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Spiritual and Energetic Protection

by Sarah Astarii
Everything has an energy, a particular vibration that dwells within its molecular
structure but also flows without. When we place our attention onto something we
heighten our link with that object, person, plant, animal, on an energetic level.
This is good because it leads to a way we can give and receive healing energy to
all we encounter but also we have to protect ourselves from less developed, less
positive energies which may be present.
Every person has the ability to physically, psychically and spiritually protect
themselves. %omehow though, the only time we realise it might be necessary is
the time we most need to be firmly and safely immersed in our own true source
of protection. The following piece provides simple guidelines for correctly
energi&ing, sealing and protection the aura.
The first thing to understand is that you are the sole proprietor of your soul
body. No other being is created with the right or the power to posses or attack
you or your auric field' it is individual and is designed to be completely secure.
We also need to understand that everything is energy and energy, in its nearest
truth to form is completely obeying of thought and mind. It means that what we
hold in our mind (ITE)((* effects the world around us and within us, on subtle
energetic levels. When a person thinks harsh or unloving thoughts about
another, those thoughts are transferred to the person who is the focus of the
thinker and such intentions cause harm to the auric field of the person + if the
person is not aware, or already in tune with their highest potential. (ikewise, if a
person holds loving, supportive, even celebrant thoughts about another,
praising and honouring them, then those thoughts are transferred to the person
and add to their light ,which is by its very nature accepting of all benevolence-.
%o it is that thoughts can be used to harm or heal other beings and entities and
so it is that such things are reflected into us at our own energetic and subatomic
)nother way that we can be affected energetically is through the environment.
To.ic energies, just like to.ic thoughts, can damage or improve our subtle
energy bodies. Energetic waste, smog, pollution, even electromagnetic stress
and disharmonised earth energy fre/uencies can both physically and spiritually
disrupt and damage our subtle energy bodies. When we are very sensitive we
are able to perceive such fre/uencies and in some cases do something to
alleviate the problem, but at all times having a strong, clear energetic system is
of benefit' warding off spiritual blows and neutrali&ing harmful energetic rays on
)I%IN0 *!# ENE0* )N" (I1IN0 2!TE$TE"
We can activate our potential to self heal and live in protected, light filled ways
through meditation and awakening our divine inner3potential inside ourselves.
1isuali&ation is a powerful tool for this, and as mentioned, the mind and thought
processes are of paramount importance in affecting the world on energetic
No matter who you are, no matter what your walk in life, you have the power to
gain mastery over your energetic system, it is yours to protect and perfect, as
can be learned through meditation, spiritual healing and other awakening
The simplest way to start visuali&ing protection is to understand the basics of
spiritual (aw and spiritual strength that is benevolent.
Three keys4
5. The circle
6. 2ower of direction
7. Working from the heart
T8E $I$(E
Everything in creation works in a circle, as 9lack Elk once said, :Everything tries
to be round...; The cycle of life runs in a circle, the earth, the sky, the planets
and stars are in a circle and they move in circles. Nature has an innate way of
turning into circles, especially those subtle things such as water, and air< If you
think about it, everything in e.istence is made up of lines and circles.
%o what is the mystery of the line and circle= What is their importance and their
significance= What is their power=
) circle is a form of totality and completion. With no beginning, no end + it is a
complete unified form. ) circle is itself, of itself and all itself as one. IN TE>%
!? %2IIT#)( 2!TE$TI!N@ N!T8IN0 $)N 2ENET)TE ) $I$(EA I? *!# E1E
?IN" *!#%E(? IN %2IIT#)( $!>9)T !? )N* %!T@ T8E ?I%T T8IN0 T! "!
I% T! %#!#N" *!#%E(? WIT8 ) 2E?E$T $I$(EA. %! IT I% 0!!" T!
2)$TI%E drawing a circle around you that is perfect and true because if you
first begin you may notice there are areas around you where it is easier or more
difficult to visuali&e, particularly in the place known as the blind spot so it is
good to get strong with your visuali&ation and to get it clear in your mind.
In the old prophecy in the bible the apostle john saw a chariot which can be
likened to a visuali&ation that is good for protection :B#!TE; so it is that a circle
around you length ways and width ways becomes a spinning chariot completely
impenetrable by any other thing.
$hildren can be very affected by spiritual energies especially in places where
the electromagnetic energies are high or if for e.ample their homes are built
upon ley lines. I have before advised children visuali&e a circle of daisies around
them, with /uite miraculous results. The latin name for daisy is bellis pereins 3
full circle 3 all year round circle 3 and it is so pure that no evil can ever come
close, even the devil is unable to enter beyond a circle of daisies. I have seen
children go from nights on end of wakefulness and nightmares to complete
peace and restfulness on the instant of visualising a ring of daisies around them.
?or adults it is good to use whatever feels appropriate 3 even daisies 3 yet the
thought manifestation of precious materials is very beneficial 3 including gold,
silver, diamond and white crytstal + all of which have powerful healing and
protective /ualities.
)nother particularly good remedy is the invocation of pure brilliant light and
blue light 3 blue like fire 3 like gas fire 3 blue light is very protective and I have
seen malevolent spirits literally carried away in blue light before my eyes. The
goddess "anu gives the blue flame as a gift of protection and pure connection
to truth. I repeat that such things might be difficult or easy yo visuali&e I
recommend regular practise to perfect vision and the invocation of such forces.
When invoking W8ITE for e.ample, it can help to begin with a white wall to
focus upon or a white piece of paper, this strengthens the visuali&ations and
helps you to develop a real relationship with the fre/uency you are working
Invoking the pyramid of light
Every morning after you wake take a stance; preferably on ground level, with your feet
bare or flat and at shoulder distance apart. Closing the eyes, allow the arms to rest
straight downwards with the hands cupped loosely in front of you. Take a moment to
feel that you are in your body. That this is your tool for this life and how perfectly it
does serve you; be thankful to your body. Feel how you are grounded to the energy of
Earth and strong like a tree. You are here
!ow, with one arm rela"ed, sweep the other a full #$% degrees to above the top your
head, the hand pointing straight upwards. &o this with conviction and awareness and
truth. From here imagine that a great energy in the form of a brightest spark has
manifested above your head. &raw this energy into yourself. 'tart to bring your raised
hand downwards, again with good attention that as you do this so is a great pyramid of
light cascading upon and around you. This iridescent wall of crystalli(ed power has
now taken its form about your being for pure protection.
'pend a moment in your pyramid if you can. You can invite your guardian angel in,
your spirit guides, loved ones, animal guides and teachers. )lso your family and
friends can be invited into loving protection or positive energy. 'ee who else comes in
as well. Trust that your angel will deal with any unwanted company and en*oy
relationship with those spirits who are made welcome for good.
!ow you are set for your day. +emember you can send endless love from this place of
End the ceremony with a declaration that is positive for you. )men 'o be it 'o it is
)ll our relations Choose something that pleases you.
!nce you have mastered the $I$(E and 8E)(N0 1I%#)(I%)TI!N you are pretty
much set for spiritual protection. The ne.t step with the circle itself is the line
CwillD. #sing force of Will from a centred a position (!1E is an infallible force in
healing and protection. In cases where other energies or even entities are
involved in the matter you are needing protection against, the use of the circle
and will become very powerful. *ou are able to understand that this is your
right, to be safe and whole and not bothered by other forces that may seem to
wish you harm or want something you may not want to deliver or whatever the
case may be. In all cases I would say that no matter how scary or unnerving
such encounters may rightly seem the entities involved are )(W)*% seeking
their own power and always looking to retrieve it from outside themselves, i.e.
from yourself ,which they acheive by trying to cause you some kind of problem
or unrest. *ou may feel you are under attack but really they are desperately
seeking their own light and looking to get it in the only way their consciousness
knows how. In such instances it is important to be both loving and certain. To
notice fear but not be shaken by it. To know your rights. %o that you can look at
the being or talk out to them in the air and say words such as these, in a clear
and definite manner4
This is my light. *ou must find your own light now. In you there e.ists a piece of
god, just the same as all the beings in this universe. Now you go, return to your
source right now. This is my own space.;
)nd at such a point visuali&e a golden door or light and you just affirm that they
go to their own light. They will have to follow that direction 3 it is clear and true 3
and because they do not possess all the power they appear to have, they can
only follow that direction and it is of service to their soul and to your own.
A Story
I had the e.perience of encountering a very old e.tremely angry spirit being of
huge stature. 8e was, as I perceived it, of archaic origin ad perhaps of the
ancient Eahuna, >aui or 2eublo 2eople. >ighty in stature and very forceful. I
was so afraid the air fell deathly cold and I was numb with fear. ?rom deep
inside the echoing caverns of my mind I spoke to that being, just the same as
is described above. I did not mind the fear and did not mind the very real
perceived danger, but instead I looked at him like a person to a person and I
showed him that he had his own power and in that moment I was resolute and
powerful and clear. I looked at him with compassion. Well, that one did not
want to find his own power, he did not much want to receive my blessing or be
pointed to his own inner light. 9ut, because my intention was pure and clear,
and from the heart, he could not be maintained in his manifestation before me
and that one disappeared in a light of 9(#E flame instantaneously. )hoF
%o one can understand that spiritual things have to obey spiritual laws, and not
because they are obliged to, but because that is simply the only choice, the only
way it can be, and when loving direction ,Will32ower-, is given through a clear
heart, only peace can be the outcome.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where clearing an energy is not as
peaceful as it could be then apply one of these methods' it is simply that your
own heart is acting through the resonance of fear so do not worryF Now you
have the tools to activate real %piritual and Energetic 2rotection. 9ut do trust
that life is an e.perience, and such times teach you in the most profound ways,
you will learn very fast and have ultimate success in your /uest for balance,
should you seek it.
A clear heart and a clear ind e!uals peace" on all le#els" in all things$ And such
%isdo o& peace you shall achi#e$'
emember these two >ost important phrases4
:)ll is Well.;
:This too shall pass.;
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