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4:00pm – 327 Graff Main Hall

November 3, 2009

Members: Joe Heim, Kerrie Hoar, Becky LeDocq, Adrienne Loh, and Bart Van Voorhis
Visitors: Kathleen Enz-Finken, Bob Hoar

1. Minutes from October 28 SEC meeting approved.

2. Chair’s Report and Discussion:

a. Collective Bargaining Open Forum: An announcement was not placed in the
Campus Connection, but a university-wide email announcement did go out. Faculty
Senate will send a reminder with a note that the session will be videotaped and made
available on the UW-L website.
b. Department Bylaws Compliance: Many of the departments who have responded to
the Senate chair’s query have already submitted something to their college for
approval; while others are still working.

3. Provost Report and Discussion:

a. SOE Assessment Coordinator: Funds for this position are included in the State of WI
DINN for Teacher Education. This is an increase to our base budget that has been
earmarked for specific areas in the School of Education. To date, the funds have
been used to hire the diversity recruiter and new faculty member in the area of
multicultural education that was required by the DINN. The final monies are
earmarked for a 0.5 FTE position in SOE assessment. This position would be in
addition to the University Assessment Coordinator. Since it is a 0.5 FTE, an internal
search will be initiated, and if a qualified and interested employee cannot be found,
an external search will be initiated.
b. Educational Attainment Project Notification: This project arose from the need to
increase the number of degree-holding citizens in Wisconsin. Each university will
develop a plan by they will increase the number of degrees granted by the year 2025.
Each university will be given a target number from UWS. UW-L is beginning to work
on the project and how it would be implemented. Plans are slated to go to the BOR
in February 2010. A full announcement of the project will be presented at JPB and
Adrienne will give an update at FS.

4. New Business:
a. November 12 Faculty Senate Agenda:
i. Report from Gen Ed - Revised SLOs
ii. Reports from CAPS – final exam policy and excused absence policy
iii. Report on Changing ITS Reporting Line
iv. Furlough Statement
v. Discussion of the Online Course Guide will move to Dec. 3
vi. Thomas Harris WPC 11 announcement will move to Dec. 3.
b. December 3 Faculty Senate Agenda:
i. WPC 11 Announcement – Thomas Harris
ii. Online Course Guide

5. Old Business:
a. IAS Policy delay was discussed.
b. Furlough Letter was discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 5:12pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kerrie Hoar, secretary