessment results; identification of personal
development opportunities; identification of group development
opportunities; introduction of personal development process.
• Session 2: Foundations of Personal Presence – developing
and projecting grounded confidence and points of view; managing
personal energy and maintaining perspective; custom fitting
communications for specific objectives and audiences.

(CL Form 5515A, rev. 07/08) -1-

• Session 3: Foundations of Team Presence – building and
leveraging the functional team; determining and defining what needs to
be done; making progress across a range of outcomes.
• Session 4: Foundations of Organizational Presence –
building relationships across the organization; working the broader
organizational agenda; making the most of the leadership role.
• Session 5: Progress Assessment and Next Steps – review of mini-360
follow up assessments; discussion of lessons learned in the program;
identifying next steps for personal development.

In addition to the topics outlined above, the TRAINER’S program will also
o A copy of The Next Level book for each participant to serve as pre-
reading for each session and as a reference during and after the
o Participants orientation conference call to set expectations around the
program and answer questions about the 360 feedback process.
o A strong emphasis on peer to peer coaching as a high leverage
strategy for learning and leadership development.
o Executive guest speakers to provide their perspective and advice on
operating at the next level.
o Monthly accessibility to coach either via a group Conference call or
office hour to discuss progress, application and reinforce skill building
and engagement.
o Throughout the program, participants will create and refine an
Executive Success Plan for development as a Next Level leader.
o An online dashboard for each participant which provides interactive
analysis of 360 data and a guided process for creating and Executive
Success Plan.
o Focused “laser coaching” calls with each participant following session
one to provide personalized coaching on the 360 results and
development of an Executive Success Plan.

Seminar Schedule:
• TRAINER to conduct five 4-6-hour sessions over a seven-month period.
Dates provided are estimates and subject to changed based on STATE
FARM’s schedule and availability.
o Session 1: 02/25/10
o Session 2: 03/31/10
o Session 3: 04/29/10
o Session 4: 06/03/10
o Session 5: 07/15/10
• A 360 survey will be conducted by TRAINER in December of
2009. TRAINER will begin coaching in 2010.

(CL Form 5515A, rev. 07/08) -2-

Type and Description of Materials to be developed/provided:
• The Next Level book, a participant's workbook with inserts for each of
the five sessions, an opening 360 assessment with hard copy and online
reporting, a closing 360 with hard copy reporting, e-mails with links to
video content


Rate(s) to be charged:
• $75,000

Travel Expenses:
• STATE FARM will pay actual and reasonable travel
and living expenses for the CONSULTANT according to the STATE FARM
Travel and Living Guidelines found in Attachment A.

Total Fee:
$75,000 + T&E


All invoices submitted under this Work Order should be sent to the following
address and should reference Job Number 0962825:

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Attn: Todd Morrison, SB-2
One State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710

TRAINER and STATE FARM agree that the referenced Agreement and this
Work Order are the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement
between the parties, superseding all proposals or prior agreements, oral or
written, and all other communications between the parties relating to the
subject matter hereof. In the event of any conflicts between this Work Order
and the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall prevail. This Work
Order shall be effective on the date the second of the two parties hereto
signs below.


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Date Date

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Attachment A

State Farm External Travel and Living Reimbursement
for Bloomington/Normal, IL
*Airfare, Hotel, and Car Rental expenses need to have a receipt
Effective Date as of 3/1/08


State Farm requests you use coach airfare. Airfare arrangements should be
made as far in advance as possible to take advantage of advance purchase

Travel expenses to and from the airport are not reimbursable.
Fees for airport parking will be reimbursed with the submission of
paid receipts.


State Farm guidelines are up to $90.00/day (not including taxes) for lodging.

For a list of Bloomington/Normal hotels, please visit the attached link

For a list of maps for hotels located within proximity to State Farm, please
visit the attached link


Meals and miscellaneous expenses such as fees and tips for services such as
waiters, bag handlers, laundry, dry cleaning, taxicab, etc will be reimbursed
at $33.00/day per diem.

Expenses for alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.

(CL Form 5515A, rev. 07/08) -5-

Receipts are not required for Meal and Miscellaneous per diem


Reimbursed at 58.5 cents per mile for the first 1,000 miles (one way between
business destinations, based on the most direct route to point of destination
and return). Additional miles will be reimbursed at .15 cents per mile after
the first 1,000 miles.

Mileage for travel to/from airport is not reimbursed. Airport
parking will be reimbursed with receipts.


State Farm guidelines specify rental car expenses for cars up to intermediate
in size.

State Farm will reimburse actual gas expense for rental cars. Gas expense
should be related to business miles driven and not miles driven for personal
use. Rental cars should be filled with gasoline prior to return. State Farm
will not reimburse for:

- Insurance on rental cars
LDW - Loss Damage Waiver
LIS - Liability
PEC - Personal effects
PAI - Personal Accidental Insurance
FPO - Fuel Purchase option
- Fuel surcharge


State Farm will pay for only ONE personal telephone call up to $10 per week
when the trip is a week or longer.


Expenses are covered for one visit home for each 2 week period when
separated from family.

These guidelines are very broad. We ask you to be as prudent as possible
when incurring expenses that will be necessary for State Farm to reimburse.

(CL Form 5515A, rev. 07/08) -6-

For example, State Farm does not consider it reasonable to return rental cars
with gas tanks less than full.

If there are any questions in regards to expense reasonableness, please
contact State Farm.


Travel on behalf of State Farm Insurance to any destination other than
Bloomington, Illinois would be reimbursed in accordance to the IRS
guidelines. Those guidelines can be found at the

(CL Form 5515A, rev. 07/08) -7-