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Take your educational skills to the next level
Thank you for your interest in CCU!

Colorado Christian University: A Place to Give Rise to Your Dreams According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for public and private educational services is expected to
grow by 10.7 percent and add 1.4 million new jobs through 2016, making it one of the fastest-growing employment sectors
• Offering associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, and certificate and licensing programs in the U.S. economy. CCU’s education programs enable students to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and demonstrate
• An environment that values students’ real-world experience and fosters collaborative learning competencies necessary to teach effectively in public and private schools, while emphasizing both mastery and leadership
• Flexible, convenient course offerings and locations to meet the needs of the adult learner in the profession.
• A faculty of nationally recognized scholars to enrich your learning experience
• Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

For more information about how Colorado Christian University can give rise to your educational dreams, visit THIS DEGREE IS FOR YOU IF: or contact an enrollment counselor at 800.44.FAITH
• You want to earn a B.A. degree and a license that lets you teach in a preschool
through third-grade setting in Colorado.
Denver Tech Center Lakewood Center Northern Northglenn Center Southern Western GLOBAL • You want a teaching license and plan to continue to obtain a M.A. in curriculum
304 Inverness Way South 200 S. Garland St. Colorado 10190 Bannock St. Colorado Colorado ONLINE CENTER
Suite 150 Lakewood, CO 80226
and instruction.
Center Suite 200 Center Center 10190 Bannock Street
Englewood, CO 80112 Phone: 303.963.3300 1750 Foxtrail Drive Northglenn, CO 80260 1125 Kelly Johnson Blvd. 2452 Patterson Rd. Northglenn, CO 80260
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Fax: 303.301.6030 Loveland, CO 80538 Fax: 303.963.3321 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Grand Junction, CO 81505 Why You Want to Choose CCU
Phone: 970.669.8700 Phone: 719.867.5800 Phone: 970.242.1811
Fax: 303.301.8320 Fax: 719.867.5820 Fax: 970.242.7092 You have the opportunity to learn with a biblical worldview perspective. CCU
offers a complete education designed to develop you intellectually, professionally,
and spiritually.
Your life before CCU can work to your benefit. CCU’s life experience policy lets you The CCU Licensing
earn credits toward your degree through examination, prior military service, or a business Program for
internship program that earns credits in a real-life work environment. Educators (LPE) has
You can attend a program designed for the adult learner. Online accelerated been recognized as
College of Adult and Graduate Studies
instruction gives you greater flexibility to complete assignments while honoring important a model licensure
8787 W. Alameda Ave. program in Colorado.
family and work commitments. We also recognize your work experience as a valuable
Lakewood, CO 80226
contribution to online discussions and assignments.
You matter as a person at CCU. You’ll receive personal attention from faculty and
staff who want to know you as an individual and help you reach your goals.
Your experience will be reinforced with an emphasis on personal and
professional ethics. You will explore philosophy, theories, and values as the basis for
ethical decision making.
Your degree is from an accredited institution. CCU is accredited by the Higher
Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. • Denver Metro Area Centers:
Denver Tech Center
Lakewood Center
Why Learning is Different at CCU Northglenn Center
• Northern Colorado Center—
CCU’s personal approach to teaching and learning means you’ll receive the finest Loveland
education available in a small-class-size environment. Our faculty members • Southern Colorado Center—
bring scholarship and experience alive in the classroom, applying a wealth of Colorado Springs
academic and professional experience, and affording you the advantages of real-life • Western Colorado Center—
perspectives while you learn. Grand Junction

Contact an enrollment counselor at 800.44.FAITH or visit our Web site at

BA-ECE Lic.indd 1 10/22/2009 3:28:23 PM
The Federal Head Start for School Readiness Act (PL 110-134), signed into law on December 12, 2007, requires that half of bachelor OF ARTS in
all teachers in the program nationwide have a bachelor’s degree by 2013. Early Childhood Education with licensure
Major Courses for a B.A. Degree in Early Childhood Education with Licensure 120 Credit Hours Required for Graduation

Please visit for additional general education or elective course requirements
QUICK FACTS: 51 Hours 56 Hours
ECE 100 / 200 Field Experience I and II (4)
Students observe and participate in a 60-hour field experience and 70 classroom hours in an early • ENG 102 English Composition (3) Semester 1:
childhood setting. • 120 Credit Hours • ENG 104 Research Writing (3) • ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3)
- 51 General Education
ECE 101 Introduction to ECE (3) • COM 110 Oral Communication (3) • ECE 148 Child Guidance and Classroom Management (3)
- 13 Electives
The profession, current theories in early childhood education, and historical approaches. - 56 Major • Science w/ a Lab (6) • ECE 216 Human Resources for ECE (3)
ECE 148 Child Guidance and Classroom Management (3) • Program can be • MAT 110 Math Concepts (3) • ECE 314 Developmentally Appropriate Mathematics and Science for ECE (3)
Appropriate and developmentally sensitive strategies for managing behavior in developing children completed in 16 • HUM 429 C.S. Lewis in Film & Literature (3) or
ages three through eight years, including the importance of consistency and proactive strategies. months, including • RDG 447 Diverse Reader (3)
16 weeks of student - HUM 216 Classic Christmas Films & Literature (3)
ECE 205 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for ECE (3) teaching. • INT 200 Adult Studies Seminar (3)
Appropriate school health programs, and the role of the early childhood educator in integrating school, Semester 2:
family, and community resources to ensure sound health promotion for early childhood education. • Students may enroll in • ART 112 Art Appreciation (3) or • ECE 100 Field Experience I (2)
professional core classes - HUM 101 Creative Arts (3)
ECE 216 Human Resources for ECE (3) with no more than nine • ECE 205 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for ECE (3)
Human-relations component of an ECE administrator’s responsibilities, including communication, semester hours of • PSY 101 General Psychology (3)
• ECE 324 Reading, Language, and Literacy Methods for ECE (3)
director-staff relationships, parent involvement, staff development, and leadership. general education, • SOC 202 Marriage & Family (3)
liberal arts, and elective • ECE 334 Developmentally Appropriate Social Studies for ECE (2)
ECE 226 Administration of ECE Programs (3) requirements to • HIS 201 World Civilization I (3)
• ECE 335 Creative Arts for ECE (1)
Colorado’s minimal licensing requirements, optimal standards pertaining to the operation of complete • HIS 204 America since 1877 (3)
• ECE 340 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Evaluation for Young Children (3)
programs for young children, and the early childhood professional’s responsibilities. • HIS 111 History & Literature of Ancient Israel (3) or
• Transfer credits from
ECE 227 Methods for Teaching ECE (3) other accredited - HUM 114 Early Christian Literature (3)
programs liberally Semester 3:
Students will select, create, organize, and use materials, activities, and environments that support • HUM 425 Personal & Social Ethics (3)
developmentally appropriate practices. accepted • ECE 200 Field Experience II (2)
• Three graduate hours • CIS 201 Introduction to Computer Applications (3)
ECE 314 / 324 / 334 / 335 Developmentally Appropriate Methods for ECE (9) • ECE 226 Administration of ECE Programs (3)
included in this program • PHL 205 Worldviews (3)
Students will plan, implement, and evaluate developmentally appropriate content and methodology in the may be applied toward a
• ECE 227 Methods for Teaching ECE (3)
areas of mathematics and science, reading, language and literacy, social studies, and creative arts. master’s degree in • ECE 404 Early Childhood Special Education (2)
curriculum and instruction ELECTIVES
ECE 340 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Evaluation of Young Children (3) • EDU 505 Psychological Foundations of Education (3)
13 Hours (Transferable)
Overview of the assessment process, including trans-disciplinary assessment teams, technology, • With the addition of
and provisions for appropriate information-gathering techniques. several more classes, this
program will also meet Semester 4:
ECE 404 Early Childhood Special Education (2) the requirements to teach •EDU 451 ECE Student Teaching (12)
Exceptionalities and educational and behavioral adaptations for exceptional children in the general in Association of Christian
education classroom, and delivery strategies of appropriate education for children with special needs. Schools International
•EDU 497 Seminar in ECE (2)
(A.C.S.I.) schools
ECE 451 ECE Student Teaching (12)
Students share classroom experiences, learn approaches to various situations that may occur in the
classroom, and begin process of applying for licensure with the Colorado Department of Education.
ECE 497 Seminar in ECE (2)
Students meet and discuss their student-teaching experience, answer questions, and discuss
notes: _______________________________________________
methods of improving as a teacher. _____________________________________________________
EDU 505 Psychological Foundations of Education (3) _____________________________________________________
Relationship between psychological theory and practice in education, including the learner’s development
from birth through adulthood, and its application to curriculum development and instruction. _____________________________________________________
RDG 447 Diverse Reader (3) _____________________________________________________
Scientifically-based methods of teaching reading as they apply to elementary at-risk/remedial
Courses numbered 500 and above can be used toward the master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.
Contact an enrollment counselor at 800.44.FAITH or visit our Web site at Rev.11.25.08
Rev. Sept 09

BA-ECE Lic.indd 2 10/22/2009 3:28:26 PM