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~. I he.ard foots.tops c::orn4nQ If) majesh::..aly I
nUre N.!J me d. OU' l oro J OSUl C Ivt s I. 1n!.lJo

tf).e.d 10 06 1 UP. I cou k:1 f)()(. Tt)j S be OQ came If'\/. 0
8kxx:1 of ()U' Lord Josus Chisl Now and (Of my t>&droom W'htCh WIU kx:;.\(od and ~ up
evet' fTlO"ll. Amen. Wdi{f1. lO me on my bed. He was ore ~ .n red
My ne me is Adolp,'1 Jacob ~(and he came III with liQht He tau<:he<l
C~, 8 ro(i'oo hspec:l0' r:J Poke 1(1197J. my helKl and said "my son" thf ice, I $.8id 'Yes
I was; !.he Police OfftCa< in·duq~g of the Police Faltw' H6 s.aKl"OO yo.J r9(T)Q/'TIbe( the dream
y~ Club and the Welfare Department in youhadon3ist~ 19767 1said"YC$ F;;rfICfI
Trinidad.and Tc:ba;Jo • He narrated the droam 10 me W'\d I kept s.3yI'"lQ
I used 10 p;ry ·F..ttIe( Chl'lstma5" 'Yes", ·Yes·, -Yes". AJ t1i9 ood of I( aU. Hot s.aid 'I
a Jo I. On 3 1 S I Auovs I 19 76. Ihe T(i n id ad 8 nd . !he CX"le. tho I am It'\a( I am. () (,)(u'rOa C>t>-J.
TcbaQo ~~ Day, I ~ a 9 e{..(Q. shall'make the me3ni~ and the rnys.teryol hs
gathe< (ex ~ II the dlddt'"e<1living around me wtlo do8amdBaf to you in , ge 1" Mel' rhat I Qd- dIS­
c:ouid no( go to the Sa~ Allhe eoj of the CXYY'ledoed
d.a y. r (eti red to $ ~ In my dream that ~ N. I Me< my Q()C:()U('(tI( ~ !t'ie rT\iiiI(1
(()(Jf")(i /'TlySeff in a r0 re s.t in my ViJ lage. Mat elol W(t') tie rOO ~ c:::aMd I am ",. I.", 0l.tTba
S8 ardrlg fex m3f')Qoe s. VVhiI e in the r()( Q SI. I ~ ()()U. I ~ 1O vi,s.j( dtf.,... Cht,rt:::t)es
pj<::Xb::1 ~ a s:n.all s.tick. Rig't after thall ~ 10 we i( they know anything abot.A Ihfs Nme I
h ~ trcm the oastem skSe of f)e ~ ¥\hen couk1 no( ~. Me anwtlih'J tni s m¥1 ., re<:1
I k:::d<.a:ll S8'.'1tweNe ~ fT'IO('\ -.M(h N.e'Ye ~ kep( ~ me atoJt the ~~ in my O'eaI1 I
~ ., a strai<Jnt line wi ttl ioca~atioru. As' decided to confide in :it Brothe< 11<.rn:tw. Pas lor
tuned to the \oIr'e.3lem sde to run. I saw anoV'w 0"""';,...,
~6. I tuned )Q ~ ()O(ihern :s.i6e to e:scape. I saw In 1 981. I had a dream a boo( tnr&e me1l 11'1

a ~ s.e(, I decided 10 tunIC t-.e SQ..Jf1. I f1'le( 'n1ttl whit. oarment W'ilh t>l3ck \\..I1J.,at'l They came \0

a next se<. So I Jo...o:j myse nt h 1'T)()jle. I sated me ao:1 said It\a( V1ey were $6('( by the F ~ kJ

~ fa rnorc;y. rx::oe was shoML I dec.ided to a mao CI.')j'ed Ad d~ Jcio:Jb ~s. mat the

cail en G<x1 for help. ~le I am scmebody F a trw s.akl Aoo\ph as a ~ ;CO to do lOf hom I

....nJ &:s so sewed d !l'I8kes. 00 fT'lOO.e( rxJw small. &oKj ~S1e and ~ at:x:lti it.

Tho:s.e fT)(W1 Je1 Joos.e tle1r Sf\akes and in 8 tIMn- 0111e 10trt December. '96', Pas 10' ~1SIe

~ d a1 ~ Chs !'!mal std<." my haId becerne came kJ COU1 and klid me tha< ttY" men from

a $tl.IiiIIke with red, ....nile. and< ~s 00 it Aiica say they are k)oking for a Poi ICe 0'f1Ce{ I

The snake $aid wid1 speed.' im ~ I an. 0IuTba .. ~ed t¥:Yw they cxeu.ed and .....nen I W3 s K>kj, I

()OrbQ Otx.i' an:1 be#Q(., IIrl'lew '¥.ha( was ~ W3S 351M s.he<J. Alter court, we ".-..{ ~ ex·

on. the small Sf\.ake 1WIil1~ !he (()(1y eiQht ~~. They ~ ~

~as ao:1 kuty. e~ gia"U. as p~ ~. Pa;$l.a' C>t:x:r"'9. ard Pas-

Moc ti\at b'"'la small St\8ke IOf Kas.eb.a, We OeCided to go to Tanco 8.1y

~ BI"'XlI"Ol.l'X1 ard t::x:MOO IU hedd t"Veo times ~. I and Bap{i st. h.acl oec.ide<110 lake

on Ine ~ A5 I the Sf'\.&o:.6 boN. I 0K:1 the SO'T'le ~ w1tl us. No ~ re.ach6d tile boaCtl.

sane. ......., tried \0 IiQhI tr;e c:::;ar.dles ~ the Ms.sO'l3fleS
NOYr' 106 fear III me vanished, I
saOd we si'o...*:! t\rst kstOO to wI"\iiiJ( tt'Mty ~ 10 S3'y
became so ~ CYd ooi:::l. I Pd<..ed uo ~ ~ The ~s starte<J ~ aW f)e F a(h~
ard s..aid ~ you V'O<Y rn..d1 ~ ~ tho crd ~ ~ f'enar-e TI'fay I<rcQ<8::l \t"ot:.Il
~ .• UTed I::lac:X 10 a p.e<:l3 d Sl.ic).. If) my h<Yd.
~ cnj I~ t'lecro.:rn 'f'IItl f'tl ~
Ioeode to put I{ in my po::kel am
(J. Ihal POI!(, I
So;;at ~ ~ I wa::\ ~ crd as t'Cy sp:)<.e
wa 5 <> SC()(Y)6(j ad ~ bap(tsm.
I deodOO 10 lat<.,o It ~1s:lO ll"l<'!'d

I was arna.zed by thal dream Decause I nevo<
It So
to left me to h:::*:1 CY1 b.J( I I haYe 10 l#ke
IIoarO s.ucn a f'I.aIT'e bel()(' e I w()(11 10 I.fIc I rtx ary 10 the M~~ DapO s.OO me (" 51 arod a1'Iet my
~ fer t>e n..a.-no I cxxJ.d rcA (,(yj;, In S-eot~!.SIn. I oe<~ Bapils.t6;0 CO' Dap<1s.e<l
24. 1976 a< 5 OJ a rn I ~s 0 It fly Do0 eya,s ~ TOday I am .YlAc'OS:1e do()<j t>e .50 d P(;iS1Q<
1h..iJI.- Ycr. I r .J II 'f'r
~OOD~ _____
________ /' ~)'~ TRUMPET, OCTOBER, 2000

B rethren,
it was a
battle HOW THE ~pastorpet~Hens~ SUN SPLll'
and He was still
By the time I woke
between the ever suspicious
brethren and the Holy Father
Leader O. 0 Obu, in the
INTO EYib~~t~ntia SE VEN
up, the same statements He
was making In the
world were the one He was
effort to establish His deity
amongst us. The Holy
Olumba Obu, if you are God
Almighty you are the owner
do this work. As I was still
one day in 26
still making in the physical
world The Father said,
consCIous of these of the Sun, you can do Mbukpa, I dozed off I saw a "God is the head and all the
Calabar I now directed that
Inherent problems in our whatever you want with it mighty ghost-like rrlasquerade in
the six extra Suns should created especially
psyche was prepared to let the Sun become two the altar. That mighty structure plants,
disappear and they did rivers and
convince us that all that now'" Another sun disappear. This was noticed had rivers crossing it.1 saw.:t'rees the firmamt>flt are all
happened In Brotherhood appeared in some parts. SnaKes were BrotherhoOd,
by the brethren.
had divine touch. When I saw that, I After sometime, a
Af that the
I was the most asked him to make it into brother also confessed that

C,//~'\fith/f7 me, / t!7o{~qht ~iq5klf7g for"
doubtful of the lot and always four. Four Suns appeared. I He saw the same thing.
asked questions upon ordered him to make it into There are so many of these
questions as to the reality of seven places, another three tfJOugtd were ImpossJole .:md found myself saying signs but the most important
the spiritual truths
confronted us on a daily
that came up ana It Decame
seven. I called my sister and I ':;5 / stood outside, /'Olumhq Olumb.:; Obu, Ifyou
that convinced me is

basIs The Holy Father was. she saw il and said she saw I qf'C Cod Almighty you .:;re the owner ofthe sun,
pOised to convince uS in seven Suns, and I invited her I you :::JO do nlJJtcvct you WJ!)t with It. Let the suo Thank You Father.
order to build in' us the to call others to come out
and see. After she had
t:',:c two now'Analirer Sill! JppcJlcyr
expected faith. He, the
Father therefore challenged called the rest, she said, "we Which of the signs is this?
us to ask for any sign. I have seven Suns now in the .
Read our next Edition.
. .
accepted the challenge with firmament One of those Holy Father called me and moving around Just like some
open arms, Within me, I who saw the Suns was Sister "I have not stopped you other animals did. Many
of asking for what I Ekpiken and she is still alive from requf,st1ng for signs All tillman beings were also (s;:. PA~T OF WRITING T~~~
today and attends services I want you to know IS that it movin9 around the il HISTORY OF THE NEW
thought were impossible and
Ambo every Sunday She the Lord Cod Almlohtv trlat i K.IN, GDOM SPONSOR .. ~,
found myself saying as I lCOlUMN , __ '
stood outside, "Olumba lives in Ansa Ewa StreAt In has come (JOWll th to But trw head was [he

, . ~~ '" ?~~;Vt" K i t1~1\J(nH .J U Ite 1J~3
j •• ~

.- .... ------..........

.... ': ',~~,~ ,.,,-: , ::.e-~-:'''/'''~J~;'iiS'~'~~'''~'"
-....,~........ ..
: • ~."!I.=

3-montb old baby reveals ()Iumba
On Monday Agust 13. 1990 I The kid was o~J(n In a pa;;sed in front 01 fl~. knelt. i\f1er this, the whole assembly
special way because there asked for the he!o of the Holv was je-yful and they were clapping
went to Gorna. Capital city of
was no blood hefore or after Father O. O. OBU. hands. I would like to insist on the
North Kivu province in the
the child w~s delivered. The .
t act that the same voice has also
East of Zaire. in the Then the same voice, tatl<ing to .spoken to me on many outhor
boundary of the Hepublic 01 ki'd's. Ilame is Rabbi me said: - "hello my son Nyembo .
Tdnit'ha. When he was born. . _ .. . private problems (that I prefer not
I1w3nd3. \Vhen I arrived, f l.Jwana Ngongo. I answered. fo mCr'{fon in this n01e).
was housed in Karibu Hotel. he had :3 shinning stars tiello Father. Continuing, . the
nut the day after, I decided to around hi~~ ht:ad. People voice told:- me: "~y son Nyembo ;''i.nyhow, I was 50 troubled since
ch<!nge the hotel so as to thought he had brought: a Nwuna Ngongo, you pray in it WtiS the fi(!;t time in my life that
come back to town. special message trom God Brotherhood of the Gross and such event occured. Then I saw
tor the worlrl Star" I said, yes. Have you ever the haby who is three-month old
Then I v<'ent to visit my
After discussing with my heen to Calabar? 'I answered boy. Quietly lying on his small
b rot her i n -.1 a w ILU N GA
brother-in-law, I dedoe!:! to once again yes". "00 you know Lradle, he was looking at me.
NZP.ZI. working in "REGIE
go and see the kid with my 0: O. OBU?" I said, yes, then the I hree pigeons and a hurricans
own eyes and then make a voice added: "0.0. 0 and I, are I"'mps were around him.
(RVA)," Goma. Soon after I
ontered Mr. Hunga's house, I report to my Spiritual father. from the same Star. O. O. Obu is a It was an unelectrified house
was irnprcssed by words of Leader O. O. Ob-L!. S0. we great messanger. God has given without any pavement..1 gave a
the Scrip!uit:1 stuck on every ~,ooked an appointment for 'Ilim a great assignment for
bill of Zaires 1,000 to the child as
duar BnG "'·iindow where I August 15. 1990 which was humanity." "And you my son, 3 a gift.
also read. "G reat God Rabbi also the meeting day of the years ago, O. 0. Obu ~ked you
Holy Fami!y of Trinit'ha for to leave politkes and to care Coming back to the flail where
TIi!NH'H/'.". When I becamt:
about the word of God," I meetings take place, I spoke and
curious to know whal the praymg.
answered yes. explained to the believers what
sCfiphH:f; meant. Mr, lIunga At 4.00 pm. we took a taxi that Brotherhood, Cross and Star
explained tilat a miracle had. look us 100 meter!; away frum the
Talking to the assembly, the
1I1eanl. As I didn;t have enough
Iheppened '(',hich was the voice declared: "My dear
place the child was. The service time to stay with them, I left the
ru!fi!rncni of u revelation that 'Children, I announced to you that
hZ3d just begun when we arrived. assembly and went back to
God gHYf.: to two of His ,'Ie participated quietly.
'TOm now on, the Holy Family of
l ubumbashi the following day.
Iservants. Amisi Kanwema RaulJi 1 rinit'ha becomes the Holy
.:Jnd r~I;;":H."'TltHJ.ko Muhindo in After the meeting, the preacher Family 01 H.C.S. You, my son j am planning to go again to
'1 ~)[3.8 The n\fent was rhe birth came close to me and told me that Nyembo, from today I appoint you Goma with 6. delegation of
E m;:;k child on May 1G, he had received a message for' as an ambassador. You will come Urotherhood In order to continue'
199G b)' D ; G VMU old vi, gin 'TIe' the Rabbi had invited me into lJa<.:k here and teach the beleivers the work.
~~id by ~l;).m;" Shendingu 1 he room because he wanted 10 Ihe way they should pray like it's I,Yt:MUO NWANA N(~ONGO
[''':;; bi ,d u lalk 10 me. 1 he.] the preacher done in RCS and build a bethel"­ hl1~SI iASA

J-~~F.~::, .~"'- ... ~.--.--