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Case Study

MSU Finds Way To Reduce Paper Usage,
Cut Costs & Speed Delivery Of Mail
ket, including a point solution, hosted tral Receiving has accomplished the
University Found Equipment solution, in-house solution and an enter- following:
prise solution. 1. Reduced lost packages by more
Tailored To Its Needs However, he found that the first three than 50% and increased speed of deliv-
solutions would not be appropriate for ery significantly.
EAST LANSING, MI -- Founded more MSU since they could not support multi- 2. Enabled all recipients to view pack-
than 150 years ago, Michigan State Uni- ple locations or large data volumes, failed age status via a Web browser.
versity is a globally recognized univer- to be cost-effective, and could not deliver 3. Provided near real-time proof-of-
sity that enrolls more than 45,000 stu- the speed and security required by MSU. delivery via electronic signature capture.
dents and employs about 6,000 staff. Consequently, the university chose the 4. Freed up 1.5 FTE (or 60 hours per
SCLogic SCLIntra Mobile Enterprise week) to be used on other important tasks.
The Challenge Tracking System, because its features 5. Implemented paperless data trans-
Each day, more than 600 accountable most closely matched MSU’s needs. fer between Purchasing, Receiving, and
items arrive at MSU Central Receiving Accounts Payable.
for delivery to 125 campus buildings. The Results “Another key advantage is that SCL-
MSU Central Receiving needed an effi- The successful deployment of SCL- Intra so easily integrates with our other
cient way to determine which account- Intra for Central Receiving has spread systems, such as Purchasing and the Hu-
able items were delivered by the major to MSU warehouse operations, Payroll man Resources Staff Directory,” Mr.
carriers, the USPS and LTL to the MSU Department, and the Computer Store, Desloover said.
loading dock, where and to whom those where they also use SCLIntra’s elec- “Now, as staff move around the cam-
packages should be delivered, when the tronic signature capture and web-track- pus and their address information is up-
MSU courier delivered them, and who ing proof-of-delivery. dated in the HR Staff Directory, that
signed for the item upon final delivery. As a result of MSU’s purchase of the data is updated in real-time in the
Essentially, MSU needed a chain-of- SCLIntra Tracking System, MSU Cen- SCLIntra tracking system.”
custody system that picked up when the
external courier tracking ended at the 53
loading dock. BEST PRACTICES
In addition, prior to implementing a
new tracking system, MSU manually
tracked accountable items with copies
Congested Workflow Is Often A Symptom
of purchase orders. According to the Like most firms in the high-volume and inefficiency. The new approach
MSU financial analyst and project man- print/mail finishing industry, Hori- is similar to the assembly line con-
ager Ken Desloover, “Without an elec- zon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New cept used in the automobile industry.
tronic tracking system, MSU Receiving Jersey added new equipment on an Raw materials are brought in at one
personnel were under greater pressure “as needed” basis -- placing it wher- end of a factory, products are assem-
to meet delivery deadlines. Often, this ever room was available at the time bled in a high-speed straight-line
required increased manpower to ensure of acquisition -- so as not to disrupt fashion, and the finished products
packages were processed in a timely current mail production. exit at the other end.
and accurate manner, since it had to be Corporate Services Director Frank Also important to the efficiency of
done manually.” Reynolds oversaw an effort to cor- the process is the location of the vari-
Consequently, MSU needed a way to rect this problem, which included ous work units along the line, and the
reduce paper, decrease costs and loss, conducting a workflow analysis, se- way supplies and partially finished
speed delivery, and easily track a pack- lecting new material handling tech- goods are handled and transported.
age’s status at any given time. nology, and reconfiguring both In the new straight-line process at
equipment and work processes. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ,
The Solution The most significant improvement the work units are now both adjacent
Mr. Desloover sought input from centers on the creation of a new to the line and compact, and manual
MSU Shipping and Receiving, Mail “straight-line” production process, effort in moving supplies and materi-
Operations, IT, Purchasing and Ac- which replaced an existing workflow als is minimized.
counting to draft the requirements into a process that evolved over several This one simple changed ended up
formal statement of work. He reviewed years and was marred by congestion paying big dividends.
different tracking systems on the mar-

OCTOBER 2007 / MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution