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"Fit For Victory"

There is a scripture in 1 Samuel 17:38 where Saul offered David to wear his armor when
he was aout to fi!ht "oliath# David tried on Saul$s armor% ut it was too lar!e for him#
&e removed the armor ecause he 'new that it would hinder him from slayin! "oliath#
&e was not accustomed to wearin! such an armor% he was not familiar with it% it was not
the proper fit and he had no s'ill in usin! it# (ut David had an inward assurance of the
victory% ecause he rememered his past victories# &e rememered slayin! the lion and
the ear# )fter he removed the armor he went up a!ainst "oliath and defeated him with
the slin! shot and five stones which "od placed in his hand#
The *ord says+ , have called and created each one of you to e uni-ue# , have created
you to e authentic% not a replica of someone else# , have released !ifts to each one of
you# Don$t try to imitate another person$s ministry# Don$t covet another person$s !ifts# .ou
could not wal' in another person$s anointin! ecause , have a distinct anointin! for your
life# , am raisin! up many of you to e /y voice in this hour# .ou voice will carry power
and authority# .our voice will release /y anointin! to rea' urdens and destroy yo'es# ,
am callin! leaders to rise up and !et in the position which they were called to# There are
multitudes that are in the valley of decision% and they are loo'in! for someone to lead%
direct and advise them# , am callin! those to the front lines of ministry to sha'e off the
lethar!y and come efore /e in prayer and fastin!# , am callin! those in the five0fold
ministry to wal' in the callin!s that , have placed on their lives# , will instruct you and !ive
you the 'nowled!e% wisdom and revelation that you need to pursue every assi!nment
says the *ord#
Then the *ord showed me a lar!e display of shoes# There were shoes of all different
varieties% si1es% colors and styles# Some were used for runnin!% some were for hi'in!%
some were for mountain climin!% some were fins for swimmin! and some were oots to
e worn in attle# They were shoes of all nations# The *ord has !iven us all individual
shoes and has desi!ned shoes for each one of us to wal' in# 2e cannot wal' in
someone else$s shoes# Some of you are tryin! to fit into shoes that were not meant for
you to wal' in#
, am raisin! up new leaders from amon! you to train and minister to the lost sheep# , am
callin! men and women of ri!hteousness to e-uip and lead !roups in wholesome livin!#
)s you in-uire of /e% , will !ive you the words to spea' and show you your ne3t
assi!nment# Don$t e disillusioned when people re4ect you% despitefully use or spea'
a!ainst you% ut reco!ni1e the process to maturity# Don$t e discoura!ed when people
elittle you ecause the fiery darts are a!ainst your anointin! and the callin! on your life%
not you personally# Don$t e moved y voices of unelief ecause your decisions will
determine your destiny# "o forth and trumpet /y word and all that , show you to do in
this earth# , am !oin! to release /y !lory in an unprecedented way in the days ahead
says the *ord#
1 Samuel 17:38035
So Saul clothed David with his armor% and he put a ron1e helmet on his head+ he also
clothed him with a coat of mail# David fastened his sword to his armor and tried to wal'%
for he had not tested them# )nd David said to Saul% ", cannot wal' with these% for , have
not tested them#" So David too' them off#
1 6orinthians 17:18 077
(ut now "od has set the memers% each one of them% in the ody 4ust as &e pleased#
)nd if they were all one memer% where would the ody e8 (ut now indeed there are
many memers% yet one ody# )nd the eye cannot say to the hand% ", have no need of
you"+ nor a!ain the head to the feet% ", have no need of you#"9o% much rather% those
memers of the ody which seem to e wea'er are necessary#
7 6orinthians 1::;
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal ut mi!hty in "od for pullin! down
stron!holds% castin! down ar!uments and every hi!h thin! that e3alts itself a!ainst the
'nowled!e of "od% rin!in! every thou!ht into captivity to the oedience of 6hrist% and
ein! ready to punish all disoedience when your oedience is fulfilled#