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Casey Coleman

Cornell Notes
The Age of Gold
Chapter 17
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Prometheus unbound
The construction crews raced to their meeting place in utah.
Everyone was still at odds with slavery even though the Civil War had
The Pacific railroad shared top billing that year along with the Suez canal.
t afforded the productive powers of the !merican people which was
e"tremely important.
!merica#s economic primacy was due to the the !merican mar$et and
The railroads e%ually adept to transporting agriculture.
Economic Growth
&y the end of the '(
century the !merican economy grew as it never had
The production of oil spar$ed a rush similar to that of the gold rush.
Stanford#s Central Pacific remained e"tremely powerful. t became a
)money machine.*
+e received a threat from the ma$ing of a railroad that connected San
,rancisco and San -iego and he viewed the line as a )dangerous rival*
&y the '../s Stanfords view of transportation was in the grip of him and
his partners.
!new mine in Shasta County began to ship gold ore. The mine thrived the
the central pacific shipped everything.
The people who would never dare thin$ of leaving their homes to dig up
gold. 0ay 1ould was good at this. +e was able to control a large part of
!mericas gold supply. 1ould and ,is$ would try and corner the gold
mar$et2 which had never been attempted before. They failed and their
financial lives flashed before their eyes.
Sam Clemens
+e dug for gold at Comstoc$. +e ac%uired a sta$e in the Washoe boom by
virtue of his access to print. +e was wealthy because of this.
The age of gold
t was not confined to !merica. California taught the world what
goldmines were li$e and what they could do for a country.
+e was convinced there had to be gold in !ustralia and he shared his
thoughts while many laughed.+e was determined and traveled there.
Everyone thought he was mad. +e got to the place he remembered and as
thrilled to see it loo$ed very similar to what California gold mines loo$ed
li$e. +e found it. When he announced what he#d found2 a rush to !ustralia
bro$e out.
+e did not travel as far but still had success. n time hr was earning
3452/// per month. +is homesta$e he bought in the blac$ hills earned him
3./ milllion.
Suggested that gold and silver should not be as valued as the goods and
services of people.
&ritain free trade rested on gold fully.
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)we chose gold not because gold is gold2 but because &ritain is &ritain.*
!mericas economy became a struggle between debtors and creditors.
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The gold Standard !ct of '(// made things official. The railroads were e"tremely successful still. 6il was
found that spar$ed a similar rush. 1old found in !ustralia also spar$ed a rush.

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