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Mercury Toxicity and Autism

Mercury toxicity and autism are like mirror images of each other, according to Dr. Kurt Woeller,
an osteopathic physician in Temecula, California ho focuses his practice on children on the
autistic spectrum.
Woeller !elie"es that a series of childhood "accines containing the mercury#!ased preser"ati"e
thimerosal is to !lame for the rising num!ers of autism in the $nited %tates.
My suspicion is that the mother had a toxic mercury load that has filtered to the child, and the
mercury#containing "accine as the stra that !roke the camel&s !ack,' he says.
Thimerosal has !een !anned in many countries, including Denmark, (reat )ritain, and *ustria,
for to decades, !ut the $nited %tates only recently reduced or eliminated thimerosal in "accines
for children + and younger. ,lu "accines in the $nited %tates still contain thimerosal.
,urther, rates of autism increased hen the Center for Disease Control added additions to the
recommended "accination program for infants in -.//. 0n the -./1s, autism rates ere estimated
at six in -1,111 children. Today, autism rates are one in -21 children, though some say autism
affects closer to one in 21 children in some areas.
The $.%. ,ood and Drug *dministration has acknoledged that thimerosal can !e a neurotoxin,
and in 3114 stated that thimerosal#containing "accines ere associated ith autism. 5early 2,111
families ha"e filed lasuits claiming that childhood "accinations caused their children&s autism.
*s of 3116, there ere -.2 million autistic $.%. children, and costs for their care is an estimated
7.1 !illion per year.
%ource8 9cology Center
Dr. Mercola's comment:
*utism rates ha"e exploded in recent years, ith $.%. states each reporting increases of at least
211 percent in the last decade. 0t is !ecoming increasingly difficult to deny the "ery real
connection !eteen exposure to mercury, a knon neurotoxin, and this once#rare disease.
0t seems that a"oiding potent neurotoxins like mercury, especially in "accines, can !e highly
protecti"e against neurological diseases like autism. This is likely one of the primary reasons hy
the *mish ha"e such lo rates of autism, since the a"oid "accines.
0n fact, hen mice ere exposed to the mercury preser"ati"e, thimerosal in a study, they shoed
many !eha"ioral and neuropathological features of autism disorders, including8
: ;arger !rain si<es
: ;imited ranges of !eha"iors in addition to a decreased exploration of en"ironments
: *!normal responses to uni=ue en"ironments
: De"iations in !rain architecture affecting areas that control emotions and thought
Childhood "accines clearly seem to !e one ma>or culprit influencing the autism epidemic. 0n fact,
21 years ago hen the "accine schedule for infants contained >ust four "accines, autism as a
Today, the Center?s for Disease Control and @re"ention?s ACDCB Childhood Caccination %chedule
includes -- "accines, some of hich are actually triple hammies Asuch as Measles, Mumps, and
Du!ellaB. 0nfants recei"e multiple doses of these poerful agents all !efore they turn - year old,
and it?s >ust too much for some children to take.
En top of that, at least one of the "accines recommended to children, the flu shot, still contains
Mercury is in the Environment, Too
*side from childhood "accinations, children are also exposed to mercury from air pollution Acoal#
!urning plants release mercury into the en"ironment at alarming ratesB and contaminated
Children can also !e exposed to mercury hile in the om!. 0f a pregnant oman has high le"els
of mercury in her system, from eating a lot of fish, for instance, the !a!y could !e at risk. %tudies
ha"e shon that the le"el of mercury in the um!ilical cord !lood of ne!orns is -.G times higher
than the mercury le"el in their mother&s !lood.
9"en >ust eating fish to or more times a eek has !een found to raise mercury le"els se"en
times !eyond those in omen ho had not eaten any fish for a month, according to the CDC.
What can you do?
0f you are a ne parent, or a parent#to#!e, you are starting off on the right foot8 you?re getting
informed. The more you kno a!out the potential risks of "accinations, and of mercury
contamination in the en"ironment and other sources, the !etter a!le you ill !e to make ise
decisions for the health of your child.
;ooking for a fe pointers right noH 0?d recommend the folloing to any and all parents8
: Do your homeork a!out "accinations, )9,ED9 "accinating your child. Make an informed
choice so you kno *;; the pros and cons !efore you capitulate to the pressure and expose your
child to a potentially dangerous inter"ention. Many "accines no ha"e mercury remo"ed !ut
there are a fair num!er out there that are still loaded ith this dangerous metallic poison.
: Women, if you are pregnant or planning to !e, a"oid eating fish unless you can "erify, "ia la!
testing, that it does not contain mercury. Iou can get all the !enefits of fish, ithout the risks, !y
taking a high#=uality, purified krill oil.
: Calculate your child?s risk of mercury poisoning from "accines using the calculator in this link.
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