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The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought

Vaccine Dangers
By Ken Adachi
The dangers of vaccinations to your child's long term health prospects and longevity
itself far outeigh any potential !enefits touted !y the pharmaceutical industry for
vaccines. The "#E$ and misinformation a!out vaccine !enefits from the drug industry is
voluminous% overhelming% and statistically prova!le. &on't allo your child to go on the
chopping !loc' for these "iars and their profit margins. They aren't or'ing for you%
they're servants of the corporate elite/#lluminati and the #lluminati has a surreptitious
population reduction agenda in place.
(ust say )*+
Tell the doctor% tell the clinic% tell the school% tell the nurse% tell the employer% tell the
government !ureaucrats% tell the health department% or any!ody else ho is trying to
force you or your 'ids to ta'e vaccines against your ill....,!ecause you must ta'e
them,% Tell them... )*.
)o matter -.AT they say or threaten you ith% tell them ....)*.
)o vaccines.... ever. /eriod. 0ou can read hy !elo:
Vaccine Dangers
1. To o!tain school vaccine e2emption forms:
3. $tate !y $tate Anti-vaccine 4esources
Vaccination Liberation http://.vacli!.org
A top e! site for info on vaccine dangers and hat to do to avoid 'mandatory'
vaccination. 7or more info% contact &onna 8arillo or #ngri 8assel :9

Vaccination is! "wareness #etwor! $nc %V"#& 5http://<:.:1.==.11>/vran/6
Edda -est ? @4A) 8o-ordinator% 53AB6-CAA-3A3A% email:
@4A) is 8anadaDs premier group to advocate for informed choice in ma'ing vaccination
decisions. 7ormed in 1==3% it as !orn of the committee that ten years previous on an
e2emption of conscience from vaccines reEuired !y the *ntario F#mmuniGation of $chool
/upils ActD. @4A) recommends consumers !eare of flu shot propagandaH e hold
individuals and organiGations accounta!le for misleading information a!out influenGa and
its vaccine.
Vacinnation Debate 5http://.vaccinationde!
-e! host #an $inclair has ritten C !oo's to date defining the dangers of vaccines. .is
1I years of research into the pitfalls of vaccines is summariGed on his page descri!ing
his !ac'ground 5http://.vaccinationde!!out.html6. .e offers an open
challenge to de!ate any doctor in the orld on the merits of vaccinations. #n 1=>A% #an
decided that his one year old child's first severe allergic reaction to vaccine as going to
!e his "A$T reaction to any form of vaccine. .e already as studying the )atural
Approach% !ut no decided to Jump in ith !oth feet. .e ants you to discover the same
truths that he has found in folloing )ature's 4ules. An e2cellent e! site. 8hec' out his
"in's page hile you're there.
Thin!Twice 'lobal Vaccine $nstitute 5 http://.thin' 6
-elcome to the Thin'tice Klo!al @accine #nstitute e!site. -e offer an e2tensive
selection of uncensored information on childhood shots and other immuniGations.
Because this is such an important topic% e !elieve that parents are entitled to a full
disclosure of all pertinent data% and the freedom to choose hether or not to vaccinate
their children.
Vaccine (afet) *ebsite 5http://vaccines.net6
&r. (B 8lassen has some revealing info on the pro!lems generated !y the use of
vaccines. .ave a loo'. 5E 6

Vaccine*ebsite+com 5
Titled simply ,@accine -e! $ite,% this site offers some of the !est documentation and
intelligent Justifications for )*T getting A)0 vaccine at A)0T#LE 5sound familiarM6

'ar) #ull on Vaccines 5"i!rary$earch.htmB.idE 6
# did a serach under ,vaccine dangers, at Kary )ull's e! site and came up ith over
3BB articles.
,# as told to years ago !y a 8#A scientist or'ing against his ill that in truth
microchips ere so small they ere !eing inserted !y inJection during 'vacination.' This is
yet another crucial reason not to have our children vacinated., O &avid #c'e
,&* )*T TAKE A)0 @A88#)AT#*)$. This is the standard deceptive ay you are given
the Esta!lishmentDs Biological -arfare infections., O &r. -illiam &. Kelly
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#mmuniGation 5(une 3>% 3BB36
$mallpo2 $care $purs 7lorida Emergency /oers Bill
7rance's Aventis to &onate $mallpo2 @accine to America 5A 'Kift'M6 5Lay 3% 3BB36
)ursing .ome 4esidents Ket 7lu &espite Ketting 7lu $hot 5April 1B% 3BB36
3B 4easons )ot To Ta'e The $mallpo2 @accination 5(an% 1C% 3BB36
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8anadian A!original )atives% "atest )-* Eugenic TargetsM 5)ov 1I% 3BBB6
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A proclamation on @accinations
LL4 @accine And $u!seEuent 8ases of Autism $uspected
.o The Anthra2 @accine 4uined Ly "ife
$ecret P$ .uman Biological E2perimentation
$oldiers &isciplined 7or 4efusal of Anthra2 @accine
/opulation 8ontrol and The P.).
-ho &ecides -hat &rugs Are 7orced on 8hildrenM!B1.html
$etting Ps Pp for "ethal '7lu'
Lore Efforts To 7orce #nJections *n *ur 8hildren'idsCdecB.html
@accinations Lay Be 42 7or &isaster
-est )ile virus appears in )08
/ollution% @iolence% and .ealth
.uman -aste Being Psed #n 7ertiliGer #n -ashington $tate
"$D( - .$V
'The Lanufactured @irus'
/olio @accines and the *rigin of A#&$!martin/dissent/documents/A#&$/Elsood=:.html
Artificial $eeteners 8onspiracy to La'e Americans $ic''.htm
$hoc'ing )es A!out 7luoride
Top 7luoride E2pert ApologiGes for /ushing /oison
-hy Americans Are $.EE/"E$: 7"P*4#&E
7luoride is a 8orrosive /oison
7luoride - The "unatic &rug

All information posted on this web site is the opinion of the author and is provided for educational
purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can
legally offer medical advice in the United States. Consult the healer of your choice for medical
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