How to Create Value

Is creation clouded by misconception? To which value is spoken of is the first step
in determination. This writing addresses the application of laws of the United
States of America to the creation of money. The creation of money by statutory
law is reserved to the government of the United States of America, United States
Treasury. So what the hell is the role of the Federal Reserve?
Hidden from the average country Joe is the fact that the creation of money and the
creation of value is not one in the same. Whereas the Federal Reserve is not
lawfully capable of printing [creation of money] does not prohibit the Federal
Reserve from borrowing newly created money obtained from the United States
Treasury. One thing known about the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve is a
private bank of last resort for private banks established by private banks, regardless
of whether the bank has shareholders or not the bank is a private institution.
Consider that Bank of America, N.A. [National Association] is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Bank of Americas Corporation remains a private bank.
Whereas the private banks and the Federal Reserve create not money, and whereas
the Federal Reserve places upon its balance sheet debt obligations when the
Federal Reserve borrows money from the United States Treasury. Hence the
creations of tangible money and intangible value are separate and distinct and
money creation laws do not limit private entities from creating intangible value.
Only problem with creating intangible value beyond the limits available too
tangible money, the intangible creation of value will never be resolved to reduce
the intangible obligation owed to a zero value, for there is not enough tangible
wages earned, paper money, gold, precious metals, precious gems, precious works
of art existing to resolve the intangible debt obligation, therefore it is required and
a necessity to roll the debt obligation with additional obligation value to future
Within the United States Housing market the creation of intangible value is easily
amplified for the benefit of the private banks who receive the insured value of a
default declared under an intangible obligation. In short, many of the private banks
will receive intangible value under an intangible default. Simple to explain once
understood, many of the private banks act as the Underwriter of many of the
Securitized Trusts and to amplify profitability a Credit Enhancement is added to
increase the intangible trusts value made payable to the Underwriting private bank.
To what extinct enhancements are added depends the individual trusts creation
documents but evidence has revealed that Investors [Money Managers for mom
and pop money investment] receive little of the insurance proceeds.
Another method and means in creating intangible value is by and through the
means of issuance and execution of Credit Default Swaps not payable to investors.
One has to only consider how many Credit Default Swaps it took to see AIG seek a
bailout to avoid bankruptcy. Without many of these payable “Credit Default
Swaps” what position would many of the private banks have suffered? Cleary the
law allows for the creation of intangible value as the private banks over decades
exercised many means and methods over time [decades] to maneuver lawmakers
into passing laws to make it legal, but applying tangible logic and tangible values
such lawful means and methods will only provide a day in time that the world will
realize such actions are unsustainable and failure of private banks must happen or
in the opposite or equal, governments must fail. One needs to only retreat to
historical times in 400BC and evaluate the events of the Spartan War and the deeds
of the Thirty Tyrants. Relying upon events in the 1930’s crisis to be part of the
guideline to deal with the current world’s financial fiasco is misplaced. Misplaced,
why, is that those that believe and control the intangible banks are ignorant or
willingly overlook that current event of creating value has not occurred in history?

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