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Case Study: Growing Without Pains Client Profile Client : Leading Food Processor in India Business Need
Case Study: Growing Without Pains Client Profile Client : Leading Food Processor in India Business Need

Case Study: Growing Without Pains

Client Profile

Client: Leading Food Processor in India

Business Need

Client has been experiencing tremendous growth in 2009. They actually grew from Rs. 102 Cr. to Rs. 650 Cr. (CAGR of more than 100%) from 2009 to 2013.

Industry: Agriculture/Food Processing

Senior management was quick to realize that to sustain and manage high growth they



have to leverage technology to streamline business processes and have accurate data to

Leading manufacturer of Prawn and

make informed decisions. However, having been part of several ERP implementations in

the past, comapany’s CFO felt strongly that traditional ERP systems were rigid, inflexible,

Fish Feeds and Shrimp Processor and Exporter from India.

outdated, expensive, and they usually demanded rather long implementation cycles.

Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange



Turnover: Rs. 650 Cr. (2013)

After evaluating several leading ERP solutions, client choose to implement PlumERP,

Locations: 3 Manufacturing Plants and 2

Head Offices

a cloud solution. Client implemented PlumERP’s Finance, Sales, Procurement, Human


Resources, Payroll, and Quality Control modules. Few key reasons for choosing PlumERP:

Total Employees: 600+

PlumERP Users: 120 No of years used: Nearly 5


Comprehensive functionality covering all aspects of their business Fexibility to tailor to their unique business processes

Anytime, anywhere access to support their distributed and 24x7 operations


Minimal IT overheads - no in house team needed

Ability to bring new facilities onboard on an on-demand basis as the company grows

“We didn’t know we needed it until we had it, such was the extent of


utility PlumERP has for our business today. Having successfully impmented PlumERP in our organization and

Fully customized PlumERP was implemented in less than 4 months. Since PlumERP was rolled out, it became integral part of company’s growth.

our associate concerns, we would

PlumERP was at the core of company’s growth, from Rs. 102 Cr. To Rs. 650 Cr in less than 5 years, by streamlining end-to-end business process

further like to spread the ERP in our

Since implementing PlumERP in 2009, client successfully added a new

manufacturing plant, a head office branch and merged a sister concern by extending

Quality Control and Production centers. Further, we like to extend

PlumERP to these new facilities seamlessly without any additional overheads

the ERP services to our New

User adoption was painless as the system mimicked their existing business processes and additional controls were added gradually as they got used to the system

Company as well.”

Provided management team with 360 degree view of their operations and enabled smart decision making with real-time information aggregated across modules



Company did not invest in any IT infrastructure or human resources to support the enterprise solution

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