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Congjia Lu

1855 Athens Street, Boulder, CO 80302


Teaching Assistant, Department of Asian Language and Civilization, University of
Colorado at Boulder 2012Present
Taught beginning and intermediate level Mandarin to college freshman and
graduate students.
Created original teaching materials such as PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans,
and content of online projects.
Met with students on a weekly basis for one on one tutorials to improve their
academic skills in speaking and listening.
Organized departmental activities and events such as Asian Language Night and
Boulder Chinese Contest. Helped students revise, modify, and rehearse their
Arranged and maintained the meeting site, recorded the events, and collaborated
with judges, instructors, and students to ensure the success of the events.
Assessed and evaluated students, and gave them timely feedback. Graded their
daily attendance and participation, weekly homework, online projects, and
presentation performances.
Designed activities and games for the classroom to attract the students attention,
and to make the content of the textbook more approachable.
Held ofce hours for students every week, and made appointments upon request.
Personalized approach based on the students needs and strengths.
Met with instructors weekly to learn different methodologies for teaching, and to
improve teaching skills.
Chinese Tutor, Colorado Area 2011-Present
Taught a range of students, from one-year-old students to graduate school students.
Created methodology in language teaching using image-based techniques.
Designed unique lesson plans to accommodate students needs and learning styles.
Chinese Literature Teacher, Jingning NO.1 High school, China May 2012-Aug 2012
Taught Chinese Literature class to high school students.
Made goal-oriented teaching materials to guide students.
Provided 58 students with personalized tutorials.
Prepared the students for university entrance examinations.
Chinese Literature, English and Math Tutor, Tianjin, China 2007-2011
Tutored primary-school students and high school students in Chinese Literature,
English, and Math.
Designed goal-oriented lesson plans to prepare students for various examinations.
M.A. in Chinese, University of Colorado at Boulder May 2014
B.A. in Chinese Languages and Literature, Nankai University May 2011
Graduate Seminars, University of Colorado at Boulder 2011-2014
Sinological Methods. Learned the methods adopted in the western world to learn
Early Modern Fiction. Learned the topics relate to the most famous Chinese
novels, Jinping mei and Shuihu zhuan.
Medieval Poetry and Prose. Learned poetry from pre-Han dynasty to Tang dynasty
in a chronological order. Translated poetry, proses, and essays from Chinese to
English and English to Chinese.
History of Chinese Film. Learned modern and contemporary Chinese culture
through the development of movies.
Modern Literature. Learned the work of the most important writers in modern
period. Learned the intellectual history and modern Chinese history.
Early Chinese Thought. Learned the ideas of schools in the pre-Qin Dynasty that
serve as the foundation of Chinese culture.
Topics in Early Modern Literature. Learned the printing culture and its impact to
Chinese intellectual history in the Song, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.
Topics in Medieval Literature. Learned the mysterious tales of the pre-Tang and
Tang period.
Medieval Literature. Learned the Buddhist ideas circulated in Tang Dynasty, and
translated the most important Buddhist sutra, Vimarakiati Sutra, into English.
University of Colorado at Boulder March 2014

Guixiu ji and Ji Xians Editorial Strategy

Presented in the CU Boulder Asian Studies Graduate Association Conference 2014
University of Colorado at Boulder March 2013
Organized the CU Boulder Asian Studies Graduate Association Conference 2013
with colleagues.
Designed the professional yers, poster, and handouts.
Helped apply for funds from the chancellor and student events ofce.
Screened and selected papers for potential speakers.
Decided on the schedule of the panels.
Posted the posters in both electronic and paper versions.
Editor, Readers Digest Publishing Group, Lanzhou, China Jun 2010-Sep 2010
Translated articles from English to Chinese for the magazine and proofread articles
translated by others.
Selected articles in various newspapers and magazines for recommendation.

Edited Readers Digest Magazine for grammar and style.

Revised manuscripts and back issues of the magazine for the chief editor.
Editor, Nankai Youth Weekly, Tianjin, China 2008-2010
Developed topics for the newspaper, such as proles of community members.
Mentored and trained newcomers to the ofce on how to collaborate with editors
and adapt to work environment.
Chief Editor and Journalist, Nankai College of Literature Newspaper 2008-2010
Interviewed faculty members and collected relevant and recent news to draw the
interest of readers.
Typeset and published the newspaper every week on both paper-based and
website-based media.
Helped develop the website for the department of Chinese Languages and
The Certicate in College Teaching expected in May, 2014
Taught four full semesters with my own students. This teaching involved courses, tutorials,
ofce hours, and coach
Completed 20 Graduate Teach Program workshops
Career Planning, Resume Writing
Stay on Target!
CU Honor Code
Discrimination & Harassment
Nonverbal Communication
Teaching with Google Apps and D2L
Feedback and Rubrics in Turnitin
Writing a Cover Letter for an Academic Position
Exploring Cross-culture Difference in the Classroom
Talking about Race, Gender & Ethnicity
Get Your Research Organized: Using Citation Managers
Global Understandings of Gender
Writing and Effective Teaching
Using Evernote to Manage Your Stuff
Writing a Research Statement
Effective Teaching Strategies for Non-native English Speaking Student
Grading Effectively
How is my Subject Relevant to Non-Majors
The Hidden US Cultural Curriculum
What you need to know about Web Grading
Completed 4 Foreign Language Technology Program workshops
Technology Integration in the Classroom
Technology Sampler
Portfolio Intensive Part One & Part Two
Completed at least 50 hours of teacher training in the department of East Asian
Languages and Civilizations
Completed two videotape consultations. Learned different leaners types, and developed a
plan for improvement based on video self-assessment.
Comments from Students
I appreciate Lu laoshis good nature; she is always happy to help. She often gave me
advice regarding how our lessons t into authentic Chinese society. She is energetic and
encouraging, which has brought me to be a Chinese language fanatic. Thank you Lu
I loved the fact that you allowed us to explore our own goods for learning
You have a good way of motivating students to practice and discuss topics.
I enjoyed this classroom environment and I enjoyed really learning to speak
Very funny teacher, and is very helpful.
Very friendly and approachable.
Comments from Colleagus/Instructors
Very responsive.
Very intelligent & very capable.
Strong time management skills; good class management skills; good preparation
to classes; rapport with students.
Congjia is a passionate and devoted teacher. She doesnt mind spending extra time
helping students. Her professionalism and performance are highly recommended by the
students. She is a smart teacher who manages classes effectively.
Google Drive
Mandarin Chinese (Native)
English (Fluent)
Japanese (Basic communication skill)
Full scholarship to pursue Graduate Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder
The third-class scholarship in the Nankai University (2011)
The rst-class scholarship in the Nankai University (2010)
Visual Design