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Company Profile

Safexpress –India’s Leading Logistics Company is renowned for its domain
expertise and experienced manpower in the LSCM sector. Safexpress can
best understand your Logistics and distribution requirements and can offer
the most suitable Logistics model and solution to you. Safexpress has the
largest network coverage across India traversing over 3,50,000 km. every
day covering over 550 locations through more than 750 routes operating 24
hours a day 365 days a year reaching these locations through it’s fleet of
3000 vehicles operating on. All Safexpress vehicles have all-weather proof
Containers for safe transit. Safexpress also operates through Air to locations
directly covered by flights and to all other locations on a multi modal basis.
Safexpress have a Integrated Logistics Management. It is our 3PL Product
that optimizes your company’s supply chain. First, we examine the linkages
between your suppliers, producers, buyers, intermediaries and end users in
order to identify time and cost inefficiencies. Next, we deploy our unique
mix of local know-how, global practices and cutting-edge technology to
provide integrated supply chain solutions. These range from specific
Services such as warehouse management, statutory compliance and
Invoicing - to an entire gamut of third party logistics services.

Safexpress works and carries on the philosophy of 'Custodians First Carriers
Later’. We sincerely abide by our corporate philosophy on the subject.
Safexpress has an all risks cover - Carrier’s Risk offer, which unburdens the
Customer of his worries of losses in transit. On minimal extra charge of Risk
Charges, we cover your valuable shipment against all sorts of transit losses
Including fire, flood, damage, accident, shortage, etc.
The Latest of the material handling equipment are used at Safexpress' hubs
to ensure safety and remove Laxity from material handling. Equipment
Including hydraulic hand pallet trucks, dock levelers, trolleys, fork lifts’
Multilevel pallet stackers are used by Safexpress. Chain Pulleys and Cranes
handle consignments, which are not possible by smaller equipments to
manoeuvre. It might not be out of place to mention here all the hubs of
Safexpress are on platform level height. Any Logistician will understand and
appreciate the essentiality and importance platform level warehouses have for
material handling.

Safexpress started its business as a door-to-door service in 1995 with 4 routes, 9
Offices, 12 containers mounted vehicles and 20 employees. Safexpress’ door-to-
door services include niche products like DoD and To-Pay freight. After one year
i.e in 1996 Safexpress opens super hubs at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Next
year Safexpress launches Integrated Logistics Services. Our first ILS client is
NIIT; the first international ILS account is signed with Hilti from Europe. Spurred
on by a surging domestic economy, Safexpress extends its fleet to 250 and
number of stations to 290. Safexpress Private Limited emerges as an
independent entity then in 1998 Safe air and Safe box are launched, setting a
new standard in value added cargo services. All hubs are connected through
web-based software. In 1999Having grown by over 300%in 4 years without
compromising quality, Safexpress is awarded the Golden Peacock Award for
quality and innovation in Logistics Management. In 2000 Pilot run for GPS starts
on 28 routes. Also Safexpress reaches the 350-destinations mark and the fleet

crosses 1400. Again 2001 Safexpress upgrades and launches a whole lot of
features on including ePod, Virtual Cargo and Privileged
Member. In the year 2002,2003 Safexpress was declared India's "Largest
Logistics Service Provider" by Limca Book of Records. In 2005 Safexpress bags
the MICO: Power of We Award for excellent service in logistics. In the same year
Safexpress fleet crosses3000 mark. Next year in 2006 Safexpress was awarded
by ADC Krone for providing best logistics services and in same year Safexpress
bags prestigious RAI's (Retailers Association of India) Award for Best Logistics
Service Provider.


1995 Safexpress launches as a door-to-door service with 4 routes, 9 offices, and
12containers mounted vehicles and 20 employees. Safexpress’ door-to-door
services include niche products like DoD and To-Pay freight.1996 Safexpress
opens super hubs at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.1997 Safexpress launches
Integrated Logistics Services. Our first ILS client is NIIT; the first international ILS
account is signed with Hilti from Europe. Spurred on by a surging domestic
economy, Safexpress extends its Fleet to 250 and number of stations to 290.
Safexpress Private Limited emerges as an independent entity.1998 Safe air and
Safe box are launched, setting a new standard in value added cargo services. All
hubs are connected through web-based software.1999 Having grown by over
300% in 4 years without compromising, Safexpress is awarded the Golden
Peacock Award for quality and innovation in Logistics Management.2000 Pilot
run for GPS starts on 28 routes. Safexpress reaches the 350-destinations mark
and the fleet crosses1400.2001 Safexpress upgrades and launches a whole lot
of features on including ePod, Virtual Cargo and Privileged
Member.2002 Safexpress declared India’s “Largest Logistics Service

Provider” By Limca Book of Records 2002.2003 Safexpress declared India’s
“Larges Logistics Service Provider” by Limca Book of Records 2003.Mr.
Pawan Jain, CMD, Safexpress, becomes one of the finalists in the prestigious
EnY’s Entrepreneur of the year Award.2004 Safexpress inaugurated its 500th
scheduled delivery location Safexpress bags the Franchise Awards04 for
excellence in Team Work.2005 Safexpress bags the MICO:Power of We Award
for excellent service in logistics Safexpress fleet crosses 3000 mark.2006
Safexpress awarded by ADC Krone for providing best logistics
Services.Safexpress bags prestigious RAI’s (Retailers Association of India )


We shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates a
"we can we will" attitude to reflect in our daily responsibilities so
as to far exceed our objectives, consistently striving towards
Market dominance. We will create historical landmarks forming a
Strong edifice for the future overcoming all obstacles pro-actively
as our personal responsibility and commitment to create delight for
the customer with impeccable personalized services.

To be a conscious learning organization maintaining flexibility for
change so as to provide the most customized solutions. Striving
towards global market share whilst maintaining dominance in the
domestic market through good hr practice and excellent customer

“A quality service relies upon constant customer interaction and
Feedback. An immediate response to the changing environment
With pre-defined business processes managed effectively and
Efficiently lead to the highest output from the lowest input and this is the
strongest measure of quality. The best certification of a Quality organization is
the measurement of the scale of the smile on the customers face”.


· Over 550 destinations spread across 28 states & 7 union territories.
· Warehousing space exceeding 3 million square feet.
· Over 3,000 all weatherproof ISO 9002 vehicles.
· More than 1000 routes, linked through 41 super hubs & hubs.
· Delivering more than 3 million packages a month.
· Traversing more than 5,00,000 kms a day.
· Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Indian Economic Scenario today marks the emergence of total chaotic market
with lot of competitors, piling stock of products, lowering margins, taxation
changes and more. In the present situation what is needed to see the blue?
The ‘way to higher profits’ comes from streamlining the channels and outsourcing
the segment of business which is not the core focus or expertise of the company.
One such fragment of business model is Supply Chain. Being a medium of

linking product to market, a robust model of supply chain management ensures a
better’ TAT’ (turn around time), low inventory holding cost and less of damages.
Over the time discipline of business logistics has advanced from the warehouse
and transportation dock to the boardroom of leading Global Enterprises.
Supply Chain has to be viewed not only as material and information pipeline but
as integration of logistics with the human factors that need more attention to be
paid to understanding, creating and managing demand more effectively.
Safexpress works on the Value Chain concept using a framework for examining
Linkages between suppliers, producers, buyers, intermediaries and end users.
Safexpress, India’s leading Logistics Company offers Integrated Logistics
Management, Express, Air, Multi-modal, Door-to-Door, time definite delivery and
Consultancy services. The company also offers e-logistics and customized
solutions for e-business.


Safexpress service is an express service which involves movement of cargo in all
Weather proof sealed containers on feeder and express routes. The service is
time definite with a published transit schedule covering more than 550
destinations nation wide and provides the flexibility for surface, air and multi-
modal connectivity with a wide reach associated with Indian airlines and air taxi
operators such as jet airways, Sahara etc.

Draft on delivery is an unparalleled value-added service wherein the seller can
dispatch goods through Safexpress to the buyer and be assured that the delivery
would take place only when the draft has been collected. In the Safexpress DOD
system pre-alerts are sent to the consignee to allow reasonable time for the draft
to be made, thus meeting the desired objective of express transit with the amount

ready for collection.

The management of Safexpress hereby undertakes and declares that:
The company would redeem the value of the loss in the uneventful case of any
shortage or damage to the consignment whilst in the custody of Safexpress,
subject to the risk charge having been paid by the sender or the recipient as per
the company policy. The amount corresponding to the loss as declared would be
paid by the company to the sender or the recipient as required without waiting for
any request for the same.”

The safe box comes in two convenient sizes of 17” x 17” x 12” and 16” x 12” x 9”
easily accommodating upto 20 & 10 kgs respectively of your cargo. The robust
design is further reinforced with internal insulation for safety of your cargo. So
you save on packaging cost and for a nominal amount it is ready for delivery with
an auto insurance upto rs. 5000 absolutely free of cost.

To ensure that time sensitive cargo reaches the destination through a faster
mode meeting all your requirements for the time definite deliveries. Safe air
connects your cargo through airlines and uses the services for morning and
evening flights to provide a wide variety of connectivity to suit different market

Safexpress works on the value chain concept using a framework for examining
linkages between suppliers, producers, buyers, intermediaries & end users.
Safexpress ensures the success of the entire chain, marrying local knowhow with

the best global practices, technology & perspective.

Safexpress offers value added services beyond physical operations in the form of
Logistics consultancy covering a wide spectrum of the Indian economy.
The company plays a pivotal role in guiding diverse market segments on existing
and recommended logistics models with various simulation modules to map
transactions using historical data and providing befitting supply chain solutions.

Cargo from PATNA to BANGALORE booked on Saturday, September 06, 2008
will travel a distance of 2280 kms./ 1425 miles check posts through which your
cargo will pass documents required 2 Copies of Consignor's Invoice with ST &
CST No. Printed permits / forms required VAT FORM-505/VAT FORM-515
Octroi applicability. NO entry tax applicability .YES subject to nature of
transaction your virtual cargo would be delivered on by Express mode Thursday,
September 11, 2008 by Safe air mode Monday, September 08, 2008

Logistics services provider Safexpress plans to invest Rs 800-1,000 crore (Rs 8-
Billion) in five years to expand its operations on the back of the boom in
manufacturing and retail activities in the country. As a result of the expansion, the
company's turnover is likely to touch Rs 1,000 crore (Rs10 billion) by 2010.
The company expects to fund its expansion through internal accruals and debt as
it claims to have strong bottom line and cash reserves. The privately-held
Safexpress has been growing at 35 per cent and posted a turnover of Rs 450
crore (Rs 4.5 billion) in 2006-07.The company expects similar growth this year as

well, Pawan Jain, chairman and managing director, told reporters at the CII
Logistics 2007 summit in Chennai.Safexpress intends to set up logistics parks
comprising warehouses, vendor management services, raw material
management and finished products storages at 32 locations across the country.
Each park will come up on an area of 25-30 acres. A group company, which is
into the realty business, has already completed around 70 per cent of the land
acquisition. The company is also establishing a 3-lakh sq ft logistics park near
Chennai at an investment of Rs 35 crore (Rs 350 million). It already operates a
80,000 sq ft warehouse in Chennai. Through the expansion programme, the
warehousing capacity of the company will grow to 10 million sq ft in the next
three years from the current 3 million sq ft. The company was planning to
strengthen its presence in the air cargo segment by taking three Boeing-737
cargo aircraft on lease. These would cover five cities in the country bythe next
financial year, according to Jain. Safexpress has also placed an order for
380trucks to add to its current fleet of 3,000 vehicles. The company doesn't own
the vehicles, but hires them through its network of 59 vendors.

one of Safexpress's special focus area which contributes 16 percent of the
revenue. With more than 100 percent customer retention rate Safexpress has
always given due importance to the demands of their customers. Aiming at
expansion, they are investing heavily in infrastructure development and will soon
be coming up with 32 logistics parks and will be adding seven million square feet
of warehousing capacity. The investment is planned for a total of Rs 1000crore in
infrastructural development in the next three years. Pawan Jain, Chairman and
Managing Director, Safexpress, says, "We have plans for expanding our
specialized logistics product range. This range would be specifically designed for
the healthcare industry after thoroughly analyzing its needs. Apart from offering
our multi-modal services, we will be providing single window solutions and, along
with managing the logistics channel end-to-end from distribution channels to
pharmacy or patient level. We would be offering specialized logistics solutions to

the rural healthcare, customized pharma and cold warehouses pan-India,
packaging solutions, implementing bar-coding to prevent spurious drugs and
offering solutions as per regulatory norms like GDP, USFDA, MHRA and
GCCDP."With a view to provide customized logistics services for booming retail
industry Safexpress also sponsored the ninth Marketing and Retail Conclave.
The conference saw the presence of leading retail players from all across the
world. Vineet Kanujia, General Manager Marketing, Safexpress said, "The idea
behind sponsoring this conclave was to bring the retail and logistics industries
closer. Safexpress has been at the helm in harnessing and synergizing the
needs of the retail industry for the growth of the economy. We have successfully
managed to gather the required inputs and the coming period will see us roll out
these plans."


The company hopes to double its turnover to Rs 1,000 crore by 2010, he told
reporters on the sidelines of CII Logistics 2007. The privately-held company has
been growing at 35per cent and posted a turnover of Rs 600 crore in 2007-08. It
expects a similar growth this year. In three years, Safexpress will add 7 million sq
ft of space to its existing 3 million sq ft. It will set up logistics parks comprising
warehouses, vendor management, raw material management, finished products
storages, and also distribute consignments. These parks will come up in 32
locations across the country.

At present there are 2500 employees in safexpress but they are planning to
expand there number of employees in future.


Safexpress wins ‘International Business Excellence Award 2008
Safexpress CMD, Mr. Pawan Jain conferred with the ‘Bharat Gaurav Puraskar’
by the Institute of Economic Studies Mumbai, September 4, 2008: ‘Logistics
Guru’ and CMD, Safexpress, Mr. Pawan Jain was conferred with the ‘Bharat
Gaurav Puraskar’ for the ‘Best Business Leader’ by the Institute of Economic
Studies (IES) this week. His entrepreneurship venture, Safexpress Pvt. Ltd.,
which has grown into one of the leading logistics, and supply chain management
companies in India was also awarded the ‘International Business Excellence
Award’ for the ‘Best Business Enterprise’ at the same platform organized at Hotel
Grand Sukhumvit By Sofitel at Bangkok, Thailand. The prestigious award was
presented in a ceremony proceeded by a seminar on ‘The Global Indians’. The
former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand gave the award in recognition of the
achievements of Mr. Pawan Jain with respect to bringing innovation, excellence
and quality in the field of Logistics. The award was presented to Mr. Jain, Dr.
Korn Dabbaransi.On this grand occasion, ‘Logistics Guru’, Mr. Pawan Jain, CMD,
Safexpress said, “Both these prestigious awards mean a lot to us. It is indeed a
proud moment for everyone associated with Brand Safexpress. We are happy
that our relentless efforts have been recognized in the industry. We have always
ensured quality, security and timely services and promise to continue in
delivering the best. We are humbled by this adulation.”
This award ceremony was a platform for honoring Indian entrepreneurs and
enterprises, which have been consistently demonstrating Business Excellence as
per International standards. IES is the most esteemed economic institution of the
country. It seeks to provide expert advice on the various facets of Indian
economy by way of in-depth study and research. IES has been actively involved
in providing information to its members on the critical developments taking place
on the various economic fronts. In present day, it has come to epitomize
excellence in economic sphere. About Safexpress- Safexpress is India’s No. 1
Supply Chain and Logistics Company. The company offers the best and the most
innovative solutions for all SCM and Logistics requirements. Their services are
totally customized as per the demand of different segments of the business

industry. Courtesy their wide range of quality services, Safexpress has set a
benchmark in SCM standards and redefined the functioning of Indian Logistics
Industry. Growing at a phenomenal rate of over 30 % in the last couple of years.


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QuickTimeª and a
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